G502 vs G602: Which Logitech Mouse meets your needs?

Logitect G502 vs G602 meet your needs

When you compare the Logitech G502 vs G602, there is a significant difference in the specifications of each of the mice.
Logitech g vs g Gaming MousesThe DPI, Sensors, features and functionality are all different between the G502 and the G602, and in this article we will explore the significance of the differences in these two offerings from Logitech.

Logitech G502 vs Logitech G602

Logitech G502 Logitech G602
Available DPI Range 200 – 12,000 dpi 250 – 2,500 dpi
Sensor Optical
Pixart PMW 3366DM
Avago AM010
Connectivity Corded Wireless
Programmable Buttons 11 11
Maximum Acceleration >40G >20G
Grip Palm Palm
Unique Features
  • Dual-Mode Scroll Wheel
  • Sensor Tuning for Surface
  • Weight Tuning
  • RGB Lighting (Spectrum)
  • Delta Zero™ Sensor Optimization
  • Slip-resistant Grip
  • 250 hours of Wireless Gaming

The shapes of the two mice, the Logitech G502 and G602, are very similar, but the G502 has a more pleasing aesthetic that looks like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie. The G602 is one of the first mice designed by Logitech with a more pronounced arch at the palm and index finger which makes it ideal for people who use a palm grip. The G602 also has slip-resistant grips, which makes the Logitech G602 the leader in grip and comfort.

The main difference between G502 and G602 lies in where their buttons are placed. Both the G602 & G502 have 11 programmable buttons. On the side of the Logitech G602 there are six different buttons, which can be a little confusing when trying to click them. The Logitech G502 has 4 buttons on the left side of the mouse. Both mice are designed with DPI buttons at the end of the right thumb to make adjustments. All of these programmable buttons are customizable in Logitech’s software.

Logitech G502 has an option for surface tuning in order to deliver the best performance on different surfaces, whereas G602 incorporates Delta Zero™ Sensor technology which improves the accuracy of the mouse’s cursor across all surfaces, so in terms of cursor accuracy the two mice are nearly equal.

1. Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 is the latest in the G502 line of mice which began with the Proteus Core, and was followed by the Spectrum. The Hero model has some upgrades over previous models, such as the fact that the responsive and tactile Omron switches are now rated for use up to fifty million clicks instead of the previous version’s twenty million.

– Design

For those who are fans of the portability of wireless mice, you will be disappointed in the G502. It still has not cut the cord, and maintains its wired USB connection like its predecessors. For those using this mouse for gaming (and really, doesn’t the design just scream “gaming mouse”?) the fact that it is wired offers the distinct advantage that there will not be any lag between the mouse and the machine.

The mouse itself has a nice arch to it that fits comfortably in a right-handed palm grip, but the newly updated design means the Logitech G502 size is slimmer with rubberized grips on the sides which make it suitable for claw and fingertip grippers as well, if perhaps not as comfortable.

The Logitech G502 is a heavier mouse compared to some gaming models on the market, and it comes with removable weights that can be used to adjust the weight of the mouse to your desired resistance level.

People who want to use the mouse for more general applications may not appreciate a light slide across the mousepad, but gamers who put in long hours in MMO or shooter games will like the fact that they can make the mouse lighter and therefore avoid some of the associated fatigue that comes from using a heavy mouse for extended periods of time.

– Specs

Some key Logitech G502 specs:

  • 25-12,000 DPI
  • Wired Connection
  • Logitech Hero Optical Sensor

The upper limit of the DPI range is not as high as some of the mice on the market, but that should not be a problem for most people. The fact that the Logitech G502 reaches 12,000 DPI means that it exceeds the standards most gamers require and, in fact, can be excessive for general use when the cursor races across the screen.

The higher DPI settings will need to be paired with lower sensitivity settings in order to bring the mouse down to a manageable level for both gaming and general applications, however, the ability to fine tune this relationship allows the user to strike the perfect balance for a mouse that works for them in every application.

– Features

The Logitech G502 is an obligate corded mouse which offers additional features like RGB lighting, optical sensor which means higher DPI, weight tuning and sensor tuning options. The G502 also has a Dual-Mode scroll wheel which can be either notched or smooth, depending on your preference and is capable of hyper scrolling. Beware of capitalizing on this feature during gaming, because some people will consider it cheating.

The eleven Logitech G502 programmable buttons can be modified using Logitech’s software, which is also the avenue for changing the RGB color pattern on the scroll wheel and the Logitech logo (which is the new and updated Logitech logo) on the body of the mouse itself.

The optical sensor is produced by Pixart, and is the reason this Logitech mouse can reach the 12,000 DPI settings. Because this is a Pixart sensor, it will use the PXImouse executable in order to function properly, so if you are looking in your task manager and see mouse executables running and absorbing memory, it is because your mouse is functioning appropriately.

– Bottom line for Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 is an improvement over its predecessors with more customizable features than ever before, a redesigned mouse shape and textured design, with eleven well-placed and programmable buttons that enhance the user interface rather than detract from it. It’s wired design is not for everyone, but also means that there is no input lag from the mouse to the computer, and it has fully adjustable weights for a personalized feel unique to the user.

G502 vs g602: which logitech mouse meets your needs?

The G502 is an ideal mouse for anyone who needs the functionality of macro buttons and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a high end gaming mouse, and unless you keep the default configuration that it ships with, yours will truly be unique to you.

2. Logitech G602

The Logitech G602 is a wireless mouse powered by two AA batteries, with a design that doesn’t break the mold of the Logitech mice that came before it. It is suitable mouse for people who need a well-rounded solution for general use as well as light gaming, and don’t mind the fact that sometimes there may be a little bit of lag between the click and the computer.

– Specs

Some key specs for the G602:

  • 250-2500 DPI
  • Wireless Connection
  • Avago AM010 Optical Sensor

The sensor for the G602 leaves quite a lot to be desired when compared against the G502. It only has a detection rate for the optical sensor from 250 to 2500 DPI. This will not be precise enough for many of the more demanding games, and hardcore gamers who are looking for an inexpensive mouse will be disappointed in the performance from this mouse.

The lower fidelity of the sensor on the G602 means that you don’t encounter the opposite problem which is present with a high DPI mouse in which you move the mouse a fraction of an inch and the cursor goes skittering away across the screen faster than the eye can follow and faster than is useful for any practical application.

The dimensions of the mouse are larger for the G602 than the G502, which means that it will not accommodate people who prefer the claw grip or the fingertip grip, and it is only usable with the right hand, as the ergonomic shape is very unfriendly for people who need to use a mouse left-handed.

– Features

The Logitech G602 is a narrow, roughly pill-shaped mouse which is a just a little more ergonomic than a standard, shapeless computer mouse. It has eleven buttons which can be programmed through Logitech’s software. Unlike the G502, the G602 does not have the ability to have RGB color because it was not built with that functionality. If you want a mouse that will match the rest of your RGB setup, the G602 is not the choice for you.

The Logitech G602 is a wireless mouse that must be powered by two removable (and non-rechargeable) AA batteries. The reason it will not work effectively with rechargeable batteries is that they frequently hold less power than standard, non-rechargeable batteries, and this can cause issues with them being recognized by the device.

The Logtiech G602 has 2 modes: Performance and Endurance. Performance mode allows for higher precision operations, but the added precision means that the battery life does not last as long. The Logitech G602 polling rate is up to 500Hz, that is, 500 reports per second, and only takes place when the mouse is put into Performance mode.

G502 vs g602: which logitech mouse meets your needs?

In contrast, the Endurance mode lowers mouse precision and is designed to be used for regular, non-gaming activities such as internet browsing and office software, however batteries last much longer in Endurance mode, as opposed to Performance mode for gaming. The reports per second in Endurance mode is only 125 Hz, or 125 reports per second, and therefore the batteries will last approximately four times longer than they do in Performance mode.


The Logitech G502 and the G602 are two mice at a very similar price point with a widely different set of features. The buttons on the G502 are in a better orientation as opposed to the G602 which has a cluster of six narrow, low-profile buttons all under the right thumb which are very close together and increase the chance of clicking the wrong one.

The sensor on the G502 is much better than the sensor on the G602, and offers a much wider range of DPI settings, from 250-12,000 instead of 250-2500 with the G602. The G602 will disappoint some hardcore gamers because they cannot fine-tune the responsiveness for the games that they play, and the G502 will annoy some general users if they do not also compensate for the high DPI settings with lower sensitivity.

The G502 is heavier than the G602, but it also comes with removable weights that allow for customization of the mouse to the user’s desired resistance. For those who desire a little bit more heft to the mouse, this is a nice feature. And with the weights removed, the mouse is light enough that it does not run the risk of causing wrist fatigue over time.

The G602 is a wireless mouse, which can cause lag problems sometimes. People who prefer portability and don’t mind some of the functionality deficits should choose the G602 over the G502, but for gamers who require the least amount of latency possible, then the G502 is the clear winner.

With the slim price margin between the two mice and all the additional features that the G502 has, including better button placement and the ability to program RGB color for the scroll wheel and logo, the G502 is the best option.

For people who know they are on the fence between the two offerings from Logitech, it is worth it to spend just a little bit of extra money and go with the Logitech G502 instead because it is clearly the better mouse at a competitive price point.


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