Archer C59 Review: An Excellent or Drab Router?

Archer Router Specs

The Tp-link Archer C59 represents a fair value when you put its features and specs in perspective. It has all the power behind it, including a more than adequate chipset and flash. 

Archer C59 Router Review

Also, this router is compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards to give it a healthy maximum speed. There’s more to this router, as our review team has outlined below. Read on! 

Archer C59 Review: Specifications Table at a Glance

Product  Key Specifications
Archer C59

  • Brand: Tp-link
  • Antennas: 3 x 5 ddB RP-SMA
  • Frequency: Dual-band
  • Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • USB: 1 x USB 2.0
  • LAN: 4 x 10/100 Mbps
  • WAN ports: 1 x 10/100 Mbps

TP-Link Archer C59 Review: What Makes It a Top Choice?

Archer C59 Key Criteria
Stable and reliable connection
Super speeds
Connectivity options
Dual-band frequency
One USB 2.0 port

The Archer C59 is a router designed to hold the newest Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac, a cutting-edge technology that provides faster connection and better coverage for all users. 

Notably, this standard is widely appropriate for both Wi-Fi AC and Wi-Fi N products, and it is three times faster than older wireless N devices. 

This Tp-link model also gives you a complete house with simultaneous double band Wi-Fi connections. The solid and stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band has 450 Mbps Wi-Fi speed and is ideal for sending email messages, browsing the net, or hearing music. 

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On the flip side, the 5GHz cellular band provides around 867 Mbps Wi-Fi velocity for latency-sensitive amusement. That way, you can stream HD videos, play online flash games, and keep movie chats all simultaneously. Combined, you have a Wi-Fi router speed of over 1300 Mbps. 

As we continue, here are some other top Archer c59 specs that users will find quite valuable and essential for their various online activities. 

– Incredible 802.11ac Wave2 Home Wi-Fi

The C59 delivers high-performance and affordable home Wi-Fi thanks to full speeds up to 1350 Mbps. As such, you can handle simple tasks such as sending emails or web browsing on the 2.4GHz band. For bandwidth-intensive tasks like online gaming, the 5GHz will give users a lag-free experience. 

– More Range and Coverage

You can access your entertainment from every corner of your home because three external high-performance antennas boost the Archer c59 range

The router’s Beamforming technology capability ensures you can focus and concentrate wireless signal strength towards the devices that require it the most at that particular time. It doesn’t matter if the devices are far away or low-powered.

– Multiple Simultaneous Connections

You can connect more devices simultaneously. The Archer C59 will give such devices optimal performance when it makes communication more efficient with MU-MIMO technology

In the same vein, multiple devices can send and receive data on the best available band. That means you can take advantage of non-stop entertainment on all your devices – lag-free.

– Increased Efficiency in Wi-Fi Distribution

We all need a router that gives us a chance to switch devices automatically. This Archer model comes with a smart connect feature that helps your router automatically switch each device’s connection to the best available Wi-Fi band. 

Also, Airtime Fairness prevents older devices from slowing down your network. With both, everyone can enjoy a smoother and lag-free experience.

– Gigabit Ports: The Full Range


On the C59 router, there’re gigabit ethernet ports (1 WAN+ 4 LAN) that deliver maximum wired speeds. That means you can plug in your PCs, smart TVs, and game consoles for fast and reliable connections. 

Most tech gurus believed that achieving gigabit speeds with Ethernet requires unique network cable technology. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and those are only necessary for long distances. 

For most purposes, Gigabit Ethernet, like the one on the C59, works well using a regular Ethernet cable (specifically, the CAT5e and CAT6 cabling standards). These cable types also follow the 1000BASE-T cabling standard or the IEEE 802.3ab. 

Factors like network protocol overhead and re-transmissions resulting from collisions or other transient failures mean devices cannot transfer valid message data at the total 1 Gbps rate. 

The effective data transfer might reach 900 Mbps with normal conditions, but the average connection speed will vary based on many other factors. 

– Personalizing the Home Network

Archer C59 provides some advanced tools to help you personalize your experience via your home network. To that end, you’ll have some easy access to tools upon connecting the network cable to the modem and PC. 

– Parental Controls

You can block inappropriate content and set daily limits for how much time your children spend online with the Parental Control feature. The best routers with parental controls don’t just ensure that kids are only exposed to appropriate content on the internet, but they can also help manage kids’ screen time. 

The controls here also work by allowing parents and guardians to block access to objectionable material and URLs. They can do that often when they provide pre-configured filters tuned for various age groups. 

Additionally, the Archer c59 setup will let you set up schedules and time limits. You can also do this for specific services. The Archer C59 is one of the best parental control routers, especially if you have young children or frequently hosts children on your network.

– Guest Network

With a guest network, you get to create a separate Wi-Fi for guests, ensuring your privacy is secure. This feature is an excellent part of the Archer C59 because you can let others join the network without a password. On the other hand, you can block websites and the website filters. 

– Cloud Service and General Support

The Tp-link brand makes it easy to receive software updates and control your router remotely through your cloud account. You also get the max wireless signal rates derived from the IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. 

However, note that actual wireless data throughput and coverage vary due to environmental factors such as materials, physical objects, and obstacles. 

Network conditions also matter and may be affected by local interference, volume, and density of traffic, or client limitations. 

– Easy Setup and IPv6

The Archer C59 firmware makes it easy to set up this router in minutes via its intuitive web interface or the powerful Tether app. The Tether also lets you manage its network settings using an Android or iOS device. 

You also get IPv6 support because the router is compatible with the recent version of the Internet Protocol—IPv6. 

– IPTV and QoS

Improve your IPTV streaming experience when you use the IGMP Proxy/Snooping Bridge and Tag VLAN. Coupled with the Quality of Service, you get to prioritize devices to have faster performance when you need it. 

– Overall Performance of the Archer C59

Performance is a top concern when you need a device to give your activities the perfect companion. There are unique features, with the parental control feature being one of the best features encouraged by the Archer C59. 

It’s great to keep things in check, particularly with kids around, and keeping harmful content at bay. You can also use the control to put a limit on time spent connected. 

The Archer C59 also enables you to give visitors access to a separate network when connected. That way, visitors can have access to a different network. Setups are easy, too, because you don’t need too much to get the router up running. 

With about 1350 Mbps to work with, you have adequate speeds to perform many functions on the internet. 

Buying a Tp-link Router: What You Need to Know

Tp-link is one of the modern router brands out there. Much like others, it’s a feature-filled Wi-Fi that will serve various purposes for office spaces and homes.

But just before you finalize on buying one, here are some things you need to consider:

1. Range

When you want to buy a Tp-link browser, the range is a top priority to consider. Unless you want to use it in a minimal space, you’d like a router that can work across at least 30 feet and connects to several devices.

2. Router’s Standard

There are different router standards you can look forward to with the C59 here running 802.11ac. The 802.11 standard that sits at the top will give you a ground to connect to even faster speeds. Other Tp-link routers also have this feature.

3. Dual-Band Frequency

A router with a dual-band frequency sure helps you connect to the best frequency available. The 2.4GHz does seem slower than the 5GHz. However, both deliver top performance when it matters most.

For example, the former can utilize simple Internet actions like browsing, while the 5GHz is for more complex tasks like gaming and some streaming variations.

4. Reliability and Stability

A reliable and stable connection is essential and a top consideration when choosing a suitable router. The antenna type, connectivity port, speed, and even the extenders will matter a lot to you.

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How does the Tp-link Archer C59 perform on the market?


If you are looking to get a router that is built to deliver a high-performance and affordable home Wi-Fi solution, Archer C59 is a solid option.

The router sure gives you an edge when it comes to Internet connections with full speeds of up to 1350 Mbps to help you handle simple tasks like sending e-mails or web browsing on the 2.4GHz band. 

For bandwidth-intensive tasks like online gaming or 4K UHD streaming, the 5GHz band will suffice for a lag-free experience without sacrificing privacy and security. 


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