Asus RT-N53 Review: Impressive Design and Simultaneous Dual-Band Performance

Asus Dual Band Wireless Router

The Asus rt-n53 comes equipped with some of the best features you’d find on complete routers built to handle many connections. It’s a dual band wireless router with a stable network over both bands depending on usage.

Asus RT-N53 Router Review

However, since faster connections are vital now more than ever because a vast number of functions require top-notch internet connections, how exactly does the Asus RT-N53 live up to this demand?

Our review team has put this router to the test to help potential users like you determine where it best fits and whether it gives off a reliable connection. Read on!

A Look at the Top Specifications

Product Key Specifications
Asus RT-N53

  • Max Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Protocol: WPA, WPS, WPA2
  • Frequency: Dual-Band
  • Form: Wireless/Wired

Sleek Dual-Band Router for Multiple Connections

The Asus RT-N53 is an ideal option for many users who want a router to fit all kinds of data needs, combining a sleek design and impressive, simultaneous dual-band performance that will meet the demands of most users.

You’ll find that it offers 300 Mbps speeds for 2 Wireless-N networks that run at the same time, providing more than a fair share of connectivity. In addition to that, the router combines a usable 2.4 GHz band with the stability of the 5.0 GHz band. The result is fast connection speeds in both wired and wireless connections.

If you have a large home environment, this router will enable you to enjoy seamless HD video streaming. Other activities like playing games online and Internet surfing can be done at the same time.

Users also get to enjoy a direct and easy QIS (Quick Internet Setup) web-based wizard. This ensures that you get to the Internet without issues, irrespective of your operating system. What’s more, the service lets you efficiently allocate bandwidth according to your individual needs by clicking on the buttons.

Apart from the multiple SSID connections to help you create more separate and limitable access networks for different roles, you can have customized security.

Asus RT-N53 Review

Asus RT-N53 Key Criteria
Clever design and Quick Internet Setup feature
Available parental controls
Dual-Band wireless feature
It covers a wide range
Lacks quality web interface

Having a dual-band wireless router sure helps you deal with many functions around the home or at the office. With this product, you get the required speed and capacity to cover a broader range. It comes with internal antennas inside a well-built and designed exterior and is easy to place around the home.

The dual-band feature of this Asus router is one of the main things users consider when getting one. With the dual quality, you can stream 4K content with either band at the same time. The speeds on this router ensure that you have a high bandwidth connection at all times.

Getting signals over or through walls can be an issue. However, we think this router won’t disappoint on that front. That’s because it offers a range few others can compete with. For example, it can maintain a strong connection over distances between 30 to 50 meters. Not bad if you have a well-spaced area to work with.

Not everything about the router is perfect, but the features below make it quite the choice for heavy Internet users.

– Dual-Band: Encourages Lag-Free Entertainment

It’s quite a challenge trying to play your favorite online games or streaming videos while battling a poor connection. 

However, a router like this one gives you a good chance of experiencing lag-free entertainment. That’s because you can double your wireless performance and bandwidth with simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz bands. With that, the speeds will reach up to 300 Mbps concurrently.

You can alternate between bands when you make basic Internet applications like browsing or file downloading on the 2.4GHz band. For HD content streaming and other high-speed functions, you can use the 5 GHz band at the same time. As a result, both bands achieve optimized speeds, and you enjoy smooth, buffer-free HD content streaming.

– Plug-N-Surf: Straightforward Setup

The Asus rt-n53 setup is easy and offers you an intuitive router setup you can perform without using manuals. All you have to do is open your browser and let the QIS wizard guide you to connect to the Internet. Your OS doesn’t matter here as well.

In addition to the intuitive user interface, you get a graphic network map that makes the wireless setup, QoS, and client management clear and straightforward.

– Four  Networks in One: Extra Networks for Use

Part of the Asus rt-n53 specs is the capacity to sever four wireless networks over the 2.4 GHz band, which provides separated connection priorities and access rights. If you run a business or small company, you can use high priority and network (private and Internet) access for managers. The middle priority and private networks work well for staff.

Moreover, you can have low priority and Internet access for friends and guests. These networks also come with customized security and access restrictions to protect computers from unauthorized access, hacking, and virus attacks.

– Universal Repeater Setting: Extend Your Signal

Sometimes signal and range aren’t enough to get a connection, let alone a strong and fast one. That’s one of the reasons why Asus includes a Universal Repeater Support to routers like this one. With the repeater support, you can use the RT-N53 to repeat your wireless signal to locations far from the central access point.

You can activate the process by scanning for the Wi-Fi signal and link to the SSID you want to repeat. However, get ready to let go of more than half the bandwidth available from the primary router if you choose to connect wirelessly to the repeater. That’s the case with every other repeater out there, so this Asus product is no different. Also, we found that the RT-N53 only supports the 2.4 GHz repeater setting.

– Security Protocols: A Safe Way to Connect

Like many devices, you get the Asus rt-n53 default password on this router. That will keep you safe for a while, but you’ve got to change it over time and on a regular basis to bolster your online security and make sure nobody else has access to your details.

There are more security encryption features thanks to the 64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, and WPS support. Besides, a Firewall and Access Control helps with filtering, intrusion detection, and logging.

The Parental Control feature helps you keep track of your kids’ online and offline activities and control their computer time to your liking.

– Range: Good Coverage

The Asus rt-n53 max range is a factor to consider before you decide to go for the router. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about here, as it delivers wide-reaching coverage with fast wired and wireless connections. With that in mind, you can always extend the wireless range of this router.

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– Overview

This router comes in handy for users who want a wired and wireless option, multiple connections, and enough range. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy the Asus RT-N53?

The RT-N53 is worth having, thanks to the number of excellent features it boasts. You get strong internet connections over different networks. Also, it helps with the repeater feature to have an even more comprehensive range to operate with.

Security protocols are standard to keep you safe and intruders out. You can use the parental control feature to watch over your kids, too. What’s more, the dual-band capacity makes sure you enjoy a lag-free time doing anything online.

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It’s difficult not to like this router with capabilities like the four-in-one network, albeit over the 2.4 GHz band. It can serve different categories of users and cover some range, even with stretched-out locations.

Whether you use a high-priority network or less, you’ll enjoy the service from this Asus product. It comes equipped with cutting-edge features that provide faster connection and extensive coverage for all users.

The RT-N53 is easy to set up and get going without the hassle and can handle many functions, including HD streaming and online gaming.


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