Netgear GS108 vs. GS308: Which Model Comes Out on Top?

Netgear Gs and Netgear Gs Routers

A comparison between the Netgear GS108 vs. GS308 showcases some top-notch features. That’s because with NetGear, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the best equipment you can get your hands on.
Netgear gs vs gs
Besides routers and modems, NetGear also manufactures some of the best Gigabit switches that promise excellent performances. But there are some significant differences between each Netgear device that you must be very well aware of before you buy. 

This article will help you understand which Netgear Ethernet switch is best for your lifestyle out of these two devices. Read on!

Netgear GS108 and Netgear GS308 Comparison Table

Products  Key Specifications 
Netgear GS108

  • Material: Metal
  • Ports: 8 ports
  • Buffer: 128 kb
Netgear Gs308

  • Material: Metal
  • Ports: 8 ports
  • Buffer: 1 MB

Netgear is one of the most popular, innovative, efficient, and performance-oriented network equipment manufacturers around the world.

That is why their products are endorsed worldwide for stability and fast performance with the right essence of durability. 

Notably, both Netgear GS308 and GS108 here pack a punch with serious features, but which one appeals more and gives you a better device overall? Let’s find out. 

1. NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch


  • Almost bug-free
  • Plug and play feature
  • Half-duplex mode


  • Low buffering speeds of 128 KB 

Living in modern times means you’re very concerned about speed to help boost your daily Internet productivity. That’s because there’s a lot to do with the Internet. The Netgear GS108 specs rank among the best in the industry and would make quite the collection in your rig. 

The GS108 is an 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch. The best Ethernet switch for the unpretentious network builder wants to split a single connection between various devices. The Internet splitter here provides connectivity to your modem or gaming router, allowing for additional wired connections. 

There’s a plug-and-play feature you can also find on other top devices, which means you don’t need to install new drivers for the drives or tell the computer that a new device has been added. 

Another aspect to consider is that it provides a power-saving mode which reduces the power consumption when the network cable is disconnected. It will automatically adjust power consumption according to its length. That saves electricity and a whole lot of money.

The Netgear GS108 is suitable for an inexpensive switch. It is not without some drawbacks, though. For example, it only supports a 1KB buffer. While this device is enough for a household user, it is not a good option for companies, which mostly prefer larger buffers. 

– Good Availability

We like that it’s cheap. That means even with a small budget, you get to have a great choice, especially for household users. Further, it won’t give you the facility of half-duplex mode, there’s no power management option, and it provides no power over the Ethernet. Additionally, its speed is better than other Ethernet switches

The network management feature provides some help since you can give particular permission or special restrictions to individual users.

– How Does It Perform?

The performance on this switch is near excellent. You will get 1 Gigabit connection on all the ports connected to the switch to ensure seamless and fast internet connectivity through all the devices. 

Moreover, you can plug it into gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, or even Wi-Fi routers. That way, you enjoy super-fast networking speeds without even feeling that a switch is placed between them.

– Convenience Is Key

The Netgear GS108 configuration stands out along with the exceptional design that fits any desktop or wall-mount placement. With that, you can have the best networking without much hassle of wires. 

The GS108 further makes things easier for you as there is no configuration required for any device. It’s all a supportive plug-and-play operation for any device that you might want to connect with the switch. Besides that, you get a no-fan design. That’s why there is no additional noise of any sort coming out of the switch at all.

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– Overview

This Gigabit Ethernet switch will give those who want a nice price for connectivity an even faster network across connected devices. 

2. NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS308)


  • 1MB buffer 
  • Plug and play 
  • Costs less than GS108
  • Full and half-duplex mode


  • No power over Ethernet
  • Unknown bugs may creep up 

The Netgear GS308 specs are an excellent alternative to the GS108 and give users satisfaction with top-quality connections. It’s packed with features you can also find on the GS108 but is a slightly better and upgraded version. The main differences are obviously under the hood, but some essentially enhanced features make it stand out, particularly if you are looking for a new router. 

You get some excellent features and advantages using this version of Netgear in a bid for more speeds and secure connections.

– Fast Ethernet

For the GS108, you have a device that’s limited to Gigabit Ethernet only. On the other hand, the Netgear GS308 allows you to choose between fast Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet connectivity according to your network connection and requirements. 

That way, you can make sure that you are not being switched down on the speed due to your switch. It also means that you’re getting the best out of your Ethernet connection.

– Metal Housing for the Component

The plastic housing on the earlier version was strong enough to last you for years without causing any issues at all. However, the GS308 is designed with a rigid-looking metal housing that ensures more durability and sturdiness

As a result, it adds an extra layer of protection for your switch. The best part is that you can use it under any conditions at your home or office without having to swear about it.

– Energy-Efficient Devices

The Netgear GS308 review showcases a device that’s more energy-efficient than the GS108. Your switch will get more done with less power consumption, and you can also have a stable and better performance from your switch overall. That way, you have minor complaints about a reliable connection. 

– An Extended Range of Support

One of the best things about the GS308 is that it is one of Netgear’s latest versions. That’s why you get support actively for this device. On the other hand, GS108 has been discontinued, so you will not get the proper support for that switch and other devices.

– Good Availability

You’ll like the fact that this device is available and doesn’t cost more than the GS108. If you’re on a budget, it’s relatively easy to buy, especially if you need it for your household. This unmanaged switch can also be used in a slightly bigger space. 

Unlike the other model, you get the facility of a half-duplex mode coupled with a power management option over the Ethernet. That translates to more speeds and special permissions and restrictions for some users. 

– How Does It Perform?

The performance on this switch is excellent as far as we can see. The Netgear GS308 setup can produce one Gigabit connection on all the ports connected to the switch. That ensures users get speedy and seamless Internet connectivity through all the devices. 

Like the GS108, you can also plug it into gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, or even Wi-Fi routers. That way, users like you get to enjoy super-fast networking speeds even with a switch placed in between. 

– Another Level of Convenience

The Netgear GS308 is excellent and comes with a great design, much like its counterpart. It’ll fit in well, whether that’s on the desktop or mounted on the wall. 

Either way, you get to have the best networking experience and convenience, as there’s no hassle over wires and other intrusive components. 

– The Configuration Is Also Straightforward

Like its counterpart, you also get a supportive plug-and-play operation for all kinds of devices that you might want to connect with the switch. 

In addition to being a no-fan design, it’s pretty much a noiseless option. You’ll have a fantastic time browsing the net or playing games with this go-between switch.

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– Overview

If you want a device that gives you a faster edge and reliable connection, this is the ideal option for you. 

Netgear GS108 vs. GS308: Head-to-Head Comparison

The main difference between Netgear GS108 vs. GS308 is, Netgear GS308 is more energy-efficient and provides both fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet connectivity while GS108 is limited to gigabit Ethernet only.

– Speed

Winner: GS308

It’s important to note that the GS108 is limited to Gigabit Ethernet only. However, the Netgear GS308 provides you with a choice between fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet connectivity. You can do that depending on the network connection and requirements. 

Also, you won’t get switched down or have the speed limited because of your switch option. Moreover, it’s the better option between the two for good Ethernet connection. 

– Energy Efficiency

Winner: GS308

The technology used in building the GS308 makes it more energy-efficient than the GS108. The switch helps you get more done with far less power, which makes it a better choice in terms of performance on the whole

– Range and Support

Winner: GS308

The GS308 is unique and is a great option when it comes to support and range. Netgear got its specs spot on with the GS308, unlike the GS108, which has been discontinued and does not give you the proper support for the switch.


The GS108 and GS308 are both 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged switches. That said, they both offer quality Ethernet switches for the unpretentious network builder who wants to split between devices. 

On the whole, the GS308 is our choice for unmanaged Gigabit ports. It offers energy efficiency, provides a reliable network, and doesn’t cost as much as the GS108.


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