Best DXRacer Chair for Gamers: Top Selling Models Comparasion

DX Racer Gaming Chair

As an avid gamer looking to get the best DXRacer chair, you most likely wouldn’t want to settle for less, especially when you want a product that will boost your overall gaming experience.

Tfue gaming chair design

Having put some of their best chairs to the test, here is what our experts have to say about the best models from this famous brand. Read on!

Specifications Table for the Best DXRacer Chair





Racing Seat

PC Gaming chair


Computer Chair








Recline angle














Best Dxracer Chairs: Our Top Picks

As part of your gaming rig, you’d want a chair that improves your gaming experience. When you figure that out and want one, it makes a lot of sense to choose a reliable brand. DXRacer is the brand behind DXRacer gaming chairs.

This brand produced its first-ever gaming chair in 2006, which rose in popularity thanks to its highly ergonomic design. Of course, parts of the first chair carried a sleek design with an assortment of exciting colors.

DXRacer is now reputed and often featured as one of the top leaders in the gaming chair industry. You can do no wrong selecting them because their chairs offer many excellent benefits for all users.

Sure, many of their chairs are great for gaming and feature ergonomic parts like a high backrest slot and removable headrest. There’s also the famed lumbar cushions and the tilt and recline mechanisms.

Some of the Dxracer line products have extra padding on the backrest, seats, and armrests. Also, wide seats, adjustable parts, and more are part of the brand’s makeup. It doesn’t end with gamers, though.

Regular users like casual gamers and office workers can sit on Dxracer chairs for many hours. You won’t experience discomfort, fatigue, or pain since their ergonomic design promotes a healthy posture. Other chairs simply allow you to recline and affect your posture in the long run.

A closer look at the top products from the Dxracer stable will shed more light on why this brand is the best in the business.

1. DXRacer 275LB Gaming Chair 90-135 Degree High-Back Racing Recline


• Extra-large seat
• High-density molded foam
• Ergonomically engineered
• Excellent for gaming


• Not for small people

We already know just how great the Dxracer range is, but this 275LB takes it to another level. It is the leader among Dxracer chairs and features several quality features and capabilities.

The first thing to note is that this chair is extra-large. As such, it provides extra comfort. It’s further described as fit for royalty thanks to the spacious appeal it has.
The 275LB promotes high comfort and exceptional support for your back and arms. That is because the body is ergonomically engineered and stuffed with dense, high-quality cold foam.

A foam-like this is built entirely with comfort in mind. Besides, the included headrest and lumbar cushion provide extra support to help maintain your posture. If you consider that this chair holds weights up to 275lbs and height up to 6’3″, there’s no early complaint about it fitting. Perhaps that would be from smaller individuals.

This Dxracer high back chair is a top seat for gamers and helps them deliver at the highest levels thanks to the quality and comfort. Along with the higher-density mold shaping foam, there’s a full-metal frame for maximum stability and sturdiness. A positive with that is it can carry a lot of weight and still have a good appeal years after.

Other components like the class 4 gas lifts are certified by TUV LGA and ANSI/BIFMA for extra safety and durability.

This chair is the perfect rig for gamers and streamers. To further enhance their experiences and the application they put it to, there’s a tilt mechanism and adjustable seat height.
Also, it comes with fully-adjustable arms, 135-degree max reclining backrest, and smooth casters. That means users have full mobility whether for gaming, working, or meeting in the office.

This product can be called the most comfortable DXRacer chair. However, others can give it a close run concerning capabilities.

  • Overview

If you want a sturdy chair with a large and comfortable seat, give this Dxracer 275LB a shot. Comfort, convenience, and premium components make it one of the best around.

2. DXRacer OH/TS29/NTank Series Black Gaming Chair


• Big and comfy seat
• Nice and soft leather
• Easy to clean
• Durable materials


• Very heavy

This is another large chair from the Dxracer stable that can hold more weight. As such, you might need some help setting things up or when you want to move it around. That’s because the stated weight for this chair is 75lbs.

First, the chair’s base is wider in size than any other chair under Dxracer. It’s made of strong aluminum, while the backrest and seat bottom are made from cold-formed high-density foam. For this Tank series, it’s said that the foam is 20 percent thicker. There’s a fabric covering made out of leather. Overall, it’s a polyurethane or PU leather layer that is nice and soft to the touch. Also, the leather is easy to clean with a soft wet cloth to get anything off it.

There’s strong stitching to hold the fabric together, and it’s barely noticeable. You also have the choice to select any color you want to go along with the chair. Some users settle for popular colors like blue, black, and red.

We also noticed that the backrest would recline to an angle of 10-degrees. Don’t worry; it won’t tip over with you in that position. That means you can lay down, take a nap in the chair, or recline to an angle that lets you play better. Either way, you’re in control.

You wit get disappointed using the Dxracer Tank Series chair because it is entirely comfortable. If you’re one big fellow looking for a chair to match your size, don’t hesitate to book for a Tank series.

The chair is durable so that you can use it for a while yet. There are extras added, including shocks and cushions to make you have that vital feeling. It’s a well-thought-out chair fit for many purposes.

  • Overview

We think the Dxracer Tank Series is ideal for users who want a chair to contain their weight and height without any hassle at all. The materials used here suggest it will give a lot of comforts and excellent resistance.

3. DXRacer Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office PC Console Racing Seat for Gamers


• Affordable
• Tilt and recline mechanism
• Full mobility
• Durable frame and mesh material


• Lacking premium features

As far as DXRacer models go, this is one of the most affordable options. There’s a lot of expertise in the design, making it a top choice for pros, enthusiasts, large esports events, and tournaments. The Formula Series offers a premium seating experience and comes with a conventional tilt mechanism.

The covering features 2-inch PU-casters, a metal frame, and strong mesh material. As such, the chair is elegantly and will take a beating for years. However, this chair is best suited for individuals that measure up to 5’8″tall and up to 200lbs weight.

Individuals above that would seriously test the resolve of this Dxracer Formula series. It also comes with higher-density mold-shaping foam and metal frames that add to its sturdy appeal.

Like some other Dxracer chairs, you’ve got a class 4 Gass lift here that’s certified. That’s because DXRacer built this chair with ergonomics as the centerpiece. A tilt mechanism, adjustable seat height and arms, and a 135-degree reclining backrest work here.
Also, smooth casters allow users have full mobility whether for gaming, working, or meeting in a work environment.

A chair such as this one is important. As a benefit, using a reclining gaming chair is helps with pain reduction. Let’s face it, long gaming sessions may be fun, but they can be pretty hard on your back and posture. That’s one reason why using a regular office chair for work and gaming doesn’t appeal to gamers anymore.

Such a chair doesn’t have support or features that can help you put in a long shift. However, with an excellent recline and relax mode, putting in a long session of raids or battles is feasible.

DXRacer is one of the most trusted names in the gaming chair industry. As such, you can trust this Formula series to add to your gaming experience, not detract from it.

  • Overview

If you’re worried about your budget but want a top-tier gaming chair from DXRacer, this one fits the description you want.

4. DXRacer PC Gaming Chair Racing Style Office Computer Seat


• Strong-quality foam
• Maximum durability
• Top-quality construction materials
• Customizable and adjustable


• More suited to small-sized individuals

The innovation on this particular DXRacer gaming chair speaks volumes, and pro gamers and enthusiasts will love how it looks and the specifications that follow.

It’s that popular because it features many eSports players and fans heavily. Some of the teams that have made this chair their signature include Fnatic, Dignitas, and complexity. Also, this chair is a fixture at significant events such as WCG and UMG.

This chair takes after other modern gaming chairs when you consider the famous race car seat. Such a sear comes with a high and winged backrest, raised seat edges, removable headrest, and lumbar cushions to provide support. To top things up, it has a colorful design.

The high backrest is one of the game-changers here. It has enough padding for extra comfort. Moreover, it comes ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of your spine. That’s beneficial because the pressure is taken off your spine without any noticeable strains even when you spend long hours sitting.

Another thing is the tilt mechanism and adjustable seat height. These are cool additions if you must add this chair to your gaming rig. It makes a lot of sense to recline sometimes and have full mobility under different circumstances.

With the soft adjustable armrests, you get ample protection for your wrists. Again, it protects your shoulders from extreme discomfort and fatigue.

The construction fits the bill of a top-quality gaming chair. That is because the frame is constructed with premium tabular steel. Also, the base construction with nylon is robust and provides maximum stability and durability.

Not every one that sits here is the right fit for this chair, though. In line with that, DXRacer constructed this chair to carry a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs. There’s also a height limit supporting those who 5’10” and below. However, if you weigh about 250lbs, you just might fit well into the chair, but that’s not advisable.

For the price you pay, this chair, like other Dxracer options, offers a premium seating experience. You can see it hails directly from the world of racing to gaming; further, this Formula Series is for slim users and is the most popular gaming chair for Esports teams and tournaments.

Ergonomics is the main thing here that will appeal to gamers and stream artists alike. There’s lumbar support.

  • Overview

If a beautiful design and working premium parts appeal to you, this is the chair you need. It will complement your gaming rig perfectly and will fit well with other uses.

5. DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair


• Universal use
• Comfortable and relaxing
• Adjustable components


• Not enough features

It’s always great to see a reclining gaming chair offer complete versatility. That’s what this chair promises, especially after a long time playing games. You can simply sit back and relax.

For example, when waiting for matchmaking, watching our scenes, or using a few minutes to converse with friends. That way, your back takes a break from sitting up.

The backrest takes from 90 to 135-degree reclining on this chair and reclines without you that scary feeling of falling. This chair is also suitable for universal use. You can sit in all environments and occasions, including at home, in the office, and outdoors. The comfortable molding foam comes with an ergonomically high backrest filled with high-quality mold shaping foam and elastic leather cover. Such a design allows your head, back, and hips to be supported correctly and well-protected.

You get less pressure on your body’s most essential parts and less chance of injuring yourself when sitting for long periods. The 360-degree swivel base is strong and includes adjustable armrests, tilt-rocking capability, adjustable height, and adjustable angular backrest. A critical difference between DXRacer chairs is how compatible they’re to users.

This particular chair is suitable for weighing up to 200 pounds and having a height measuring 6 feet. That means the 3D adjustable armrests can meet your arm’s length requirements and matches virtually all types of body shapes and sizes.

  • Overview

This DXRacer is one chair that doesn’t cost much and is a little light on features. It will appeal to regular users who don’t want all that fancy stuff gamers like.

6. DXRacer Computer Chair Adjustable Ergonomic Office Reclining Swivel Game Seat


• Full-metal frames
• Adjustable armrests
• Reclining backrest
• Lumbar and headrest pillow


• No in-built lumbar support

As a top-notch gaming chair brand, there are high expectations from the DXRacer line. For this reason, this particular chair makes the list of best chairs under this famous brand.

There are significant innovations and designs here to make it a top seat of choice for top professionals and other users. We think that it could comfortably grace the state if large sporting events, too.

The gaming chair comes in several color options from which users can choose. It lets you pick the color precisely, even in line with the decor of your home or gaming station.
Here, there’s a headrest cushion and a lumbar cushion. It’s not only ergonomic but also highly comfortable when seating. The high backrest gives off adequate support throughout your back and neck without a single issue.

It has an adjustable seat, which makes it easier for you to make some adjustments to it. Moreover, it comes with the bonus cushions for the headrest and back support, and you can put them to whatever use per your requirement.

Besides, the armrests are adjustable and allow you to customize the gaming chair’s position without hassles. These features and specs are some of the highlights of the best Dxracer gaming chair.

As one of the best-selling Esports chairs, the DXRacer Computer chair is built and designed with extra height and a little bit more room in the seat. It will support users up to 6’0″ with a 225-pound weight limit. Furthermore, the 135-degree reclining backrest, 4D armrests, and other features give you that extra support.

It’s a top gaming seat that delivers the highest performance level thanks to high-quality materials like full-metal frames and premium fabric and leather for the covering. Have we mentioned that it has a higher-density mold shaping foam? It’s a chair that will last a very long time and always comes up in any DXRacer chairs review.

Other components such as class 4 gas lifts are certificated and provide extra safety while you can also enjoy full mobility in all situations. In line with that, you can choose to work, play games, or just relax on this Dxracer chair.

A good deal of the parts give off satisfactory performances, and you can always adjust certain features of this chair to suit your sitting requirements.

  • Overview

Suppose you want a chair that offers a relaxing time when working or gaming; this is a valid option. It carries features you’ll appreciate and will help boost your confidence while working or gaming.

Dxracer Gaming Chairs: Buying Guide

We already know that the Dxracer brand is one of the most successful and well-known gaming chairs. It is easy to see why hardcore gamers have been loyal to the company from our reviews. After all, you don’t get these many features, specs, and capabilities in a wide array of models.

They’re well-made, healthy, and offer durability across a wide span of use, thus making them last for years while giving users ultimate comfort.

However, despite the popularity of the Dxracer chairs among gamers and keen users, complaints still exist. Some claim the chairs aren’t as comfortable as they used to be or that it barely adds to their gaming performances.

The right answer to such complaints is that such users have chosen the wrong sizes to suit their needs or not made the right changes to their chairs.

Sure, some of thaws chairs are cheap, but a DXRacer chair buying guide can solve many of these issues. It would help if you did a bit of some research before choosing which of the chairs works best for you.

This review aims to guide you when making a decision. Whether you’re a new or seasoned gamer, or an enthusiast looking for the most comfortable Dxracer chair, this guide is ideal for you. Getting the right chair will help you move around comfortably without slipping out of your chair while keeping your posture correct for the best gaming experience yet. Look out for the following;

Take note of The Metrics

One important thing about the DXRacer brand of chairs is that they’re made specifically for PC Gamers. That means they won’t be of much use to console or casual gamers.

For example, the chairs reviewed here are better used in front of a PC monitor or high-tech surroundings. Before settling on a Dxracer chair, key metrics include overall width, seat front, back width, seat depth, and bolster.

– Comfort

Buying a gaming chair can make all the difference in the world. It can affect your physical state and improve or upset your gaming performances. The fact is you will be using it for long hours. That is why comfort is essential.

As a result, you have to ensure that the Dxracer you get doesn’t let you develop issues like backache.

If you work or game for long hours while in your chair, you need proper support for your head, neck, back, and arms. That way, you can ward off pain and repetitive strain injuries. Thankfully, all the options reviewed here are ergonomically suited for many users. Besides, the chairs don’t cost too much.

– Material

The material used in covering the chair and the one underneath is essential. What you want is a strong base of construction material for the gaming chair. For example, you need part of the best metals, aluminum, and even plastic for some positions.

Also, on the insides, you’d want the best foam. We have to mention that the fabric used is also essential along with the leathers applied. PU leather is undoubtedly worth it and does more than a piece of standard fabric. Leathers have a glossy, smooth material that adds lots of value to your gaming chair and experience.

If you’re thinking of getting a gaming chair from Dxracer, you’ll get many comforts and multiple health benefits. Some of the very best come with PU leather coverings.

– Aesthetics

Beauty is essential and isn’t a lousy consideration when you want the perfect Dxracer chair. Whether you play games or not, a cool-looking chair is a huge bonus.

Aesthetics include things like the color, shape of the chair, materials used for the base and cover, and additional parts like extra cushions. Whatever the case, aesthetics is good but shouldn’t be the only factor you base your decision to buy.

– Adjustable Height

Any gaming chair should be height-adjustable. The adjustable height chairs are highly versatile, especially if you won’t use them alone.

A friend can always come around, or if you have a much smaller family around, you can adjust the height of your Dxracer chair to suit them. A height-adjustable gaming chair is always the best option.

– Foldable Options

When making a DXRacer chairs comparison, it is essential to choose the foldable option. The best reason for this is that you will not be gaming all the time. When the chair is not functional, you can easily fold it and keep it in a small space. That way, you get to manage your space.

– Other Accessories

Stuff like built-in speakers are great alongside other components. Some of the Dxracer chairs come along with built-in speakers. Think of what you want, the speaker’s output, and how instrumental it will be to your gaming experiences before making your final decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age range are DXRacer gaming chairs for?

The fact is almost all DXracergaming chairs can fit a wide range of people. However, some come specifically designed and catered to for kids. Also, some chairs are made for people of all ages and sizes.

The only limiting factors adult gaming chairs have would be the height and the weight of a specific user. You can look at gaming chair charts before settling on one.

2. What advantages do DXRacer gaming chairs have over other or regular chairs?

Well, you sit on different chairs for different reasons. That makes it easier to tell the difference between gaming chairs like the Dxracer variety and regular chairs. The first thing you notices is comfort. Gaming chairs are designed in a way that will make sitting at a stretch easy, comfortable, and convenient.

A lot of other chairs blend in with specific environments like offices. Such chairs aren’t very friendly on your spine if you sit in them for too long. On the other hand, DXRacer chairs come with a softer material that doesn’t cave in as quickly. They protect your spine and overall posture.

3. What gaming chair brand is the best to buy?

While a lot depends on your budget, you can still choose a brand renowned for excellence. People often have different preferences for what they see as the best brand to buy.
We think the Dxracer is not just the best but is also currently the most popular gaming chair manufacturer. Besides, you only need to watch tournaments to know that pro gamers commonly use it.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you can get a DXRacer chair that meets your requirements. Make your pick from this review.


Are you looking for the best Dxracer chair? It is essential to look at these six best options. These options will give you the chance to pick the right chair without overthinking it.

Go through our list and review to understand how each work, its features, and capabilities. It sure helps that you can adjust or customize some features. We have done all we can for you, so all you have to do is settle for the model that best fits your needs.

If we are to recommend any, by the way, we will go with the Tank Series. Its intricate styling is second to none, and it is super comfortable and strong enough to hold almost any weight. You can sit down and relax or recline to an angle that lets you feel and play better.


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