Arozzi vs DXRacer: Making the Right Choice for Your Lifestyle

Arozzi Vs Dxracer Comparison

Arozzi vs DXRacer is a theme comparison between two top-ranking brands in the gamer chair market. Both brands offer excellent materials and top-notch features that avid gamers and enthusiasts desire in a gaming chair.
Arozzi Vs Dxracer DifferenceHaving looked at both brands, our review team has come up with this in-depth comparison to give you a heads-up. You will learn how both chairs perform, their most vital points, and some drawbacks. That’s what this review is all about, so read on to find out!

Arozzi vs DXRacer: Top Specifications at a Glance

Products Key Specifications

DXRacer OH/RAA106

  • Material: Leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Max Weight: 200 pounds
  • Max Recline: 135 degrees
  • Support: Head and lumbar

Arozzi Computer/Office Chair

  • Material: Pleather
  • Frame: Metal, steel
  • Max. Weight: 231 pounds
  • Max. Recline: 180 degrees
  • Support: Head and lumbar

Deciding the Right Gaming Chairs Between Arozzi and DXRacer

The Arozzi brand is a Swedish company that is about eight years in the making. It’s not that old, but the brand does well to produce chairs focusing on ergonomics and high performances. As a result, it meets the needs of many gamers and other users who want to spend extended periods working or playing in comfort and style.

The Arozzi brand offers a lineup of about twelve models, all ranging from beginner to upscale. There’s enough variety to choose from once you have the budget to match.

What’s more, users enjoy a wide variety of adjustable features, including armrests, recline and tilt, and more. Also, you get to choose from different color schemes, weight limits, and ergonomic styles.

The DXRacer is a genuine leader in the gaming chair industry and was founded in 2001. Their chairs usually sport a racing-style seat and design, and it’s not hard to see why. As a brand, DXRacer started things off by manufacturing car seats for luxury sports cars.

With more focus on gaming chairs, DXRacer has continued to develop innovative designs and construction across several models. Some of them include the Formula Series, Racing Series, Tank Series, and much more. What you get is different series made to suit various body types, needs, and of course, budget.

One factor that sets the DXRacer apart from the rest, including the Arozzi, is longevity. As the original gaming chair brand, it’s hard to find any other quite like it. The performance and top features are found on many of their chairs.

In addition, you get vital components such as adjustable armrests, height adjustment, back tilting adjustment, and a high back chair design. Of course, you can expect to find a solid base and robust frames to frames to keep the chair reliable and stable.

Our primary concern here is a gaming chair comparison between the DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series and Arozzi Computer/Office Chair. A breakdown of each product and a head-to-head by our review team shows you which one carries the day.

1. DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series Adjustable Ergonomic Computer Chair


  • Racing-style design
  • Solid frame and base
  • Ergonomic and adjustable components


  • A bit uncomfortable after extended periods

Like many DXRacer gaming chairs, this OH/RAA106 Racing Series model doesn’t disappoint with the kind of experience and comfort you get. There are features here that you can adjust to suit your needs per time. A good example is the armrests that let you change directions. Again, there’s a tilt-rocking capability and an angular backrest adjustment.

It’s fun to adjust the height of this chair when you have to level up to a desk or platform. To carry your weight without hassles, the frame of this model takes shape with about 2mm carbon steel rod. With that, the chair gives you the best support while doing any function.

For the covers, DXRacer uses quality and durable leather on top of supportive and resilient foam. The padding is comfortable enough and merges with the frame to protect your ergonomic posture.

The upholstery is done in such a way that the chair lasts for a long time. Also, gaming in the seat is possible for prolonged periods. However, it could get uncomfortable when you sit for too long. That’s common on many chairs, and this one is no different.

– Multiple-Use Chair: Suitable for Different Applications

With this chair, you’ll join a wide range of users who use their chairs for several applications. This racing chair model fits in your home, office, and any gaming space. It’s a comfortable chair that enhances your experiences.

– Molded Foam: Enjoy Good Padding Quality

A gaming chair is incomplete without favorable padding across the seat, back, and sometimes, the armrests. Well, this model does not disappoint because you have a generous spread of high-density mold shaping foam inside the elastic leather cover. The foam will regroup when you get up and helps to protect your back and hips.

– Adjustable Armrests: Supportive and Flexible

Armrests are crucial parts of gaming chairs. You can always adjust them to different directions depending on what you’re doing. On this chair, there are 3D adjustable armrests for that purpose. It means you can move the armrests in three different directions.

– Strong Base: Stability at all Times

A strong base on this model means you enjoy stable times working or playing games. It also offers a 360-degree swivel, which completes movement in all directions. Along with the smooth-rolling casters, the chair enables you to reach a nearby item or glide around. For example, you can use multiple monitors and operate on them without getting up from your chair.

– Recline: Get Some Rest or Sit Deep in Total Comfort

Since a recline feature came about in some gaming brands, there’s hardly a model without one. It’s a fantastic feature to have. For example, if you spend extended periods on your chair, you can recline to rest or adjust your posture. Either way, this OH/RAA106 model gives you a max recline angle set at 135 degrees.

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– Overview

If you love a portable chair that’s solid enough and offers a good number of adjustable parts, this OH/RAA106 Racing Series from DXRacer will suit you.

2. Arozzi Computer Gaming/Office Chair


  • Comfortable recline and tilt function
  • Innovative ergonomic design
  • Adjust several components
  • Stable and reliable frame


  • Not as durable

This Arozzi chair comes with ergonomic parts to give you overall comfort and support. The padding is excellent at first glance, while there’s a healthy backrest and adjustable armrests to suit different occasions.

– Rugged Frame: Quality Materials for Ample Support

We like that the chair has a good mix of metal and steel to provide a comfortable sitting experience for users. That way, you can play games for a long time. Also, PU leather doesn’t disappoint with excellent upholstery and beautiful designs.

– Foam: Strong and Resilient Paddings

The paddings on the DXRacer alternative provide users with adequate comfort and protection to their posture. As a result, you can sit conveniently and find the right spot for your lumbar area while you enjoy your games in peace, knowing long-term health issues won’t be a thing of concern. What’s more, the resilient foam takes shape when you get up.

– Adjustable Ergonomics: Make Changes for More Comfort

Along with the extra headrest and lumbar support pillows, you get to make some changes as you deem fit for your ultimate comfort and convenience. You can use the recline and rock function, which lets you take a much-needed break or a nap.

Its feature Arozzi has optimized for both the gaming space and workspaces. The max recline gets as flat as a bee at 180 degrees. That’s a comfortable level for users weighing up to 230 pounds.

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– Overview

It’s a chair that packs a good number of functions. However, we feel that it’s perfect for those who want the basic features and have a small physique.

A Head-to-Head Comparison of DXRacer and Arozzi Features

The main difference between Arozzi and DXracer is, DXracer stands out as a more experienced brand with innovative designs and it offers a lot more adjustable features compared to the Arozzi.


Winner: DXRacer

Arozzi gaming chairs are fantastic models and work out as excellent alternatives for more prominent brands like SecreteLab and DXRacer. However, we feel it still has a long way to match up with models on DXRacer.

On the flip side, DXRacer has been in the gaming chair business longer than all brands. It has a reputation for being one of the best since it started developing gaming chairs. That’s why we feel that it’s a brand with more experience and innovative designs.


Winner: DXRacer

Again, our review team sticks out its neck for the DXRacer. That’s because it offers a lot more adjustable features than the Arozzi counterpart. While the model of Arozzi here offers more recline capabilities, we feel the reputation of the DXRacer compensates for that with other parts like the armrests, height, and additional cushions.

Weight Capacity

Winner: Both

Both of these brands have big chairs. However, our concern remains the two products on review here. The Arozzi Computer chair edges the OH/RAA106 Racing Series chair with some pounds. Latter has a max weight of 231 pounds, while the former has 200 pounds as the listed max weight.

The difference is slight, which makes both models ideal for smaller users. In the battle of weight, the OH/RAA106 model can compete like other chairs similar to arozzi.

Foam and Materials

Winner: Both

On the Arozzi and DXRacer models, users are set to enjoy versatile foams and material selection. Both models have a high-density cold-cured foam on their seats and different padded areas on the chair. Since they’re both excellent for smaller individuals, you can expect the foams to provide the best comfort and last for a long time.

The foams are also capable of giving you better heat circulation. We can say the same for the elastic PU leather featured on the two chair models. Keep in mind that the two covers are easy to clean and maintain.


We all want the best features on our gaming chairs to help us remain competitive and comfortable. That’s possible with well-meaning brands like Arozzi and DXRacer, who stop at nothing to deliver excellent qualities.

DXRacer has the upper hand on quality and support, but that comes at a higher budget. However, the brand is more suitable for extended periods of working or playing games.

If you’re on a budget and still want to have a feel of top-notch qualities, Arrozi provides fantastic alternatives to DXRacer models. An example is the Arozzi Computer chair review in this article.


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