Techni Sport Chairs Review: Here are the Top 4 Options for Every Budget

Sporty Gamer Chairs

Our comprehensive Techni sport chair review will go a long way to help you determine the best model from the incredible Techni series.

Techni sport ergonomic gaming chair

As we all know, Techni is one brilliant gaming brand with excellent models you’ll struggle to choose from. As such, reading about the topmost models here will help you gain some important insights. In this article, you will learn how they work, why they are in demand, and why you must get one. Read on!

Techni Sport Chair Review: Specifications Table at a Glance


Key Specifications


-Material: PU leather

-Frame: Steel

-Max. weight: 350 lbs

-Recline angle: 150-degrees


-Material: Leather/Fiber

-Frame: Alloy steel

-Max. weight: 300 lbs

-Recline angle: 150-degrees


-Material: Faux leather

-Frame: Steel

-Max. weight: 300 lbs

-Recline angle: 150-degrees


-Material: PU leather

-Frame: Steel

-Max. weight: 300 lbs

-Recline angle: 150-degrees

Techni Sport Gaming Chair Review: Our Top Picks

A review of one of the best chair brands for gaming, like the Techni series, is essential, as it will help clear things up, especially if you have many top choices to pick from. Whether you want a chair for gaming or official purposes, the fact remains that you’ll spend time on it.

For a chair like those here, you will have varying degrees of comfort. That’s because they all have features you can count on. Also, you can count on them to keep you safe from bad postures and other troubles with your body. The brand represents a modern, style-based, and comfortable addition to any gaming rig.

The Best Techni brand of sports chairs to choose from:

1. Techni Sport Gaming Chair Collection TS-XL1


• Strong and durable
• Lasting material
• Comfortable sitting
• Recline and adjustable features


• Heavy
• Long assembly time

The brand name says it all. The Techni TS-XL1 stands tall among the largest gaming chairs on the market. It’s loved for its tall and wide sear frame. No wonder it can comes with a maximum weight of around 350 lbs. That’s much, but then again, it’s a comprehensive, heavy chair built for slightly bigger individuals.

Thanks to a steady and consistent background made of the best and strongest materials, there’s no falling off.

– Ultimate Comfort

Many gamers out there will settle for a chair that’s every bit as comfortable. The TS-XL1 promises a convenient time before any screen and during gaming sessions. While it does need a larger space, the design comes with premium quality.

– Material

Apart from its white color, this chair comes covered with Polyurethane and carbon fiber. That way, you have the best seat to maneuver on. What’s more, the reinforced steel base gives you a balanced background to work with. As a result, the chair remains durable for a long time.

– Recline and Relax

With an excellent recline feature reaching up to 150-degrees, you can take your gaming to the next level. It will also help you extend your hours of sitting. Gamers sit for a long time, so it’s best to have a chair that supports your posture. The vegan finish also adds to your comfort.

– Adjustable Parts

While reclining, it helps to note that you can maneuver the headrest pillow. That’s because it is removable along with the lumbar cushion for extra comfort. There’s also a height-adjustable memory foam seat and adjustable armrests. At least, your elbows won’t suffer from static positions while you play games.

– Overview

If you want a modern mixture of a strong frame and comfortable materials, this is your chair.

2. Techni Sport TS-52 Ergonomic Gaming Chair


• Strong base
• Pillows and Lumbar support
• Adjustable parts
• Racing style beautiful design


• Difficult to assemble

The TS-52 Techni sport gaming chair presents an option to carry out any activity. In line with that, you can use it at the home, office, or gaming room. It’s a chair that lets you sit back and relax for long hours.

If you’re bored, swiveling around in between sessions will give you some relief. That’s necessary when you consider that gamers often have to beat that elusive level. The TS-52 will help you do that because it belongs in the ultimate computer gaming chair range.

Every feature here screams premium. For example, it has a suitable back mechanism, top-quality tilt, and tension mechanism control. Other parts are adjustable to help you get the best feeling and comfort.

– Material Components and Design

The TS-52 comes with a great purple color that’s hard to miss. The eye-catching racer-style design will liven up any environment. You can put that down to synthetic TechniFlex upholstery that binds the chair together.

Underneath, you have a durable, color-matching, 5-star nylon base accompanied by color-matching dual non-marking 2″ casters. These casters won’t stain or scratch the surface you place your chair on.

– Ergonomics

This chair has ergonomic parts built to provide a convenient time for gaming. As such, you’ve got a reclining back, Headrest, and lumbar support cushions. For more comfortable positions, the chair is height adjustable with swivel armrests.

The chair can be described as one with a remarkable resemblance to a sport’s car interior. That’s why it’s called a racer because it lets you imagine a ‘race’ scenario. Perhaps the part missing here is a seat belt! Other than that, getting one will spice up your gaming experiences. Also, it sure feels great having it as part of your overall gaming rig.

The TS-52 is rather difficult to assemble a chair. With the knowledge you need about setting it up, you can go ahead to put things together. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

– Overview

If you’re searching for a chair with all the trappings of comfort from superior ergonomics, this one will suit you.

3. Techni Sport High Back Video Game Chair


• Smart leather covering
• Durable design
• Ergonomically shaped
• Extra support


• Tasking assembly

This TS-61 Techni sport ergonomic gaming chair boasts a high-quality memory foam seat. There’s also a removable U-shaped neck pillow and back support. With both, you get to stay relaxed while you play games. Also, the padded armrests are adjustable, allowing you to set them to the right height.

That’s not all because you also get to use the height and tilt control mechanism. To that end, you can adjust the seat height to a range you’re comfortable with. Go ahead to use the tilt and tension lock for extra comfort.

More on the adjustable front, you can recline the chair after a stressful gaming session. Sit back, relax and kick back at an angle of 150-degrees.

– Ergonomics

It’s a chair famous for its ergonomic appeal. Techni designed it to have a high back and a shape that curves around and protects your back’s natural shape. Other parts help to provide adequate support to different parts of your body.

The premium quality is not all that’s great about this chair. It can hold weights reaching up to 300 lbs and features non-marking double wheel casters. The bottom part of this chair is built with a heavy-duty steel base. With such a base, you’re assured it won’t get damaged any time soon.

– Material Components

Like most of Techni’s chairs, this versatile chair features a height-adjustable memory foam that gets out of any dent. When you stand up, it immediately gets back into shape. Then there’s the Polyurethane covering on the armrests and other parts. That leaves the chair firm and well-textured.

We observed, though, that the assembly time of this chair takes a little while. Also, you might need a hand, considering that it’s a tad bit heavier than you imagine.

– Overview

This techni chair is a reliable option if you want a gaming chair with multiple enhancements for adequate support.

4. Techni Sport High Back Office Chair Gaming Chair


• Fine design and material
• Precise ergonomics
• Strong base
• Additional adjustable support


• It fits bigger users more

No gaming chair takes between 250 lbs to 300 lbs of the maximum weight for nothing. This techni gaming chair boasts a frame that can handle such weight comfortably. It’s a design you can count on to contribute to your gaming rig.

Thankfully, it will fit right in on many types of surfaces. As a result, its uses and applications cut across many levels and spaces. That way, you can use this chair at home, in the office, game room, etc.

Here’s more about the features and attributes of the TS-5100:

– Ergonomics

Ergonomics are growing factors whenever persons want a gaming chair. To that end, they’ll want a brand and product with parts that help them relax better. That’s why this particular Techni comes designed with a high back.

Besides that, if you’re familiar with racing cars, you’ll love the look and style of the chair. That’s because it can easily pass for the interior of a racing car.

As part of the wide range of ergonomics, you get an adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions. The height is also flexible and backed up with swiveling armrests for extra comfort.

– Material Components

It’s always great to learn what materials a chair is designed with. With the Techni, that’s a unique feature because it’s a chair made of quality synthetic TechniFlex upholstery.
For the seating aspect, the chair features a height-adjustable memory foam seat. There’s also a reclining back mechanism of up to 150-degrees.

It’s all built to enhance your gaming experiences. That way, you remain competitive all through the sessions.

– Height and Tilt Control

You get a good height for more adjustments, and tilt control comes enhanced with a pneumatic seat height. It helps by giving you 18.5 inches to 22 inches seat height adjustment range. The tilt tension lock mechanism also has a role to play by providing additional comfort.

– Base and Frame

Techni is a brand that takes a lot of factors into consideration before designing any product. For example, this chair comes with non-marking casters. They come with a durable steel base and frame.

The casters are about 2-inches, and from below the chair, you can move anywhere. Moreover, the casters won’t draw silly lines on your floor or ground surface. That makes this chair very suitable for the office environment.

– Extras

Like other top products, you can count on the TS-5100 having extra ergonomic and adjustable parts. You get a headrest and lumbar support cushions. Also, you can place them along with angles that give you the best support.

It sure helps to have such a long-lasting and robust base.

– Overview

If you want a chair with a modern look and quality materials trappings, getting this one will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Techni sports chairs more comfortable?

Many brands are out there with claims about making comfortable chairs. Techni is no different. However, their range of chairs shows a brand ready to provide only the best. That’s because they’re focused on making comfortable gaming chairs.

Each chair seat, back, and arm, come with a soft molded foam. The foam helps to give users a balanced resistance whenever they sit. That way, you’re not shifting from side to side trying to find a comfortable spot.

The chairs also feature adjustable lumbar and neck support pillows. They don’t just provide an additional touch of class and serve to fit your distinct needs. Along with the adjustable armrests and reclining feature, you get a chair that’s ergonomically built to align with your posture.

While they’re not the most comfortable out there, they present features and preferences that are very hard to beat. In short, Techni holds its own among premium gaming chairs.


2. What makes Techni sports chairs special?

Techni Sport has a special touch on all its chairs. Why? Because it focuses on delivering the “ultimate gaming experience” through some well-known core values. They include next-level quality, comfort, and design.

In terms of values provided by Techni, they do a whole lot of work in society. For example, buying some chairs will see a percentage of the money towards charity. Some of them include charitable initiatives for disaster relief victims, veterans, hunger, people living with breast cancer, and endangered animals.

These efforts to reach out and help the community through several CSR activities don’t go unnoticed. Many people, including gamers, will gladly pay for quality chairs with good motives. On top of that, we think that this range of sports chairs has unique features and capabilities. It sure helps that they look like seats in a fancy racing car. That will only add to the level of excitement you have while playing games.


There you go! The Techni range of sport chairs has a lot of positives to offer. Firstly, the designs are worth a second look. They’re that appealing and come with different colors and models to choose from.

Each of the chairs has some similarities, but Techni does well to figure in some distinct configurations. That way, it’s easier for potential buyers to pick out what they want based on their needs. Another thing we love about the chairs revolves around their charitable acts.

It’s not all plain sailing, though, there are some drawbacks we noticed with the chairs. Firstly, the changes among the range of sport chairs here aren’t as pronounced. If you look from afar, you’d think of the chairs swapped only colors. For example, the chairs have the same upholstery material, reclining feature capability, and to an extent, weight capacity.

They also have a ‘racing’ look and design to them. Secondly, we feel that for the large part, the chairs are somewhat tricky to assemble. Perhaps that’s due to the sturdy and durable frame they sport.

Well, that brings us to a close. Among the reviewed chairs above, we think that the TS-61 stands above the rest. The faux leather material, steel frame, and base make it a sturdy option for you. Sure, it’s heavy and might need more time to put together. However, Techni stands right up there with other established gaming chair brands. All you have to do is pick what’s best for your lifestyle.


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