Sennheiser Game One vs HD 598: Picking a Winning Headphone

Sennheiser Hd Vs Game One Headphones Comparison

Sennheiser Game One vs HD 598 covers two top-quality audio devices built and designed for enhanced listening pleasure. While comparing products like these headphones from the Sennheiser brand, it’s important to check out their features, specifications, and how they stack up. That’s what our review team aims to do in this article.
Sennheiser Game One Vs Hd HeadphonesYou’ll learn about their huge potential to give you a great time, their drawbacks, and the winner of our comparison.

Comparison Table

Features Game One

HD 598

Connectivity Wired Wired
Design/Comfort 8 8.5
Audio Quality 8 9.5
Sensitivity/Sound 8 8.5
Form Factor Over Ear Over Ear

Sennheiser HD 598 vs Game One Headphones Comparison

The main difference between the HD 598 and Game One is that the HD 598 performs better with excellent sound and audio content over different parameters like videos and music. The HD 598 is also more open than its counterpart.

– Size and Design

Winner: Both

Headphones are no longer luxury devices that cover some parts of your head. Now they’re necessities, thanks to the auditory experience they bring to videos, text, and much more.

Whether you’re sitting through a movie, going over videos, or listening to your favorite songs, an excellent pair of headphones can make a difference. You’ll have the time of your life and more value listening, which boosts your understanding and level of engagement.

Not all headphones and the brand behind them will blow you away with their devices. These two devices come in with their classy design and quality audio output. Both Sennheiser headphones are compared to find out which one ranks higher.

The HD 598 and Game One’s features are compared below.

The design of Sennheiser 598 and Game One is luxurious and elegant. The combination of different colors gives a rich feel to your headphones.

The HD 598 headphones are made of a plastic material on the inner sides, and these are covered with plush material around them. We can say the same for the Game One pair, but they have some metal that gives them a solid base. However, we feel that both of them offer designs and general build quality that are more similar than different.

They’re big but won’t present much of a problem since their detailed finish adds aesthetics to the build.

– Comfort

Winner: HD 598

In our Sennheiser headphones comparison, the HD 598 offers more comfort by a slight margin. The Game One headphones are similar in build to the super comfortable Sennheiser HD 598. They’re somewhat tighter on the head than the HD 598, but the ear cups are large and fit nicely around most listeners’ ears.

Further, the headband and the ear cups are well-padded and covered in microfiber fabric, just like the HD 598. At least it won’t hurt your skin. However, they’re not as comfortable as the HD 598, which you can wear for prolonged hours and not feel any fatigue. As such, they’re suitable for long gaming sessions.

– Stability

Winner: Game One

The Sennheiser Game One headphones are a bit more stable in performance than the HD 598. They are also tight around the head.

They are good for gaming and casual listening sessions but not physical exercises. This makes them unsuitable for sports, but they have a detachable cable on the upside. You can easily disconnect if it gets hooked on something.

– Controls

Winner: Both

The Sennheiser Game One keeps things simple with an essential but easy-to-use control scheme and has a volume dial and a mute switch embedded in the mic swiveling mechanism. It’s relatively straightforward, and placing the mic upright will disable that feature. We also noticed that the volume dial doesn’t have a distinct notch to help you set a preferred volume level.

The HD 598 feels durable and doesn’t offer many control options like the Game One compared to its rival here. The two of them are pretty easy to use and operate.

– Sound Quality and Performance

Winner: HD 598

Sound quality and audio performance form the bulk of why anyone would need headphones. In line with that, the Sennheiser 598 performs much better than the Game One. It draws more power from the amp due to its lower impedance. As a result, they will give a surround sound effect rather than a stereo effect.

The two headphones seem to score on one aspect for bass levels and sounds but lack on the other. For example, the HD 598 will have more bass, but it will be less detailed and less sharp when compared to the Sennheiser Game One. We think that makes the HD 598 better for genres such as heavy rock, hip-hop, and even EDB.

The HD 598 also has more treble than its rival. Generally, these headphones will offer top-quality audio for gaming and other activities, but the HD 598 works best.

1. Sennheiser HD 598 SR Open-Back Headphone Review

– Pros

  • Lightweight design
  • Reduced sound leakage
  • Exceptional pair of headphones
  • Defined detail separation

– Cons

  • Ear cups don’t swivel

If there ever was a Sennheiser gaming headset needing more recognition than it gets, the HD 598 is that headset. It’s a comfortable open-back headphone with a good audio sound quality to match. What’s more, they’re built well and give off a durable feeling. But they don’t offer control options for your audio.

– Overview

From this Sennheiser HD 598 review, we can conclude that they’re great headphones for neutral listening. They will take you through many hours of use and sound excellent on most tracks and sounds. If you need enhanced bass and treble for gaming, it will suffice.

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– Style and Comfort: Enjoy Quality Audio

The Sennheiser HD 598 carries a stylish and premium look, coupled with an all-black color scheme and silver accents around the large, oval open-back ear cups. Paddings appear on the ear cups in a suede-like material, which adds to the premium feel of the headphone. You can also opt for an ivory and brown color scheme that may be more appealing for some.

We like the headphones’ comfortable feel, which is nice to the skin and will easily fit around most ears. Besides, they do not apply much pressure to the head, but the ear cups may be too large for some.

– Comfort and Sound Performance: Oozes Quality

The HD 598 has above-average build quality, but we found it had weak joints. However, the headband is reinforced with a metal frame that feels strong enough to withstand some physical stress.

The sound quality pulls more power from the amp due to its lower impedance. They will give a surround sound effect rather than a stereo effect. It depends on what you and your expectations for headphones are. You’ll find that it is louder than some models with the same amp value.

You’ll get enough bass which would suit music genres like heavy rock, hip-hop, and EDB. But the sound might not be exactly crystal clear.

2. EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset Review

– Pros

  • Great microphone quality
  • Balanced audio reproduction
  • Form-fitting

– Cons

  • Poor noise isolation
  • High sound leakage, by design

Our Sennheiser Game One review featured a comfortable and straightforward headset with good sound quality and billed for gaming. They’re wired, which may affect their range, and they have no latency. However, they’re suitable for gaming, listening to audio content, and watching movies. They also come with open ear cups, which are rare for gaming headsets and may also leak sounds.

– Overview

The Game One is not perfect, but they’re good for gaming. You’ll get excellent sound quality, comfortable design, low or absent latency, and good sound filtering. They are ideal for gamers and users that love their open-back appearance.

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– Style and Comfort: Enhanced Sounds

On close observations, we discovered that the Sennheiser Game takes shape more like the HD 598 and the HD 380 Pro. The pair come in two color schemes; an all-black variation and a two-tone black and white scheme that’s for a flashy appearance. There’s microfiber padding on both the headband and the ear cups to give them high-end appeal. But they don’t have the versatility of having a removable to help you use them outdoors like some regular headphones.

They’re much similar to the HD 598 above but tighter on the head than the HD 598. However, the ear cups are large and will do justice to your ears. These cups are padded, so you can go on using them for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort or pain.

– Comfort and Sound Performance: Sound Boosting

The Sennheiser Game One headphones have a sturdy enough feel, so we can say that they won’t break from a few accidental falls. You’ll get a wide flexible headband supported by a metal frame, even if it is a bit creaky. Also, it has a plastic casing for covering, while the ear cups are dense and durable on the upside.

The pair are padded with the material used to enhance their build quality and have strong similarities to the HD 598. Also, the hinges are susceptible to breaking and may not be as durable as the rest of the build quality.

Its performance is great, considering the headphones are wired and primed for gaming. Their sound makes them suitable for critical listening, but their wired design means they have no latency when watching videos and gaming. You can’t take out their boom mic, and their open-back design means they won’t figure well outside.


Having compared both models on vital categories and looked at their pros and drawbacks, we now can confidently say they’re worth the hype. They have a great sound quality and delivery, build, and fitting parts to give you a good time listening. What’s more, their comfort and stability levels are similar. That makes it quite challenging to pick an overall winner.

Your preferences, needs, and budget matter a lot when choosing peripherals and other devices. To that end, after careful analysis, we concluded that it’s best to use the Sennheiser HD 598 for gaming as it gives off the best sound and audio content over different parameters like videos and music. You can count on it to fit your head and the soft material to give you the comfort and stability that you need.


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