How To Stop Headphone Wires From Curling? 4 Proven Ways 

4 Proven Ways To Stop Headphone Wires From Curling
4 Proven Ways To Stop Headphone Wires From Curling

How to stop headphone wires from curling after use and before storing? The importance and the usefulness of the headphones are not lost on anyone, but its wired curling up is a big problem.

How To Stop Headphone Wires From Curling

The curled-up wires are also damaging to the headphones and their working, which is why it is required that the headphone cable be saved from curling up on each other.

In this article, we talk about four easy ways you can stop the wires of your headphones from curling up. 

How To Stop Headphone Wires From Curling?

You can stop your headphone wires from curling up by using a spring coil around it, hanging your headphones, using weights to store them, and lastly, by laying the headphones on flat ground after use. All these ways will help your wires to stay in place and not curl. 

The headphones wires can curl up very easily if not stored in the correct way. This is a very common problem and occurs with almost all types of wired headphones over time after use. If you do not wish to deal with any sort of wires and their curling, you are better off with wireless headphones. But those headphones also have some drawbacks. 

Wired headphones are an amazing piece of gadgets, and luckily the curling issue can be sorted with a few easy steps and easily-available objects. Most commonly, the wires of the headphones are wrapped with a sturdy material that keeps the wires insulated, but sometimes they can get twisted and curled on each other are some of the easiest ways that you can deploy right now to stop and prevent your headphone wires from curling. 

– Use a Spring Coil 

Wrapping a spring coil around the headphone wires will give them the stringy support that they need to not get tangled up and curled. You can easily do this at home and do not need to go to any expert for this. All you need is the headphones and a spring coil. Make sure that the spring coil is as long as the headphone wire, so all of it is covered with the coil. 

Use a Spring Coil

Try wrapping the coil from one end and then tape the start of the coil in place on the wire, so it does not move. One thing to look at here is that this arrangement may not be that aesthetically pleasing because the spring may be clunky, and the wires will be harder to bring together.

However, if you use a spring coil with a smaller and more fitting girth, the arrangement would look so much better. Make sure to secure both ends of the coil in the spring and that they are not left open, as they can be dangerous. 

– Hang Your Headphones 

This is the most common way that you can stop your headphone wires from curling up. All you need is a hook of some sort at any height from the ground where you can hang your headphones after use. Make sure the hook is of plastic so as to not put scratches on the headphone body.

You can find these hooks in any of the departmental stores or stationery shops but be careful about where you stick them as they come with a strong adhesive and can peel the paint off the wall when taken down. 

Now the question is where to place the hook. The best place to put the hook is right next to your computer system. It can be on the wall beside it or even on the side of your PC case. Some people also find it useful to place it under their desk on the side. If you plan on placing it under the desk, make sure that you do not accidentally tangle your feet in the wire or pull on it.

If you do not wish to hang the headphones near your setup, you can hang them up wherever you think they will have adequate vertical space. Make sure that it is not behind a door or a cabinet that will be constantly opened and closed because that will surely put scratches on the body. You can also use multiple hooks to hang the headphones on one hook and then hang its wires on the other hooks so that the wires are not hanging in the air. 

– Use Weights to Store Your Headphones 

This is a little odd, but it works like magic. In this method, you can use some sort of weight or weighted objects that, when tied to the headphones, will keep the headphone wires from curling up on themselves.

Use Weights to Store Your Headphones

There are various objects that can be used for this process, and they can be found across the house. For example, you can use a bulky marker pan or an empty or even full cylindrical bottle of some sort; the possibilities are endless. 

Carefully wrap a section of headphone wire around that heavy object and store them in a clean and dry place. The weight will help keep the wires in place and give them a shape that they otherwise had lost due to curling.

Make sure to not wrap them tightly as it can also cause curling of the wires, and this would negate the whole purpose of storing them with weights. 

– Lay the Headphones Flat After Use 

This is the simplest way that you can prevent the curling of the headphone wires. The wires curl because we store them wrapped around themselves, which puts pressure on the wires and alters their shape.

If you place the wired headphones straight on a flat surface without any wrapping of the wire, there will be no pressure on the wires, and they will lay straight until the next use; thus, no curling will occur. 

How To Detangle Wired Headphones?

You can detangle wired headphones by using your fingers, but in case the wires are very thin and the knots are very tightly knit, you can use two thin and blunt objects to detangle them. Make sure the objects are blunt, like knitting needles, so they don’t cause any damage. 

You can also try and wipe the cables with a wet wipe if the wires are coated with plastic material. This will induce some slippery material in the tangled wires that will help in detangling them.

How To Detangle Wired Headphones

If the headphone wires are tangled, do not try to pull the wires apart as it will cause them to tighten more and thus make it even harder to separate them. Make sure to place the headphones on flat ground and then try to detangle them as it will help you greatly. 


1. How Can I Best Wrap Headphone Wires?

The best way to wrap headphone wires is by wrapping them around a soft cylinder object. This will ensure that the wire is not pulled or tugged from any point and is safely in place around the object. This works best for thick and thin wires. 

How Can I Best Wrap Headphone Wires

Alternatively, you can also use the under-coiling method. In this method, you weave the wire under it in a circle until you have a full circle. The only downside to this method is that it can take a good while to uncoil it when you want to use it. The longevity of your headphones depends upon how you keep the wires so make sure you choose a good and safe method for them. 

2. Which Headphone Wires Do Not Curl?

The headphone wires that have a stringy cord around them or have small magnets at equal distances on the wire do not let them curl. You can positively DIY both types on any of the headphones you have or the ones with the stringy coil or magnets. 

Which Headphone Wires Do Not Curl

You can find the headphone-safe stringy coils and magnets in your nearest hardware store or on Amazon. Just make sure to use the coil mindfully as it can have sharp edges and also get cellular device-safe magnets. Sometimes the headphones with thick and sturdy wires also do not curl upon themselves.


In this article, we talked about four fool-proof ways that you can use to stop and prevent your headphone wires from curling, but in case something was missed, read a small conclusion ahead:

  • You can stop your headphone wires from curling up by using a spring coil around it, hanging your headphones, using weights to store them, and lastly, by laying the headphones on flat ground after use.
  • The spring coil wrapped around the headphone wires will prevent the curling up of the wire, but this arrangement may distort the look of the headphones.
  • Use a plastic hook at some distance from the ground to hang your headphones in a vertical position.
  • Use weights to store your wired headphones.
  • Store the headphone on flat ground, which will put no pressure on the wires thus; there will be no curling or distortion of shape.

Here we come to the end of the article. We hope everything was easy to understand and highly helpful. Make sure to give care to your headphone wires, as the longevity of the pair depends on them.

Also, learn if your headphones can dent your head and what to do to prevent that.


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