Rosewill K85 Review: All You Need to Know

Mech Led Keyboard Performance

The Rosewill K85 is an awesome keyboard that comes in handy for a raft of activities aside from office work or gaming.
Rosewill K OverviewIt is, without a doubt, one of the best mechanical keyboards you can get for gaming on your PC. First, you want to know everything about it, including the top features, build, specs, and much more.

As we continue, we will cover all the best features of the K85 keyboard to help you make the best choice whenever you are ready to purchase one!

Rosewill K85 Review: Pros and Cons

Rosewill K85 Key Criteria
Switch Types
RGB Backlights
Keystroke Sensitivity
Thick ABS with universal features
Users have a lot of opportunities to customize this keyboard
Great transition animations with excellent lighting capabilities
Strong aluminum frame to enhance durability and longevity
Can’t turn off the side plating light even if they are gentle
Non-detachable wrist rest

– Product Highlights

Having an aluminum frame is one of the features you’ll appreciate in the K85. Notwithstanding, there’s so much to look forward to with other great features and specifications. To wit:

  • Premium key mechanical switches
  • Aluminum build
  • Brilliant backlighting
  • Kailh

1. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

– Premium Key Mechanical Switches

For many users, fast actuation and great tactile feedback are very important in any mechanical keyboard. That is actually what the K85 offers. If you are the busy type and simply want to relax and engage with your favorite games, this is a solid option for you.

With the keyboard’s built-in mechanical switches, you have more click feels playing or just typing away.

The switches encourage sounds, though. If you’re up for distinctive sounds, the K85 won’t disappoint you. For gamers, it makes your overall gaming experience more fun.

– Aluminum Build

A sturdy keyboard is beneficial, especially when the internal contents are exposed and prone to falling. If your computer accessories are regularly falling, a strong keyboard like the Rosewill K85 will count in your favor.

The keyboard has a solid, eye-catching build and design, thanks to a nice aluminum plate. Similarly, there are about 50-million-click durable keycaps to help your performance at all times.

The keycaps are also double molded with standard fonts on them. At the top, they come with a non-reflective finish while the sides have some gloss that makes for a fine finish.

For the inner keycaps, excluding the space bar or and other perimeter keys, dirt won’t accumulate as quickly. You can have a great time with high-intensity games knowing there’s a strong keyboard to keep things together.

– Brilliant Backlighting

Lights here and there often have some great appeal and add to your overall gaming experience. The K85 has LEDs that are fully customizable with RGB backlit keys. There’s also the side icon with ten color variations for each key.

You can always change colors and mix details to suit your style. There’s a drawback, though. You have to endure the lights because they can’t be turned off. However, they are very subtle, and you’ll have to pay attention to notice them.

– Kailh

If you’re familiar with the Cherry MX switches, then you know that there’s not much difference with the K85.

This keyboard has a Kailh switch that is superb and functional. Travel distance and actuation force aren’t specified, But you’ll find that it has the same impact as the Cherry MX switch.

A keyboard with a fast response time will rank high. As such, the K85 keyboard improves your speed. Even though the Kailh takes more pressure with the keys, it isn’t difficult to press.

This feature comes in handy for a gamer or avid keyboard user. You can enjoy your action games and other intense activities without disrupting the functions of the keyboard.

2. K85 Keyboard Overview

With many mechanical keyboards in the market, it’s easy to make the wrong call. However, the Rosewill K85 keyboard is affordable and serves as a perfect option for gaming on your PC or laptop.

The K85 is a full-sized keyboard that has a modified ANSI layout with a full 16.8 M per-key RGB. As a result, users have just enough onboard control thanks to the additional keys located at the top right of the keyboard. Add to that the number of secondary legends fit for the same purpose, and you’ve got a great keyboard.

Control is necessary for optimum performance, but you can improve your customization options for the K85 model. Luckily for you, this device comes with an additional software driver that allows you to fully own your keyboard.

The Rosewill Neon K85 mechanical gaming keyboard has a fully loaded RGB backlit keyboard. Gaming becomes all the more worthwhile with the color effects. There are multiple colors to choose from, and altering the patterns or brightness levels is easy.

Button check price light blue

Lighting on the side of this mechanical keyboard is also a feature you’ll like. Although, if you are not a big fan, it can be annoying, as the Kailh switches could get a bit inconsistent. You should keep in mind that the lights are there to stay, so the gentle flicker is something you’ll have to live with.

For custom lighting, there are dedicated keys like the Fn + F11 to make the whole process easier for you. You get to choose from the individual keys’ colors to fill them all out finally by pressing Fn + F11 again. There’s also a Windows key lock with a scarab beetle as a symbol rather than the normal padlock icon.

Media keys pop up at the normally reserved empty space of a 104 keyboard. This is perfect, of course, with the volume up or Fn for media player and down for play/pause. You can also mute media plays and even open up a calculator via the Fn key.

The camera icon on F11 seems out of place, but it will come in handy for screenshots. It’s not uncommon for games to use F11 and F12 keys other than the stated functions here, but you can set the individual keys colors to suit the command they follow.

– Switch and RGB Lighting Performance

The RGB lighting comes on once you connect your K85 RGB keyboard to your PC. This gives off a lighting effect followed by a rainbow wave.

For the side plates, they also receive some light while you get to choose what works for you. For instance, you can use the Fn + PgDn keys to cycle through the static color options available.

As mentioned, you can only customize or change the colors since you can’t turn them off. You can ignore them and get busy with your games and other activities. With the keys displaying different layer rows of colors, color bleeding is also possible. With dominant colors showing on others, your keyboard looks odd.

However, the K85 was made for that purpose and will enhance the look of your keyboard.

– Switches

Using keyboard-specific functions embedded into the K85 RGB means you can control some aspects of your PC, including the volume control.

The sound control and application on this keyboard is excellent. Thanks to a much faster and easier actuation, that’s the identity of the best mechanical keyboards.

– Driver Software

The Rosewill K85 software driver is as modern as the best out there. This is because the K85 RGB is very lightweight, with the Engine Suite driver barely registering in your task manager. This means an even quicker installation process that won’t waste your time.

Ease of use is one of the main characteristics of the K85 keyboard, as the interface poses no problem, even to a new user. What’s more, it won’t take up the total space, especially if you make use of a 4K display.

There’s no option to maximize the window as well. Further, the K85 driver enables you to build eight different software profiles.

Each of the profiles will have its options you can choose from. Also, with the price quoted, creating macros is easy with this mechanical keyboard. Without being too flashy or up there with the best, the K85 is convenient.

– What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

Are you in need of a unique and powerful mechanical gaming keyboard for your PC? Then you have to choose the best one.

Sure, there are a lot of brands and models to select from. However, your choices should center on some basic features and technicalities. They include:

  • Budget

It’s easy to get carried away with a great roll of cool specifications. However, of what use are they if you can’t pay for the keyboard? As much as gaming keyboards are flashy, make sure the one you choose is the right fit for your pocket. In line with that, set your budget, pick out your specs, and head out!

  • Switch Type

Mechanical keyboards have distinctive switches that form the base of its operations. Switches help to enhance the experiences you have using the keyboard. As such, choosing the right mechanical keyboard with the ideal switch is important. For example, the Rosewill Neon K85 RGB won’t make so much noise. There also keyboards with brown switches known for their quietness.

  • Sound

Depending on what you settle for, noise or sounds could be a feature worth considering. With mechanical keyboards, classic clicking sounds are part of the whole package. If the keyboard you opt for is low mechanically, expect some clicking sounds you can’t live with. With the K85, you can have the kind of sound you want at each press of a key, but when it’s all so loud, things will get annoying fast.

  • Colors, Lights

Perhaps you have come across people who love their colors. Colors and lights add to the aesthetic appearance of the keyboard. For instance, the Rosewill keyboard colors have a rainbow pattern. In most cases, the keys in mechanical keyboards produce different sounds when pressed. With RGB lighting, gaming on your PC is much more interesting.

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Does the K85 RGB mechanical keyboard from Rosewill count as one of the best? If you consider its sturdy aluminum finish and top-quality features, then the answer is yes.

The specifications are what you’d expect from top mechanical keyboards. While it’s not perfect, there are a lot of positives, especially if you love gaming. It is strong, durable, and has that glow that produces a special appeal.

With Rosewill offering many prices due to wide-ranging features in the keyboard market, this sure has its place. The lighting is a significant upgrade along with switches that get the job done.

On the whole, this is one mechanical gaming keyboard we recommend. With the value it holds, it’s one of the most functional mechanical keyboards suitable for a wide range of users.


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