Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox Review: A Budget Hot-Swappable Unit

Kemove DK61 Mechanical Keyboard

This Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox review is everything readers need to discover the keyboard’s most advanced specs, features, and technologies.

Kemove DK61 Shadow Snowfox Review

This is one of the few mechanical gaming keyboards with premium specs and features at this cost, so we must credit the developers because they created a unique and potent product.

In addition, the Kemove Snowfox/Shadow DK61 keyboard boosts the typing experience thanks to its compact design and keycaps that feel excellent during long gaming and typing sessions.

So, continue reading for more as this detailed Kemove DK61 review will help you make the right decision.

Product Highlights

This article’s pros and cons table will not make you an expert at the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard because it does not have the product’s specifications.

For your convenience, our experts listed the product’s most significant highlights in the following bullet points, so keep reading for more:

  • Operating systems: Windows and Mac OS
  • Connectivity technology: Wired and wireless
  • Connection types: USB Type-C and Bluetooth for up to three devices
  • Material: Plastic and aluminum top plate
  • Available colors: Black (Shadow) and white (Snowfox)
  • Keycap type: Double-shot PBT keycaps
  • Number of keys: 61 pieces
  • Switch type: Gateron optical switches
  • Special feature: Hot-swappable sockets
  • Product dimensions: 11.54 x 4.09 x 1.5 inches
  • Product weight: 1.47 pounds

Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox Review

Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox Key Criteria
Switch types
RGB backlights
Keystroke sensitivity
The durable and stable double-shot PBT buttons do not absorb dirt and grease
Customers can use the Kemove DK61 software to reprogram the macros and other keys
This gaming keyboard includes wired USB Type-C and wireless Bluetooth connections
Customers can switch between Windows and Mac OS using a single control
The white backplate does not contrast the keys well, unlike the Anne Pro keyboard
The 3-pin hot-swappable sockets are not typical to current gaming standards
Many Kemove Snowfox DK61 Amazon reviews stated issues with the case’s rubber feet

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox shares similar specs and features with most modern mechanical keyboards, but the design is significantly different. The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has a 60% layout with wired and wireless connections, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

However, our experts reported several design liabilities, such as the lack of appropriate rubber feet, weird white backplate with both versions, and high profile that prevents the RGB LED lighting from passing through the buttons. Henceforth, our experts argued that a final score of 8.5 out of 10 captures this product’s design features adequately.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard boosts the following criterion rating due to the impressive switch support.

For instance, customers can install the latest Gateron optical switches using the hot-swappable sockets and reprogram the macros with the dedicated Kemove software, essential for modern gaming units.

However, using the advanced Cherry MX switches is impossible, and customers must purchase with 3-pin setups, which are less available than the typical 5-pin sockets. Nevertheless, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard impresses with a final rating of 9 out of 10 for the switch-type property.

Customers will be amazed by the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox mechanical keyboard’s RGB LED lighting because it looks excellent in low-light settings. The white backplate provides incredible contrast, especially with the Snowfox version, but we assure customers nothing will change with the Shadow keyboard.

In addition, users can quickly change the RGB LED lighting modes and effects using the software because developers explain everything inside the Kemove Snowfox manual. As a result, the RGB LED backlight criterion merits a 9.5 out of 10 final ratings, this product’s most refined score.

Although the last vital criterion does not score as high as the RGB LED backlighting property, nothing is wrong with the keystroke sensitivity due to the Gateron optical buttons. For example, customers get a standard actuation force of 45g, sufficient for most common tasks such as basic gaming, programming, and typing.

In addition, customers can personalize the keystroke sensitivity using different switches and replace the stock set via the hot-swappable sockets and 3-pin connectors. Therefore, we must provide a 9 out of 10 final rating for the keystroke sensitivity criterion, completing our in-depth criteria ratings on a great note.

So, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has excellent build quality and superb switch properties, which is exciting for a product at this cost and of this size.

As a result, we recommend the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard to casual writers and gamers because they can use the product inside or outside due to the wireless connectivity. So why don’t you try the impressive Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard and its remarkable technologies?

– How Has This Product Evolved?

The most prominent upgrades to the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard are the wireless connections, advanced switch options, and operating system compatibility.

So, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is so diverse customers can use it indoors and outdoors, which is an excellent spec if you travel often or prefer working outside.

In addition, although previous versions only had wired connections, developers installed the latest Bluetooth technology, allowing customers to pair up to three devices. As a result, you can use the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard to connect external devices and use your computer simultaneously.

The second most significant upgrade is the advanced switch options because users can customize the typing and gaming experience.

For instance, Gateron buttons come in different colors with various specs and properties, which is great when building a custom computer setup.

In addition, all Gateron switches are buttery-smooth, although they are more affordable than Cherry MX or Kailh controls. Still, our experts confirmed that the Gateron red buttons are twice as smooth as the Cherry MX red, which is surprising for a keyboard of this size.

The operating system compatibility is the last prominent upgrade we will discuss in our profound Kemove Snowfox review.

Unlike previous Kemove models, customers can pair the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard with Windows and Mac operating systems, which is vital for office applications.

In addition, customers can quickly change the operating systems using the function key, meaning they should not reconnect the unit to a different computer. So, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has everything you need.

Product Features Breakdown

Becoming a Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard expert is impossible without our features breakdown chapters explaining the detail thoroughly.

We will help you understand what makes the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard unique and powerful. Therefore, we urge everyone to continue reading this guide because they might find the answer they have been looking for.

– The Complete Keyboard Package

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes a complete package with vital accessories and parts to help you use the product everywhere.

Our experts believe the designated clear plastic dust cover is the best accessory because it keeps your keyboard clean when not in use.

For instance, the cover is an excellent choice for pet owners because the keyboard will not accumulate hair or dust from your animal. However, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard box includes other valuable tools.

For example, customers get a special metal wire keycap puller, letting users pull off the buttons without damaging them or the parts around them. This tool is easy and does not require much skill, so beginners and less experienced gamers can use it effortlessly.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has hot-swappable sockets, so a metal switch puller is vital because it lets you replace the controls without hustle. As a result, customers get three extra Gateron switches with different colors to help customers test the hot-swappable sockets and the different actuation forces.

Therefore, users do not have to go to the local computer store to test whether the clear, yellow, or green controls are the best.

Fortunately, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes a guide that helps everyone do the steps without making mistakes or breaking the parts.

The last important part is the braided USB Type-C cable that matches the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s color and design. So, customers get everything they need to use the keyboard immediately.

– The Importance of Hot-Swappable Sockets

This article explains that the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes hot-swappable sockets that make everything easier.

However, what is the difference between these and typical sockets, and what are the real-life benefits customers get from the hot-swappable feature?

The most obvious benefit is the time and effort it takes to replace the stock set, which might be necessary if you have broken units. For example, users must desolder the old controls and solder new ones on the top plate if their keyboard does not have hot-swappable sockets.

As a result, doing this for the first time is challenging, so customers must take the keyboard to an expert.

However, they will not go through this with the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard due to its futuristic hot-swappable sockets supporting all Gateron controls.

In addition, no possibilities of damaging the keyboard exist because you will not open the case or disassemble the aluminum top plate. However, it would be best to carefully handle the metal switch puller because it might scratch the surrounding units.

Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s hot-swappable slots have a minor drawback with the 3-pin setup. Modern gaming buttons have 5-pin connectors, so installing different switches inside the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is impossible without customizing the button.

Still, our experts do not recommend doing this because all Gateron controls have 3-pin connectors and work great with this keyboard. So, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is the best option for affordable and hot-swappable products.

– Simple Double-Shot PBT Buttons

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard support double-shot PBT buttons that have a smooth feel and improved lifespan than similar brands.

For example, manufacturers use ABS plastic keycaps on most mechanical boards, but it does not mean they are the best and have top performance.

ABS plastic keycaps tend to get grimy and shine faster than PBT units, which affects longevity and performance. In addition, PBT buttons have a rougher texture than most typical units.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s keycaps are double-shot, meaning manufacturers printed the symbols and legends on a different layer of plastic.

As a result, the characters will not wear down as fast as laser-etched buttons, although they are not as soft or smooth.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has 61 keys, and the 60% layout is standard, so finding replacement sets will not be challenging. We recommend choosing similar buttons because this keyboard performs best with the stock units.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s buttons are thick and durable, which is perfect for extended typing and gaming sessions. Customers do not have to worry about damaging the keycaps, but they should be aware the switches under are not as durable and rigid.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard offers two sets of keycaps to match the overall design and appearance, so choose the buttons that fit your gaming or office setup. So, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is an excellent choice for users wanting double-shot PBT buttons. 

– Diverse Connectivity and Compatibility

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has two buttons at the back that allows customers to turn on or off the unit and change between Windows and Mac operating systems. The buttons are small and do not affect the clean design because they are hidden from the other functions.

For instance, when using wireless connections, customers can flick the switch to the right to turn the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard on. However, you can also turn the board off using the USB Type-C cable if you do not want to use it.

Although most similar gaming units require customers to go into the settings and change the operating system manually, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard does it for you. As a result, switching from Windows to Mac OS takes a few seconds, which is exceptional during professional video editing and programming.

Customers can also use the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard with their MacBook when traveling to make things easier and more intuitive. Therefore, our experts recommend getting this keyboard if you want to enjoy multiple operating systems.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard does not support Linux, a slight drawback for a product at this cost. Still, we believe customers will not suffer much from this liability because Windows and Mac OS are the two most common systems.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard will solve your compatibility issues by supporting Windows and Mac OS. So, nothing stops you from purchasing the unit.

– High-Profile Case Design

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard has a high-profile case design that looks interesting from the sides and does not affect your typing and gaming experience.

A high-profile design means that the keyboard’s case sides are higher than the keycaps, which keeps everything in place but prevents the RGB LED lighting from penetrating.

As a result, these keyboards look boxier and are heavier than low-profile units but more durable. In addition, the keycaps are not floating, and the buttons remain disclosed, which keeps most of the dust and dirt outside.

In addition, taking your keyboard everywhere and rattling it inside your backpack will not launch the keycaps out of place. This feature also helps during intense gaming and typing because users should not worry about pressing the button too hard or sideways.

Although the high-profile case design keeps most of the dirt and dust away, several drawbacks exist underneath the aluminum top plate. For instance, cleaning the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is more complicated than low-profile units because using a wet wipe or vacuum cleaner is impossible.

Therefore, customers must remove the keycaps to easily access the dirty and dusty plate, which is time-consuming and annoying if you are in a hurry.

In addition, the side keycaps are slightly challenging to remove using the special keycap puller because the case exceeds its height. Still, the puller is so thin that it fits the gaps, and although it might require some fiddling, it will work fine.

– Sleek Gateron Controls

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes sleek Gateron controls with unique properties and functions, sufficient for intense gaming and typing. These buttons have an elegant feel, and some large keycaps include plate-mounted stabilizers that keep everything stable and in place.

Customers can choose the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard with three sets, including the Gateron red, blue, and brown switches, with unique specifications. However, how can beginners tell the difference between these exciting options?

The Gateron brown units have an average actuation force and keystroke sensitivity, meaning you can enjoy the switches without much effort. In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes smooth and sleek keys that feel great during casual and professional use, so customers should not worry.

Another significant feature that works great with the Gateron switches is the hot-swappable sockets, allowing users to do special upgrades and changes. Although these are not the most advanced and premium switches customers can buy, they will do the job for most common applications and uses.

The Gateron brown, blue, and red switches work tremendously and feel stable, but our experts believe developers should have included more options.

For instance, Gateron offers yellow and black buttons with different properties, but the three choices will be sufficient for stiff and loose gaming sessions.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard does not support Cherry MX switches, but the red Gateron controls share similar specs and features. So, this product offers impressive controllers for excellent performance.

– Case With Two Available Colors

The Kemove DK61 keyboard includes two options for the case’s color: one is black (Shadow), and the other one is white (Snowfox), hence its name. Each design includes matching keycaps and cables, providing an excellent visual experience for home and office applications.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard consists of a matching keycap and switch pullers, a great touch by the manufacturers. However, our experts believe customers must choose the version that best suits their computer setups.

For instance, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s white design includes an inner black glossy plastic. As a result, the unit is not entirely white, which is an exciting and unique combination of two contrasting colors.

Although some customers stated the black and white combination is not ideal and looks strange, this design is best for users who prefer more exciting gaming units. The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard looks excellent in both colors so that customers will experience the unit visually.

– Bluetooth Technology and Large Battery Capacity

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes Bluetooth 5.1 technology, updated from previous models, to decrease latency and boost performance.

However, our experts do not recommend gaming wirelessly because the unit might lag and stutter, resulting in low frames per second.

Instead, customers can use the Bluetooth feature to connect up to three devices, sufficient for most basic video editing and programming tasks. Pairing and connecting the devices using the function and Z/X/C keys is possible.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard offers easy switching options using specific key combinations and shortcuts.

This product provides interesting battery-saving technologies because it goes to sleep after extended periods of disuse, which is perfect for customers who do not use the keyboard often.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes a 3,000 mAh battery, nearly double the size of similar units, especially keyboards, at the exact cost. As a result, the unit lasts longer than most commercial keyboards, which is excellent for long wireless connections.

For instance, our experts tested the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s capabilities and confirmed the battery lasts up to 40 hours of regular use. However, users should expect a decreased battery life when using the unit with the RGB LED lighting turned on.

The brighter and faster the RGB LED lighting is, the worse your battery performs. So, our experts recommend using average RGB LED features for optimal wireless and Bluetooth experience indoors and outdoors.

– Special Arrow Keys and Adjustable Kickstands

It is uncommon for 60% of layout keyboards to include dedicated arrow keys and adjustable kickstands, but the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is different. Manufacturers wanted to make this product unique and potent, so installing adjustable kickstands was an excellent idea.

As a result, customers can adjust and personalize the typing and gaming angle, which is vital for keeping their hands and fingers rested. However, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes a natural typing angle, so our customers consider the adjustable kickstands unnecessary.

This product also includes rubber covers on the feet, but they slide off during casual use because manufacturers did not glue them in place.

Therefore, we recommend taking care of the rubber covers because you can quickly lose them, which will make the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard prone to sliding and moving around.

On the flip side, customers can enjoy the arrow keys on the first and second layers, close to the function switch. Using them is intuitive, and customers will not take long to get accustomed to their feel and position.

Users can activate the arrow keys by pushing the function button with their pinky fingers and using the index, middle, and ring fingers for the arrow keys. Although this might seem inconvenient and challenging at the start, we assure you will get used to this simple function.

Developers placed the function button near the arrow keys to enable this function, so we should not complain. The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard proves that 60% of layout units can have arrow keys.

– Detachable USB Type-C Cable and Beta Software

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s last essential technologies are the detachable USB Type-C cable and beta software, which are very handy. This keyboard includes a simple detachable USB Type-C cord that is sufficient for charging but does not look visually appealing.

In addition, the USB Type-C cable contains a right angle, resulting in it going to the left or right and then turning instead of going to the end of the table. As a result, customers must place the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard’s wire in a neat position that best suits their gaming setup.

Although the USB Type-C is short for large desks and setups, customers can purchase extenders or longer units to position the keyboard.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is light and compact, so it will not take up much room from your desk so that customers can hide the cord to the left or right.

The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard also includes special software, but it is still in beta. Customers must make a Kemove account to access and download software, an exciting and unique feature.

Our experts confirmed the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard software is not intuitive and requires some adjusting time, but it will do the job. For example, customers can use the software to create macro recordings, reprogram critical functions, and change the RGB LED lighting effects.

Developers are still working on the program, but it will do the job for essential functions and customizations. As a result, we are confident the final version will be ideal.


What are the main differences between Kemove DK61 Shadow and Snowfox?

The main differences between the Kemove DK61 Shadow and Snowfox are their color schemes and sometimes the switch types they come with. The Shadow typically has a darker color palette, resembling shades of black or grey, whereas the Snowfox has a lighter, more pristine white appearance. However, in terms of functionality and performance, they are quite similar.

Is the Kemove DK61 compatible with custom keycaps?

Yes, the Kemove DK61 is compatible with custom keycaps. It features a standard MX-style stem, allowing users to customize it with a variety of aftermarket keycaps. Whether you want PBT, ABS, or other types of keycaps, they should fit the DK61 as long as they are compatible with MX-style switches.

Does the Kemove DK61 offer Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, the Kemove DK61 offers Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. This allows it to connect wirelessly to multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can remember up to three devices and can switch between them seamlessly, making it convenient for those who work across different devices.


The Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard features exciting specs and features, although it is one of the few 60% layout products with dedicated arrow keys.

In addition, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard includes hot-swappable sockets and 3-pin connectors, supports Gateron switches, and has wired and wireless Bluetooth technologies.

As a result, the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard is fantastic for traveling, indoor and outdoor use, and casual home and office setups, thanks to its compact design and advanced specs.

Although this keyboard does not have an ideal case and RGB LED lighting features, we should not complain, considering its affordable cost. So, our team recommends the Kemove DK61 Shadow/Snowfox keyboard to everyone who is looking for a good keyboard at an affordable price.


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