Intel 3160 vs. 7260 Wireless Routers: Choosing the Better Model

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Deciding between Intel 7260 vs. 3160 wireless adapters can be quite tricky, especially if you are not very familiar with the nitty-gritty of internet routers and their accessories.

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Aside from the fact that both kits are from the same brand, they share some similarities and dissimilarities that often make it difficult for people to determine the right model for their home or office needs between the two kits.

In this article, we shall pit these two wireless adapters against each other and briefly draw up their areas of strength, weaknesses, and how they will benefit your home.

Intel 3160 vs. 7260 Comparison Table at a Glance

Model/Name Intel 7260 Intel 3160
TX/RX Streams 2×2 1×1
WiFi Band Dual-(2.4Ghz,5.8Ghz) Dual (2.4Ghz,5.8Ghz)
Max. WiFi Speed 867Mbps 433 Mbps
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi Certification 802.11ac 802.11ac

1. Intel 3160 HMWG.R Dual Band Wireless Router


• Fast speeds
• Strong and secure connection
• Great optimization options


• Has fewer features

Coming in with fantastic in-house technologies from Intel itself, the router makes a difference with the Intel Smart Connect and Intel WiFi Support Assistant. These features are basically the basis of our Intel dual-band wireless-ac 3160 review, with instant and superfast internet connectivity anywhere you go.

With a wide range of top Intel ac 3160 specs and features, you can stay connected at all times and enjoy speedy internet in your home and office space. The Intel ac-3160 wireless adapter features a superfast 802.11ac that will boost your home network and transmit data at an incredibly fast rate.

Firstly, you get to enjoy a dual-mode Bluetooth Mini PCle card that supports 2.4 and 5.8hz bands. As such, the connection is nothing short of intense and fast. You can enjoy an immersive online experience with all your devices, including smartphones, headsets, keyboard, and mice, connected in one place.

Thanks to the device’s built-in Intel Power Optimizer technology, the device automatically switches into a power-saving mode whenever you are inactive to help you conserve battery and boost functionality.

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What’s more, the transfer speeds of 433Mbs will put some life into the content you stream. If you play games online, you’ll seldom experience any break in transmission.

  • Overview

Enjoy speedy internet connection with a wide range of great customization and safety options when you get the Intel ac 3160. The router comes a dual-mode Bluetooth Mini PCle card that supports 2.4 and 5.8hz bands, and its power saving mechanism means you can stay connected in your home or office for a long time.

• Great optimization options

2. Intel ac7260: Ultimate WiFi Performance


• Intel smart connect technology
• WiFi Hotspot assistant
• Powerful connection options


• Short-range reach

Just like most Intel-made wireless chipsets, the Intel ac7260 is a dual-band wireless router that offers support for 802.11ac and delivers great internet and data transmission speed without hassle.

It delivers a top-speed connection over Bluetooth 4.0 and a dual-band wireless network. The Intel 7260 cards advantage of Intel’s speedy 4th generation processors and best-in-class wireless innovations to transform your internet experience and keep you connected wherever you may be. Just like its 3160 sibling above, the Intel ac7260 speed uses a smart power optimizer and can bump up its speed to 867 Mbs via 2 x 2 TX/RX Streams.

The Intel® Wireless Display comes through as one of the best Intel ac7260 specs to transform your home or office into a great entertainment hub. Notably, you can enjoy lag-free streaming and gaming online, and you can connect and share media files with your friends as well.

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What’s more, the router offers support for Intel’s in-house Business Class Wireless Suite, which includes Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software. With these tools, you can personalize your network settings and manage to enhance security and aid streamlined deployment.

  • Overview

Gain access to your content on your PC, and enjoy crisp images and rich sound quality- all via a superfast wireless connection. The intel ac7260 offers a lag-free streaming and gaming experience with access to premium tools and features for enterprise clients.

Intel 3160 vs. 7260 Wireless Router Head-to-Head Comparison

The main difference between Intel 3160 and 7260 is, Intel 7260 is able to transmit faster and deliver up much better performance compared to Intel 3160.


Connection and Speed

  • Winner: Intel 7260

When it comes to connection and data transmission, the Intel 7260 vs. 3160 battle is always a close call. It is hard to pick a winner between the two, as they both promise the ultimate WiFi performance powered by Intel’s fantastic hardware. That means more speed, coverage, and larger capacity.

The two kits boast a Bluetooth 4.0 smart ready connection to help you keep things simple and fast. Intel ac 3160 range also means you’ve got no problems over distance when doing something via the internet.

However, the Intel 7260 is able to transmit faster and deliver up to 867Mbs on its 2×2 RX/TX streams, which comes off a big advantage over its t3160 counterpart.


  • Winner: Both

As with any router out there, you want one that offers you a lot of safety. Our Intel dual-band wireless ac 7260 review focuses on the importance of Intel’s in-house Business Class Wireless Suite for enterprise clients, which help to protect them from malware and other online threats.

Similarly, the Intel ac 3160 features Intel Smart Connect and Intel WiFi Support Assistant to protect your online assets and combat external threats.

Overall, using either of these routers will give you some measure of protection. However, we feel they both lack a high level of security against external threats like Spyware.


What are the Intel 3160 and 7260 primarily used for?

Both the Intel 3160 and 7260 are wireless network adapters. They are integrated into laptops and desktops to facilitate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

How do Intel’s wireless adapters typically impact device performance?

Intel’s wireless adapters, including the 3160 and 7260, are designed to provide seamless connectivity without notably affecting the overall performance of a device. However, the actual experience might vary based on the device’s configuration and network conditions.

Are both adapters compatible with the latest operating systems?

Yes, Intel regularly updates its drivers to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems. Users should check Intel’s official website or their device manufacturer’s site for the most recent drivers for the 3160 and 7260.

How do these adapters impact power consumption?

Intel designs its wireless adapters, including the 3160 and 7260, with energy efficiency in mind. While they are optimized for minimal power consumption, the exact impact on battery life may vary based on system configurations and usage patterns.


So far, we have highlighted some of the most important features and differences between the two Intel routers. Notably, you can bank on both devices to make your PC come alive with top-speed connection and data transmission.

However, the Intel ac7260 has a slight advantage over its counterpart when it comes to connection and premium tools, as it offers faster speed and comes equipped with a lot of sophisticated features that will appeal to enterprise clients.


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