GMK 9009 Review: Great Keyboard, Outstanding Keycaps

Gmk Typing

When it comes to luxury keycaps for mechanical keyboards, only a few models can rival the GMK 9009. It is very popular and has come a long way to register its name in the hearts of many mechanical keyboard lovers.
GMK 9009 ReviewIt doesn’t matter the color or number of keycaps. The GMK 9009 represents great style and quality that will add to the durability and overall performance of your keyboard.

This review will take a closer look at its specifications and qualities. Also, we will consider why it is worth having and how it measures up to other keyboards.

GMK 9009 Keyboard Specifications Table

Keyboard Specifications  
Brand GMK
Profile Cherry
Legends Doubleshot
Plastic ABS
Colors L9, U9, 3B, 3C, CR
Sound Medium-high

GMK 9009 Review: All You Need to Know

GMK 9009 Key Criteria
Switch Types
Keystroke Sensitivity
Strong and durable construction
Quality design and versatility
Well-sculpted profile
Amazing layout
Keycaps have rough edges

In case you didn’t know, the 9009 is inspired by the Cherry board designed for Reuters. It’s that good and features a classic mix of beige with some muted pastel accents. That is one of the reasons it’s so popular among users.

Add the versatility it offers, and there’s a lot to expect from this keyboard. Further, you’ll struggle to find a case color that doesn’t go well with this set.

For example, GMK features a timeless look, and with the other features onboard, you have a keyboard capable of giving you a good functional base.

Of course, the result is a great experience, no matter what you use it for. Think of the R5 bottom row, which has the cool, full sculpted profile and reworked legend. These qualities give it a more consistent look all over the keyboard.

Having an amazing layout sure helps, especially if it comes with a base kit. There’s also a lesser space bar key and a lot of PBT Keycaps you can punch to no end. What’s more, this keyboard is just as durable.

Also, the kit supports every popular keyboard layout you can think of, from the standard TKLs to 65%, WKL bottom rows, and much more. A closer look will show just how great and useful the 9009 is for several functions.


The support for the layout is great. We’ve already mentioned how amazing it is and the fact that the set comes with a Base Kit. This is unlike other keyboards which have a keyset. The 40s kit minus legends further enhance its appeal and will no doubt appeal to many users.

There are many keys, and considering the money you pay, that might seem odd. However, it is a relatively high-end and long-lasting set. Besides, there’s good keycap compatibility. This is an important feature which helps with further keyboard purchases.

The same goes for selling the set in the future because it will support other users’ keyboards as well. Paying a little extra for the security it offers is worth it. This GMK set also has a modifier-colored pipe/backslash and backtick/tilde keys.

Both of them point towards the aesthetic symmetry of the 9009 keyboards. However, there’s a little problem with the spacebar. It doesn’t have a center mounting stem. This can be a little problematic, especially if you are a Razer or Logitech user, because it won’t fit into your bottom row. That is because the spacebar here only has an off-center stem.

The 6u spacebar with a central stem is a common feature with many mechanical keyboards, so it will be difficult to provide the support needed. This is not a major issue, though, because you can comfortably use this keyboard as it is.


The sound is good. Since PBT is mostly the preferred choice in keycap material for sound, you shouldn’t have issues with the sound here. These are the best sounding caps, and since they come with the GMK 9009 mechanical keyboard, you’ll have some fun here.
How does the sound here compare to other keyboards?

Here, there’s a slightly higher-pitched sound that’s softer in volume on bottom out sounds. For example, you’ll find that others are much louder and have a deeper bottom out. The PBT caps are, however, more consistent in sound.

Even if that makes it a little dull, it does give off a generally okay sound.


Keycaps quality is one area where the GMK 9009 stands out from the competition. With a thickness of about 1.5mm, these Gateron-made PBT keycaps are resolute units. In comparison to other brands, they offer a lot in terms of strength and comfort.

You can compare this thickness to the IMSTO Ural with its own version of PBT keycaps. However, they’re much thicker than Topre varieties.

The keycaps here also have a uniform matte finish to them. As such, there’s a gentle glossy glow when you look at them from an off-angle. Some of the keys might not have a super bright or visible glow at first glance. However, they still have brightness at different angles.
The texture of the GMK 9009 keycaps varies across the board. You’ll notice that they have a combination of rough and soft textures.

The rough side appears on the edges while the tops are soft to the touch. They’ll give you just enough friction to rest your fingers on.

Not everything is perfect about this keyboard, though. As we mentioned, the edges of the keycaps are pretty jagged or rough. Finding some extra bits of PBT on the caps is also a real possibility.

If that’s the case with your keycaps, you can use a file to subtly set things right. Jagged edges are common on many PBT sets. For example, the expensive IMSTO Ural has such edges.

For some, this might be a huge turn off while for others, it plays no role in how effective the keyboard is.


When selecting keysets, some users forget all about legend quality. Well, you shouldn’t. If you’re a typist or need a keyboard for typing, this is an important feature to consider. The legends here are anything but atrocious.

As a result, they’ll stand out with their sturdy appeal and even exceed your expectations. You’ll notice a little tilted angle and off-center set. However, they have mostly consistent caps at midline heights. There’s nothing uncomfortable with such specifications.

Typing on the GMK 9009

There’s so much riding on a Cherry profile keyboard. That makes it all the more comfortable and functional to type with, coupled with the superior layout this keyboard boasts.

Unlike other keyboards, this one is perfect thanks to its cylindrical keycaps, which are easier to move between rows. Further, the lower profile sculpted set makes it quite the set for users keen on a typing keyboard.

When you buy a stock keyboard, the keycaps are usually made from a thin, poorly made ABS plastic, which means you should get ready for the wear and greasy shine to them after constant use.

However, you can improve your keycaps. Many users recommend upgrading them to a PBT plastic set instead. This is because PBT plastic is known to last longer and be more durable than other options.

The GMK 9009 specs are taking a different direction with a lot of high-end keycaps out of a thick ABS instead. It does seem counter-intuitive at first, but there is a good reason ABS plastic is used instead of PBT.

Thick ABS plastic allows your keyboard function without warping and few imperfections. Further, the colors pop better, and you get improved acoustics. For many PBT keycaps, especially the larger keys, there’s a tendency to warp during the manufacturing process.

As a result, bent spacebars and off-center legends are more frequently spotted. Since they make use of ABS plastic, the keycaps are always extremely precise, with few downsides. However, you’ll still get a little shine after a long period of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GMK?

The GMK brand is a German company which mainly focuses on the design of luxury keycaps for mechanical keyboards. GMK stands for Gunther, Meinhardt, and Kredler. These are the last names of the original founders of the company.

Notably, GMK keycaps are unique and have custom and limited-edition designs. These products can usually only be purchased six months ahead of time through group buys for a rather high price.

Also, the keycaps are made in a Cherry profile with a uniquely thick ABS plastic. Many users have found that they sound and look better than other keycaps.

2. Are GMK keycaps worth paying for?

We already noted that GMK keycaps are so expensive, but it’s a whole new thing determining if they are worth the price. They are colorful and surely more than just colored bits of plastic on your keyboard.

Along with GMK 9009 switches, GMK keycaps are worth it. The value of these keycaps comes from the exclusivity of the Cherry profile design. Even if you purchase GMK keycaps and don’t like them, you can often resell them in the aftermarket for a price that is equal to or more expensive than the price you paid for them. What’s more, the quality is very precise, although they are prone to get shiny after heavy use.

You have to be careful in the aftermarket, though, if you don’t want to get scammed buying any GMK. Always order a set from a reputable site after researching the set you want to order before committing to a deal.


If you have the budget, don’t let anything stop you from getting the GMK 9009 keyboard.
It lives up to our expectations in the areas that count the most, including the layout, keycap quality, typing performance, profile, and sound. Sure, it’s not without a few issues, but the pros far outweigh the cons here.

Also, it offers a lot of versatility, and you’re never really at a loss for buying it. You can make changes at any time and for any of the features.


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