The age-old Cherry vs. Gateron battle of the best switches is surely not coming to an end yet. As both brands continue to take conscious steps toward making their products better, it is only necessary that we compare and contrast their best features as we pit them against each other.

As we continue, we will highlight the top functionalities, pros, and cons of both switches and help you identify the most reliable one. Read on!

Gateron vs. Cherry Quick Comparison Table

Features Gateron Cherry
Sound level Sharper, louder click Softer click
Durability 50 million keystroke 100 million keystroke
Highest Peak Force Green action Clicky, 80g Black action Linear, 60g
Lowest Peak Force Clear action Linear, 35g Red action Linear, 45g
Nature Smooth Stiff

Major Differences Between the Gateron Switches and Cherry Switches

Looking at both of these switches, it’s quite evident that the main difference is smoothness. Apart from that, Cherry MX switches cost more than their Gateron counterparts.

Also, they each have some blend of user flexibility most people will appreciate. Any sort of modification and customization ability will help users personalize their keyboards.
They are further split along the lines of color and functionality. Yes, they both use colors to distinguish their products, but Gateron has more variants.

For instance, both have a Clear variant. While the Cherry MX Clear is a heavy and tactile switch, the Gateron Clear is not. Instead, it is an ultra-light linear switch.

Many people will also have noticed that Gateron does not have a speed switch variant. This is something that you can get using a Cherry MX Speed Silver. It will help you get the best from a shorter travel distance.

However, speed switches don’t have much of an impact in real-time. If you’re getting one for gaming, this is not necessarily an advantage for you.

Let’s take a closer look at both switches and what they have to offer individually. To wit…

Gateron Switches


• Many variants
• Aesthetic build and design
• Smooth
• Great sound and overall feel


• Not as durable
• Could get shaky

Going by any Gateron switches guide, these are quite some comprehensive switches. Most have a unique feel and appealing design construction. However, it’s worthy to note that they are all based on Cherry MX.

Others are just innovations of the Gateron brand. As such, it has a wider collection of switches. For example, Gateron has silent, milk, ink, and low-profile switches available.
As clones of the Cherry MX, Gaterons are remarkably smoother, thanks to a smaller stem. This makes them enjoyable to use and the favorite of most users. For instance, the linear actuating switch variant is often recommended to users.

Gaterons do have a drawback, however. They are not as durable as Cherry MX, hence their limited rating of keystrokes is set at 50 million. Again, in comparison to Cherry MX, they aren’t as stringently tested. However, if you want a switch with a great feel and sound, Gateron is your best bet.

Cherry Switches


• Sturdy and reliable
• Durable
• Guaranteed longevity
• Quick actuation


• Scratchy feel

Cherry MX switches are very popular worldwide, and they have the distinction of clones being made out of them. Most of them grace a lot of mechanical keyboards on the market.

Also, many users believe that Cherry is perfect for gaming. There is some truth to that because they’re reliable, especially for keypresses.

Cherry MX switches are also long-lasting, with every switch in its lineup lasting over 50 million strokes. Cherry is the only brand which can guarantee up to 100 million without losing its quality of input over time. As such, these switches feature heavily in many keyboards.

Whether you need a switch primarily for gaming or typing, Cherry has a variant. The most popular is the MX Red which gamers swear by and which could take on other functions.

Head to Head Comparison

Doing a Gateron and Cherry MX switches comparison helps you understand them better. This way, you’re armed with the information you need before buying either brand. Even though both of them are unique in their own way; little, and often important details stand out.

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of important characteristics of both switches:


  • Winner: Gateron

We have already mentioned the fact that Gateron has a long line of switches. However, there’s a real focus on producing key switches that are smooth and comfortable. Users will find there’s very little resistance or scratch when using one. This unique smoothness is what sets it apart from Cherry MX.

Cherry’s switches have a scratchy feel to them. Even though some users claim it reduces with use, it’s somewhat difficult to adapt to. Others find this stiffness okay and go ahead to make the best out of their keyboard.

In line with the above, Gateron is the clear winner here. Its light touch and tactility put it above the Cherry in terms of smoothness.


  • Winner: Cherry

There’s nothing quite like using a switch for the long haul. This is where the Cherry dominates through its MX series. They come in rated at between 50 and 100 million keystrokes. On the other hand, Gaterons max out at 50 million keystrokes.

With Cherry, even if you reach the limit of keystrokes, the switches still work fine. They will feel different, but that’s still better than having to constantly replace them. We’ll stick with the Cherry switches here because of the quality. As such, getting them ultimately provides more value.

Sound Level

  • Winner: Gateron

When a switch is considered smooth, it is almost normal to have a lesser noise. Gateron switches give off less noise, and with smoother keystrokes, you’ll have less friction and rubbing when typing or gaming.

In comparison to Cherry’s, they’re also quieter across their entire line of switches.
For most Cherry MX switches, loud noises are on offer. Of course, many people love them that way, but it’s a feature they can’t shake off. Further, both switches have lines of silent variations if you want reduced noise levels.

If you want one to play games or type documents, you’ll get one. For instance, Gateron has this option in its Red, Black, and Brown switches. Cherry has Red and Black switches which serve the same purpose.

Another thing to consider is that Gateron has a sharper and louder click. For Cherry, there’s a small but deep click over the downstroke. Any Gateron review will point out that you won’t have to wear ear plugs to use them.

Key Feel

Winner: Both

Sure, Gaterons have a little bit higher actuation point when keystrokes are registered. It’s a good advantage, but we feel that, since Cherry MX is more consistent, it’s a tie.

Further, a good actuation point allows users to type more lightly when compared to Cherry. However, each switch from Cherry feels almost the same, while Gaterons have small variations in feel.

Key Points Before Buying

Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing the right switch:

1. Feel

Depending on what you use your keyboard for, it’s important to consider the feel a switch has. Some are rough, while others are smooth. What most users want is a switch that allows them to work or do other functions seamlessly. Gateron’s products are notably smoother than Cherry’s.

2. Durability and Longevity

Even if you get a switch at a budget price, you’d want it to last for a while longer. Mechanical switches are durable and boast certain longevity.

Right from the number of keystrokes they can take and their build, it’s easy to choose them. For example, a Cherry MX switch guarantees up to 100 million keystrokes.

3. Actuation Force and Point

From the color of the switch and certain elements, it’s easy to tell the level of actuation a switch has. This is one important consideration, depending on what you need a particular switch for.

Moreover, whether you’re gaming or typing, you’ll want something that is very fast and to the point.

4. Sound Level

While most people love that loud, audible sound and click, others do not. Cherry’s switches are louder across more models than Gateron’s. Therefore, if you want something smoother and with less noise, use Gaterons. On the flip side, typing or gaming with more sound than usual is possible with Cherry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Gateron better than Cherry?

Like all the information we have provided here, it comes down to personal preferences. Some people prefer Cherry MX switches because they are reliable and offer genuine quality.

Others are clones but still have a lot to offer. What’s more, in terms of value, most people prefer Gateron. Even with notable switches difference, it’s important to pick what suits you.

Both brands offer lines of switches which can help you achieve different results. Since mechanical key switches are easier to replace, you can have both.

2. Which switch is easier to customize?

Everybody would love something they can tweak to their taste, including the key switches. Both brands here offer lineups which can be modified to certain levels.

With the Gateron being a clone of Cherry, it means they’re similar in many ways. As such, modifying them will most likely take the same processes.

With either switch, you can modify different actions on your keyboards. It all depends on the kind of performance you want it to deliver.

3. Is a Gateron or Cherry better for typing and gaming?

This is often the main question people ask. They’re both great for both purposes. You can also add software development and other functions to them.

It is worth noting, however, that Gateron is exceptionally smooth and quiet, and these are some of the features which make it a haven for typing. Also, these features are spread across its lineup of colors.

For Cherry, a total of six colors means you also have varieties to choose from. Some are better suited for certain functionalities. For example, MX Black and Red are fantastic for playing games while the MX Green and Blue are great for typing long documents.

Those in work environments or personal work stations will find them useful. Overall, none of them quite sticks out above the other for typing or gaming.


A key switch is the most vital part of a keyboard. While the smoothness that comes with a Gateron is great, the Cherry still holds some quality.

The Cherry is much safer from erosion across its pinpoints than Gaterons. The same can be said for the guaranteed keystrokes Cherry offers. Further, we feel that both of them are almost the same across the board.

Even if you put them to different uses, the fact is Gateron is a worthy clone. The materials, design, features, and other factors present in both mean picking either is still a good decision.

If you’re on a budget, we recommend going for Gateron switches, but for overall quality, Cherry MX switches stand out. Whatever the case, it’s your choice to make, and it all boils down to your personal preference.

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