Ficmax Gaming Chair Review: Affordable, Capable, and Comfortable

Featured Ficmax Gaming Chair Review
Featured Ficmax Gaming Chair Review

Our Ficmax gaming chair review of the four best models showcases different chairs with similar features. However, they’re different in many ways, thanks to unique and performance-improving capabilities that combine to provide users with a superior level of comfort and convenience at affordable prices.

Ficmax gaming chair

As a popular brand of gaming chairs, users still expect chairs with class, style, and ultimate comfort from Ficmax.

That’s why our team has gone the extra mile to put up this review, which will tell you exactly the top specifications, performance, benefits, and downsides of these gaming chairs. Read on!

Ficmax Gaming Chairs Review: A Glance at the Key Specifications

Product Key Specifications
Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Chair

  • Material: PU leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recline: 180 degrees
  • Max weight: 350 pounds
  • Ergonomics: Foot, lumbar massage
Ficmax Pink Gaming Chair

  • Material: PU leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recline: 180 degrees
  • Max weight: 300 pounds
  • Ergonomics: Foot, head, lumbar
Ficmax Gaming Chair

  • Material: PU leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recline: 180 degrees
  • Max weight: 350 pounds
  • Ergonomics: Neck, lumbar massage
Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming chair

  • Material: PU leather
  • Frame: Metal
  • Recline: 180 degrees
  • Max weight: 350 pounds
  • Ergonomics: Foot, head, lumbar

Ficmax Gaming Chairs: Quality Features on Display

GTRacing and DXRacer are two monumental names in the gaming chair industry, but Ficmax isn’t far behind. The Ficmax brand is a top brand in its right and comes in several models with different, unique colors. You get chairs that make you want to go above your budget to make a purchase.

Whether you break the bank for a Ficmax chair or not, consider that it has varieties to choose from. For example, there’s a massage gaming chair, racing-style chair, home office chair, and others. These chairs have qualities such as footrests, headrests, and massage mechanisms for more comfort.

Buying a gaming chair from a lesser-known brand has its perks and benefits. At least, you know you don’t need to save for a long while to get a blockbuster chair. Ficmax chairs won’t give you so much hassle to buy any model. What’s more, you still get quality and value from the chairs you choose.

In addition to that, Ficmax chairs pack a lot of styles. For example, the chairs sport clean lines often associated with typical racing-style chairs. The models reviewed here have this look, and if they weren’t gaming chairs, you’d think they were car seats.

We mentioned that Ficmax also has chairs sporting different colors. Others have a good combination of two or more, while some have one dominant color like Pink or Black. With the colors, the chairs have an even better solid look and appeal.

The materials used for Ficmax chairs also have high-quality standards. You’ll find the best PU leathers, which are smooth, easy to clean, and add style to your gaming chair. Many top-notch gaming chair brands use PU leathers for covers.

Other materials like metal make Ficmax chairs have a solid structure. Besides that, you get a little spread of plastic for some parts, but the foams always give you expansive comfort. In line with that, here are four models of Ficmax you can choose from.

1. Ficmax Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair

Ficmax Gaming Chair
Material Quality
Large recline angle with rock function
  Durable metal framework
Ergonomic parts and comfort
Large weight capacity 
It needs four hands for assembly

This Ficmax ergonomic gaming chair comes with an excellent high backrest and some other comfortable features.

It’s a bit challenging to put together, and you will need some extra hands on deck. That aside, you get premium materials to get you up and running with work or gaming, and the chair swaddles you in comfort and inspires you to unlock new levels during your gaming sessions.

The metal and heavy-duty base give users hope that the chair will last a long while. It also helps that you can lull yourself to sleep with the comfortable recline and massage mechanism.

– Rigid Materials: Covered in the Best Leather

What’s more ergonomic than a chair cover and material that’s smooth and durable? Good luck answering that question. PU leather stretches across the 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam paddings on this chair to cover the alloy frame. That makes it dirt and fade resistant.

– Rocking Function: Enjoy Every Activity

Whether you’re resting or gaming, you can use the rocking function to good effect. Some gamers take it up a notch by combining the rocking function with the footrest. That’s a whole lot of comfort. Also, rocking helps those who suffer from back pain.

– Large Recline Angle: Tilt and Rest

With this chair, you can recline for up to 180 degrees using the whole tilt mechanism. That’s half of the chair’s height and represents one of the best additions to the Ficmax lineup. As such, you can sleep in the chair or game at the angles you choose.

– Ergonomics: More Features for Great Support and Comfort

You get a host of ergonomic capabilities on this chair, including adjustable armrests. However, the armrests only have a vertical movement. You can always adjust them based on your height and preferences.

The lumbar massage pillow is another ergonomic feature of this Ficmax chair. It’s adjustable and lets you sit in the chair for extended periods. When you add the massage function, you get a comfortable all-around gaming chair.

For your legs, there’s a retractable footrest near the base of this chair. You can use it for various reasons, including stretching out or putting your feet up while gaming. Moreover, Ficmax throws in a neck pillow coupled with the large seat cushion.

– Durable Chair: Built to Last

This gaming chair is built to last and comes with a complete metal framework and heavy-duty wheelbase. Also, users enjoy a class 4 hydraulic piston so that a 350 pounds max load stays comfortable. That covers the needs of many gamers.

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– Overview

The large seat, massage function, and extra cushions will fit your needs if you’re on the big side.

2. Ficmax Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest


  •   Nice fit for bigger users
  •   Excellent metal framework and robust base
  •   Full ergonomics
  •   Impressive adjustable features


  •   Feels too feminine

While this is the only pink chair in our Ficmax chairs review, we take nothing away from its features. The major standout here is the color pink, which makes it more than a touch feminine. However, you still get a high backrest, footrest, and extra cushions to keep you comfortable.

You can make several movements here, including swiveling on the chair’s heavy-duty base or using the famed tilt mechanism. Either way, the chair is impressive, and you can put every part together within 20 minutes.

– Materials: Premium Quality and Skin-Friendly

It’s standard to find premium leather covers on the best of chairs. That’s why this pink Ficmax chair is no different and has dirt and fade-resistant faux leather covering the chair.

The leather is also smooth to the touch of your skin. Underneath the covers, you get 3.9-inch thick high-density foam. Besides that, the foam won’t lose shape after long sitting hours.

– Recline and Rock: Give Yourself a Treat

There’s a great rocking function on this pink gaming chair. It’s a good feature and option for those who suffer from stiff back. With it, users can also recline for a whopping 180 degrees! That’s bed-like at best and figures as one of the best additions on Ficmax chairs.

You can lay back after some hours playing Fortnite or other top-ranking games. Also, some pro gamers use different angles to play games. Whatever you choose, the tilt and recline features are here for comfort.

– Ergonomics: Comfy Support for Your Pleasure

There are several ergonomic points on this chair for more comfort and support. For example, the lumbar massage pillow gives you a comfortable addition to the chair. The massage function is USB-powered to give your body some frills. That’s important if you’re seated for prolonged hours.

You get adjustable parts that go up and down for the armrests depending on your height and personal requirements.

In addition to that, there’s a neck pillow and retractable footrest. With both, you can put your head back and your feet up for a much-deserved rest.

– Robust Construction: Long-Term Use

Thanks to the metal frame and heavy-duty wheelbase, the pink Ficmax chair will last for a long time. If you weigh up to 300 pounds, the chair will still hold you.

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– Overview

The pink Ficmax chair will fit women more because of its stylish looks and specific adjustable features.

3. Ficmax Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather


  •   Comfortable and smooth
  •   Stylish racing-style design
  •   Built-in comforts including massage
  •   Lumbar support and retractable footrest


  •   Difficult to set up
  •   Bulky frame

Ergonomics, high back, robust construction, and other top features make this chair worth having. It’s as comfortable as they come and gives you a base you can improve with.

The chair is huge, covers a lot of room, and has enough luxury and support for intense gaming sessions. Even if you want to use it at work, you can go on for extended periods. That’s because Ficmax designed this chair to provide contoured support when you need it the most. Also, you can enhance your position for different purposes with the tilt and recline feature. Other than that, you get padded armrests for more support.

– Durable Cover: Quality Leather Material

Covered in PU leather, the cover is solid and durable. That’s the first thing gamers see, and Ficmax doesn’t disappoint. The leather is dirt and fade-resistant and easy to maintain.

Under the cover, expect to sit in 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam. It won’t wear that fast and gives you a nice ergonomic feel. What’s more, it regains its shape the instant you get up.

– Tilt and Recline: Rest or Make Suitable Adjustments

While this isn’t the antique wooden rocking chair, it has that feeling when you use the tilt function. It gives you reassurances, and you can lock up your favorite position. If you’ve got issues with your back, you’ll like this function.

In addition to that, this Ficmax high back ergonomic gaming chair can recline at 180 degrees. Not many gaming chairs will give you that option. With the intuitive recline feature, it’s possible to take a quick nap in the chair or play games at other angles. Whatever the case, it’s a great addition by Ficmax.

– Ergonomics: Make Suitable Changes to Your Chair

You can make vertical adjustments to the adjustable armrests to suit your height. Also, there’s a lumbar massage pillow on the chair. That helps when you want to give your muscles some life after sitting for prolonged hours.

There’s a neck pillow as well. If you need more comfort and protection for your head, you can use it.

– Robust Build: Here to Stay

The chair is here to stay, thanks to a solid combination of metal and alloy. To that end, the heavy-duty wheelbase and frame can carry a max load of 350 pounds. Having a class 4 hydraulic piston makes the chair more durable.

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– Overview

If you want a racing-style ergonomic chair that’s big enough for you, this is for you. It’s the perfect chair for big and tall gamers.

4. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest


  •   Adjustable armrests, tilt, and footrest
  •   Massaging lumbar pillows
  •   Durable with a high weight capacity
  •   Soft and comfortable PU leather


  •   Assembly needs more concentration

Many gaming chairs will fit your style, but few give you expansive capabilities like this chair with a frame built to last.

You’ll need more time to put it together, though, but the rocking, tilt, and recline mechanisms mean you can’t pass up this chair. In short, it’s one for efficiency and ergonomic capabilities.

– Material: Soft, Smooth, and Skin-Friendly

Buying a gaming chair is a significant decision. Every part of the chair comes under scrutiny. One of such parts is the cover material used on the chair. Ficmax gets it right here with PU leather that’s easy to clean and fade-resistant.

The covering gives shape and protection to the thick high-density memory foam underneath. Mind you, the foam is comfortable and reshapes fast.

– Comfortable Recline: Rock or Rest

A rocking function works well on this chair coupled with a large recline angle of 180 degrees. That’s the largest in the gaming chair industry and helps you relax. The recline and tilt mechanism will appeal to those with back pain, making the chair an excellent addition to any gaming setup.

If you play games in a lying position, you can adjust the chair to such heights. Another option is using the chair as a makeshift bed rather than getting up.

– Quality Ergonomics: More Comfort and Adequate Support

Making adjustments on gaming chairs form part of its charm and style. To that extent, you can adjust the padded armrests and make some changes to the back. However, the armrests can only go up and down.

In addition to that, you get an adjustable lumbar pillow with a massage function. You can power it with a USB to get some vibe on your body. It’s a handy feature to revive your muscles after sitting for extended periods.

Ficmax also includes a neck pillow and retractable footrest on this chair. With the footrest, you can relax some more by putting your legs up.

– Frame: Long-Lasting Build

We are impressed with the chair’s solid and robust frame, which is the secret behind the chair’s capability to conveniently hold a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds. With the combination of a metal frame, heavy-duty wheelbase, and piston, you get a long-lasting gaming chair.

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– Overview

If you’ve got back problems or want to avoid them in the long run, use this chair. You get extra pillows, a high back, and a massage function to keep you comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ficmax a good gaming chair brand?

By our review, yes. Ficmax is a brand name you want to remember for a while because of the ergonomic chairs it builds. You get customizable parts, premium quality materials, and robust frames.

An ideal Ficmax racing chair also has a stylish appeal to attract a wide range of gamers. A good example is the pink Ficmax chair in this review.

2. Are Ficmax chairs easy to assemble?

Well, that is a relative question considering there are different models of Ficmax chairs in the market. Some of them are heavy and will require about four hands to set up. Others are lighter, so you can set them up yourself.

On a general note, they are straightforward to assemble, and Ficmax includes the tools to help you out. Also, each chair carries its standard instructions to guide you.


Overall, Ficmax chairs are good choices for the kind of support and comfort you get. They are all stylish, customizable, and pack many ergonomic features. The best part gamers will love – these chairs are not too expensive to purchase.

All around the chair, you get a durable build and ergonomic design that will stand the test of time. As a result, the chairs have large weight capacities that will come in handy for gamers and regular office users.


Sorting through the top options, we cannot recommend the Ficmax ergonomic massage chair highly enough, as it stands out from the rest with its fantastic design and comfort-oriented features.

On a final note, we feel that Ficmax chairs are best for new gaming chair users. Since the brand isn’t much established, they are easy to get and still have fantastic features that make them a worthy replacement for the couch or beanbag chairs.


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