Best Fabric Gaming Chair for Top Gamers and Professionals

Fabric Chair Pros & Cons

As fabric gaming chairs continue to make waves among the teeming population of game lovers, there has never been a better time to get familiar with their top benefits, features, and downsides before you purchase one.

Fabric Gaming Chair Characteristics

No doubt, they outshine their PU and PVC faux leather counterparts in a lot of areas. However, you may need to consider some other factors outside these to determine if a fabric chair will suit your needs.

In this article, we will touch upon some of these factors as we review some of the best fabric gaming chairs available right now. Read on!

A Comparison Table for the Best Fabric Gaming Chair

Name Weight Maximum Weight  Dimension(Inches)
Giantex Floor 17 lbs 310 lbs 21.5L x 24-34W x 29.5H
Muzii 50 lbs 300 lbs 21.26L x 27.2W x 52.97H
Arozzi Forte 1.1 lbs 265 lbs 20.87L x 19.69W x 53.94H
Arozzi Vernazza Soft 57lbs 320 lbs 20.5L x 18.9W x 31.9H
Atelerix Ventris 40 lbs 350-400 lbs 22L x 27W x 52.5H

Best Fabric Gaming Chair: Our Top Picks

We have painstakingly selected the best fabric gaming chairs that are suitable for almost any gaming need and body posture. So if you are looking to get one for yourself or loved ones, you may consider any of the options listed below.

1. Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Floor Gaming Chair

Straight out of the box, the Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair gets to work as it requires no special tool or assembling skills before you can use it.

Weighing just 17 lbs, the chair is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and withstand up to 310 lbs, which should be more than enough for most people.

Starting with the design, the chair comes with an overall ergonomic floor build that will relax your body and make you feel comfortable while gaming. The chair conforms to your body shape and structure, and its curvy design will help combat back pain during prolonged gaming activities.

Also, it is equipped with a high backrest that helps to prevent back muscle fatigue and enables you to maintain a relaxed posture. Add that to the adaptable armrests on either side of the chair, which means you can go into full relaxation mode after a long day at work.

Notably, it features a highly breathable mesh fabric and a soft sponge to make for a combination of luxurious comfort and a great gaming experience. The maker’s decision to opt for breathable mesh fabric with soft tactility is well thought out.

You can sit or nap all day without experiencing any form of pain, discomfort, and fatigue in any part of your body. In addition, the chair’s high-resilience sponge holds up to your body weight very well. It rarely sags, and it snags back peacefully into its original position every time you get up from it.

Every gamer will appreciate the chair’s 6-Position Adjustment & 360° Swivel, which allows you to achieve different positions at different angles. Based on your current needs or mood, you can adjust the chair’s backrest by exerting a little bit of body pressure until you find an angle that is most comfortable for you.

What’s more, the chair’s 360° swivel base means you can twist, turn, rotate, and move around without sacrificing comfort and convenience while gaming.

When it comes to stability, the Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair’s sturdy iron frame is reliable and dependable. The frame complements the chair’s floor design to provide stable support and maintain balance on any surface.

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It is just as easy to fold as it is easy to assemble. You can easily fold the chair to conserve space in your home or office if you do not intend to use it for a while. There is really nothing to hate about this chair except for the armrests’ padding, which we feel could be thicker than what we have.

Aside from that, the chair will come in handy for various gaming and leisure activities, either in your home or at the office.

  • Overview

If all you desire in a gaming chair is convenience, comfort and breathability, then the Giantex 360 Degree Swivel is perfect for you. It features a highly breathable mesh fabric and a soft sponge to make for a combination of luxurious comfort and a great gaming experience.


• Ergonomic design
• Adjustable 6-position high backrest
• 360° swivel base for maximum relaxation
• High-quality and breathable mesh fabric


• Thinly-padded armrests

2. Muzii PC Softknit Fabric Gaming Chair

The Muzii PC Softknit is another great non leather gaming chair that will match your taste if you are looking to get something decent without going over the top. Whether you are in for your racing games or you just want to take some time off to relax after a long day at work, the chair does a nice job.

Starting with the design, MUZII’s great attention to detail is not difficult to notice, as the brand maintains strict quality standards across the board. From the durable and vibrant softknit fabric to the adjustable armrests and seat height, the chair does provide great comfort and style.

We like the look and feel of the chair’s breathable softknit mesh fabric, as it covers the entire chair from the contoured padded back to the padded seat and headrest pillows. This helps to guarantee great comfort and efficiency while gaming or working.

It combines the strength and versatility of a sturdy steel frame and nylon smooth-rolling casters to make for a heavy-duty base that stands up to whatever you throw at it. This is very noteworthy, as you can enjoy great stability and mobility at the same time.

Also, the chair incorporates CLASS-4 heavy-duty gas pistons to guarantee the user’s safety and hold up to 300lbs in weight. You can also take advantage of its reline mechanism feature, which allows you to lean back all the way from 85 degrees to 180 degrees. As a result, you get to select the most comfortable angle and enjoy an experience customized to suit your gaming needs.

We also like the 360 degree swivel function of this gaming chair, which works perfectly fine to enhance your efficiency while gaming or working. You can recline back and forth or swivel all around without suffering from spasms or back pain even after long hours of gaming.

In addition, the chair comes with an adjustable armrest and seat height, which allow you to work or game in the most comfortable position.

The removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion seem just to be the icing on the cake for this super comfortable cloth gaming chair. These features have been put in place to support your back and neck and help maintain the natural posture of your body.

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The only downside of this gaming chair for us is the shape of the armrests. No thanks to their convex shape, you may find it difficult to lay your arms straight on these armrests, as you start to feel some pain after a while.

Otherwise, the chair works fine and is suitable for many purposes, including home, game, and office use.

  • Overview

If you have a thing for stylish gaming chairs with padded seat, the Muzii PC Softknit will make a decent choice for you. The chair has an appealing look and feel, with a breathable softknit mesh fabric covering across the entire chair for comfort and efficiency while gaming or working.


• Durable SOFTKNIT fabric covering
• CLASS-4 heavy-duty gas pistons to withstand large weight
• 360 degree swivel function
• Skin-friendly lumbar cushion


• Convex-shaped armrests aren’t very comfortable

3. Arozzi Forte Fabric Gaming Chair

When it comes to top-quality gaming and computer accessories, Arozzi stands tall as one of the best brands out there. So if that has anything to do with its gaming chairs, it is the assurance that you get to enjoy great comfort and convenience for a long time.

While the Forte Fabric Gaming Chair isn’t the best the brand can offer, it sure meets the need of gamers looking for a very lightweight gaming chair that will suit their work and gaming lifestyle.

Made as an upgraded version of the Mezzo chair models, the Arozzi Forte cloth gaming chair comes with better design, aesthetics, and more features to improve your overall comfort And convenience while sitting or gaming.

Straight out of the box, it is easy to set up and assemble, and its ergonomic design means it does not eat up your home or office space. Notably, the chair’s ergonomic design is something that is typical of the Arozzi brand.

However, it goes even further to incorporate a compact and slim-fitting design with snug dimensions. The chair also features a sturdy metal frame and heavy-duty casters that empower the seat and backrest to withstand up to 265 lbs in weight.

The chair comes with adjustable 1-dimensional armrests on both sides, which means you can glide your hands up and down with a push of a button. You can count on the padded tops to give your elbows and forearms the much-needed comfort and support while gaming or working.

The chair’s steep recline mechanism means you can lean as far back as 165 degrees from 4 degrees, and you can lock in an angle that works best for your body and posture while at it.

As with most gaming chairs with a rocking mechanism, you can tilt the Arozzi Forte back and forth until it reaches its maximum 12 degrees point. This will come in handy whenever you are looking to take a short break from work or relax after a long day.

You can keep and maintain your body’s natural shape and posture with the Arozzi Forte gaming chair. It comes with two adjustable pillows and a lumbar cushion that are soft to touch and friendly on the skin. These will work together to provide your spine, neck, and head the much-needed support when gaming for long hours.

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As a fabric chair, the Arozzi Forte works and functions well. However, it offers lesser features when compared to similar fabric chairs within the same price range.

Notwithstanding, if you are ready to bank on Arozzi’s quality assurance, you can get the Forte and use it for all sorts of gaming and office purposes.

  • Overview

If you desire a gaming chair with top quality assurance and a design that will fit snuggly with the shape of your body, the Arozzi Forte is for you. It will provide your spine, neck, and head with the much-needed support when gaming for long hours.


• Easy to assemble
• Durable and super comfortable fabric upholstery
• Great steep recline mechanism
• Skin-friendly headrest pillows and lumbar cushion


• Armrests get slippery after a while

4. Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

The Arozzi brand is synonymous with high-quality gaming chairs, and the Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair further confirms that status.

Over the years, the brand has made its mark among the entire gaming community with its collection of super-comfortable and skin-friendly Vernazza chairs. This chair has maintained the standard, featuring a soft, durable fabric that will enhance your gaming experience and provide quality comfort always.

The Arozzi Vernazza soft gaming chair symbolizes a turning point in the history of the Vernazza series. The chair takes after the omnipresent sports bucket seat, which explains the curved-edge design of its seat base and backrest.

Its combination of durable metal frame and aluminum wheelbase enables the chair to hold up to 320 lbs in weight without sacrificing comfort and mobility.

Making the switch from synthetic PU leather wasn’t something we expected from Arozzi initially. However, the superb feel of the new fabric upholstery convinced made it feel like it was well worth it.

Speaking of which, the fabric is pleasant, comfortable, and breathable, which means you can sit down for long without getting too hot. The chair’s multidimensional padded 3D armrests are suitable for all work and gaming purposes. You can move your hands in any direction or even slide to and fro until you find a comfortable position.

The gas lifts automatically adjust to fit almost any height, and the spacious backrest and will come in handy for big people in need of extra space.

If you need to get some rest after a long day, Vernazza’s steep recline function will come in handy for you. You can set the chair’s backrest to recline all the way from 4 degrees to 165° and lock in the angle that is best suitable for your body’s shape and posture.

What’s more, you can also rock the chair in an upright position or tilt it to and fro in a rocking motion, using the adjustment wheel to lock in the desired resistance.
As a breathable gaming chair, it features 100% cold-cured molded foam to provide maximum comfort and keep you cool in hot weather. You can sit in there for a long time without even realizing it.

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The adjustable headrest will keep your head and neck in good posture, and the lumbar pillows are firm and supportive enough to help maintain the natural shape and posture of your spine and back area.

  • Overview

The Arozzi Vernazza soft gaming chair features an all-new fabric upholstery with a curved-edge design that will help maintain the your natural posture without sacrificing comfort and convenience.


• Durable and super comfortable fabric upholstery
• Spacious seat and backrest
• Heavy-duty casters
• Locking tilt mechanism


• Seat height may be too high for short people

5. Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair

Straight out of the box, the Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair comes with everything you need to assemble and set it up for the first time. Speaking of which, the assembling process doesn’t take long at all.

With the bolt and Allen tool available inside the package, you can have your new gaming chair up and running without any difficulty. Atelerix ensures a perfect mix of the right material and components in this lovely non leather gaming chair.

From the sturdy metal base to the nylon base and breathable mesh fabric covering, the chair sure has some of the best material components for its price. It is designed to provide you with an enjoyable sitting experience, whether you are gaming, working, or relaxing.

The chair has a class 3 gas lift positioned between its nylon base and sturdy metal mechanical base. Thanks to the lift’s hydraulic property, it is able to accommodate up to 300 lbs in weight by gliding up and down without going out of position.

In addition, the chair’s multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to lean back gradually until you find a comfortable spot. This tilting mechanism goes all the way from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, and you can lock in a position with the anti-rocking level at the underside of the chair. You can even switch to a sleeping/napping mode by locking in the chair’s tilt mechanism when it reaches 180 degrees.

Perfect for all your intense, action-packed video and computer games, the chair has a 360 degree swivel function that allows you to sit in style and comfort at all times. You can move in whatever direction your game requires and feel comfortable while at it—all without stepping out of the chair.

The chair’s fabric covering is very skin-friendly and offers super comfort. Coming in as a perfect mix of PU leather and toluene foam interior, you can rest assured of the fabric’s ability to keep you cool even during a prolonged gaming session.

The chair comes with breathable, advanced 4D armrests that are covered with mesh and customizable to enhance your overall gaming experience and comfort.

Sitting on this chair will not leave you in pain, as it comes with both headrest and lumbar support to help maintain your natural body shape of head, neck, and back as well as improve your posture.

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The only thing you should be wary of in this chair is its low sitting height. While this may come in handy for a short person, tall people with long legs may really not find it pleasing at times.

Aside from that, the chair is suitable for many purposes, including gaming, reading, working, relaxing, and sleeping.

  • Overview

The Arozzi Vernazza’s 4D armrests and lumbar support will enable allows you to sit in style and comfort as you enjoy your favorite video games for prolonged hours.


• Made of premium material components
• Multi-function tilt mechanism function
• Comes with headrest and lumbar support
• Upgraded 4D armrests


• Low sitting height


Why Opt for a Fabric Gaming Chair

A comfortable fabric gaming chair is an integral part of any gaming setup. Without it, your gaming sessions can go from interesting to stressful very quickly. This can impact your performance and make for an awful gaming experience awful in the long run.

Well, nobody wants that, and we believe that many gamers like us will stop at nothing to get the best from their gaming sessions at all times. That is why it is important to invest in a gaming chair that helps maintain your natural body shape and posture.

Of course, the great cooling properties of some gaming chairs, including PU leather gaming chairs, make them a decent choice for many gamers. However, the soft feel and breathable characteristics of a fabric chair make it even more appealing to avid gamers and enthusiasts.

Speaking of which, there are quite a number of fabric chairs on the market right now. If you are new to the market, you may find it difficult to get the exact type that will suit your gaming needs and demands while keeping you comfortable at all times.


As we conclude, it is important to note that these awesome fabric gaming chairs all strive toward providing you with the most comfortable experience while gaming. So you can go ahead and select any with the full assurance that it will perform up to your expectations.
Usually, these chairs are available in different styles and comfort features to consider before getting one, so getting the best will depend largely on your personal needs and preference.

From the chair’s shape to the cushion quality and back support, every feature counts, and you have to have that in mind before you eventually settle for one.

Notably, a fabric gaming chair offers more in terms of comfort and breathability. If you sweat easily or live in a hot region, fabric gaming chairs will work better for you than any other model.

Also, synthetic tissue doesn’t incur high production costs like PU leather and others. This helps the manufacturer to strike a balance between a breathable, comfortable, and skin-friendly gaming chair and drive down production costs at the same time.

We can vouch for any of these chairs to deliver just what the manufacturer says it does. However, the amazing features of the Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair make it our top choice. It is very comfortable to sit in and feels soft and pleasant against your skin.
Users with wide hips and thick legs will appreciate its spacious backrest and seat area, as it helps to dissipate heat and keep you cool even in hot weather.


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