Which is the Best B350 Motherboard for Overclocking?

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Choosing the best motherboard for overclocking is essential. It makes an IMMENSE difference in speed and latency when gaming. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly which motherboard is right for your rig. How do we know? Because we tested each motherboard. Plus, we researched customer reviews to get the full scoop. Let’s get to it!

B Motherboard for Overclocking

Remember that you don’t only need a motherboard for overclocking. You also need a motherboard with up-to-date components that complement the Ryzen processors. Which brings you to the right place.

Here you can scour through some of the best motherboards for Ryzen processors

What is the Best B350 Mobo for Overclocking? Meet Our Contenders

We had to consider a few things when we looked at overclocking B350 motherboard options. Of course, overclocking is not your only concern as a gamer. You also have to look at performance and at other features such as storage options.

As such, we looked at the form factor, processor socket, PCIe ports, and price. 

Here’s what we found:

Specs ASUS Prime B350 MSI B350 Tomahawk MSI B350 Krait Gaming ASRock AB350 Pro 4 Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3
Supports AMD Ryzen™ Yes Yes Yes Supports Ryzen Series CPUs  Supports AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen™/2nd Gen Ryzen™/1st Gen Ryzen™ 
Supports 7th Generation A-Series/Athlon™ Processors Yes Yes Yes AMD Socket A-Series APUs
AMD B350 Chipset Yes Yes Yes AMD Promontory B350 Pro4; Supports Triple Monitor Yes
AM4 Socket Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Form Factor ATX ATX ATX ATX Narrow-ATX
PCIe Ports 2 PCIe 3.0 x16, 2 PCIe 2.0 x1, 2 x PCI 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 2 PCIe 2.0×1, 2 x PCI 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 3 PCIe 2.0×1 2 PCIe 3.0 x16 (one runs at x4), 4 PCIe 2.0×1 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x 16 (x4 mode), 1 PCIe 2.0 x 16 (x1 mode), 2 PCIe 2.0 x1
Multi GPU Support AMD CrossFireX™ AMD Crossfire™ 2-Way AMD Crossfire™ AMD Quad Crossfire™ 2-Way AMD Crossfire™
SATA/M.2/U.2 Port 6/1/0 4/1/1 4/1/0 6/1/0 6/1/0
USB 3.1 Gen1/3.0/2.0 2/6/6 8 X USB 3.1 Gen1 2 x USB 3.1/USB 3.2 Gen1

2 x USB 2.0

8 X USB 3.1 5 x USB 2.0 

8 x USB 3.0 

2 x USB 3.1 

Memory Slots 4 x DDR4 (64 GB Max) 4 x DDR4 (64 GB Max) 4 x DDR4 (64 GB Max) 4 x DDR4 (64 GB Max) 4 x DDR4 (64 GB Max)
Support 3200+ (O.C.) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Realtek® ALC887 audio codec 7.1 CH HD Audio 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Realtek ALC892 7.1-Channel Audio Realtek ALC892 7.1-Channel Audio, ELNA Audio Caps Realtek ALC1220-based 7.1-Channel HD Audio
Power Phase Design 4+2 4+2 4+2 6+3 4+3
Networking Realtek RTL8111H LAN controller Realtek RTL8111H LAN controller Realtek RTL8111H LAN controller Realtek Gigabit LAN Realtek RTL8111H LAN controller

1. Asus Prime B350 Plus


  • AMD Ryzen processor maximizes speed and connectivity
  • Advanced fan controls for optimized cooling
  • Built-in LED lighting options that illuminate your build
  • SafeSlot core offers greater shearing resistance and stronger retention


  • OS sometimes freezes
  • Board does not have a reset switch

Asus is a brand name that you can trust when it comes to the B350 motherboard for overlock. The Asus Prime B350 Plus is no different. It’s an excellent motherboard for gamers that will give you all the features you need. You get a mobo with reliable stability and compatibility, and superb performance.

Asus engineers the Prime 350 Plus motherboard with industry-leading 5X Protection III. This setup ensures component longevity and reliability, and the SafeSlot core protects the PCIe slots. The Asus Prime B350 Plus is compatible with more than 1000 devices and components. The brand tests each new model for at least 8000 hours to ensure compatibility and safety. 

The Asus Prime 350 Plus motherboard also offers superb performance. You’ll speed up memory frequencies up to an unbelievable 3200 MHz with DDR4. You’re also guaranteed the best compatibility.


Because ASUS works with almost every brand of DDR4 memory.

Another benefit of the Asus Prime is that it optimizes cooling. How? With Fan Xpert 2+ advanced controls. Fan Xpert 2+ has hardware-level 4-pin/3-pin PWM/DC mode detection. It also has onboard thermal sensors. It ensures that each fan attains the best balance of low noise and cooling performance. The RPM fixed mode allows you to adjust the fan speed and lowers noise to near-0dB silence.

With the Energy Processing Unit (EPU), you’ll also enjoy system power savings. It maximizes savings with Away Mode, optimizes power consumption, and data transfers are ultra-fast. The backward-compatible USB 3:1 also gives you ultimate connection flexibility

Button check price light blue


The Asus Prime 350 Plus motherboard is excellent for its price range. It’s perfect for gamers. You get a low-priced system that performs very well. Who can ask for more?

2. MSI B350 Tomahawk


  • Board looks really good with the red lights and theme
  • Good overclocking performance with decent voltage accuracy
  • Well-equipped UEFI that retains key features from higher-end models
  • Rear IO audio ports are excellent compared to similarly-priced competitors


  • Some early B350 Tomahawks may require an older CPU to update
  • Mediocre RGB LED control

The MSI B350 Tomahawk gives users a delicate balance between style, functionality, and value. This standard-ATX motherboard has a comfortable, uncluttered layout. It also has strong overclocking capabilities and a low price point.

Some gaming enthusiasts may think that you lose when you buy a mid-range motherboard. If that’s true, you don’t lose as much as you may believe. Are you okay with four SATA ports, a single graphics card, and as many as fourteen USB ports? Then the B350 motherboard may be the best bet for you. And best of all, it lets you overclock.

This motherboard uses AMD’s B350 chipset. Its design is for gamers and mainstream users. It helps you to create a system that doesn’t quite need the extras found on the enthusiast platform. MSI has loaded the Tomahawk with features. For example, you get high-grade audio featuring de-pop protection. You’ll also get Nahimic 2 software, dedicated PCB layers, and virtual 7.

MSI B350 supports two four-pin fan headers. It deploys four SATA Gbps connectors, which is a slim amount. Most competitors offer six. Still, it has all the essentials, like a PS/2 port, an HDMI output, and support for four USB 3.0 ports (three type A and one Type C). There’s also the standard four RAM slots. The base RAM speed starts at 2666 MHz, but you can overclock it to 3200 MHz.

Users on a budget will be happy to know that the Tomahawk has an overclocking button. But you can only overclock through software. The disadvantage of this feature is overvolting. Your processor “overvolts” to ensure that it has enough headroom for stability.

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The B350 is an excellent motherboard for gamers who want to crush their enemies. Its performance is stable, and this chipset is on par with other, pricier options. It uses mid-range Realtek hardware, which is standard for the B350 market.

3. MSI B350 Krait Gaming


  • Overclocking, price performance ratio
  • Bold black and white graphics
  • UEFI stability out of the box


  • UEFI needs some color
  • Board has issues overclocking past turbo speed

The MSI B350 Krait Gaming motherboard dominates. It’s No 3 in the field for B350 motherboards for overclocking. The brand has the highest number of motherboards and the most high-quality boards

MSI has built this board with gamers in mind. The name says it all. The Krait B350 Gaming has many of the usual features, plus it boasts six fan headers. To meet gamers’ needs, MSI went beyond design for the Krait B350. They built this gaming motherboard using the latest technologies for the best performance.

MSI has built this motherboard to accommodate certain airflow conditions that are more common in gaming PCs. Design decisions like that characterize the entire board.

You’ll find the standard four slots for RAM, with 64 G.B. memory. You can do overclocking in the BIOS, and bring the supported speed for DDR4 from 2400 to 3200 MHz. This board has only four SATA III connectors, which is enough for most users. The inclusion of six USB 3.0 ports and one USB-C port means that you have plenty of peripheral options.


This motherboard delivers an outstanding gaming experience with lower latency. Krait also offers performance-oriented features such as Audio beast and Turbo M1. It lets you overclock with the push of a single button, making it perfect for gamers new to overclocking.

4. ASRock AB350 Pro4


  • Low energy consumption
  • Small form factor for smaller builds
  • Supports all Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 processors


  • Limited power delivery
  • No HDMI display port

Offering exceptional performance, the ASRock Pro4 is an excellent motherboard for overclocking. This stable, straightforward motherboard is a godsend for gamers on a tight budget.

This board’s small dimensions and low price point are deceptive. The Pro4 boasts many of the features that you can expect from a full-fledged board. AMD Quad Crossfire support, Dual M.2 slots, 7.1 channel audio, and USB Type-C are a few of the standout features. The ASRock AB350 also offers you a good number of USB ports (eight 3.1 Gen1 ports).

It’s one of the best budget AM4 motherboards on the market with a B350 chipset, thanks to its overclocking performance with Ryzen 3 and 5 processors. The ASRock AB350 Pro4 undergoes rigorous testing during the development process, ensuring an exceptional performance that gamers will love. This machine offers an immersive experience without any compatibility problems. 

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The ASRock AB350 Pro4 is for gamers who need a reliable motherboard. It’s also the best choice for builders who want to spend as little as possible. Although it doesn’t have any fancy features, it gets the job done.

5. Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3


  • Supports Realtek HD audio and HDMI 
  • Easy to install G connectors
  • Smart Fan 5 control


The intuitive and innovative Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard is perfect for gamers. This motherboard is compatible with AMD Ryzen AM4 2nd Generation series processors and with Ryzen 1st to 7th Generation A-Series, Athlon X4 processors. The motherboard has 2-way multi-graphics supports. It also has enough slots to make your screen light up with vibrant colors. You get all these features without sacrificing anything.

The design connects everything to the motherboard and supports the cutting-edge features to cater to your gaming needs. A metal shield guards the PCIe slots. These slots are 3rd generation, and they make the fastest connection in and out of the system. They assure fast and HD gaming. The board also has M.2 expansion ports, along with PCIe NVMe and SATA mode support. The USB connectors are gold-plated and support USB 3.1 connections for both Type A and Type C modules.

The Gaming 3 motherboard is easy to overclock. But, full disclosure, the BIOS options are minimal. They use “offsets” rather than actual voltages.


Gigabyte GA-AB350 gives you high-end performance from a budget-priced board. It’s ideal for gamers who want to overclock but don’t have much to spend.

To Wrap Up

There you have it, our top overclocking B350 motherboard picks. Overclocking with the wrong motherboard will damage your computer. That’s why we assembled industry experts to help us come up with these picks.

We found that the best motherboard for overclocking is the ASUS Prime 350 Plus, followed by the MSI B350 Tomahawk. We hope this list helps you find the motherboard for overclocking that’s right for you.


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