Belkin N450 Review: A Solid Option for Budget Users

Budget Router Belkin N450

If you’re out for a router from the Belkin brand, then our Belkin N450 router review will guide you toward making the right choice.

Belkin N450 Router Review

This router is one of the top choices from their lineup and packs many features you can work with. 

To that end, it’s only normal to see what benefits and drawbacks it holds on the range, speed, and connectivity front. Read on as we touch upon all these and many more in this article. 

Belkin N450 Top Specs at a Glance

Product  Key Specifications
Belkin N450

  • Frequency: Dual 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Special feature: Beamforming
  • Max Speed: 400 Mbps
  • Standard: 802.11n/ac
  • Form: Wireless/Wired(LAN)

Belkin N450 Review: All You Need to Know

Belkin N450 Key Criteria
Dual-band and simple design
Exceptional video streaming
Nice budget-friendly router
Includes options for security
Lacks a backup option for web-based setup

There’s more you can get on the Belkin N450, thanks to a wide range of features. It’s packed with high-speed for the best Internet connection you can enjoy. 

Moreover, users can achieve up to 450 Mbps speeds simultaneously with the dual-band design, which means you can enjoy an outstanding streaming experience across several devices within your home.  Not bad when you consider that the double band feature is accompanied by advanced technological features for various activities online. 

It’s difficult to experience some lapses here because no buffering or connections are getting lost. 

If you’re using it at home, you and your entire family can enjoy communicating with others at top speeds on secure connections. That’s not all you get to enjoy on this router, though. Let’s get into the key features and how they perform. 

– Performance You Will Prefer in a Wireless Router

Many top streamers will prefer the Belkin n450 dual-band wireless router, thanks to its high wireless speeds. It’s a Wi-Fi option you can’t miss because it offers a synchronized dual-band function so that you can use different wireless devices together. 

The best part is that the setup is easy, and it comes with preset security. In addition, you get to enjoy a lag-free online experience when playing games, chatting, and more. Take a walk with us as we highlight some of the top features of this router below.

– Top-Quality Design

We love the fact that the Belkin N450 offers an excellent design with a matte finish. However, it’s also a budget-friendly design. You receive the wireless router with a stand-up design and look similar to a speaker. 

The router also sports the latest IEEE 802.11n/ac standards to work with different mobile and wired devices. You’d hardly have complaints about how it connects your favorite gadgets. What’s more, the IEEE 802.11n/ac standard makes it easier for you to run a guest network. 

The front panel gives your Belkin N450 a display of status lights. Of course, you can’t expect to get any lights when the router is off. However, it comes on once you’ve connected the power source. Also, the light displays a solid blue color when the Internet is connected. Once the router doesn’t connect to the modem, you’ll learn that through the amber lights. 

– Other Indicators

Other than the regular lights we’ve come to expect here, the Belkin n450 router setup has indicator lights for the WPS button. With the button, you can establish a secure connection between the router and other devices. 

It shows you the status of the WPS connection, while at the back of the panel, there’s a modem connector. Also, four LAN (wired) connectors, a reset button for restarting the device, and the on/off power switch are present. 

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This router doesn’t come with a USB connector that lets you use external hard drives or other USB wired devices. 

However, the standout feature on the router remains the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band to connect wireless devices and to use at the same time. The former gives you 150Mpbs and the latter 300 Mbps. They both combine for 450 Mbps. 

– MultiBeam Tech

The Belkin n450 specs include a MultiBeam technology to help reduce dead spots when streaming HD movies or games to different devices. If you desire optimum performance (don’t we all?) and single solid strength, the N450 is a top wireless router. 

One of the most notable features of the Belkin n450’s multibeam technology is that it allows the built-in antenna to enhance the signal higher than 30 feet. That’s an excellent feature for long-range connections throughout the home.

– Managing Your Home Network

There’s a self-help app from the Belkin brand so you can have instant access to manage the home network. This app works to give you stuff like tune-up scans to maintain your router. 

The self-help app setup is straightforward and comprises three easy steps. What’s required is to connect the router with the network cable to the modem and PC. 

Once the connection is confirmed, you get an easy-to-use web-based interface. Go ahead to use the WPS push button to connect all the devices at once.

– Getting Your Guests on Your Network

This is one of the fun parts of the Belkin N450 router because it offers you a guest network. That way, you can allow them to join the network without using a password. 

On the flip side, you can block websites and the website filters powered by Norton. If you want a better online entertainment experience, you should get Intellistream QoS and have an IPv6 configuration.

– Range

The Belkin N450 range speaks for itself. It’s just as good because it allows the speed to thrive within the scope of applications. Don’t expect to go beyond a range of 30 feet and still have a high-speed and excellent connection. That’s why we think this Belkin N450 router is best for tiny homes and offices. 

– Performance: The Best or Just Another Typical Router?

Performance is everything whenever you need a device to give your activities a boost. To that end, we can only confirm that the Belkin N450 has impressive security features. You get Wi-Fi-protected access and two firewalls, along with WEP encryption. 

The parental control feature is one of the best features supported by the Belkin N450 firmware. The feature helps stop the transmission of content you won’t allow, especially if you’ve got kids using your network. 

You can always use the guest network to give visitors access to a separate network when connected.

Setting up the router is just as straightforward and is part of the overall performance. Moreover, this router does not use an installation CD. You can install the device via a web-based browser and use the default SSID network name with the password. 

You can find the information you need at the foot of the router. What’s more, you can call any concerns related to technical issues to Belkin support 24/7 for assistance. 

Once your N450 is connected and ready for action, you can get excellent transfer speeds with the dual-band up to 450 Mbps. This is ample enough if you have a small home or space to run a couple of devices. 

– Other Top Features

The N450 does give you an option to set up with automated updates. It also gives you a NAT and SPI firewall with a max link rate of up to 300 Mbps coupled with internal antennas with one Network Status and WPS LED.

Further, you’ll find that the router boasts an integrated four-port switch and gives you remote management browser support.

Along with that, you get port filtering, which is a type of access control where access to specific Internet services is assigned to users using port numbers. You can use this to increase security as well as restricting Internet usage.

Belkin Wireless Router Buyer’s Guide

Belkin is a brand to reckon with when it comes to wireless routers, but you still need to check out some stuff before buying. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider before hitting the market for your next Belkin router.

1. Range

The range is essential for any wireless router, and a Belkin N450 is no different. Even with obstacles, you’d want any other model you choose to offer an ideal range. That way, even a position that’s not complex won’t hamper its performance.

2. Router Standard

There are different router standards you can look check. Currently, the 802.11 stands out as the best, while others come close with other options. Whatever the case, observe which Belkin model packs the best.

3. Reliability and Stability

No one wants to change routers regularly. That’s why you need a Belkin router that’s reliable and offers stable connections over a long period. You can always add a Wi-Fi extender if the router you have doesn’t provide much range and speed. Avoid any Belkin product lacking in both features.

4. Dual-Band Frequency

Dual-band is still the standard and means you get to have 2.4GHz and 5GHz throughput. Top Belkin wireless routers offer a faster 5GHz frequency to boost speeds. When buying any model, ensure those connectivity options are available.

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Do you want a home network router at a budget-friendly price?

This Belkin N450 is what you need. It’s a wireless router with a dual-band system for transmitting data on the 2.4 and 5GHz band simultaneously.

Users will also notice four Ethernet ports to connect wired devices such as printers and more. You can also give your visitors access to a separate guest network and block websites with parental control.

The setup and use of the router are straightforward, right from the installation to managing your home network.


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