AKRacing Chair vs. DXRacer: The Battle of the Best

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If you want to know which one is the best between an AKRacing chair vs. DXRacer, you’re in the right place. The fact is that both these brands create gaming chairs that rule the market.
Akracing chair vs dxracer

As such, it makes sense to settle for either one. Let our review show you how they work and the capabilities they pack.

AKRacing Chair vs. DXRacer Specifications Table at a Glance


Key Specifications

Ex Wide

-Brand: AKRacing

-Max. Weight: 330 lbs

-Material: PU/Polyester

-Max. Recline/Tilt: 180 degrees


-Brand: DXRacer

-Max. Weight: 200 lbs

-Material: Foam/Leather

-Max. Recline/Tilt: 135 degrees

DXRacer vs. AKRacing: Which Model Comes Out On Top?

When you’re comparing gaming chairs or looking for which to buy, some names pop up. Names like DXRacer, AKRacing, and even Maxnomic, make the grade like some of the best.
However, as much as they share the top spot for gaming chairs, they’re all slightly different from each other.

This article is more focused on DXRacer and AKRacing chairs. In particular, the EX-Wide chair variant of AKRacing and the Racing Chair under DXRacer. Both brands have their way of doing things even if they have similar materials. As such, they’re popular among the gaming community.

Some similarities they share include the use of metal frames for the base of their chairs. Also, they use leathers with AKRacing more concerned with PU leather and mesh-like polyester. For relaxation, they both offer an excellent recline feature so that you can rest in between sessions.

Using both chairs in specific environments also bodes well for users. For example, you can keep them in your office, gaming room, and sitting room. The casters won’t affect your floor. Besides that, they both have a 360-degree swivel you can use to spin around.

While the DXRacer chair here throws in lumbar support and pillow, the AKRacing gives just one cushion. However, you can use such additions for more comfortable angles.

Ergonomics form a good part of both chairs. For example, the armrests come adjustable. You can adjust the arms of both chairs in their directions. Overall, both chairs and brands here five off a sleek design that forms a significant part of your gaming rig.

There’s more to both of these chairs. A look at each of them individually will give you more insight into their capabilities. Read on as we get right to it!

1. AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair


• Comfortable, sturdy build
• Breathable fabric
• Beautiful design, upholstery


• Weighty
• It takes time to put together

As this AKRacing review will point out, gaming chairs are an investment. Gaming chairs should give you comfort whether you’re sitting in front of your PC or in front of your TV. Comfort is a necessity over long, hard gaming sessions. For this reason, you ought to take time before settling on what you want.

The Core EX-Wide chair is one of AKRacing’s baseline gaming chairs. It offers few frills or premium accouterment, much like its previous Core Ex version. Also, when compared with more expensive models, it still has a comfortable and sturdy feel. The char also has customizations you can apply.

– Design

The Core EX-Wide comes covered with polyurethane leather (PU) along with upholstery that’s mesh-like. As such, the feeling comes off as pleasant but a bit rough. Also, it’s more expansive than the previous version.

Like many AKRacing gaming chairs, this one uses a metal skeleton frame and dense foam padding. You’ll feel that around parts of the chair like the backrest, seat, and sides. Again, the padding focuses on the surfaces of the chair you directly come in contact with. You have a hollow apart from the padding that covers the metal itself.

The padding focuses on the chair’s surfaces that directly touch you. Hence, the back is hollow apart from the padding wrapped around the metal frame itself. On the whole, it’s a dense and supportive design. The only drawback is how scant the foaming appears.

– Frame and Weight

Thanks to a large frame of metal, the Core EX-Wide gas a balanced outlook. It arrives with a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs and dimensions more suited to large users. The seat is also wider, with about 17-inches of space to work with. There’s no complaint about a steady and reliable base to sit on.

– Reclining and Adjustments

The Core EX-Wide can recline with a pull of a lever at the back of the right armrest. This feature is a standard one among the other gaming chairs on the AKRacing lineup. Moreover, you can relax the chair to a flat 180-degree angle. Other brands, including the DXRacer, cannot match up to this recline angle.

That angle will give you a very relaxed feeling, but you should be careful not to fall backward. Besides reclining, swiveling, and tilting this chair, it’s possible to adjust the dense PU rubber armrests. The bolts responsible for that are under the arms and help you get your arms’ best angle. That always comes in handy, especially when you have different uses for your AKRacing chair.

2. DXRacer OH/RAA106 Racing Series Gaming Chair


• Strong, flexible leather cover
• High-density and comfortable foam
• Additional pillow and cushion


• Difficult setup

Going through a DXRacer review shows you a top-quality chair fit for many purposes. The brand is a name reminiscent of chairs with beautiful designs and capabilities. As such, you wouldn’t be wrong to settle for this chair. Moreover, you’ve got many colors to choose from coupled with a strong fabric over metal frames.

– Strong and Unique Foam Material

There’s comfortable molding foam inside this chair. It’s a bit deep-seated and covers the metal frame. In line with that, it provides extra ergonomics and a high backrest filled with quality foam. Also, you get an elastic leather cover for additional support and protection. This same leather covering makes it easy to clean the chair.

– Universal Use

As a brand, DXRacer produces chairs you can’t limit to one use or environment. As such, gamers and other users alike will have a great time using it in their preferred places. That includes in the home, offices, and a gaming room. The base won’t affect the surface negatively.

– Swivel and Recline Feature

A chair with a swivel and recline feature makes sense to have. That way, you get to rest without having to stand up. You can tilt this chair to a maximum angle it 135-degrees. It’s a high backrest chair, so you can imagine how comfortable you’d get when you recline it.

– Sync Perfectly with Your Body

DXRacer gaming chairs have the ergonomics to create a perfect integration with your body. The high backrest design will allow your back, neck, and head to rest correctly. Spending a lot of time seated on this quality chair won’t give you aches.

AKRacing and DXRacer Gaming Chair Comparison: Head-to-Head

The main difference between DXRacer and AKRacing is, DXRacer provides better durability and stability in a more comfortable design compared to AKRacing.

As top gaming chairs, it makes sense that both of them have some similarities. Let’s look at how they match up across different categories of features.


  • Winner: Both

You can adjust the seat height of both chairs. The armrests are also 3D adjustable to comfortably contain your arms. That’s necessary depending on the function you out the chair, too.

For recline and tilt, you can sit back and relax on both. While the AKRacing offers more angles, the DXRacer wheels work better, and you have a wider seat.

Durability and Stability

  • Winner: DXRacer

We have to with the DXRacer chair here. Sure, they both have metal bases and frames to provide durability and stability. However, the seat covering on the Core EX-Wide doesn’t cut it. As such, with the EX-Wide, you have a closer contact to the frame.

That’s not the case on the DXRacer OH/RAA106. The foam has a high-density feeling and will absorb your body shape without hassle.


  • Winner: Both

Both the DXRacer and AKRacing chairs offer strong bases that provide adequate support. In any gaming chair comparison, it’s important to point out how crucial the bases are. That’s because they dictate how much weight the chair can carry.

The two chairs use metal bases that also have smooth-rolling casters.

Ergonomic and Supportive Design

  • Winner: DXRacer

DXRacer has a high-level chair thanks to a tremendous ergonomic system. For example, a high-back design fits a wide range of body types. When you add the removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow, it makes a lot of sense to get one.

The ergonomics are pretty much the same thing. DXRacer also provides a proper headrest and lumbar cushions. They also have a high-density shaping mold that takes a lot of pressure.


  • Winner: DXRacer

A critical difference between the DXRacer and AKRacing here is in the design. The DXRacer Racing chair has a high back design, features many colors, and uses the best ergonomic materials.

For AKRacing, you have a leather covering that is strong but tends to peel off.
For both chairs, we can at least mention that they offer additional support by way of pillows. However, DXRacer takes it a step further by adding lumbar support. That’s what makes it the best chair to game on here.

Other than that, it’s easy to clean the fabric and maintain it over time.


  • Winner: DXRacer

Overall, the two brands of chairs come packed with a bunch of valuable and beneficial features. However, there are more DXRacer accessories to make it the preferred option for gamers. You have a better seat, good and adjustable armrests, and recline features. Also, the foam makes sense to sit on while the high back takes care of your lumbar vertebrae. The EX-Wide closely follows behind in terms of extra features.


So, which one should you choose between DXRacer and AKRacing? Well, the truth is, overall, AKRacing offers a more wide-ranging lineup than its counterpart. However, any gamer or enthusiast’s main concern involves the level of comfort, support, and functionality.

When you have these items in a particular chair, it’s much easier to settle for a chair. For our review team, deciding between the two chairs here is easy. We will settle for the DXRacer Racing chair because of its design, ergonomics, and array of user-oriented features.

The EX-Wide doesn’t match up because of its limited features.
Ultimately, the choice between the two gaming chairs lies in your hands.


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