Tenkeyless vs. Full-Size Keyboard

Tenkeyless vs. Full Size Keyboard Comparison
Tenkeyless vs. Full Size Keyboard Comparison

Tenkeyless vs. full-size keyboard, which is best you may ask. Arriving at the answer to this question might seem a long journey since the two types of keyboards abundantly embed different features and functionalities.

Tenkeyless vs. Full-Size KeyboardWell, fret not! As you read through this article, our tech expert will offer you sufficient knowledge you need to draw a fine line between a tenkeyless keyboard and a full-size keyboard.

Comparison Table

Keyboard Pros Cons
  • Approximately 87 keys
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Easily portable
  • Adequate space for mouse movement
  • Lacks a number pad
  • Password input issues
  • 104 keys to 108 keys
  • Rows and arrow keys as well as a number pad section
  • Easier to use
  • Outstanding functionality
  • Space consuming
  • Expendable number pad

Why Use a Tenkeyless Keyboard?

Tenkeyless keyboards lack a number pad. With that omission, there are approximately 87 keys left. The 80 percent keyboard has drawn traction, particularly regarding its ergonomics. Body posture is utterly critical as you use your keyboard and your computer.

There are different reasons why the tenkeyless keyboard is suitable. The rationale behind this outcome includes the following.

– Conserves Desk Space

For the most part, desk space attracts concern for keyboard users. Limitations of the desk space pressures users to seek alternatives, smaller keyboards. It might sound unconventional, but the size of your keyboard determines the size of your office and working space.

– Unlimited Mouse Movement

Spared space allows users to create adequate space for mouse movement. It is tiresome and frustrating having limited space as it makes it uncomfortable to aim the cursor.

– Easy for Gaming

A tenkeyless keyboard makes it easier for the users to reach keys. It is not only easier but also faster. To beat opponents in the gaming realm, you must be quick and precise. Adept skills do not cut it. With this in mind, gamers admire small and compact keyboards. It is advantageous to have hands closely positioned while operating both the mouse and the keyboard.

– Portability

Both creators and consumers of keyboards take portability under serious consideration. The compact tenkeyless keyboard allows you to carry it around. If you are fond of taking your devices along with you, then the tenkeyless is your answer.

Are there any Drawbacks of a Tenkeyless Keyboard?

Of course. With lesser keys to work with, some problems come to light. Using a tenkeyless keyboard poses the following stumbling blocks.

Tenkeyless vs. Full-Size Keyboard Differences

– Ineffective Data Entry

Some people find it hard to feed the numerical figures without a number pad. Editing an avalanche of numerical data is mind-numbing. If you regularly interact with numerical data, the tenkeyless keyboard is your last option.

– Password Input

Most of us include numerical figures and related characters in our passwords to make them stronger. As it is, the importance of a numerical pad is obvious during password input. Remember when you fumbled finding a number or character to complete your password? Imagine doing so without a well-outlined number pad by your side, daunting, right?

– Games Optimization

Tenkeyless has an established reputation as an efficient gaming keyboard, but it is not quite there yet. Some games rely on the number pad to experience complete optimization. GTA V is one of such games. Some in-game commands work best with the number pad.

Why Go For a Full-Size Keyboard

For full-size keyboards, the number of keys ranges from 104 keys to 108 keys. It depends on whether the media keys were incorporated or not. The 100 percent full-sized keyboard is familiar to most people.

The traditional layout consists of rows and arrow keys as well as a number pad section. Below are the reasons why a Full-size keyboard may serve your designated purposes.

– Easy to Use

Given the scope of familiarity of the keyboard, most people find it easier to use. The traditional look and feel alienate the strange feeling of using modern keyboards. You are not alone in this standpoint. Some typing experts find it challenging when using different versions of keyboards. The change of the shoulder and elbow position potentially throws you off in an attempt to strike a key.

– Versatile Functionality

A full-size keyboard offers outstanding functionality. The keyboard is suitable for many applications. For instance, the media function keys prove vital when it comes to navigation. A mouse is not necessary to access media files and delivering commands regarding the same. Isn’t this highly convenient?

– Data Entry Made Easier

Ever wondered why the full-size keyboard is the go-to option of businesses from the outset? Wonder no more. Organizations prefer full-size keyboards over tenkeyless keyboards since the organizations heavily rely on prompt data entry to keep the business up and operational. In this case, long strings of data demand a number pad to make the process easier and faster. Consequently, if you own a firm or looking to start one, the full-size keyboards are just what you need.

What Are the Limitations of a Full-Size Keyboard?

– Space Consuming

A substantial keyboard layout makes it easier to maneuver around the keyboard, so it comes at a price. A full-size keyboard creates the need for a sizeable desk. A 100 percent keyboard will ultimately require a spacious office to fit the workstation. Small offices and workspaces will find it strenuous to accommodating full-sized keyboards.

Tenkeyless vs. Full-Size Specifications– Expendable Number Pad

The number pad is not for everyone. Some people feel that since number keys exist in the function row, insertion of a number pad in a keyboard is pointless. Users that subscribe to this idea render the number pad useless.

What to Look For both in a Tenkeyless and a Full-size Keyboard

However eager you are to get past the puzzle of the tenkeyless keyboard vs. the full-size keyboard, both types of keyboards must meet the requirements of a standard keyboard.

With this in mind, you can distinguish between various aspects of a mechanical keyboard to get the best out of the devices. These tips will help you to prioritize the chief factors when selecting a keyboard of your choice.

– Layout

Some creators customize the arrangement of the keys to meet the intended size of the keyboard. Although most keyboards observe the Full Standard Layout, customized variations teem in the tech market. You may find a customized version challenging. Key layout consideration is essential to be safe.

– Form and Position

There are specified ways concerning form and posture during typing. Individuals unknowingly bend the guidelines to fit what they deem comfortable. Your desired posture determines what size of keyboard you ought to get. Most gamers tilt keyboards to build room and more spread.

– Wrist Rest

Certain keyboards come with a wrist rest to offer comfort. Some people find wrist elevation helpful when using the keyboard. This notion is not shared by everyone prompting some brands not to include them. As you shop for your new keyboard, look out for one that meets your requirements.

– Mechanical Switches

Mechanical keyboards set the bar of keyboards in the market. Mechanical switches serve various purposes as they are different. Depending on your intended purpose, whether gaming or typing, Mechanical Keyboards have switches that provide a range of feel and sound as you engage with the keyboard.

– Keyboard Binding

Did you know that you configure keystrokes and shortcuts through keyboard binding? This feature is essential for lefthanders since it enables them to modify the keys’ function and shortcuts to their convenience.

– Type of Connection

Wired keyboards are known for their low latency. It makes them exceptional for gaming. Low budget? No problem. Wired keyboards’ price tags are mostly affordable. If you are looking for an extensive operating radius, wireless keyboards are your go-to option. However, you’ll need batteries or to regularly recharge the keyboard.

– Detachable Cords

As described, portability is highly essential. It is utterly convenient if you can separate the cables when traveling. This feature is most associated with the tenkeyless keyboard, and it is worth considering. Further, removable cords are replaceable. You can fix the customized ones according to your preferences making your setup aesthetically pleasing.

– Software Compatibility

In this day and age, keyboard brands compete to give the user limitless autonomy about how their keyboard lightings, key binds, and other features work. Software integration is necessary for the pursuance and achievement of this goal. As a potential buyer, you should consider the available software capabilities and their compatibility with the keyboard.Software Compatibility Keyboard

– Longevity

The durability must be at par with the money’s value. The durability of most premium keyboards is predominantly commendable. Solid components dictate the longevity of keyboards, so check. Tenkeyless keyboards tend to give a durability feel and appear sturdy given their small-sized and compact nature.


Now that we’ve discussed the difference between a tenkeyless and full-size keyboard, you probably have a better decision on which keyboard you need and want to buy for your setup. Take a look at the list of most important points that we covered in this article:

The number pad is of the utmost essence since it’s a deciding factor of whether you’ll decide to go for a tenkeyless keyboard or a full-size keyboard.

  • Pros of tenkeyless keyboards:

    • It conserves desk space which provides unlimited mouse movement.
    • It makes it easier for the users to reach keys, making it good for gaming.
    • It is portable, allowing you to carry it around.
  • Cons of tenkeyless keyboards:

    • Interacting with numerical data regularly, especially for passwords, can be hard on a tenkeyless keyboard due to the absence of the number pad.
    • Some games rely on the number pad to experience complete optimization, which the tenkeyless keyboard lacks.
  • Pros of full-size keyboards:

    • It is easy to use, given the scope of familiarity of the keyboard.
    • It offers outstanding functionality.
    • Data entry is made easier due to the presence of the number pad.
  • Cons of full-size keyboards:

    • Since it is a full-size keyboard, it occupies a lot of space on your desk.
    • Not everyone uses the number pad, making the extra keys useless.
    • Consider the keyboard’s layout.
    • Consider your needs before buying a keyboard: wrist rest, wireless, mechanical switches, and software compatibility.
    • Make sure you buy a durable keyboard to get your money’s worth.

Depending on your needs, pick a keyboard that meets your task requirements and lifestyle. You’re a traveler who loves gaming? Then I would recommend a tenkeyless keyboard coupled with a removable cord. With full-size keyboards, business startups will experience minimal problems while maximizing satisfaction regarding data input, functionality, and limited working space.


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