Dell S2716DG vs S2716DGR: What’s the Difference?

Buying Dell Gaming Monitors

Having trouble deciding between the Dell S2716DGR and the S2716DG?
Deciding between dell s dg and s dgr
Not sure which is right for you? Both monitors are almost identical but with a few differences.

In this article, our goal is to help you make the right decision by comparing one Dell G-Sync monitor to the other.

Products Key Specifications
Dell S2716DGR
  • 27”
  • TN Panel
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
Dell S2716DG
  • 27”
  • TN Panel
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate

1. Dell S2716DG


● High brightness levels

● Good contrast ratio

● Modern look

● Fast refresh rate


● High priced

– S2716DG Specs

The Dell S2716DG is a suitable monitor for most users. It offers a great gaming experience thanks to the super-fast response time, the low input lag, and G-SYNC variable refresh rate support. This monitor has better ratings than competing monitors with almost the same specifications.

The S2716 Dell Gaming monitor has a 27-inch screen and is the perfect size for most consumers. It comes with enough real estate for productive work and gaming and is also the right fit for your computer desk to give it a modern touch.

This monitor S2716DG features NVIDIA G-Sync and has a (Grey to Grey) response time of 1ms. Its contrast ratio is 1000:1 and it has an SRGB color space of 97 percent.

The S2716DG uses a TN panel with a WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate. It does well as a gaming monitor thanks to its many great features, and it has a competitive price point as well. It’s the right choice if you’re looking for a gaming monitor.

The Dell G-Sync Monitor has a color depth of 16.7 million colors, making it great for editing videos and photos. The color accuracy makes gaming a fantastic experience.

– Dell Gaming S2716DG Review

Dell designed the S2716DG for gamers who prefer a simple yet elegant monitor on their desk. Although its primary use is for gaming, it can also double as a work monitor.

The bezels of the Dell S2716DG are thin and have a glass design. The screen and the bezel are flush with Dell’s excellent antique glare coating. This feature cuts the glare without making the image blurry. Gamers can always have a clear vision on the battlefield.

The stand comes in two parts inside the box. The first is the base plate and the other is the stand. The assembling is very simple. It consists of placing the stand on top of the plate. You then fasten them together with screws at the bottom of the plate.

The Dell Gaming Monitor provides 130 mm of height adjustment. The stand is sturdy and stable. It offers 26 degrees of tilt, swivel, and landscape to portrait modes. The monitor has a shiny base that gives it a modern look.

The Dell S2716DG has four-port USB 3.0 downstream ports, an HDMI 1.4, and a display port 1.2. The physical buttons to adjust the display settings are beneath the screen on the right side. When pressed, it reveals a pop up that contains a short-list of most used features. The on-screen display is a classic interface from DELL.

Eight main sections run along the left side, starting with the brightness and contrast setting, and then moving over to the import source. This is where you can switch between HDMI and display port. You can adjust audio levels for the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The menu section lets you change the language, set transparency, timer, and reset menu.

The Dell S2716DG has a 1ms response time and it delivers incredible gaming experience compared to a slower 4ms IPS monitor. It has a higher refresh rate and G-Sync technology. This results in gamers having a wonderful experience in first-person shooter games.

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The Dell S2716DG is a beautiful monitor but in the wrong price bracket. It is costly for a TN panel.

The screen is excellent for a TN Panel, with good picture uniformity and an outstanding contrast ratio. Power consumption is in line with other TN monitors.

With the Dell S2716DG, you can enjoy a smooth frame rate without screen-tearing. This monitor is fitting for competitive game-play.

2. Dell Gaming S2716GR Review

– Overview:


● Consistent, reliable image quality

● Great gaming performance

● Fast response time

● Low input lag


● Inferior viewing angles in vertical mode

● Doesn’t support HDR

The Dell S2716DGR is a good monitor overall. Like the S2716DG, it delivers a beautiful gaming experience thanks to the super-fast response time and low input lag. This gaming monitor is an excellent choice for competitive gamers. It is loaded with features for the gaming community.

– Dell S2716DGR Specs

The Dell S2716DGR is a QHD 2560x144p monitor. It has an excellent build and picture quality that any user will enjoy. This monitor is quite heavy but makes a beautiful addition to your desktop.

The Dell S2716DGR features G-SYNC variable refresh rate support. G-Sync puts an end to screen tearing. It also decreases the overall input lag. It enables the monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your graphics card’s frame rate. Nvidia G-sync gives you the smoothest and fastest gaming experience.

The monitor has a 27-inch screen flush with Dell’s excellent anti-glare coating. The anti-glare coating cuts the glare without making the images too fuzzy.

The Dell S2716DGR comes with the mount, the base, display port, a power cord, and the monitor itself. The instruction booklets and the USB cord are also included. It is easy to assemble. All you have to do is attach the back piece on and screw the base at the bottom.

The Dell S2716DGR has two USB ports located at the bottom left of the monitor. There are a downstream port and an upstream port where you can hook up your Xbox or ps4. Dell has also placed a headphone jack at the bottom left side of the monitor.

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The Dell S2716DGR is for users who like a straightforward, modern monitor on their desks. The ergonomics stand can rotate, swivel, and pivot left to right. You can make vertical turns and adjust the height as well. The stand is nice and dense. There is a button on the back if you want to unmount.

The monitor’s menu setting includes the brightness, input source, color, display, and audio. These settings are for if you are using the built-in USB Hub. Other Dell S2716DGR specs include the 1ms response time, 27-inch LED TN Panel and the 144Hz refresh rate.

Product Comparison

The main difference between S2716DGR and S2716DG is, the Dell S2716DG model is for online retailers, While the Dell S2716DGR model is for the store’s retailers.

The Dell S2716DG and the Dell S2716DGR are both great monitors, but with minor faults and differences. The significant difference between the two monitors is that the R version is for retail, and the non R version is direct from Dell.

Every other feature is pretty much the same. The Dell S2716DG and the Dell S2716DGR are sisters to each other. Both have that modern look to and the thin bezel that makes the screen look bigger than it actually is.


The newer version was definitely never made to outshine the older. These two monitors are the closest in comparison to any monitor compared. The price may vary between the two monitors. The Dell S2716DGR may be a bit pricey because it is a newer model. The Dell S2716DG is usually lower in price.

Both monitors feature G-Sync, and both have a refresh rate of 144Hz. Each Dell G-Sync monitor has a brightness level of 350cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 100:1. They both have only internal speakers. We recommend external speakers to improve your sound quality.

The Dell S2716DGR is the retail packaging for the S2716DG. The DG model is for online retailers, and the DGR model is for the store’s retailers. Both models have a higher refresh rate than resolution, as well as QHD instead of 4k.

Because of the higher refresh rate of these monitors, you will have a fantastic experience in action-filled games.

The Dell S2716DGR is second-class in performance to most of the higher-end monitors. This is because of its inferior TN panel. The panel has a low-quality display, and the colors look washed-out.


The Dell S2716DG and the Dell S2716DGR are almost identical monitors. So similar, in fact, that we recommend basing your buying decision on price. Both are beautiful monitors. Either of the two deserves a place on your desktop.


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