Nvidia Cloud Gaming Service Quietly Capped: Explained

Explanation of Why Nvidia Cloud Gaming Service Capped Quietly
Explanation of Why Nvidia Cloud Gaming Service Capped Quietly

The question that has been on most gamers’ minds recently is if the Nvidia cloud gaming service quietly capped has affected its founders’ frame rates. Recent reports have shown us that Nvidia has chosen to put a cap on the frame rates of some of their games. 

Nvidia Cloud Gaming Service Quietly Capped

In this article, we reveal to you the specific games Nvidia has decided to put a cap on and what specific games they have recently capped.

By reading this article, you will better understand the current acceptable frame rates and what games they apply to. 

Has The Nvidia Cloud Gaming Quietly Put a Cap On Its Frame Rates?

Yes, Nvidia cloud gaming has put a cap on its frame rates. However, this only applies to certain accounts with specific memberships and only 12 games fall under this category. Moreover, as per the analytics, this is to promote the sales of their premium memberships.

Nvidia has, over the years, been quietly placing an upper limit on some of their most demanding games and for specific users subscribed to lower-tiered plans like the Priority plans and the basic Founders’ tier.

If you’re just one of those users paying monthly for the Founders access tier or yearly for the Priority membership plan, you would have noticed that you cannot exceed a specific limit of frames per second when playing some games.

If you’re indeed one of those people, it should be no surprise that the company announced this decision with a list of the 12 games this limitation now applies to.  

What Games Now Have A Cap On The Highest Frames Per Second? 

The games that now have a cap on the highest frames per second include the dauntless, cyberpunk 2077 and dying light. There are some other popular gaming titles as well that have been capped recently, including the latest versions of the dying light and biomutant.

– Dauntless

The dauntless game, meant to have a maximum of 60 frames per second on the Priority plan, has noticed a 5-point decrease in FPS.

The Dauntless Game

The reduction from 60 to 55 was implemented in the first month of 2020, i.e., January 2020.

– Cyberpunk 2077

Suppose you’re an avid player of the cyberpunk game on GeForce NOW. In that case, it might sadden you that it now has an upper limit of 45 frames per second (at least for all users subscribed to a membership plan less than Ultimate). This change was effected in late 2020. 

– Dying Light

Dying Light had its FPS reduced much later than games like Dauntless. It was reduced to 50 Frames per second in June 2021.

This has largely affected the gaming experience, especially for those who enjoy playing at high frames per second. 

– Biomutant 

The Biomutant Game

The Biomutant game was reduced in 2021, but a bit earlier than Dying Light. Biomutant was reduced in May 2021. It now sports a maximum of 50 frames per second (FPS).

– Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed gaming franchise is one of the most popular ones around. It is enjoyed by millions of users every year.

Chances are you also enjoy this game. As of December 2020, this game now has a maximum OPS of 45 frames per second. 

– Jurassic World Evolution

Adapted from the famous movie franchise Jurassic World, this game is one of the world’s most played and loved games.

You should know that it is now capped at 50 frames per second (FPS) as of February 2021. 

– Dyson Sphere Program

Just like the Jurassic World evolution game, you can now play this game only at a maximum of 50 frames per second.

This change was also implemented the same year and month the Jurassic world game cap was! 

– Valheim

As of February 2021, you can only play the Valheim game at a frame rate capped at 50 frames per second (FPS).

This means even if your devices support higher than 50fps, you won’t be able to utilize their maximum potential.

– Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Game

If you haven’t noticed, most of the games that have been capped now have an upper limit of 50fps. This game is no different. It was limited to this level in March 2021.

– Outriders

Like the dauntless games, the “Outriders” has only noticed a five-point decrease in fps from a previous 60.

Even after the change was implemented in early 2021, you most likely have not seen much difference in its graphics. 

– Immortals Fenyx Rising

As of November 2020, this game has a frame rate limit of 48 frames per second. If you’ve been enjoying this game at 60fps, you will undoubtedly notice a significant difference when you play it now. 

– Kenshi

This game also received its own fair share of the reduction spree as it was cut down to 50 frames per second in May of 2021. 

At first, all this might seem like a really drastic change, but you must understand two things. Firstly, this change only applies to users under the priority membership plan.

Secondly, GeForce NOW has over 1,000 games available for you to play with. This minor change in 12 of these 1000+ games is just a minor inconvenience.

Why Has Nvidia Capped Some of the Games?

Nvidia has capped some of the games for better game optimization and to promote its premium memberships. Now, users with basic memberships will have to upgrade to the premium memberships if they want to continue enjoying higher frame rates. On the bright side, the platform will now offer better optimization.

Why Nvidia Capped Some Games

The GeForce NOW’s default settings have been set to help you automatically optimize game performance and improve the graphics for the games you play. These settings work differently for each membership type. 

Further, the default settings are Optimal Playable Settings (OPS) and can be overridden in most games by Priority members. Of course, there are a few exceptions, as some games are incredibly graphic-intensive. 

To ensure that all the users with Priority access enjoy a consistent, high-quality experience, Nvidia decided to ensure that gamers cannot override the default Optimal Playable Settings (OPS). 

How Can You Enable Frame Rate Limit For Your Nvidia GPUs?

To enable the frame rate limit for your Nvidia GPU, right-click on the desktop and choose the option from the displayed drop-down menu. In the 3D settings section, locate and select the “Max Frame Rate” option. Lastly, turn the option “On”, set your required frame rates and apply changes.

If you’ve been gaming for a sufficient period, you should be aware of how faster your GPU gets drained of power the higher the frame rate of the game you’re playing. Essentially, the higher your game’s frame rate, the faster your GPU loses power. And if your GPU keeps losing power at this rate, it might get damaged sooner than later.

You must place an upper limit on some games that do not require intense graphics capabilities to be enjoyed. Doing this would help you save unnecessary power loss. 

When you find it, change the setting from “Off” to “On” and enter any frame limit of your choosing. Do not forget to click the apply button at the bottom to save the changes you have just made. 

This would apply this setting to all of your games henceforth. But, if you don’t want this to happen, you should navigate to the “Program Settings” tab and choose the specific game you want it to apply to. Proceed with the third step above.

Is There a Cap on the Length of the Sessions You Can Start On GeForce?

Yes, there is a cap on the length of the sessions you can start on GeForce, and this length is determined by the type of membership you have. The length of the sessions basically refers to the duration of the time a member can spend on the platform.

Nvidia GeForce NOW has three different membership plans; the free membership, the priority membership, and the ultimate membership (formerly known as the RTX 3080 membership). Each of these plans has its perks and advantages. Check out the key features of each of these membership plans. 

Users with a free membership plan are entitled to a session length of just one hour. While this may seem minor, there is no limit to how many times a player can start a new session daily. Priority members, on the other hand, enjoy session lengths of up to 6 hours. Lastly, the Ultimate membership subscribers have a maximum of 8 hours of session duration.


1. Is It Possible To Play At A Frame Rate Of 120 FPS On GeForce Now?

Yes, it is now possible for members subscribed to the highest tier, the Ultimate membership plan, to play and stream their favorite games at 1660p and 120 frames per second on the Google Chrome browser. For free and priority members, this is not the case.

2. What Is The Highest Frame Rate Possible For The GeForce NOW?

The highest frame rate possible for GeForce NOW is 240 frames per second. This frame rate can only be utilized by the ultimate member plan holders. Meanwhile, the other members will have to bear with the capped versions of their favorite games.

A few months ago, the answer to this question would have been 1660p and a frame rate of 120 frames per second. This would be totally wrong because, recently, the Nvidia team announced the launch of the upgraded Ultimate membership plan. 

NVIDIA announced the launch of the top-performing GeForce RTX 4080-class cloud gaming. The upgrade will only be available exclusively for members in the Ultimate membership tier.

This upgraded GeForce NOW RTX 4080 SuperPODs is set to offer 64 teraflops of graphics horsepower to qualified individual users and a frame rate of up to 240 frames per second! 


Through our article, we have made you understand why Nvidia quietly put a limit on the frame rate of some of their games.

But, to conclude, we will briefly summarize these points below: 

  • Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW, has put a cap on the frame rate of a few of its games.
  • Some of these games include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Valheim, Kenshi, Path of Exile, etc.
  • The games were chosen because they are graphic-intensive, and NVidia needed to ensure all Priority users can have a top-notch experience, regardless.

While there might be significant reductions in the graphics quality and smooth gameplay of some of these games, they are not so drastic as to make the experience of playing them terribly. Ultimately, despite these changes, we can all continue to have as much fun as we wish on the cloud gaming services of NVidia.


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