Seeking a mouse pad alternative might sound strange, but it isn’t an unusual encounter. Undoubtedly, owning a dedicated built pad to assist mice in seamless navigation is not much of a big deal. Still, the fact that the entity is so basic and can get replaced by several household materials like a magazine, we end up employing an alternative.

What can i use as a mousepad

But what does a perfect workaround looks like? Let’s uncover.

11 Best Mouse Pad Substitutes

Here is the list of best and easy-to-access mouse pad alternatives. Most of these are not only easily accessible but load with limitless customization possibilities. In other words, employing a little bit of ideation, you can seamlessly make your own mouse pad.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • A Magazine
  • Table Mats
  • Wooden Desk
  • Bedsheet
  • Wax Paper
  • Duct Tape
  • Folder
  • Lap
  • Hardcover Book

What Can I Use as a Mousepad?

Whether you’re unable to find your mouse pad at the time of requirement, or just you haven’t bought one in the recent past, the need for an alternative can correspond to a number of situations. However, the piece of good news is that coming up with a workaround doesn’t involve any complex scenarios.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly; finding a perfect pad for your mouse is just a quick search away. When we say quick search, we refer to looking into your surrounding. One cool thing about the whole purpose of mouse pads is that the same thing fits a number of household materials, irrespective of their working condition.

But that doesn’t mean you take a cup out from your kitchen and try to see if it is the best substitute for mouse pad; that won’t work. If not, what will? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you with that. Keep reading as we look at 11 things to use as a mousepad with no hassle whatsoever.

– Paper

The very first thing on our list is paper. Easy to find, not much hefty tasking. Just take a few, stack them one over the other, and you’ll have the alternative solution for the mouse pad sorted. Besides being an easy find, papers are easy to customize. From drawing your favorite characters to coloring the same in a unique manner, crafting a DIY mouse pad will just need your artistic skills and power of imagination.

– Cardboard

Don’t want to invest your time stacking sheets of paper? No worries, the cardboard will do. The thickness of any usual cardboard is just perfect to work as a mouse pad. Additionally,l the artistic person inside you can always come into play and enhance the overall look and feel.

However, one thing that hurts the overall mouse efficiency a bit is the uneven surface. But then again, employing this very workaround won’t let you down during the time of emergency.

– A Magazine

Magazine as a Mousepad

Hardly anyone likes reading a magazine over and over again, but your mouse doesn’t really care. Grab one from your shelf, bring it to your computer table, and you’re good to go.

Even if your home doesn’t shelter any bibliophiles, the good thing about magazines is that they are found everywhere. In fact, it is one of the best mouse pad alternatives when it comes to accessibility.

– Table Mats

In worst scenarios, when you’re unable to find a magazine or even a sheet of paper, search all over the place and look for table mats as they can serve the purpose as well. But before you go grab one right away, it is essential to keep in mind that only the ones with smooth surfaces will do.

If not entirely smooth, the mats with a marginal level of roughness can also be employed to work as a mouse pad.

– Wooden Desk

If you’ve got your computer placed on a downy wooden desk, chances are pretty high you don’t even need a mouse pad. It might sound too good to be true, but mice do work seamlessly when operated across any wooden surface. However, the requirements for smoothness remain the same.

The calculation is simple; if your desk is smooth enough to allow flawless mouse movements with no restriction, you’ll have no constraints either.

– Bedsheets

Similar to table mats, bedsheets list among the most efficient things to use as a mousepad. Bedsheets, in most cases, come with a smooth surface running all across.

This very feature positions bedsheets as a better mouse pad alternative compared to mats or rugs. In case the one you’ve got in your home bags some wrinkles, just get rid of it, and your own mouse pad is ready.

– Wax Paper

Ever thought of any connection between computers and wax papers? Well, they do have some, especially when you’re concerned about mouse pad alternatives. Usually found in the kitchen, the overall built of wax papers is just perfect for serving the urgent requirement of mousepads.

Yes, it might not be a promising long-term solution as no one likes having a strip of wax paper on their computer table, but the fact that it can act as a day-saving element can never be denied.

– Duct Tape

We’ve got duct tape next up on our list of best mouse pad alternatives. Many will already be familiar with this one as duct tape finds its way among the most popular options of all time.

Not just because it serves the purpose well, but its ability to offer customization possibilities is worth appreciating. With duct tape, you can make your own mouse pad in a matter of minutes.

– Folder

If you tend to carry a folder with you, just like most of the students and working professionals do, the need for mouse pad alternatives is already answered. Using a folder to operate your mouse is always a promising idea. Right from its built to the nature of the surface it provides.

Getting the job done won’t be a tough call. Moreover, the fact that folders are easy to carry presents this workaround with a bit more authority.

– Lap

When the urgency of any situation is pretty severe, and the availability of the above-listed alternatives becomes a daunting task, you’re left with nothing but using your own lap for the purpose. No doubt, the solution sounds inconvenient right from the word go, but then again, if it is possible to serve the purpose, the efficiency does justify the compromises you deal with convenience.

– Hardcover Book

Hardcover Book as a Mousepad

Lastly, let’s talk about the most usual mouse pad alternative, hardcover books. Bagging considerable size and sheltering a smooth surface in most cases, hardcover books are an efficient mouse pad alternative all the way through.

These are readily available and can seamlessly serve emergencies offering minimal possible trouble along the way. In case you haven’t tried it already, make sure to do it once.

Surfaces to Avoid as a Mousepad

Until this point, you already know that not every surface is meant to replace your mouse pad. In fact, some strict requirements eventually end up deciding whether a particular thing works as a mousepad or not. Having discussed the list of “do’s” already, let’s understand the ones to avoid.

Glossy Surfaces: Even if it’s entirely smooth, employing a glossy or reflecting surface to work as a mouse pad is never a promising idea.

Soft Fabrics: Alongside reflecting surfaces, avoiding soft fabrics is considered a good practice. These kinds of surfaces have proven to restrict the mouse sensors from working properly.

Keep In Mind: Silicon surfaces are considered the best for employing mouse operations. Offering better tracking abilities, silicon surfaces ensure mice’s usage remains seamless. Apart from that, the open cell styrene and butadiene rubber surfaces are also listed among the promising options.


And that wraps up today’s session on mouse pad alternatives. No doubt, mouse pad substitutes are not hard to find, but making sure the vital requisites are served is crucial. Through this article, we’ve covered the best possible information on that. Let’s sum up the list once more to ensure you’re ready with the entirety that works as a mousepad.

  • Paper is an easy-to-find mouse pad alternative.
  • Cardboard with regular surfaces can serve the purpose. Even a magazine or a hardcover book will do the job.
  • Table mats and bedsheets are also listed among the popular alternatives to a mouse pad.
  • For those who’ve got their computers positioned on a smooth wooden desk, the requirement for mousepads is, in fact, minimal. No surprise, mice tend to work seamlessly on smooth desks.
  • Moreover, wax paper, duct tape, folders, and even your lap can act as a day-saving element during emergencies.

Getting hold of the best mouse pad alternative is no rocket science. The only thing you need to pay attention to is, in fact, the surface of the concerned entity you’re about to employ. You already know the best option if you’ve dedicated your time to reading this piece.

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