Obihai OBi202 vs OBi302 VoIP Adapter: What’s the Difference?

Obihai OBi202 vs OBi302 Comparison
Obihai OBi202 vs OBi302 Comparison

Choosing between the Obihai OBi302 vs OBi202 is not easy. Although both are great products, there may be one that stands out from the other in your case. There are specific features that you should know about both of these products.

Obihai OBi202 vs OBi302 VoIP AdapterIt will help you make the final decision on which one to buy. This article will help you select the best VoIP phone adapter for your needs.

The table below compares the relevant specifications of each product.

Product Key specifications
Obihai OBi202
  • Weight 9 ounces
  • Dimensions 4.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Features Google voice support
Obihai OBi302
  • Weights 9 ounces
  • Dimensions 6.2 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches
  • Does not feature Google voice support

1. Obihai OBi202Review


● Good voice quality

● Straightforward to set up

● Compatible with Google voice

The OBihai OBi202 is a gigantic leap into advanced phone technology. The device is small and compact but also very efficient.

The OBihai OBi202 is a 2-port, VoIP phone adapter that enables you to use Google Voice and fax support for the home. It is a dual FXS Voice Over IP adapter and contains a built-in router. Thus, you can connect two phones or a phone and a fax machine to your IP network. The OBi202 also supports up to four SIP accounts.

The Obihai OBi202 is inexpensive. Plus, it lowers the expense of phone bills when the end of the month approaches. This phone adapter is also exceptional, where the sound heard on the line is near perfect, and the quality will leave you in awe. It also does not distort phone audio. Regardless of how far the distance between the parties, you won’t lose the connection.

Some notable features of the OBi 202 are those related to the calls made. These include call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, call transfer, and caller ID. The caller ID displays the name and the number of the person calling you. With the caller ID, you can also block anonymous calls. These would be the calls where the name and number are not displayed or known. And you can put on the do not disturb feature.

There’s no difficulty in the installation because the adapter is straightforward to set up. Once installed, there’s no need to touch the box. All you need to do is store it in a safe, dry place where it cannot sustain damage.

The Obihai OBi202 model also has a USB port that you can attach to a flash drive or external hard drive. It is advantageous to a small office or small home users.

2. Obihai OBi302Review


● Setting up is simple.

● Built-in router

● Zero-touch configuration


● Not compatible with Google Voice

The OBi302 is an exceptional phone adapter because its maker designed this model for Internet telephony service providers. This 2-port analog telephone adapter(ATA) features a built-in router. This adapter allows you to use your existing fax machine or analog phone to make calls over the Internet. It needs power, a phone, a reliable internet connection, and traditional phone service. Another good thing about this adapter is that it can make and receive faxes and phone calls. It can also bridge the telephone services for fixed lines, mobile, and Internet.Obihai OBi302 vs OBi202 Specifications

With the Obi302, you can offer your customers the best possible VoIP experience. It has two phone connections, or you can connect online to other Obihai customers using the company’s free OBiTALK network. The manufacturer designed the OBi302 to support 4 SIP (session initiation protocol) accounts. It will support faxing using T.38.

The inclusion of two RJ45 ports is to aid QoS’s integration for connecting to a broadband router. You can also connect it to other IP devices such as a PC. The OBi302 aids communication over VoIP and PDMD-SP portals.

The Obihai OBi302 is an almost identical model to the OBi202. The key difference between the two models is the presence of Google Voice support. The OBi202 can support Google Voice, whereas the OBi302 is more focused on SIP support.

You will enjoy value-added features when you use this device with a SIP service provider. These features include speed dialing, message waiting, and caller ID name and number. You can also get three-way conferencing, call waiting, and call forwarding. Other features are call return, call history, call recording, Do-Not-Disturb, and automatic attendant. Using an Obi302 with an analog phone gives you the features enjoyed by big companies at a consumer price.

– Obi302 Google Voice

Many people are asking, does Obihai work with Google Voice? With a connection to Google Voice, making and receiving calls within the US and Canada is free. Many people are making the switch from using traditional phone lines. Google Voice makes placing calls over the Internet convenient and inexpensive.

Obihai OBi302 vs OBi202 Characteristics

The OBi302 does not have any accommodations for Google Voice support. Most people consider the absence of this support in the OBi302 a significant disadvantage. The lack of Google Voice support may be because Obihai designed this model for ITSPs.

Product Comparison

The main difference between OBi202 and OBi302 is, Obihai OBi202 comes with Google Voice support in a smaller form, while OBi302 does not offer Google Voice Support.

As there are few differences between the models, the comparison would be brief. Here is a list of some other notable features of the OBi 202 and the OBi 302.


  • Winner: OBi202

The OBi202 is the smaller of the two, with dimensions of 4.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches. The dimensions of the OBi302 are 6.2 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches. If you are a person that values the presence of space, no matter how little, then you may be more drawn to the OBi 202.

Google Voice Support

  • Winner: OBi 202

When browsing for a suitable VoIP phone adapter, most people look for Google Voice Support as it comes with a free provided phone number for calls, voicemails, and text messages. With Google Voice, you can also link your number to any mobile or landline number. Only the OBi202 offers such a convenience.


OBiTALK Support

  • Winner: tie

Both the OBi 202 of the OBi2 series and the OBi302 of the OBi3 series have the OBiTALK feature.


Ethernet Ports Performance

  • Winner: tie

The OBi202 and the OBi302 both have the same number of available ports: two phone ports, zero line ports, two Ethernet ports, and one USB port.


  • Winner: tie

When looking for almost any product, weight is a factor. The OBi202 and the OBi302 weigh the same, nine ounces, which is relativity light for a phone adapter.

For Obihai port forwarding, you would need to connect the 16-port switch into the cable modem and then plug in the OBi. You would then have to treat the OBi as another thing plugged into your local network switch.


Both the OBi302 and the OBi202 have reasonable price points. Because they almost have the same pricing in most cases, the OBi202 is a more common model. Both of these models carry virtually identical specifications and features.

The Obihai OBi202 is the better model with Google Voice support, which the OBi302 does not have. But if for any reason you may not desire or need Google Voice Support, the OBi302 is a more reliable model for you to buy. Both the OBi202 and the OBi302 are available on Amazon.


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