How To Pair Sub to LG Sound Bar: Steps and Potential Issues

Learn To Pair Sub to LG Sound Bar
Learn To Pair Sub to LG Sound Bar

Learning how to pair sub to LG sound bar can be very beneficial because the LG Subwoofer and Soundbar combo is fantastic for many home theater enthusiasts.

How To Pair Sub to LG Sound Bar

These pairings are designed with beginners in mind and offer superb sound for the money. The soundbar and subwoofer connection, however, has occasionally proven problematic.

It doesn’t necessarily imply your devices aren’t working because some connections are trickier than others. 

How to Pair a Sub With LG Sound Bar? Error- Free Procedure

To pair a sub with an LG sound bar, you have to connect both of the appliances to a power source. After that, turn on the LG soundbar and wait for a few moments before turning on the sub’s switch. This will automatically connect both of them.

– Turning on the Appliances

Connect the power cord of the wireless subunit and the main soundbar unit to the power outlet on your wall.

Turning on the Appliances

Turn the main unit on first before turning on the wireless subwoofer unit, and observe as the LED light blinks continuously on the sub.

The soundbar and sub should automatically connect the moment you turn it on.

– Waiting for the Connection

The sub automatically turns on the Bluetooth feature when it comes on. Also, when you plug in the power cable, it gets configured to connect with only the soundbar.

When the sub is successfully connected to the soundbar, you will observe that the LED light has stopped blinking and glows continuously.

– Ensuring Connection

You can ensure that the connection has been successfully established when the LED on the Sub stops blinking.

If the LED light does not stop blinking, it will be safe to say that the connection has failed and the sub is still trying to connect to the soundbar

How To Know Why Your Sub Is Refusing to Pair With the LG Soundbar?

To know why your Sub is refusing to pair with the LG soundbar, check the connection ports on the subwoofer and the receiver to ensure that the cable is connected firmly and securely. Also, ensure that the subwoofer is compatible with the receiver. 

If the subwoofer and receiver are incompatible, the pairing process may not work.

Other reasons include the following:

– Overheating Issues

Overheating is another issue that could prevent your sub from the pairing. Subwoofers may become overhead when utilized frequently for an extended period.

Overheating Issues of Subwoofer

If your subwoofer is experiencing overheating, turn it off and let it cool down for a few minutes before pairing it again.

– Brief Circuit 

The other significant factor is the short circuit, which prevents the signal from reaching its destination. If your subwoofer has a brief circuit issue, check the wiring for any loose connections and ensure that there are no damaged components. 

If the wiring is fine and there are no damaged components, you may need to replace the subwoofer.

– Wear and Tear

Subwoofers can malfunction due to use, wear, and tear, just like any other electrical device. If that is the situation, it could be due to age or excessive use. You may need to replace it.

– Connections 

For your devices to pair securely with other devices, your subwoofer must be powered and in good condition.

Connection System of Subwoofer

Ensure that the connections are secure and tight before pairing the subwoofer again.

How To Fix If Your Sub is Refusing To Pair To LG Soundbar?

You can fix it if your Sub is refusing to pair to the LG soundbar by making sure that the connection between them is as per the requirements. Secondly, you have to ensure that the appliances are properly connected to their respective power supplies or not.

First, confirm that the subwoofer and soundbar are initially connected correctly. Your LG soundbar and subwoofer should immediately pair when you turn it on.

This initial connection will be made by:

  • Locate the power supply and connect the other end of the power cord to the soundbar’s back in the correct location.
  • Find the subwoofer’s power cord. Connect the power cord’s other end to the proper spot on the subwoofer’s rear.
  • Touch the power button on the soundbar or the subwoofer to ensure you turn it on.
  • When both devices are paired, the subwoofer will have a shining LED light. The subwoofer and the soundbar need some time to connect. However, they are designed to work with one another exclusively.

The connection is on when the LED light stops blinking and turns solid green

If the devices are being turned on for the first time and won’t connect automatically, you might need to pair them manually. The LG subwoofer and soundbar are not correctly connected if, after briefly turning on both devices, you don’t get any sound or if the LED light remains blinking.

– Taking Care of the Technical Things

If you have problems troubleshooting your connection, it shows that your LG subwoofer and soundbar may not be connected for a few reasons.

Taking Care of the Technical Things

Look into the following options before attempting to connect your soundbar and subwoofer manually

  • As much as feasible, place your LG soundbar and subwoofer together. This enhances audio quality while making it more straightforward for devices to connect.
  • Visit the area in front of your LG soundbar and subwoofer to determine if there are any impediments. Connectivity might get hampered by anything that might obstruct the signal. 
  • It would be best if you shut down any equipment with the same frequency as the LG soundbar or subwoofer not to weigh it down. That applies to microwaves, medical devices, or wireless LAN connections. Too many links could lead to interference that prevents your soundbar from connecting to the subwoofer.
  • Consider lowering the volume. Turning down the soundbar’s level makes it simpler for your subwoofer to connect. 
  • Try unplugging the LG soundbar and subwoofer if none of these issues are the cause. It would help if you waited a few minutes before plugging them back in. This occasionally solves the problem.

– Manual Pairing

If they refuse to connect immediately, you must manually pair your LG soundbar and subwoofer. Although it is a straightforward operation, follow each step precisely. 

You should follow these instructions to connect your LG subwoofer to the LG soundbar manually: 

  • Decrease the soundbar’s volume. You can achieve this by pushing the “VOL -” button on the device or the remote. This button also starts manual pairing mode, which is necessary for a proper pair. 
  • Press “VOL -” repeatedly to continue. Your soundbar’s backlight should soon start to illuminate. Red is what it should be. After two seconds, the constant light ought to begin flashing. 
  • Use your remote when the red LED indicator starts to flash. 
  • Press your remote’s “Mute” button for three seconds. The mute button’s visual depiction could be an image of a speaker with a line through it.
  • When the LED indicator light flashes, immediately use the “Mute” button. This blinking speed ought to be distinguishable from the earlier, slower blinking. 
  • Next, proceed to the LG subwoofer. At the subwoofer’s back, you will find the pairing button. You’ll need a little instrument to access the button, like a tiny screwdriver or paperclip. It is small and integrated into the subwoofer’s surface. 
  • Use the little tool to hold the pairing button for over 5 seconds.
  • The LED indication light ought to start flashing alternately red and green
  • At this moment, unplug the soundbar and subwoofer simultaneously. Keep them cleared from all power sources for a short period. 
  • Go ahead to re-plug the soundbar and subwoofer into an electrical outlet. The devices need to pair after a brief period automatically. If the subwoofers are matched, check the LED indicator light on the opposite side of the subwoofer. It must be a uniform shade of green. 

Once you’ve followed these instructions, your LG soundbar and subwoofer should be linked. Playing something from your TV will allow you to verify this. The soundbar and subwoofer work together successfully if you hear sound from both devices.

– Ensuring All Steps Are Being Followed

If the devices aren’t currently connecting, you should not worry. You can still take some actions to forge a connection with them. Similarly, try the following methods to connect the subwoofer and the soundbar. 

  • Pairing: Start the pairing process for your subwoofer. Your subwoofer should include a button that you may press and hold down for a few seconds to make this connection. 
  • Plugging In And Out: You can also unplug both devices from the wall outlet, wait a moment, and then plug them back in. This simple solution might solve your issue. Most of the time, this advice appears practical for people. You can link your central unit and the subwoofer together with these techniques. They’ll also work for different brands. However, they are primarily for LG soundbars and their companion wireless subwoofer.
  • Volume: The volume on your soundbar is the sole factor that can prevent your subwoofer and soundbar from connecting. Reducing the volume while these two devices are connected would be advisable.
  • Stop/Mute Button: Another suggestion is to connect these two devices by briefly holding down the sound woofer’s mute button. Next, keep your soundbar’s stop button depressed for a few additional seconds. This can also aid both in finding and connecting.

– Right Placement

Where to place your sub can be a dilemma.

But if you want the best sounds, follow these pieces of advice: 

  • Don’t let the device touch the wall. If feasible, it’s better to be just inches from the wall. 
  • When you play sounds through the subwoofer, your home’s wall will reflect them. Many people place their subwoofer slightly to the TV’s left or right, directly beneath it. There are many places where you can keep your subwoofer safe.
  • Another excellent option is to position a subwoofer in the room’s corner. Still a few inches away from the house’s wall. In this manner, the subwoofer may produce even more sound, and maximizing the subwoofer’s output is possible. 
  • It will be of assistance if you have yet to place your subwoofer far from the main speaker. The closer your wireless subwoofer is, the clearer your connection will be. If you use one, this is true. 

When they’re wirelessly linked, they utilize the 2.4 GHz frequency. Any other device using this frequency, like a cordless home phone or a baby monitor, can interfere with the connection. Moving the subwoofer about the room will be worthwhile to locate the best place for you and the device.


1. Can I Pair Any Subwoofer To An LG Soundbar?

Yes, you can. Many LG soundbars mostly come with a subwoofer already integrated into them, which is one of the finest things about these soundbars. But in the event that they don’t, they will often come bundled with a wireless subwoofer that has an easy connection to the main unit.

To get this working on your device, press and maintain your grip on the volume down button located on the soundbar while simultaneously pressing and maintaining your hold on the sound effect button on the remote control. 

After holding down both buttons for some seconds, let go of them to reset the LG soundbar and connect to any sub.

2. What Are The Steps To Take When Resetting Any LG Sub?

The steps to take when resetting any LG Sub include pressing down the pairing button on the back of the wireless subwoofer for at least five seconds once it starts to blink red and green alternately. Now, unplug the wireless subwoofer and soundbar’s power cords. 

When the LEDs on the central unit and the wireless subwoofer are entirely off, reconnect them.

3. What Causes Your Subwoofer to Produce Limited Bass Noises or Sound? 

Interruption from other devices causes your subwoofer to produce limited bass noises. When that is the case, verify whether anything is blocking the path between the central unit and the subwoofer. Then the best approach will be to keep such devices away from your speakers.

Further, you should take time to confirm whether any other equipment, such as medical equipment, a microwave oven, or a LAN device with high frequency, uses the same frequency as this wireless connection.


Knowing what to do when your subwoofer and LG misbehave and refuse to connect is a blessing.

Let’s summarize some important points made above to help you carefully:

  • Combining an LG soundbar and a sound woofer is easy to do, thanks to the steps provided above.
  • Your subwoofer should be appropriately placed on the wall to avoid any more connection problems.
  • It might be easy enough to fix your subwoofer if it doesn’t connect to the sound bar, so resetting may be required.
  • Your LG subwoofer and soundbar may need to be fixed if the above solutions don’t resolve your connection issues.

After reading this article, we are pretty sure you can comfortably connect your subwoofer to your LG soundbar.  


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