Find Out How To Get Internet on Tablet Without WiFi Now

Connect to a VPN for Consistent Internet
Connect to a VPN for Consistent Internet

If you are trying to get internet on your tablet without WiFi, you know that it can be a struggle. Either you don’t have Wi-Fi access where you are or, if you have a really old tablet, wireless ports have been known to malfunction.

Internet on Tablet Without WiFi NowStill, the main reason to use or have a tablet is to get internet access on the go easily. If you struggle to get internet for tablet without WiFi, continue reading how to get internet service for a tablet.

Many of these methods require you to purchase something, whether that is a physical device like a Dongle or a cord or something intangible, like a VPN pass. All of these methods are legal and safe; it just depends on the brand and type of tablet you have.

For example, getting internet on Android tablet without WiFi is different from an Apple tablet in some cases.

How To Get Internet on Tablet Without WiFi

If you are looking to use the internet on your tablet without WiFi, there are many ways to do it. The problem is that you also want to get a wireless connection that is safe, fast, and secured.

You also don’t want to sign onto a random WiFi network where you don’t know the owner and what else is going on using that network.

Tether Using Bluetooth

If you want to get internet on your tablet without having a WiFi connection, another option is to use Bluetooth tethering. This method also uses hotspots from an internet connection on your phone or another internet-enabled device and then shares it through a Bluetooth connection.

Tether Using BluetoothYou can use another device that gets the internet, like another tablet, your phone, or even a desktop computer, but it is easiest and best through a laptop. Smartphones would be your second best choice.

Almost all laptops and smartphones produced after 2017 will have this capability, even if you don’t know it is there.

To do this method, which is probably the overall best method, you need to have a cellphone or a laptop with an active, working, strong internet connection. Your device must also have Bluetooth.

You only need to enable the internet on the device you are going to use to connect, and then the Bluetooth on your tablet needs to be on. Of course, you will have to enable the Bluetooth feature on your tablet as well.

Then, you are set up to quickly and easily share the data between the two devices. If you don’t have Bluetooth, you can even use a USB modem to connect the two, but this requires carrying the device.

You can use both devices on the internet, but it is going to slow down downloads and uploads for both people. Your speed is limited anyway when using Bluetooth, so your tablet probably won’t be able to do high-data-transfer activities like sending big attachments, streaming content, watching YouTube, or uploading photos.

This method is probably the easiest and the best way on the list, but it isn’t a long-term solution to get work done or entertain yourself. It is best for emergencies when you need to email, make changes to a GoogleDoc, or something small.

Purchase an Ethernet Cable Supporting Dongle

If you are using a specific type of tablet, like a Samsung, you can actually purchase something called a Dongle. A Dongle is an accessory that you can purchase online or at most big box stores that allow you to connect your tablet to your phone, laptop, or some other device. You can then use that internet on the device.

Ethernet Cable SupportingThere are many different types of Dongles with different strengths, methods, speeds, and more. They all connect to your other device through Bluetooth or a wire that will go into a port on your laptop. It will either be a charging port or a USB port if you have one.

Using a Dongle is pretty easy; it just requires you to plug it into the device and use it. Unless you want to customize your experience, you don’t even have to install additional software before using it.

All you do is connect the ethernet cable, if you have one, into the Dongle. Then, you connect the Dongle using Bluetooth or another wired connection.

If you need to use your tablet without tethering yourself, this isn’t the best option. But if you want an internet connection quickly and on the go, this is the best option.

Use Your Mobile Network or Data Plan

Another option is to use your mobile network as a mobile hotspot for your tablet. This is an option when your tablet has built-in support for a sim card or already has a sim card installed.

This method is common when you want to use the internet on an Android tablet without WiFi, for example. You can also get an off-market or blank tablet and use a SIM card with the cellular modem.

People like this option because you don’t have to use any additional tools, Dongles, or wires to connect. The only problem is that not all tablets are going to have SIM slots, and then you will have to add a SIM slot which isn’t something you can do quickly or without any technical savvy.

Use Your Mobile Network or Data PlanIf you want to install a SIM card into your tablet, it is easy to do. You just need to take your SIM card with a mobile internet connection, like one out of your phone and insert it into the tablet’s slot.

It may take a bit of time to connect, but you should be able to use your tablet without WiFi by using LTE or 5G on your cellular network. Remember that a WiFi hotspot can use your plan’s data, depending on your internet service providers, cellular provider, and agreements.

You should note that you will pay for this if you don’t have an internet plan on your phone or if you use too much data. Remember that tablets often use more data than mobile phones do, so you should track your usage. If you have an unlimited data plan, this won’t be an issue.

Use a Cable to Tether

This is the method that probably pops into people’s minds first; by using an old-school Ethernet or internet cable, you can actively connect to the internet quickly and with full speed.

The problem?

You will have to connect using a cord, so you won’t be able to move around. You can either connect directly to your cellular router or use your laptop to feed the internet from one device to the other.

This method kind of works the way a landline phone used to work with your old school desktop. If you have a connection and port on your tablet, you can simply run the Ethernet or internet cable from one to the other. This feature is found most commonly on Windows or Android tablets.

Connect to a VPN for Consistent Internet Without WiFi

Another option is to use a VPN or a virtual private network. This method allows you to connect to an internet connection even when you aren’t somewhere.

You can purchase a VPN on your own or use one through school or work. This is a long process, but once it is on your tablet, it is an extremely easy way to get safe, reliable, and fast internet on the go. There are a few steps to this process.

Get Your VPN Information

The first thing you need to do is either purchase a VPN on your own or get the information from the administrator. You will probably need to have an app or a set-up installed. Most VPNs you can purchase will have an app you need to download when you have another internet connection.

Next, you simply need to find the VPN and put in the information.

Connect to a VPN

First, open up your Settings on your tablet, then find the menu for “Network and Internet Settings.” You should see an option for a VPN.

Connect to a VPNIn rare cases, it is under the “Advanced” tab. If you can’t find it, you can search your device for a “VPN” and find it there.

When you click, you will be prompted to enter your VPN information, then click “Save.”

Use a VPN

To use your VPN with your tablet, you can either open the app and check whether or not you have VPN access. Depending on the network settings, you may be presented with different options before you sign onto the VPN.

Once everything is set up and you understand the VPN, you should be able to just connect and go.

In Conclusion: How To Get Internet on Tablet Without WiFi

If you are looking to connect tablet to internet without WiFi, then you have a few different options. The ones listed above are the most ethical and easiest solutions available.

They don’t take a lot of time, but most of them do take some preplanning. It is best to set up the process before you lose internet or WiFi on your tablet.

Getting yourself a VPN is overall just a good idea, according to our experts. You can use it everywhere, especially if you like to travel. You are safer when using a VPN than using a traditional WiFi network, especially in a hotel or random city-wide WiFi.

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