How To Clean RAM Sticks: Easy and Simple Steps To Follow

Remove the Dust from RAM Sticks
Remove the Dust from RAM Sticks

Do you know how to clean ram sticks? Many computer users believe it is an overwhelming task. They forget to clean and then face a lot of trouble.

How To Clean RAM SticksHowever, we are here to help you. If you plan to clean ram sticks, this article is for you. We will share our tested technique and the most proficient method to clean RAM sticks, so keep reading to know more.

How to Clean RAM Sticks

To clean computer RAM, you will need to:

  • Turn off the computer.
  • Unplug the power adaptor.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Detect the RAM.
  • Take out the RAM module
  • Clean it, put it back and turn on the computer.

 There are two versions of this, depending on whether you want to clean a computer’s ram or a laptop. So, without further ado, we will first take you through the latter, which is cleaning RAM.

– If Your Laptop Is in Running Stat, Turn It Off

The first step involves removing RAM from the laptop. You can just shut down your PC from the start menu or turn down it by pressing and holding the power button for fifteen to thirty seconds.

As a rule, your operating framework will advise you to close all projects before it closes down. This is so that projects don’t keep on running behind the scenes when your PC switches off.

Unplug the Power Adaptor– Unplug the Power Adaptor

Detach the power connector from your PC. Any other way, it can cause harm, assuming you unintentionally left it connected.

– Remove the Battery

It is usually quite simple to remove a PC battery. There’s a delivery button on the base of most workstations that you can press to pop the battery out.

A few workstations have a hook that you want to open before you can eliminate the battery. Another set of workstations accompanies non-removable batteries, implying that you can’t remove the battery without unscrewing it.

– Determine the Location of the RAM

In many PCs, the RAM is situated under the console. Usually, a removable board can be effectively gotten to by popping it out from the lower part of the PC. The RAM modules will be plainly named and are typically simple to eliminate and install.

Then again, a portion of the PC’s accompanies different usefulness. They don’t permit admittance to RAM from outside and require unscrewing the case to eliminate the modules.

– Eliminate All of the Screws From Your Laptop

Taking out screws from a PC can be an arduous task, as various screws might be utilized in the gadget. To eliminate screws from a PC, it is essential to recognize the kind of screw being operated and use the proper device to open them. 

– Take Out the RAM Module

Now, is the ideal time to take out the RAM. The module will be held and set up by a catch or spring-stacked system. Delicately push down on the net or system to deliver the module, then haul it out of the space. The module might be hot to the touch, yet it won’t be harmed.

Take Out the RAM Module

– Scrub the Gold-plated Fittings

You can easily clean the gold-plated connectors by utilizing a modest quantity of isopropyl liquor on a cotton ball. Be mindful not to use excessive liquor, as this can harm the connector. Delicately rub the connector until it is perfect.

– Gust off the RAM Slot

To blow the RAM opening on a PC, you should utilize packed air. To do this, essentially eliminate the battery from the PC. Then, at that point, cautiously blow into the opening to clean RAM slot until it is clear.

– Get the System Back Together

Press the RAM module once again into the right spot. Then, slide it back into the space and delicately push down on the catch to get it set up. Right now, you ought to have the option to put the motherboard back for your situation and close it up. If you followed the steps, your framework ought to work for sure.

Note: If, after following the strategy over, your PC doesn’t function accordingly, or you see yellow or earthy colored streaks on your RAM module, then, at that point, you might disapprove of your RAM module.

The issue might be residue, soil, or even memory circuit issues. The PC’s motherboard and RAM module should be taken out from your PC for you to clean it.


How To Clean Desktop Computer RAM?

Personal computer RAM can be cleaned with a couple of simple steps:

  • Unplug the Power Sources
  • Locate the RAM Sticks
  • Unplug the Power Sources
  • Use a Pencil and Remove the Dust
  • Remove the RAM Sticks
  • Clean the RAM
  • Put it all together and turn the computer on

To begin with, find the power line and turn it off with the electrical plug. It is important to unplug all the power sources before you begin the process.

– Locate the RAM Sticks

Identify where the RAM sticks (or chips) are situated on your personal computer. You can track it down on the motherboard, as in the image underneath.

– Use a Pencil and Remove the Dust

Utilize a pencil to delicately push down on the RAM stick, which tends to be taken out. Utilize a pencil to not harm your PC’s motherboard.

– Remove the RAM Sticks

Now, it is time for removing RAM from laptop. There is a locking instrument. Carefully open it and take out the RAM stick from its attachment.

Remove the RAM Sticks

– Remove Dust and Other Particles

To eliminate the residue, utilize a vacuum cleaner to suck up the entirety of the soil and particles from around the RAM chips. If not, you can use the air blower to blow the residue away from the chips to permit them to be introduced.

– Install RAM Chips and Power On the Computer to Test RAM

With the residue eliminated, put back the RAM chips into their particular openings. Congratulations, your task is done.

Turn on your PC and test the RAM. You would feel a significant difference in terms of speed and performance. 


– Is It Ok To Clean RAM With Liquor?

Ordinarily, tidying out within your organization’s PCs consistently (assuming that the climate is curiously dusty) is adequate to keep RAM modules clean. However, considering the need emerges, you can likewise clean the contacts with scouring liquor.

– Could I at Any Point Clean RAM With a Toothbrush?

Utilize a spotless toothbrush and close to 100% scouring liquor. Allow it to air dry or blow it out with canned air.

– Do RAM Store Cleaners Work or Not?

Most RAM cleaning instruments limit actual RAM use. As a rule, they shift every one of the cycles to virtual RAM and clear the actual RAM store to let loose RAM. When you tell the RAM tidying apparatus to let loose RAM, it will come down on the virtual RAM. 

Do RAM Store Cleaners Work or Not

– Could an Eraser at Any Point Harm RAM?

The actual eraser won’t harm the RAM, but the rubbings from said eraser WILL! So I propose scouring alcohol and Q-tips to clean them. Then pass the chips over with a jar of air after they dry (gets any build-up off them).

– Is It Protected To Clean PC With Packed Air?

Utilize a build-up-free fabric or container of compacted air to clean the residue from any residue channels and any undeniable assortments in the foundation of the case.

Utilize a jar of compressed air — we don’t prescribe attempting to blow yourself strongly — to clean the residue from any heatsinks like your CPU or designs card cooler.


 There are various ways of making them run quicker in regard to PCs. One way is to clean the RAM sticks. This might appear to be an overwhelming errand, yet it may be done reasonably effectively, and it offers many advantages.

This article must have given you a clear picture to clean RAM memory. To sum things up: 

  • A grimy RAM stick may be cleaned by touching the terminals or spraying compressed air over it.
  • When cleaning, ensure that your computer’s RAM sticks are not harmed.
  • Keeping the RAM dust and dirt-free is an effective approach to extending the life of your computer.

It is the most effective technique to maintain your computer’s RAM sticks secure and operational.


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