Cherry MX Blue vs. Brown Switches: Making the Right Choice

Cherry Brand Keyboard Switches

Deciding which are the better switches between the Cherry MX Brown vs. Blue can be a little tricky at times. The reason is quite evident. Both switches are produced by a top-quality brand, and they come with a wide range of premium features that will meet the demands of all users.
Cherry Mx Blue Vs Brown Switches


However, there are some subtle differences beneath the hood, which could be all it takes to make or mar your gaming and typing experience.

In line with that, this article will explain their similarities, differences, advantages, and drawbacks.

Cherry MX Blue vs. Brown Switches Comparison Table

Specifications MX Blue

MX Brown

Feel Medium Medium
Behavior Tactile Tactile/linear
Actuation Force 50g 45g
Actuation Point 2.2mm 2mm
Total Travel Distance 4mm 4mm
Sound Level Audible click Quiet
Rated Lifespan 50 million keystrokes 50 million keystrokes

In-Depth Comparison

Mechanical keyboards are very much in demand due to the kind of switches they have. A switch is more than just the equipment under the keycaps. They are vital to your keyboard’s performance.

This is why many brands have come up with products for a plethora of tasks, including gaming, typing, or software development.

One such brand is Cherry MX, with a lineup of switches represented by different colors. Moreover, they’re the first of their kind, with other switch brands being clones of Cherry. For this reason, they’re called the gold standard.

Today, we are going to consider two of the best mechanical switches to from the Cherry lineup.

  • The Cherry MX Blue Switches
  • The Cherry MX Brown Switches

Both the Brown and Blue switches are tactile, and you’ll feel a little bump with them. However, Browns are ultimately quiet in any function you want to execute. For Blues, there’s always an audible click. You might love this feature or hate it, especially around other people.

The fact they’re both durable and last for a while will appeal to many users. Being rated to 50 million keystrokes means you can use your keyboards for at least ten years.

Also, it helps that such switches are individually replaceable. That is one of the positives of mechanical switches. With medium feel, both are good enough to grace your keyboard.

A good look at each switch will tell us more about how they rate performance-wise.

Product Reviews

1. Cherry MX Blue Key Switch


  • Light keypresses
  • Quality resistance
  • Constant feedback
  • Precise actuation


  • Loudest MX switch

Cherry MX Blue switches are great to have. However, they split opinions on different fronts. That is because some users think they should be lighter than they are. Further, mechanical blue switches are the loudest and clickiest in the Cherry lineup.

These switches have a slightly heavy feel to them thanks to the actuation force. They have a force of 50g that can get to 60g at full force or over the tactile bump. However, this varies from keyboard to keyboard.

Also, the travel distance of 4mm is a standard feature in many MX switches. In addition, they provide a lot of resistance to give the perfect typing experience. However, if you’re using one in the workplace, brace yourself for the high noise levels.

The MX Blue switch is the best option for users who type documents. You can also play games. It’s just that their unique construction gets plenty of feedback. That is what sets it apart from many switches out there.

What’s more, with a response time that’s not all that fast, you’ll struggle to play competitive games.

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This key switch is the preferred choice for typing purists. They only need a very light press with actuation taking place near the beginning of the keystroke. As such, they’re very tactile and take little effort to press.

However, the high clicky sound means they are the loudest of MX switches.

2. Cherry MX Brown Key Switch


  • Silent travel
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Faster responses


  • Very short responses

This keyboard is a middle ground for many users. The Cherry MX brown switches are hybrid switches. If you can’t decide between linear and a tactile one, MX Browns will do.

They also have a discernible tactile bump that is less notable than that of the MX Blue, but on the whole, they have a feel that’s not linear or clicky.

For actuation distance, this switch comes in at 2mm coupled with a force of 45g. That makes it lighter than the Cherry MX Blue. As a result, they’re very versatile and faster than Blue switches even though they are close in terms of behavior. This quick response makes them a reliable option for gaming between the two.

The sound levels are good. As the norm, they’re almost always silent. That makes them suitable for many uses and spaces like workplaces. On the whole, this switch will feel like a combination of MX Blue and Red. Of course, without the kind of noise levels the others have.

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This keyboard is great for users who want a perfect combination for gaming and typing. Since it is versatile, you’ll have a good experience, no matter what you do. It is a gaming key switch, a perfect typing switch, or both. Either way, MX Browns are worth having.

Head to Head Between MX Blue and Brown

The main difference between Cherry MX Blue and Brown is, MX Brown has a softer sound level and requires less extra force to push switches to the actuation point than the MX Blue. Both switches are from the famous Cherry lineup. However, let’s take a look at how they measure up against each other:

– Sound Level

  • Winner: MX Brown

One key difference between Cherry MX switches is the sound level. One of the basic features of a mechanical keyboard is that satisfying click, but this sound can get irritating for those around you.

Between the two, it’s easy to pick the MX Brown since it doesn’t give off the kind of loud noises MX Blue does.

Whatever the case, it’s up to you to decide what you want. A big part of that is where you’d spend the most time using your keyboard.

– Actuation Point and Force

  • Winner: MX Brown

The actuation points and forces make your experience worthwhile. Here, MX Browns standout with a 2mm actuation point and 45g force. As such, not much effort is necessary for keypresses.

Again, you don’t have to bottom out to get a response. Going halfway down on any keypress will do the trick. Both switches also offer quality resistance. However, that of the MX Brown is faster and makes it a good fit for gaming or typing.

– Behavior

  • Winner: MX Brown

Although the Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches require a little bit of extra force to push them to the actuation point, the Blue needs more force than the Brown. It resorts to a “bump” about halfway through the press. It is a signal that you’ve hit the actuation point.

The MX Blue offers a very tactile behavior accompanied by an audible click. That is not the case with an MX Brown, which sits comfortably between Clicky and Linear behavior. That makes it the perfect choice if you don’t know which to get.

– Durability

  • Winner: Both

There’s no difference between Blue and Brown switches in terms of durability. It is an important consideration, with both rated to 50 million keystrokes. In line with that, they can last for more than ten years! Durability is a positive of Cherry MX switches.

Deciding the Best Key Switch for Your Keyboard: Key Points

– Longevity

A mechanical key switch lasts for a long time. However, among various brands, some stick out with guaranteed keystrokes that can reach up to 100 million per key. Whether you’re a heavy keyboard user or not, you’d want a longer lifespan for your switch.

– Behavior

With all switch brands, there are three types of behavior: linear, tactile, and clicky. Linears are the best because they have no sounds and bumps. Also, they are smoother than the rest.

Tactile switches have a bump halfway through a keypress. That is a feature of Brown switches. On the other hand, clicky switches like the Cherry MX Blue switches give off a lot of noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the MX Blue or Brown perfect for gaming?

Quick answer: MX Browns are the better fit for gaming between the two. That is because of their notable versatility. With them, you can execute several functions like playing your games. You can also type documents with them.

On the flip side, MX Blues are best for typing. Also, they are not as versatile as other Cherry switches.

2. How long will my Cherry MX switch last?

For starters, Cherry MX has the only lineup of switches that guarantees millions of keystrokes per key. This means you can keep using them for more than ten years. What’s more, you can replace individual switches with new ones. You don’t have to take them all out.

If you’re a heavy user of your keyboard, this lifespan will come in handy. What you want is a keyboard that can take all the force you lay on it daily.


Mechanical keyboards increase your efficiency with the best switches. In the end, your choice boils down to your personal preference.

It means no one, including us, can tell you which kind of switch works best for you. What you can do is try them out yourself. This way, you can settle between an MX Blue or Brown key switch, as you deem fit.

If you need to make a quick decision without going through all the stress, we recommend the MX Brown. It sits on the fence in terms of gaming and typing, so using it won’t make you feel you’re missing out on either function.


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