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When it comes to getting the best tactile switches for your keyboard, you should not settle for less. This is because there are many models out there claiming to be the best.

The Tactile Switch

That’s not always the case, however, as they usually end up delivering an inferior performance which may undermine your productivity and disrupt your gaming activities in the long run.

In this regard, we have come up with a list of the best tactile switches according to their feel, sound, and overall performance. Read on to find out what makes the best switches for your keyboard!

Switch Brand Specifications
Kailh Box switches

  • Water and dust resistant
  • SMD compatible
  • Tactile bump
Wholesale Kailh Box switches

  • Waterproof
  • Dirt-proof
Gateron K-S9

  • RGB
  • Transparent switch
ZugGear T1

  • LED styles
  • POM stem
  • Smooth actuation

A Comprehensive Review of the Best Tactile Switches for Your Gaming Keyboard

1. Kailh Box switches


  • Water-resistant
  • Dust-resistant
  • Fast actuation
  • Clicky normal sounds


  • Very light

The Kailh Box Switches feature a light spring and a little tactile bump. As such, they are very smooth with clicky switches that make it awesome for typing or gaming. These switches will come in handy for any user, especially if you just want to get going without any hassles.

The Kailh Box Switches are also dust- and water-resistant with a rating of IP56. This will appeal to individuals who love snacking or drinking beverages while typing or gaming. As such, liquid spills won’t damage your keyboard or switches, and dust won’t affect them.

Further, typing presents a pleasant and crisp sound with each stroke. If you’re a gamer, you’ll notice that the clicky switches will rival a light linear with their responsiveness.

What’s more? The Kailh Box Switch is compatible with SMD, so you have to bottom out at each keypress for maximum results. This feature will appeal to gamers.

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  • Overview

With 50g actuation and 60g bottom out, this switch is ideal for typing and gaming. The sounds are worth every push of the keycaps. However, if you work a lot, you’ll love typing with this switch underneath your keycaps.

2. Wholesale Kailh Box switches


  • Clicky and springy
  • Waterproof
  • Dirt-proof
  • Durable


  • Can get loud

You can opt for BKX yellows, burnt orange, and other switches, but one thing is clear. They are great and will last you a long while. This is because the lifetime is around 80 million times longer than usual switches. If you’re not keen on changing switches frequently, this one is a keeper.

These Kailh Box switches are also dirt-proof and waterproof. There’s no need to fret about spills or dirt accumulating underneath. The best part about them is that they come with a tactile, clicky spring force with minimal resistant feeling. When you punch the keys, the sound is audible but not annoying.

This will benefit those who love sounds while typing or gaming but not enough to cause a nuisance. Also, wobbles will seldom occur.

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If you’re on a budget, these switches will serve you well. They last longer, and you’d probably have to replace just the keycaps without new switches.

3. Gateron K-S9


  • SMD and PCB compatible
  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Faster actuation


  • A little bit light

The KS-9 switches are plate mount switches that are compatible with all PCBs and SMD LEDs. Sporting a lifetime of about 50million keystrokes per switch, they aren’t going anywhere soon. Also, for what they cost, you’ll get the much-needed value in return.

They might not be the best Cherry-cloned switches out there, but they will help you enjoy working on your keyboard or playing games. The experiences promise to be top-notch and smoother than many others.

These Gateron products are available in several colors and even boast of higher actuation points than the Cherry MX Switches. Even though that may be slight, it does make a difference when you’re typing or gaming.

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  • Overview

With smoother operations and faster actuation, this switch can do it all. If you work in an establishment, their quiet appeal is exactly what you need while typing.

4. ZugGear T1


  • Different LED styles
  • Fast response to touch
  • Durable materials


  • A bit loud when bottoming out

The ZugGear T1 Tactile Keyboard Switch is the only switch on our list designed with a special tactile stem. You can expect a strong bump right at the top of the push, and when it bottoms out, a clicky sound makes it all the more worthwhile to punch the keys while typing or gaming.

Actuation is fast and steady, coupled with feedback that’s responsive to touch. If you want to feel alive while typing other than just performing a routine task, this is the switch you want under your keycaps.

There are available LED styles to further enhance the quality of this switch. This switch is top of the tactile pack and closer to linear switches in terms of gaming. It can clearly hold its own against linear switches.

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The cost of this switch doesn’t do justice to how good it is. It’s the perfect choice for users who want something reliable for work and gaming without necessarily spending too much.

Buying Guide

Finding good tactile switches is a function of several factors. With several brands providing products that could perfectly fit your keyboard, you have a tough choice to make.

As such, it’s important to note which one packs more advantages and helps you perform a wide range of functions.

– Advantages of Tactile Switches

1. Lightweight design

This helps to keep your keyboard running without additional weight. What’s more, adding your choice of keycaps to these switches means you gain more accuracy when you press down on any of them.

2. Durable

Tactile switches last longer, with most going above 50 million keypresses. This is perfect for users who want something cheap that won’t need replacing any time soon. It also helps if you’re an avid gamer and have to punch a whole lot of keys many times over.

3. Fast, tangible feedback for users

Tactile switches are known to be momentary contact switches. This means they become active when you press them. The action sequence created after pressing down on them gives rise to a tangible or physical feedback users can see and feel.

In most cases, this response is very fast and will go a long way to help users enjoy typing and gaming on their PC.

– Who Would Love Tactile Switches?

1. Those who do a lot of typing

Since you don’t have to bottom out with a lot of these tactile switches, you’ll find typing on them very convenient. This is also the case when you are trying to do some work in a rather loud environment.

They’re as quiet as you can imagine, with some encouraging basic clicky sounds for a better feel.

2. Gamers

Faster responses and better feedbacks are the ultimate features gamers want with switches. This way, games are more interesting and engaging. There’s also the fact that you’d like something that won’t damage easily.

For this reason, most tactile switches are dirt- and water-proof. You have the freedom to drink your beverages while you game.

3 Those new to mechanical keyboards

Tactile switches are great if you’re thinking of using a mechanical keyboard for the first time. What you want with switches is that auditory feedback—the click—or tactile feedback the bump you can feel. Sometimes, some mechanical keyboards have both sensations and sounds.

Either way, there must be just enough pressure to activate a command (actuationforce). Tactile switches are great for this and positively affect the functionality of your keyboard while you type or game.

– Important Features to look for in Tactile Switches

Here are some top features and specifications you can consider whenever you are looking to get the best tactile switches for your keyboard.

1. Smooth actuation

This is important because it has to do with the key travel distance where the key is recognized by the keyboard. The actuation force shouldn’t be something fast and to the point.

Once you press the key, you want a situation where the command is instantly felt. With some tactile switches, you only have to press a keycap halfway while you have to bottom out with others.

2. RGB and LED styles

Most modern tactile switches set the tone for the keycaps to have bright lights you can customize. As such, it’s a good feature to look out for, particularly if you love lights while gaming or typing.

3. Waterproof and/or dirt-proof

It sure helps to have this advantage because spills can happen even when you don’t want them to.

When you’re hard at work on your computer and have a coffee around, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the switch won’t get damaged. The same thing goes for dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tactile switches?

Tactile keyboard switches are little tactile bump that provides some resistance which is felt at the point of key actuation. The switch is quiet without the click sound associated with clicky switches.

Further, tactile switches are versatile and can perform well under varying conditions involved with typing or gaming.

For gaming, they won’t perform like clicky switches but have a better feel than linear switches, especially for pure typing activities. What’s more, they have few drawbacks and are cost-effective.

2. Is a tactile switch worth getting?

Short answer: yes! They are worth getting because they are fun to use and offer faster and better feedback. If you’re interested in a switch to fit your typing needs, this is great for you.

In addition, tactile switches are wonderful for those who are just starting out with mechanical keyboards. In contrast to normal keyboards, these switches will provide satisfying bumps with each keystroke.

They are also capable of being clicky, although this depends on the brand you get. The Wholesales Kailh box switch is a good example. However, on the whole, they are perfect for those who don’t want loud noises.

3. Are tactile switches better than linear switches?

In most cases, switches are either linear or tactile. The difference between the two is very clear. To actuate a tactile switch, you have to pitch it about halfway down or even bottom out. For a linear switch, you have to go all the way down like that of a membrane key.

While many people prefer tactile switches for gaming, others are of the view that linear switches are much better. Well, tactile switches do perform wonderfully well when typing, but they are also great for gaming.


There you have it! Now you have an idea of what a tactile switch does, and you know what you need to consider before you get one.

However, if it comes down to selecting the best from our top picks, we recommend the Kailh box switches for your mechanical keyboard. They are great, clear, and will give you better feedback and responses.

Picking the best can be difficult, but this guide will help you make the right choice.


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