Best Gaming Chair for A Short Person: A Comprehensive Review

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For someone lacking a bit of height, finding the best gaming chair for a short person isn’t easy. You’ll need the right mix of a good backrest and something on your feet so they won’t dangle.

Short Person Gaming Chair

Our experts have put some of the best gaming chairs to the test for short gamers, and here is what they have to say.

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Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person: Our Top Picks

A gaming chair is many things, but mainly one designed to give gamers comfort while they play. However, like with everything else, gamers are different when you consider physique, ability, and other factors that can influence their performance.

Here, our primary goal is to give you options in determining the best gaming chairs for people lacking in the height department. Many features that stand out for gaming chairs like this include a high backrest, headrest, footrest, lumbar support, neck protection, etc.

The materials used also count with many chairs boasting string leathers. For example, top brands use PU leather and PVC leather while others settle for other stuff. Whatever the case, the chairs reviewed here will fit those who want the right fit for their height.

Perhaps you have a kid who plays games; a reliable option is when they don’t fall off because their feet can’t touch the ground. Here are some great options to consider if you are looking to get the perfect gaming sessions for short persons.

1. Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic


• Functional external pillow
• Robust backrest
• Comfy foam coating
• 3D adjustable armrests


• Squeaky

If you’re considering this brand for a gaming chair for short people, then you’ve chosen well. While it’s not the smallest gaming chair on our list, but your height measures less than two meters or stands at 5’4″, this will be your love at first sight.

The Gtracing gaming chair offers the best value for the price, especially for the features it has. For example, you can adjust the seat height between 16.9″to 20.9″while the chair easily accommodates short people.

They can sit without their legs dangling in midair. If you have a petite frame, there’s more to this chair for you because it has a seat width, which is pegged at 15″ wide without the bolsters included.

What’s even more astonishing is that the backrest’s recline feature on this chair is robust. That way, it’s possible to recline almost horizontally at 170-degrees. Add to that, there’s a 20-degree tilting and tilt lock feature while seating on this chair. That means you can sit to play games, relax, or just recline to have fun.

This GTRacing chair also comes at a budget price and armrest you’ll like. With a 3D feature, you get to pivot around. In and out pivots will support your forearms when you’re doing some work or just sitting with your phone.

What’s more, the chair is all comfortable, too, thanks to the kind of foam and padded seat inside. This means it’s soft and benefits users who stay in for a long time. Don’t worry; it’s also very supportive of the body. However, with a padding of about 3.1″ thickness, it is best suited for petite to medium-build users. That means individuals under 200Ibs.

The external neck pillow is another game-changer. It is movable up and down to about 4″ so that you can target your neck if you’re shorter. One advantage here is that back pains and strains become a thing of the past even after a long time on the GTRacing chair. Not bad if you stream movies, play games, work, or relax to chat with friends.

  • Overview

If your height is between 5’4″ to 6’1″ and weigh less than 230 lbs, the GTRacing gaming chair offers the best value for what you pay.

2. AKRacing California Gaming Chair, Laguna


• High build quality
• Robust backrest and recline
• Premium PU leather
• Smooth turning parts


• Big individuals can’t use

A petite person doesn’t have to lose out on having the most comfortable options in accessories. For this reason, the AKRacing California was explicitly built with short individuals in mind. This small gaming chair is not something you’d see in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ but it’s little in stature.

The AKRacing California is reserved for short people. As such, it’s beneficial to those whose height ranges between 4’9 to 5’6″. In line with that, everything about the chair is shrunken to fit petite adults and kids who might fancy getting one.

From the top of this chair, you’ll notice that the seat height will go as low as 17.5″. Also, the backrest height is one of the smallest we’ve come across at 27.7″ tall. As a result, it increases the possibility of the external neck pillow fitting under your cervical spine when you’re leaning back.

The width of the seat measures about 15″ across if you leave out the wings. That makes it quite similar to the GTracing chair reviewed above. We can also add that the AKRacing California also comes with a robust backrest that reclines all the way flat to 180-degrees.

The armrests are also 3D in build and form. You can also make adjustments to length or move the armrests forward and backward. The AKRacing California counts other advantages over its cheaper rivals thanks to its higher build quality. When we closely examined the chair, we noticed that everything came together perfectly.

For example, an annoying squeaky sound is absent when you maneuver the chair. That’s great when you need all that concentration playing engaging games.

We noticed that every part of this chair spells premium, including the cold-cured foam padding and the silky smooth PU leather. We were particularly interested in imitating real leather with the same texture as animal skin but is purely vegan.

The PU leather is lighter, durable for a time, and more resistant to sunlight. That is why it’s a feature on many other items such as car seats and furniture.

  • Overview

If your height is on the short side, the AKRacing California is an excellent option for you. It’ll fit your frame and give you the comfort you deserve during your favorite game sessions.

3. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back


• Comfortable design
• Some adjustable features
• Easy assembly


• Rather short recline

If you ever needed a chair specifically built for short persons, this is it. That is because this Hbada chair comes with a shallow seat height pegged at 15.7″, thus making it perfect for small people that measure as low as 5’2″.

While that’s an essential requirement for those lacking some size, it’s not the most important feature here. We consider the kick out footrest top of the pile. It’s perfect for a heavy recline and boosts comfortability.

Footrests are significant aspects to consider, and you can put them to excellent use while taking a quick nap, reading, or playing games for long hours. It also slides out quickly so that you don’t have to struggle to set it up. Sure, it’s small, but that’s the point since the whole chair’s design is for small individuals.

The Hbada brand is dedicated to making the best gaming chair and a large seat area for pro gamers. Sitting in this chair will improve your gaming experience with comfy dimensions along with a backrest that reclines up to 155-degrees. That doesn’t sound like much reclining angle, but it is sufficient to keep users comfortable.

The Hbada is a budget mini gaming chair with undoubted quality. However, if you’re on the heavy side, this chair isn’t for you. You’ve got to have a weight not more than 230lbs based on the nylon base and abundance of plastic parts. For short and petite people, that’s adequate.

This chair also comes with highly durable PU leather accompanied by a removable headrest and lumbar support. It features a high backrest that ensures proper alignment and support for your back and neck. The installation of this chair is detailed and easy-to-understand with the necessary installation tools, and every hardware you need to get it up and ready is part of the whole package.

Along with its relatively quick installation process, this chair is rated perfect for gaming. You can put that down to the large seat area for pro gamers. It’s all comfy and will no doubt improve your gaming experience.


The bottom line is, if you’re a short person looking for a gaming chair that comes with a footrest to kick back in from time to time, the Hbada is a decent choice. It won’t cost you much since it’s also budget-friendly.

4. Homall Gaming Office Chair High Back Computer Chair


• Very affordable chair
• Tilt-locking mechanism to adjust the seat from 90-180 degrees.
• Padded Armrests to flip Up or Down
• Color caster wheels for easy movement.


• Faux leather can crack easily.

If there’s ever a chair with an insane value and still compares to other top-quality products, this is it. The chair is simple to set up and should take about 30 minutes to put together. Every part fits well together, with a lovely fabric covering the frame. Like other Homall chairs and other brands featured here, it has an ergonomic design along with a wide seat.

That way, you can spend late nights doing a lot on this chair, while the multiple functions serve to help you play competitive games or work in the office.

You can also opt for different colors to go with your personal preferences. What’s more, the color caster wheels glide smoothly over all types of surfaces, and the padded armrests will flip up or down to aid convenience and comfort while working or gaming. There’s also high-density shaping foam that’s comfier and offers elasticity resilience.

As such, it’s beneficial to users who spend a lot of time sitting down. Overall, it has an upgraded configuration featuring a class 3 gas lift that’s durable, reliable, and supports up to 300lbs.

After all, this chair is a budget gaming chair, so the features are essential. It comes equipped with two external pillows and a backrest tilting and reclining feature that can reach up to 155-degrees. The chair’s tilt tension control allows you to disable the tilt feature altogether if you want. Also, the backrest tilts around 20-degrees if you apply force, and you can also lock it. Rocking the backrest is effortless.

  • Overview

If you’re short and need an appropriate chair with a wide seat and tall back, this Homall chair offers top ergonomic support for all your uses, including gaming and office work.

5. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair High Back


• Adjustable head and lumbar support
• Affordable and easy to set up,
• Ergonomic gaming chair
• Reclining back up to 180-degrees


• Materials often breakdown easily
• Not long-lasting

This particular Homall is one of the best-selling chairs for short people out there. That’s because it’s affordable and packs an ergonomic design to help you play games for long stretches.

The chair comes equipped with a suitable headrest and lumbar support, along with a skin-friendly, molded foam that will make your marathon gaming sessions easy, smooth, and convenient. As a result, the chair adapts to your shape and conforms to your body’s natural alignment.

The high-back extends to 22.5 inches, while the seat is 19.8 inches long. That means the seat adjusts to match the player’s height, from 17.3 to 21.5 inches. Again, the chair does weigh about 40 pounds but will support weights up to 300 pounds. Like many standard chairs, there’s a tilt-locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the seat from 90 to 180-degrees.

The adjustable height feature is something you can use to customize your personal and workstation’s height. You may often face excruciating neck pain when you look up at your computer or screen, but the adjustable function ensures you can lock the chair at the perfect height to avoid this. That’s particularly useful if you’re prone to such pains.

There are armrests here, too. Armrests are essential for any quest, and your back, neck, and head pain can create more discomfort if it is not included. Also, you may get wrist pains without adjustable armrests that maximize your play experience.

  • Overview

If you desire a chair with enough quality features and fits your frame, consider buying this Homall gaming chair.

Buying Guide

Anyone looking for gaming chairs for short adults needs to check out some features before paying. Whether you want to play games or work for hours, a sedentary lifestyle could be harmful. That’s why you need the best chairs to keep any pain away.

The chairs reviewed here are ergonomically designed to protect your back and neck. Some of them also come with armrests to provide a comfortable and cushioned feeling. No chair is overly perfect, but alongside our review of the best chairs for a short person, follow these guides before buying one.

– Chair Height

This aspect is one of the first considerations for a person lacking some height. What you need is a chair that has a minimum seat height of at least 18″. It’s an odd sight dangling your feet around and will present an uncomfortable situation.

Further, dangling from a high height cuts off circulation to your legs, leading to numbness or even varicose veins over time. Using an 18″ minimum seat height as a starting point keeps you comfortable on the flip side of things. Always get a chair that’s precise to your size and caters to your leg length

– Seat Depth

Seat depth is something to consider because it has to do with the seat’s size on the gaming chair. If you’re short, you’d want a low seat depth along with the appropriate width. Overall, it should be large enough to fit your body, and for short people, this isn’t a problem.

Seat depth is the distance between the front edge of the seat and the backrest. In line with that, ergonomic chairs such as this should leave around two fingers gap between your knees’ back and the chair’s edge. That is important, especially when your back is against the backrest.

If there’s any contact between the back of your knees and the seat edge, it can increase the pressure behind your thighs, leading to poor circulation to your lower legs.

– Color and Coolness

With humans, there’s always a taste for aesthetics. You want to get something that’s great to look at, and more importantly, get your buddies jealous when they see it. Your chair will look much like a pro gamer even if you put it to other uses.

The GTracing and other brands reviewed here have great options that are not just colorful but comfortable and reliable.

– Armrests

Armrests aren’t just parts of the furniture. They’re functional parts and worth their inclusion if users must enjoy a relaxing time on the chair. What’s more, armrests provide extra support and are made up of different materials.

Some of them carry the same foams and material in them, much like the seat. When getting a chair for your size, get one that suits your playing habits or job. It’s always essential to get the right padding to keep your arms from getting strained.

– Backrest and Lumbar Support

An adjustable back support chair is vital for any chair. Many office and gaming chairs usually have a seatback that can be lowered or raised to fit the user.

Such a seatback should be positioned so that the lower spine curve is supported by the turn located at the chair’s back. If you have more than one person using the chair, levels of adjustments are necessary. Part of a backrest is a portable lumbar back support fitted to the seat.

– Extra Pillows

Whether the brand you choose comes with a towel or small pillow, chances are you’d want one. In many circumstances, lumbar back support is not necessary where there’s a rolled-up towel or small pillow that can serve the same purpose.

Such supports often come at critical areas users will need, including the neck and head area. It’s all designed to help add a towel to the desired thickness; this support is placed wherever you deem fit for the most comfort and support while sitting in an office chair.

– Material/Fabric

The material used to cover up the frame of the chair is essential. Many brands make use of genuine leather taken from animal rawhide. However, other top brands like those reviewed here use other leather materials like faux leather, including PU and PVC leather.

Genuine leather is more durable than its imitators and can last for a very long time. Sometimes such leathers are known to improve with age. On the other hand, PU and PVC more likely to crack and peel over time. However, they still serve you well even though there less breathable materials compared to genuine leather.

– Size Matters

The size of the chair you want to get is equally essential. As such, if you are someone with a small body type or want to buy one for your kids, you should consider how big the chair is.

You wouldn’t want a full-sized option in which you’ll get lost a while playing games or relaxing. To that extent, if you’re small, consider a chair made for individuals measuring 5’3″ and below.

You should also consider the weight. Many chairs, including some mentioned here, can carry individuals weighing up to 300 pounds.

– Convenience

Sitting in comfort on your gaming chair is a great feeling. It helps you concentrate and avoid some ailments like body pains. That is why a top consideration before buying a chair is the convenience it provides even after long hours spent on it.

Besides, you don’t want an outline of your body when you get up. Your body should balance across the width of the gaming chair you choose. That way, you have the support and all the comfort you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a chair suitable for a short person?

An ergonomically suitable gaming chair for a small person is the standard. Health is a top priority not only for pro gamers but also for regular users. As a result, it’s vital to have ergonomics if you’re going to spend some time sitting on a gaming chair.

One of the main benefits of an ergonomic chair is that it allows you to sit to avoid back pain. The best chair you will come across should provide two essential functions – it should be flexible and protect your lower back.

If you want decent seats to get going on with your games, think about how protective the materials are on your body before parting with your money.

2. What’s the importance of sizing?

Gaming chairs are built and designed with the size of individuals in mind. That is why some of them are more suited to small people or huge people. As such, it doesn’t make sense to have a little person using a much more oversized chair to get things done.

Size is so crucial and can help you determine what works for you. For example, a shorter person will find it challenging to match a more oversized gaming chair’s neck pillow. Even if such a chair is adjustable, it won’t fit right.

We have outlined and reviewed the best gaming chairs for small individuals above. As such, it shows that they’re more suited to people who are 5’7″ and below in height. Anything above that or with a weight of more than 300 pounds will cause discomfort and pressure on the chair.

3. Can gaming chairs improve my gameplay abilities?

Quick answer, yes. However, it can only influence certain factors. For example, a gaming chair with the right build, material, and features means your body is comfortable. That way, all you have to focus on is winning your game.

Better focus does half the job and helps you dominate your enemies. That is why pro gamers are always picky about the type and brand of gaming chairs they buy. The right chair is a significant improvement on every gaming level.


No matter the application you put your gaming chair, it’s crucial to find one supporting good sitting posture. It means you have to give extra attention to the backrest height, chair height, cushioning, seat dimensions, depth, and other ergonomics.

The fact is gaming chairs have to fit you well because you’ll spend a lot of time playing, working, or relaxing in them.

For short people, the five chairs reviewed above represent the best in fitting your body size. Every product here deserves to be on the list, but if you wonder which one is best for you, we will go ahead and give you a great suggestion.

The GTracing here is the best option. It has an excellent build quality, wholesome design, great features, and a reasonable price. The other four chairs are also great, but we think

the GTracing edges all of them as the best gaming chair for short people.


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