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Guide To Ad-hoc 11n Connections

If you are looking into your wireless network adapter, you may see an Ad Hoc 11n function that you can disable or enable. This is one of those features that most people see but they don’t really think about or touch. Instead, they just let it be.

Why Is My Computer Stuttering? Major Causes & Fixes

As games are becoming more demanding on our machines, it is difficult to deal with some of the side effects, including the PC stuttering impact. When your computer stutters, you may make mistakes, lose concentration, and have eye problems. Microstuttering, in particular, can strain your eye muscles.

DDR4 2400 vs 3000: The Showdown

When building your own computer, there is a very important decision you need to make about RAM, and it leads you to ask questions like, “What is the difference between DDR4 2400 and 300?” Does it make sense to spend a little bit more and get the

What Is A Carrier Facility? We Explain.

Did you get a notification that your package arrived at a carrier facility? What should you do now? It can vary depending on what kind of carrier facility your product arrived at, it can be a: Local courier facility Amazon carrier facility USPS carrier facility Or, some

Why Is My Ethernet Slower Than Wi-Fi? We Answer.

Most people who want to have a more secure, faster internet connection will skip using Wi-Fi and instead use an ethernet connection-but what happens when the wired connection is slower than Wi-Fi? Ethernet tends to be more reliable, especially in situations where you need to have split-second