3700X vs 5800X: Which CPU Is the Better Choice for Your Computer?

3700X vs 5800X Which CPU Choice

3700x vs 5800x might be an essential comparison for you if you want to pick out the next best CPU for your computer system, whether at home or in the office. With a Zen 2 vs Zen 3 showdown, we will look at what sets the 3700x apart from the 5800x. To do this, we need to consider all the core differences between the two generations.

3700X vs 5800X CPU ComparisonIn this guide, you can look at all these differences in detail or summarize in our comparison chart with ideal qualities for both generations highlighted specially.

Read on and decide whether it is worth the cost to take the jump and how much you can improve on your computer system’s base performance whether you choose to upgrade or downgrade your CPU.

Comparison Table

Features 3700x


Overclocking Speed of 135 points Speed of 161 points
Cache Memory 5-8 years of use 5-8 years of use
Gaming Slower Screen Refresh Rate Faster Screen Refresh Rate
Pricing $100 less than 5800x $100 more than the 3700x

What Are the Differences Between 3700x vs 5800x

The main difference between 3700x and 5800x is that the latter can give a more robust performance than its predecessor. There is also only a tiny price difference between the two, meaning one provides older hardware components and the other offers newer parts but at the same price.

– Comparing Two AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs

There is no doubt that AMD has definitely managed to steal the hearts of many CPU users; therefore, it is no surprise when we see how they are also taking away Intel Core’s customers year after year. Therefore, many users need a detailed guide on what factors they should consider before they decide on picking out a new Ryzen CPU, especially when they are fresh from the AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core debate.

The decision can be especially tough since there are many iterations available for the different CPUs, and it is still possible that a lot of the older tech can surpass the new models when it comes to endurance and some unique features. In this article, we will divide into the search for the perfect Ryzen 7 CPU, comparing the 3700X model to the newer 5800X model.

We will be discussing some of their core features and components, including the kinds of upgrades you can expect in a newer CPU. However, most importantly, we will be looking at how their specs apply to real-life scenarios. Apart from a quick run over the raw SKUs, we will also be discussing each device’s overall value for the price and their availability in the sections below.

3700X vs 5800X CPU Performances– Gaming Experience

We will begin our comparisons by a look into the gaming performance of the CPUs. We have made a side-by-side gameplay comparison of gaming benchmarks using the RTX 3080 graphics card along with 1080p resolution.

We began our analysis with Red Dead Redemption 2, where we had a hell of an experience with both CPUs. The 5800X won this round by a difference of 5fps. When we tried playing COD Modern Warfare, the 5800X won again with an average of 287fps while the 3700X performed at 274fps. It was a clean win for the 5800X in Fortnite with 11fps and 10fps victories in Metro Exodus, where it managed an average of 134fps.

However, GTA V took a toll on both the CPUs, where the two scored an average of just 200fps. However, the 5800X took the lead here as well, as it was 12fps faster than the 3700X. Our final comparison was with the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was also won by the 5800x, as it was able to score an average of 137fps while the 3700X could get to just 124fps.

While these 3700x vs 5800x gaming comparisons clearly present the 5800x as the winner, most of the differences won’t be visible in regular gaming. You might feel the real difference from the feeling you get with the gameplay on the faster device, which in this case is 5800x.

– Comparing The Prices

While it might be considered an old CPU from specific technical standards, the AMD Ryzen 7’s 3700x CPU is still very much in demand in the CPU market. This is mainly because the CPU is able to provide most gamers with precisely what they need to get a great immersive gaming experience at a reasonable price, plus some extra features courtesy of AMD Ryzen’s excellent R&D department.

Considering all the performance the CPU provides, the 3700x is priced relatively high. However, just saying it is reasonably priced does not mean it is too low. While its price is certainly lower than the 5800x, its upgraded version, the price difference between the two is less than $100 at best.

According to popular reddits and options from within the gaming community, the evident increase of 8% in the IPC and the slightly upgraded clocking speeds are not worth the big jump in price needed to switch your high-performance Zen by 2 CPUs.

However, the 3700x’s cult following the 3700X has helped to boost the 5800x’s worth since it has kept the 3700x’s prices high. The two CPUs now offer most of the similar features in similar price ranges, convincing many users to go a little extra for a much newer PC.

– Availability

In this section, we will discuss the availability of the two CPUs. It is possible that the CPU might already be available for online purchases at this moment. For the 5800x, this is not a sign of any concern, as the CPU should be heavily stocked by all the big and essential tech retailers of the country. It is also possible that they might go on to reach a more extensive online marketplace, as the devices will host them on different e-shopping sites like Amazon.

Reports have also made it clear that there is a big chance of better deals since some of the bigger retail stores are trying different ways to use the hype and boost their sales. You might find other deals so look around to get the best one.

As for the 3700x, the CPU is still readily available if you would like to purchase and you can find it by looking in the right places, such as big online shopping sites like Amazon but also big and small tech shops around the country. If you would like to purchase a used or secondhand CPU, it will be easier to get the 3700x as compared to the 5800x since there is a very large market for used 3700x CPUs at this point in time.

3700X vs 5800X CPU Specification– Core Speed

The new CPU has attached everyone’s attention with an 18% and 19% win, which translates to 167 and 161, respectively, in simple numbers. Since it started with single-core performance, the 3700x was stuck with just 135 points courtesy of its very basic setup, and when overclocked, it reached 142. However, this was nowhere near enough to compare against the 5800x, which is far more powerful.

When considering dual-core performance for this next stage, the 3700x reached a slightly better 266 points, which is near 282 when overclocked. However, the 5800x won in this round as well and showed it is the stronger CPU with a stock score of 318 and an overclocked score of 322. This is a winning margin of 19% and 18%, which is the same as the results of the signal-core tests.

Lastly, we also tried quad-core and octa-core setups. For the quad-core mixed speeds, the 5800X won again as it was able to outperform the 3500X by 17%. The CPU maintained this core in both stock and overclocked tests. In the octa-core mixed speed tests, the 5800x won one final time, and it was able to get a winning margin of 17% at stock speed and 14% when our team member overclocked it.

– Memory Latency

For our technical analysis, we also chose to do a memory latency test and comparison of the two AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs and when the two devices pitted them against each other. In this regard, the older CPU was able to reach an excellent total score of 79.1 points at stock values and around 88.2 points when we overclocked it.

While this is extremely impressive considering the two-generation old CPU’s specs, the 5800x was nowhere near a defeat as it jumped forward with a stock score of 88.2 points and 95.4 points in an overclocked state. This totals out to a victory margin of 12% in stock comparisons and over 8% in overclocked comparisons for the 5800x.

– Cache Memory

Before we compare the cache memory of the two devices, it is essential to note that cache memory is split into three different zones: L1, L2, and L3. L1 can be best described as the smallest but quickest zone for the PC to access. On the other hand, L2 is similar to L1 in both size and Speed, albeit a bit bigger; lastly, L3 is the largest zone to retrieve data from, but it is also the slowest. Both types of laptops can usually support PCI express.

In an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, you can expect to have equal amounts of L1, L2, and L3 at 512 KB, 5 MB, and 32 MB. Both CPUs are supported by the same memory type, which is the DDR4 3200.

From a gaming point of view, this usually translates as a spectacular gaming experience with high-quality games with both CPUs. Most high-end games require around 16 MB of cache memory to perform well. Some of them you can get by using 8 MB. So at a total of 37 MB, both the CPUs are prepped for the present and future games since quality assurance and futureproofing are common traits in AMD devices.

3700X vs 5800X CPU Differences– AMD Ryzen CPU Cores

Generally, a CPU with more cores performs better than a CPU with fewer cores as extra courses are excellent for parallel workflows. However, it is not the case with gaming speeds because most of the Speed these cores provide is already designated for the support of their intercommunication, meaning that extra seats can’t help gamers a lot.

When we look at the 3700X and the 5800X, both devices have eight cores, and this makes them efficient for present use. No game released at this time requires more than eight cores for an excellent gaming experience, but there will likely be a fresh addition to that in the future. Some games are even designed to distribute commands between cores to maximize their performance; however, that is not a necessary action for optimal performance.

Extra cores can help you if you are a multitasking user who likes downloading media, playing music, and streaming simultaneously. Different substances can enable a demanding game to function better when extra tasks are held down.

What is 3700x CPU Best for?

The 3700x CPU is best for hardcore fans who appreciate the qualities of the CPU. As it is only priced a little lower than its successor, you can quickly sell it after use, and in terms of performance, the CPU is only a few notches behind the 5800x.

– Clocking Speed of 3700x

Clocking speed comparisons are clearly very important as they rank with other highly important tests like comparisons of core and memory. They are a defining point of determining how fast your actual AMD Ryzen CPU is and can provide real insight into the AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs.

Our first CPU, which is The 3700X, starts with a base clock speed of around 3.6GHz, and it can reach a maximum frequency of up to 4.4GHz when it is boosted. This is not bad by any estimate, as the Speed is fast enough to have an enjoyable lag-free gaming experience, whether you are playing online or offline.

While this is extremely impressive considering the two-generation old AMD Ryzen CPUs specs, the 5800x was nowhere near a defeat as it jumped forward with a stock score of 88.2 points and 95.4 points in an overclocked state. This totals out to a victory margin of 12% in stock comparisons and over 8% in overclocked comparisons for the 5800x.

It is no secret that there is no hiding behind any excuses when AMD Ryzen’s shallow headroom for their CPUs is discussed. In fact, the company has openly accepted this fact repeatedly. By their reasoning, this is due to the already peaked standard functioning that the device can manage thanks to specific features like their new Precision Boost Overdrive.

What is 5800x CPU Best For?

The 5800x CPU is better for gaming and overall Speed in real-world scenarios. It can handle more giant games better than its older counterpart and comes with improved hardware that can tackle the software that will be released in the future, in accordance with AMD tradition.

– Clocking Speed of 5800x

As for the 5800x, you can expect a speed of 3.8GHz when performing a base clock, which can reach a maximum frequency of around 4.7GHz. While these specs are clearly more impressive for your CPU than the performance of the 3700X, we will now take a closer look at what this means strictly for your gaming experience.

While it depends mainly on the game you decide to play; you can expect around 30fps extra added with every 1GHz increase in clock speed. On a more technical analysis, this averages out at around 3fps with every 0.1GHz increase. Considering this hypothetical scenario, a user can generally get around six more frames every second when using the 5800X compared to the 3700X.

This is only if the CPU is running at its base speeds. This means that the figure can go up to nearly 9fps when the CPU is boosted.

However, neither of the AMD Ryzen CPUs can help to improve your gameplay experience. Finally, an important thing to note if you decide to overclock is the terrible cooling systems in both devices. With the 5800X, you get a max heat bearing capacity of 90 degrees, which is 5 degrees cooler than the 3700X. However, it is not worth trying to overclock any CPU if you don’t have an excellent liquid cooling system so as not to damage your hardware.


In conclusion, we can easily brand 5800x as the better AMD Ryzen CPU, even if there are no significant differences. If you already have a 3700x machine that fits the bill for your needs, you might not see the point in taking the jump. The important thing is that both AMD Ryzen CPUs are the same machines in different generations and are much better than Intel Core. We believe it is essential to go with the best and the latest, significantly when it can help you with better performance and improved speeds.

However, if you are a user, who wants to make use of an excellent opportunity, this is the best time to sell your 3700x. As there is a large second-hand market for that machine. All you need to do after selling your old CPU is pitch in a few extra dollars, and you will have yourself a brand new and improved machine. While the 3700x was future proofed to handle current games, the 5800x is the actual device for the future and an excellent investment.


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