Modflex vs Modmesh: Which Custom Sleeved Cable Is Better for You?

Modflex vs Modmesh Cable Comparison
Modflex vs Modmesh Cable Comparison

Modflex vs Modmesh is a discussion you can’t avoid if you’re looking to utilize custom-sleeved cables. Not only do these two custom-sleeved wires contribute to the aesthetics of your PC, but they also play a major role in the overall performance of your setup.

Modflex vs Modmesh Cable DifferencesIn this comparative guide, our experts will be explaining the differences between these two custom cables so you can make an informed decision on the right one to choose. Let’s get started, shall we?

Modflex vs Modmesh Comparison Table

Features Modflex Cable Modmesh Cable
Material Paracord Nylon
Flexibility Flexible Stiff
Durability Less durable Durable
Color options Little color options available Has more color options
Appearance Looks dull Glossy

What Are the Differences Between Modflex vs Modmesh?

The main difference between modflex and modmesh is that modflex cables, otherwise known as paracords, are made with polyester while modmesh is made out of nylon. Also, modflex has more flexibility while modmesh is stiffer but comes with more color options.

What Is Modflex Best For?

Modflex sleeved cables are best for gamers and PC builders who are looking to create a budget gaming rig. While they do offer less durability than their modmesh counterparts, they’re a lot better than many other budget options available on the market.

– Features

Understanding the different features of modflex sleeved cables can make it easy for you to distinguish them from their modmesh counterparts. Here are the top features of paracord sleeved cables.

– Flexibility

Paracord cables, aka modflex sleeved cables, are more flexible. You can bend and twist them at any angle to fit your build and power supply. They are also customizable, albeit with limited color options.

Modflex vs Modmesh Sleeved Cable Specifications

The modflex cables from Cablemod are more durable than many other cheap paracord-sleeved cables available on the market, which is why they tend to be more expensive. The price difference is so huge that you could get a single set of Cablemod ATX modflex sleeved cables for the price of an entire set of a cheaper option.

Take note that while paracord cables are easy to bend into any shape, getting them straightened up can be a bit of a chore, especially if you’re working with a really cheap option. Even the cable comb may be unable to help you get them back in shape once they’re bent.

Also, paracord cables can’t be stretched so they tend to come in a set length, which means that you may be unable to customize the colors except if you’re using options like Cablemod modflex sleeved cables. Also, many paracord-sleeved cables don’t come with cable combs, especially the really cheap types.

– Durability

Modflex cables are not the best in the durability category. You’ll need to be extra careful when working with them as a little snag can cause tufts to appear on your cable. While many people may not worry about the tufts since the cable would be stuck in a position for a long time, they may not do well for the aesthetics of your build. So make sure you’re extra careful when using paracord cables in your build.

– Range of Colors

Paracord cables are often designed in a single color — usually black. However, you can get them in other colors such as red, yellow, purple, etc. The thing is the whole cable set would be in just one color.

On the other hand, Cablemod’s modflex cables can be customized with different colors. The brand has a color configuration tool on its website so you can pre-select the colors you want on your cables before they’re shipped to you. However, even with this tool, the colors are limited so you may not have enough options to work with.

– Appearance

Since modflex cables are made out of paracord sleeves, they tend to look duller than their modmesh counterparts. While Cablemod has done a great job of making the colors look as vibrant as possible, they still aren’t as good-looking as their modmesh counterparts.

– UV Reactivity

Modflex cables from Cablemod don’t support UV reactivity. This can be a deal breaker for those who want UV-reactive cables. Take note that while the feature is a cool one, you may have to deal with discoloration over time, especially if the cable you’re using is white.

– Making Sleeved Cables With Paracord

If you’re looking to make your own modflex cable, you can simply get paracord sleeves online. As we mentioned earlier, modflex-sleeved cables are made out of paracord, which is simply a soft, cloth-like material. It is cheap and has strands of nylon embedded in it that you can easily pull out so your wires can sit inside the sleeve.

You can get about 100ft of paracord for less than five dollars so if you’re looking to make a sleeved cable on a budget, these are excellent options to work with. The only cons about paracord sleeves are that they get dirty easily and they tend to look quite lumpy when you make them into a cable.

Paracord has no stretching capabilities so the width is often limited. On the upside, there are multiple color options to work with if you’re making one yourself and you don’t need to worry about heat shrink when making cables with paracord.

What Is Modmesh Best For?

A modmesh cable kit is best for top-of-the-line rigs that require unique customization and intricate aesthetics. These sleeved cables are durable since they are made out of plastic-like materials and they come in many color options. However, they are stiff and not as flexible as modflex cables.

Modflex vs Modmesh Sleeved Cable Characteristics– Flexibility

Modmesh cables also come with a variety of features that make them easy to discern from their modflex counterparts.

Modmesh cables are made out of nylon or plastic-like materials, which makes them stiffer than their modflex counterparts. However, the stiffness doesn’t affect them much. You can still turn and twist them as much as you’d like though you may need to put in more effort than you would with a modflex cable.

If you’re working with a case that has enough room, you’ll be able to maneuver the modmesh with ease. On the other hand, if your case is small with little room to spare, you may have some difficulty dealing with the flexibility of modmesh cables.

– Durability

Thanks to their plastic material, modmesh cables are more durable than modflex cables. They can withstand accidental snags and can be reused multiple times in case you plan to switch between builds over time.

– Color Range

While Cablemod has tried to incorporate many colors in the modflex category, they still don’t have as many color options as their modmesh counterparts. If you’re looking to build a rig with multiple colors, the modmesh variant is the ideal option to choose.

– Appearance

Modmesh cables have a glossy finish that makes them the ideal choice for anyone who’s keen on aesthetics. They’re shiny and can elevate the look of your rig. Take note that this excellent appearance comes at a cost so if you’re building a performance PC on a budget, modmesh may not be the choice for you.

– UV Reactivity

Unlike their modflex counterparts, modmesh cables are UV reactive. This feature makes your rig look cool and adds an extra layer of aesthetics to the overall build. However, as we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to be careful of discoloration as extended exposure to UV rays can make your cables’ colors fade.

– Modmesh Classic vs Pro

You may find a “PRO” option when using the configurator on Cablemod’s website to choose your modmesh cable and start wondering whether or not you should choose modmesh vs modmesh pro. According to Cablemod, the PRO series come with thicker wires than typical modmesh cables, which gives them a fuller look, and they also feature pre-applied closed combs.

– Making Sleeved Cables With Plastic/Nylon Sleeving

Nylon sleeving, otherwise known as PET sleeving, has a glossy finish, unlike its paracord sibling that comes with a dull look. Thanks to its glossiness, this sleeving type is easy to clean as all you need to do when your modmesh cables are dirty is just wipe them down. Nylon sleeves also retain excellent wire shape and are available in a wide range of colors. However, they come at expensive prices.

Modflex vs Modmesh Plastic:Nylon Sleeving

There are many different options available, including MDPC-X and Teleios, and they all come in varying colors. You can find cheaper stuff on the market but the probability of them being as good as the aforementioned sleeves are very low.

Also, since nylon sleeving is made from interwoven plastic, it’s easy to stretch, which makes it fit securely over cables that are a little bigger than the sleeve itself.

Therefore, make sure to stretch it tight when making your own sleeve, otherwise you’re likely to see the wire popping out of the sleeve. We recommend that you use white wires for bright or light colors and use black wires for darker shades. Doing so will allow you to get a more defined finish.


Modmesh cables are a great pick for anyone who’s looking to create an exquisite build. You get more features, better wire retention, excellent durability, and UV reactivity, though you may need to spend a little bit more cash.

On the other hand, modflex cables are cheap, flexible, and easy to work with, which makes them perfect for budget builds. Just make sure you’re careful when working with modflex so you don’t snag them and cause tufts to come out of your cables.


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