How to Use Xbox 360 Headset on Xbox One Without Adapter

Xbox 360 headphone work with Xbox one
Xbox 360 headphone work with Xbox one

Learning how to use Xbox 360 headset on Xbox one without adapter is very easy. Xbox 360 headsets have a 2.5mm headset pin, while Xbox one has a 3.5mm jack like the Nintendo switch.

Use Xbox 360 Headset on Xbox One

So, you will need an Xbox 360 headset adapter or a wireless Xbox series. This post describes the methods and procedures for using your headset without an adapter.

How to Use Xbox 360 Headphones on Xbox One Without Adapter in 4 Steps?

Replacing the 2.5mm headphone pin with a standard 3.5mm Pin will allow you to use the Xbox 360 headphone on Xbox one without an adapter. Besides, this method allows you to enjoy all the features of the Xbox 360 gaming headset.

While the method has a small margin of error, missing a single step can render the headset useless. This technique is commonly called the surgical method, and here are the steps to change the Microsoft Xbox pins. 

– Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need Xbox 360 headsets, a wire cutter/sharp knife, a wire stripper, a 3.5-mm headphone jack replacement, a Soldering iron, and Electrical tape. Each of these tools has a specific role to play in the process.

– Step 2: Make Cuts

Cut the Xbox 360 cable a centimeter above the jack using a wire cutter or a sharp knife. Put the 2.5mm pin away. Strip the cable’s insulating material about two centimeters to expose copper lines. Typically, you should see three copper cables with colored insulating covers.

– Step 3: Splice the Cables

You need to splice the cable together correctly. So get your 3.5mm headphone jack ready to be connected to your 360 headsets. Note that the two parts of the Xbox headsets are different, so you need to know the wires that need to be matched.

Splice the headset's Cables

Older Xbox 360 headphones have red, white, and gold wires, while Xbox One has blue, white, and gold wires. In this scenario, splice red with blue, white with white, and the two gold wires together.

New Xbox headphones differ from older ones as they have red, green, and black/gold wires. So, to get a functional connection, match green with blue, red with white, and black/gold with gold.

Use solder and a soldering iron to join the wires.

– Step 4: Testing the Connection

After splicing successfully, let it cool down and test it to see if the headset works. So, insert the newly installed 3.5mm pin onto the Xbox One jack.

You should hear the audio once you turn it on; if not, recheck the splicing and repeat the procedure. If the headset works appropriately, use electrical tape to cover the exposed wires at the joining.

Undoubtedly, the surgical procedure is too much work compared to buying an adapter. However, if you lack the means to access an Xbox stereo headset adapter, replacing the headset’s Pin is the only viable way.

However, for a remarkable audio experience on your Xbox live, you need to buy the best headsets for Xbox one. Remember, there are several headset versions for Xbox One, and you need to get the best ones.

How to Make Xbox 360 Headset Compatible With Xbox One Using Aluminum Foil

The quickest, safest and effortless method of using the Xbox 360 headset on your Xbox One without an adapter is wrapping three to four layers of aluminum foil on the 2.5mm headphone jack and inserting it into the audio port. Just ensure that you do not crumple the aluminum foil.

Here is a detailed procedure:

– Step 1: Get an Aluminum Foil

Measure the size of the headset jack using a ruler or any measuring instrument. Get an aluminum foil sheet, and cut a size similar to the size of the jack along the length of the aluminum foil. Cut a length that can fold four times. Use scissors to cut the foil.

Note that aluminum foil is a good conductor, making it an ideal choice for headphone jack stuffing material.

– Step 2: Fold the Foil

Neatly fold the aluminum foil sheet four times. You should not crumple the foil to allow a seamless flow of current through the foil. Crumpling the aluminum sheet can cause hindrance to the flow of the current.

– Step 3: Wrap the 2.5MM Pin.

Get the 2.5mm pin and tightly wrap it with the folded aluminum foil. You aim to get the aluminum foil to adhere to the Pin’s surface tightly so that the current from the Xbox One will flow seamlessly to the headset.

Also, you aim to increase the size of the headset pin from 2.5mm to 3.5 mm through aluminum wrapping. So ensure that you carefully and correctly wrap the foil.

– Step 4: Insert Jack

Once you wrap the Pin with the aluminum foil, insert it into the jack slowly. A proper wrap will allow the Pin to slide into the audio port smoothly but fit in snuggly. Once in, try playing the game and check if you hear the sounds. If it is not working, you might have used less foil, so consider adding more.

While this method may be a little untidy, it will allow you to enjoy the remarkable sound from your 360 headsets. The aluminum foil wrapping might get stuck within the jack when you pull out the Pin. This has no adverse effect on your system, and you can pull it out using a pair of tweezers.

How to Use Copper Wire to Make Xbox 360 Headset Compatible With Xbox One

You can use copper wire to increase the width of your 2.5mm pin so that it can fit the Xbox One jack. This way, the Pin can hold snugly, allowing you to get the sound transmission without needing an Xbox One headset adapter.

Copper Wire to Make Headset Compatible With Xbox One

So, what are the steps?

  • Get a thin copper cable and wire cutter.
  • Wrap the copper line around the headset pin uniformly and tightly. Wrap enough layers of the wire to ensure that the Pin snuggly fits in the audio jack on the Xbox One. However, do not go overboard – if you overdo it, you may damage the jack. Start wrapping from the bottom, moving upwards towards the tip of the Pin.
  • Slowly insert the Pin wrapped into the audio jack – it should fit snugly. Now, test whether it is transmitting sound. If it does not transmit sound, you may not cover most parts of the jack, so repeat the process.

While the copper method is an inexpensive and quick way to use Xbox 360 on Xbox One without an adapter, it is not guaranteed to work as the case of aluminum foil. However, it is much better than the surgical intervention method above.

If you don’t want this hassle, buy a third-party gaming headset, stereo headset, or a USB adapter.


Undoubtedly, Xbox 360 headphones do not work with Xbox One, which can be frustrating for many gamers.

Check out these highlights for a way out:

  • You can wrap a strip of aluminum foil or copper lines on the 2.5mm Xbox 360 headphones to make them thick enough to fit in the jack.
  • Alternatively, you can replace the 2.5mm headphone pin with a 3.5 millimeter for a foolproof connection on your wired headset.
  • Also, you can use Xbox wireless headsets. 
  • Using too much copper cable can damage the audio jack. Similarly, if you wrongly cut the wires in the headset’s cables while replacing the Pin, you risk rendering the headset useless.

We hope that the content in this article has helped you make your Xbox 360 headphone work with Xbox one without an adapter.




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