How To Remove Blue Dot From Contact in Samsung Phones

get rid of the blue dot from any of the Samsung
get rid of the blue dot from any of the Samsung

How to remove blue dot from contact on my Samsung mobile phone? The blue dot can be annoying at times and it shows up right next to the contact because of Samsung’s operating software.

Remove Blue Dot From Contact in Samsung Phones

Well, fortunately, you can easily remove the dot without any problem and it will take only a few steps in the messaging app’s settings.

In this article, we will take you through a step-by-step process to remove a blue dot from the contact so let’s get straight into it. 

How To Remove Blue Dot From Contact in Samsung?

You can remove the blue dot from a single and all contacts in Samsung by switching the messaging mode from RCS to the default message type. This will remove the blue dot and the contacts will appear like the other normal contacts. 

Let us explain why the dot appears, what it means, and what you can do about it. The blue dot appears in front of the contact which is also the RCS feature of the Samsung operating system.

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and it is a high-end messaging system in Samsung as the iMessages are for IOS. It allows the user to send high-quality media across and the person on the other end will also be able to receive it if he is also using the RCS. 

However, Samsung gives you the option to choose the RCS or the normal default messaging setting.

The only difference between the two is that once the RCS is switched off, your messages will be sent in a common way and you will not be able to send high-end media across and you will also not be able to see who else in your contacts is using the RCS.

The messaging application will then use Wifi and cellular text messages will not be used. Here is the step-by-step guide for removing the blue dot from your contact.

– Step 1: Open Messages

The first step in the process is to open the messages. As explained all the contacts with a blue dot will be using the RCS and the ones that do not have the dot will be using the normal messaging way. The RCS will run on internet. Without the internet, the RCS shuts down, and the app switches to normal messaging.

Open Messages on Samsung Phone

As soon as the Wifi or Cellular data is turned on, the message sent from other RCS users will show up on your phone which would contain any sort of media. When not on Wifi, any text message will be sent to you from an RCS-using person so only the media will be held back, waiting for Wifi. 

RCS works exactly like iMessage, WhatsApp, or Telegram. You can make groups, add unlimited contacts, and send unlimited media. The only difference would be audio and video calls. You cannot make calls using RCS at least not yet. Maybe in the future, Samsung would deploy RCS in aiding calls, both audio and video. 


– Step 2: Go To Settings 

In the messaging app, go to the settings. In the settings, choose Chat Settings. You cannot find these settings from the main settings. 

– Step 3: Choose Default Message Type 

Uncheck the tab of Chat features and this is how the RCS will be turned off. Now that the RCS is turned off the blue dot will be removed from the contacts.

You can turn the RCS on by checking the Chat features. After this, you will be able to send messages using the Wifi and none of your cellular Android messages will be used. 

The RCS feature is a great added bonus for Samsung users and it was about time it was introduced. This feature has been on an iPhone forever. 


– What Does the Red Dot on a Contact Mean?

The red dot on the contact means it is busy or not available and it is mostly seen while using Skype. You can manually set this red dot for your contact as well even when you are not busy and/or are online. It comes in handy either way. 

You can also choose to remove the dot from the settings. After the removal, the status of your activity will not be shown and you can use Skype however you like. It may sound like an incognito mode and it works like that as well. 

– What Does the Blue Dot on WhatsApp Mean?

The blue dot on WhatsApp means that there is a notification. This may change for different mobile phones and the color of the dot may also change. The notification can be because of a missed text, audio call, or video call. 

Blue Dot on WhatsApp Mean

You can remove this dot by tending to the notifications or you can turn them off from your settings permanently.

Either way, it will not affect the functionality of the correspondences coming and going through. The blue dot can also mean when there is a setting that needs your attention or the application needs an update or a problem has occurred. 

– Can I Change the Color of the Notification Dot on Samsung?

You can change the color of the notification dot on Samsung apps from the settings. When the dot appears on any application, long press it, and the settings will appear. Choose the color, from the selection you want to set on your Android phone running the Samsung operating system.

You can do this for all the applications that you wish to change the color of. The different colors will appear as soon as you press the chosen color. You can also remove the notification colors altogether by turning off the notifications from the setting for that application. 


In this article, we talked about how to get rid of the blue dot from any of the Samsung contacts easily from the settings but in case something got missed here is a small summary for your convenience:

  • The blue dot appears on a Samsung phone messaging app you and that contact are using RCS (Rich Communication Services). 
  • RCS is a feature from Samsung that allows the app to work solely on Wifi and send high-end multimedia across the application to the person who is also using RCS. 
  • You can turn it off from the application’s Settings<Chat Settings<Chat Features. 
  • You can turn it on in the same way by turning the Chat Features on. 
  • You cannot make any calls, audio or video, using the RCS feature. 

Here we come to the end of the article about removing the blue dot from contacts on any phone running the Samsung operating system. We hope this article was informative and helpful to you. Happy texting!


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