How to Measure Laptop Size: The Complete List of Device Measurement

Laptop Sizes Measuring

How to measure laptop size is a very important question both before you buy a laptop and after you have had one for a while since laptop sizes are the next big question before purchasing a laptop bag.

Measure Laptop Size

The computer that best fits one user’s needs and the laptop’s size that accommodates one individual’s wants might not be the same for another user, which is why there is an excellent variety in the weights and sizes of the available products.

The standard measuring size for laptops is in inches, and while some users, like writers and students, like smaller laptop screens, others people like designers and advanced gamers might prefer a larger laptop screen size.

In our detailed guide, we will look at the different methods you can use to measure your own device and the various ways to check your device’s size without physically measuring it yourself.

How to Measure Size of Laptop by Yourself?

You can measure the right size of your laptop by considering multiple measurements of your device, including measuring laptop screen size, considering the model’s specifications, checking its backside and considering additional spaces for bezels.

All the measures of your device need to be taken and considered in inches.

1. Pre-requisites

Before you get down to measuring your laptop, there are a few steps you should note and remember. The first one is to remember that your laptop’s screen size and actual size are two distinct values. While the laptop’s actual size takes in the difference in its bezel size, the screen’s size is simply limited as the diagonal measurement of the laptop screen.

Measuring Your Laptop

If you are measuring your laptop to get a new bag or sleeve for your device, adding a few extra inches to your final size is a great idea.

Before you get down to measuring your laptop, it is essential to remember that you cannot get the proper measurements without the appropriate tools, including a calibrated ruler and a tape measure.

Other than that, it is also important to remember that all of your measurements should be in inches, as that is the standard unit for measuring a laptop. In some cases, this size can also be converted to cm (centimeters).

2. Height

The first measurement that you will learn to take off your laptop in this guide is the height measurement. This is quite the opposite of the reality where the height measurement should actually be the very last measurement that you take to determine the overall size of your laptop.

The process is relatively easy, and you will need to start by closing the device and bringing out your measuring tape.

Next, you will need to identify the side of your closed laptop that seems like the thickest. It is best to measure your laptop’s actual height from its widest side with the standard tape measure.

Take your measuring tape and put it on the side you have picked, and then stretch it out until it reaches the other side of your laptop. Make sure that you note down the final measurements from both ends.

All you need to do now is remove the tape measure’s reading of the starting point from the last reading that you got at the end of your measuring point.

The number you are left with in the end is the measure of your laptop’s height. It is also possible to get the height of your laptop’s screen with this same method, but you will need to remove the bezel part’s measurements.

As a general rule, you might expect your laptop to be at least two inches long in height. You can use a converter to get the exact number if you need to convert the measurement into other units.

3. Diagonal Length

Now we will discuss the most valued measurement of a laptop’s size, which is its diagonal size. In its essence, the diagonal length is just the diagonal length measured diagonally from one end to another.

Diagonal Length for Sizing Laptops

The reason it is so appropriate is that it gives the right idea for the screen size of your laptop and its screen. No matter what brand your laptop is, the method of measuring your laptop’s diagonal length is similar.

You will need to start by putting your laptop onto a stable, flat surface for measuring. Next, you will have to take out your measurement tape and place it on the bottom-left corner part of your laptop.

You can also use a calibrated ruler instead if you have a calibrated ruler on hand. Now, you need to stretch out your measurement tape straight in one line until it reaches the right corner at the top of your laptop.

Now you need to note down the readings from the top right and the bottom left corners together. After doing so, you should subtract the reading you had at the beginning from your last reading. The final result is the real diagonal size of your laptop, and you can express this in your chosen unit of measurement.

4. Width

Now we will look at the exact set of procedures we need to follow to get the real width of our laptop. You will need to start by taking out your measuring tape and placing it on the front of the top left corner of your device.

Alternatively, you can also start from the right corner and get similar results. Now you need to stretch your tape or ruler straight to the opposite side of your laptop and make sure to record the numbers at both ends of the device from your measuring device.

Now you need to subtract the overall reading you had at the start of your measurement from the final number you received at the end. After you are done with this, you will be able to get the correct width of the laptop.

If you would like to measure the screen’s width, you can do it using the same procedure. However, be sure to avoid the bezels and make sure you start and finish at the right points on your screen. It is critical to note that we measure the front part to figure out a laptop’s width since it does not have any USB ports, which could interfere with our measurement.

5. Back Part

Your laptop’s backside contains a lot of important information about your laptop, and more often than not, it also mentions the size of your laptop. If you want to check whether this information is available on your laptop, turn it around and scan its backside until you find a sticker filled with information about the laptop’s specs.

You can scan through this to find the screen size of your device as well. Another place that includes a lot of information about your laptop’s specs is your device’s user manual. If you read the manual really well, you will be able to find all the size-related information there without needing to go through performing the measurements yourself.

6. Looking up the Laptop’s Model Number

One of the most common ways to figure out a laptop’s size without having to measure a laptop by yourself is by figuring out the number of your device’s model.

The procedure for finding out this data is quite easy, and you can do it in a few minutes. You will need to start by opening up your laptop. After this, press the start section and write down “System Information” in the resulting search box.

Click the relevant tab from the search results, and the System Information tab will automatically open up on your screen, thereby displaying the number of your laptop. Half the work is done at this stage; you just need to copy this number onto your clipboard. Now head over to Google and search for the size number of the copied number.

Make sure you check the official manufacturer’s website for the actual results, and soon you will have your laptop’s size figured out. It is essential to be careful when purchasing any tech online or verifying sensitive information from the wrong sources. It is important to note that one bad decision could lead to several unfortunate results.



– How to Measure Laptop Size for Sleeve?

To get the right size for your laptop’s sleeve, you will need to consider all the measurements for your computer, but the most important measurement that you will need is the diagonal measurement.

You can find the right way to get the diagonal measurement of your device from the guide above, but the critical thing to note here is that the final laptop’s screen size will not consider the bezel, which is basically the casing that is on the sides of the laptop’s screen.

The bezel by itself can often work up to adding almost one full inch to the size of your laptop.

If you want the right size for your new laptop bag or sleeve, the best idea is to try and measure the laptop diagonally but also take the measurements from one edge to another. When you do this, you will end up with your laptop’s proper size, and you can use those measurements to get the perfect laptop sleeve of your choice.

– How To Know Screen Size of Laptop Without Measuring the Device?

The best way to know your laptop’s size without actually measuring it yourself is to check the details online, which you can easily do by typing in your laptop’s company and device number on Google search.
Sizes of Laptop Without Measuring the Device
You shall find your answer directly in the search results, but if you do not get it immediately, you can also try to go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer.

Alternatively, if both these options do not work, you can try to seek out this information from the store where you made your laptop purchase. Most of the time you can find all the essential specifications on the laptop’s company website, such as the screen size, weight and diagonal measurement.


To conclude our extensive guide, it is evident that a laptop’s size definitely matters, and every laptop user should know the different methods for measuring the size of their own devices so as to have the best user experience.

Since we have covered several different ways and styles of measurement in our guide, we have also gathered a short summary of important bullet points to make your search into the topic more accessible.

  • While the diagonal length of your laptop is a crucial measurement, it is also essential to get its width and height measurements separately.
  • Screen sizes are essential for your needs as an end user and screen covers, but they are not helpful when trying to determine the best laptop bag.
  • Some laptop providers provide essential details like their measurement data on the back of their laptops, but you can also find this data online for most devices.
  • If you are not experienced or uncomfortable with measuring your laptop computer, you can always get the device measured by someone more experienced.

It is not always necessary to physically measure your laptop, as we have discussed above, but the information definitely helps to make more informed decisions regarding other pieces of critical hardware.

We wish you success with finding the correct measurements for your laptop so you can get a bag that is the perfect fit for it, and it is always a good idea to remember that you can find the size and weight of most devices by looking up the model number online!


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