How to Hide Router and Modem in 10 Brilliant Steps

Steps of Hiding Router
Steps of Hiding Router

You maintain an organized room in your home when you learn how to hide router and modem. Remember, routers and modems can stick out, creating unnecessary attention from people.

Therefore, hiding them can be a good way of dampening this attention. This post shows you how to hide router without blocking signal.

How to Hide Router and Modem Without Affecting the Signal

The best way to hide your router and modem without affecting the signal is to place them in a woven basket with holes or a decorative open box. Then, place the basket near the internet cable and power source to reduce the exposed cable and get the power quickly.

Woven or open baskets allow the free flow of air, preventing heat build-up. Similarly, these baskets will allow the WiFi signal to flow without interference. Here is how to hide modem and router in living room:

– Get the Basket

You must buy one if you do not have a woven basket with holes or an open basket. If your house is hot, consider getting an open woven basket. This is to prevent heat build-up. However, get a woven basket with holes if your home is relatively less warm.

Again, ensure that you get the correct basket size. When placing the router in a confined space, ensure at least 10 cm or 4 inches of open space around your router. So, get a large enough basket, depending on your routers and modem size.

– Place the Router and Modem in the Basket

Once you have the correct basket size and type, move it to where you have set your modem and router. You must unplug all the cables from the router and modem before placing them into the basket.

Place them into the basket individually, ensuring at least a 4-inch-wide space between the equipment and the sides of the basket for free air circulation.

– Plug in the Cables

Start by connecting your router to your modem. Get the Ethernet line – plug one end into the modem port at the back and the opposite end into your router’s WAN (Wide Area Network) port. Plug the second Ethernet cord into port 1 on your router. The opposite end of this cable goes into your PC.

Plug power cords for the modem and router into the respective ports on your devices.

– Keep the Cables Hidden

Thread all the router cables through the back of your basket’s lid. A lidded basket usually has hinges with gaps to allow cables to pass through them. Still, others have dedicated cable holes.

So, guide the cables through these holes and spaces to the power outlet. You can add an indoor plant in front of these holes to conceal the power outlet completely.

If you buy an open basket, ensure it is high enough to conceal the router and modem.

– Place the Basket in a Convenient Place

Find a convenient point for your WiFi router. This will prevent internet cables from running throughout the entire space. You can set it up next to where the internet wire pops up from the floor. This should be close to the power outlet.

Also, you can hide your modem and router at floor level since modem cables are at floor level. A taller or skinny basket can be convenient – it will look nice proportionally.

If you use an open basket, place it at a high point, such as on top of a bookshelf. If you place such a basket on the floor, people can see the unsightly modem and routers easily.

How to Hide Your Router and Modem (9 Perfect Ideas)

You can hide your router and modem in a cabinet, cable organizer box, metal box, or bookshelf. Also, you can hide it behind a picture frame, mount it high, slip it under furniture, hand and hide it or place it behind indoor decorative plants.

These methods will help you conceal your routers and modems cheaply and effortlessly. So, let’s look at these wifi router storage ideas in detail.

– Design a Metal Box

You can design a metal box to host your router and modem. When you choose the DIY way, create a decorative box that matches the interior decor of your home or office.

Otherwise, consider getting a laser-cut metal box because it provides adequate airflow when your router and modem run hot. These boxes are radiator covers. While your modem and router will not be invisible, your signal remains solid throughout.

Typically, these boxes have spaces on their sides that dissipate heat entirely. Additionally, the metal is not flammable, ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Metal is the best material for making a box since it is not risky. Plastic can melt under high temperatures, while wood can ignite.

– Use a Cable Management Box

Cable management boxes are ideal for hiding your routers and utilizing space effectively. You find these boxes on e-commerce sites at an affordable price. Select a box that suits the aesthetics of your space. Additionally, it should be of the correct size to fit your router and modem.

After placing your network equipment in these boxes, you can place them on a bookshelf or top of the bookshelf. Also, you can put it on the floor. So, for those who wish to know how to hide router and modem on floor, using cable management boxes is a nice idea. Just ensure the box is out of the way and incognito.

– Hang and Hide Your Router

You can hide your router or Gateway behind a fabric, such as canvas. The material can be a piece of art – it should be lightweight and deep. Also, you can create a work of art if you are artsy.

  1. Hang your router and modem using Velcro strips. Alternatively, mount it on a narrow shelf.
  2. Hand the Canvas or piece of art over the front of the router and modem.

This will perfectly conceal your network devices.

– Use a Cabinet

If you have a cabinet in your home or office, slip the modem and router inside. This will keep it hidden. The best cabinets are those with slats, as they allow the free flow of air. Nevertheless, any cabinet can work, provided it is spacious enough for heat dissipation. Place the router and modem in a high-up cabinet for a stronger signal.

You can tuck your router and modem between the books if you have a bookshelf. This is an ideal option if your bookshelf is spacious. A modem and router cannot stand out in the visual mess of books. But ensure that the Gateway is not covered with books completely. So, don’t stack books over them.

– Cover It With a Picture Frame

Do you have framed pictures in your home or office? Use them to conceal your modem and router. Just ensure that the picture frame is large enough to cover the equipment.

  1. Place the router and modem on a table or countertop. Ensure the cables are concealed.
  2. Take a relatively bigger picture frame and place it in front of the equipment. It can be your picture or a piece of art.

You can attach a box to the back of the frame for better coverage. Angled frames are suitable for concealing a router and modem.

– Block Them With Furniture

Using furniture to hide router and modem is the quickest and easiest method for concealing them. You can simply slide a big chair, couch, cupboard, or shelf in front of the router and modem to cover them.

Ensure a 4-inch space between your router and the blocking furniture. This ensures perfect airflow to keep your devices running correctly.

– Mount Router Close to the Ceiling

Mounting the router and modem high up will not only conceal it but allow it to give a better signal. So, you can mount it close to your ceiling in a spot that is less likely to be seen. This could be behind a high bookshelf or any other piece of furniture.

Alternatively, you can hang the modem and router using command strips and get it lean at a right angle. Use a rubber band to wrap the router, and the modem, then hook them.

– Suspend the Router in the Furniture

You can hand your router in furniture such as a cupboard, credenza, cabinet, or closet. Here is a quick procedure:

  1. Find a cabinet/credenza with a small lip at the front
  2. Use a Velcro strip to attach the router to the underside of the cabinet/Credenza/closet
  3. Feed the cables along the underside of the outlet. Secure the wires to the bottom so that they remain invisible.

Depending on your furniture type, this router storage idea can be tricky to execute. But it is very effective when you succeed. Just ensure that there is plenty of air circulation.

– Use Decorative Indoor Plants

If your modem and router are on a countertop, shelf, or table, you can block them with beautiful potted plants. So, arrange medium-sized potted plants in front of your modem and router to conceal them.

If the equipment is on a shelf, use shorter plants to block them. But you can use relatively larger plants if they are on the ground.


This post extensively examines how to conceal routers and modems in your home or office. Below are our main points:

  • You can use a box to hide router and modem in your home or office. Just place the router and modem in a router box, then put them in a central place.
  • For better airflow, use a woven basket to hide routers.
  • You can also mount the router in a higher place, behind furniture, inside a cabinet/bookshelf, or cover it with canvas.

The above ideas are practical whether you have a wired or wireless router and modem. Try them for a more organized space.




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