How To Hide Ethernet Cable: Keep Your Room Tidy With Minimal Effort

How To Hide Ethernet Cable

To hide Ethernet cables and prevent them from creating a mess, you only need simple cable arrangement hacks. Luckily for you, after concluding a series of researches and trials, we finally have the list of Ethernet cable hacks that can help keep your room clean despite all the wires lying around.
Hide Ethernet CableIn this article, we’ll guide you through the five most promising ways to hide Ethernet cables, so keep on reading to find them all out!

Hiding Ethernet Cable: An Introduction

Irrespective of the type of wire we’re concerned about, getting the clutter hidden is an art in itself and calls for the smartest approach. Although it is pretty easy to arrange an Ethernet cable, the same can be troubling when the appropriate strategy is not known.

To help you with that, here are the most amazing Ethernet cable hacks that can make your room tidy in a matter of minutes.

How To Hide Ethernet Cable: 5 Most Effective Ways

– Getting the Cables Hooked at the Back of the Nearest Furniture

There is no denying that most of us tend to hide cables behind whatever commodity sits in our room.

So why not employ the same practice in a more promising manner?

To put it in simple words, instead of just making room for the concerned cables at the back of any furniture, we can properly hook them. This will help hide an Ethernet cable and, at the same time, ensure that its state is well maintained.

You can hook and hide network cables at the back of your furniture in several ways; however, the most efficient manner is utilizing a Cord Clip. In case you don’t know, a Cord Clip or a Command Cord Clip is a tool that offers the most minimalist approach of organizing cords and wires of electronic devices.

Depending on the length of the cable itself, you can take five to ten clips and press the Ethernet cable on the back edges of the furniture.

– Hide an Ethernet Cable Using the Wall Mounted Cable Channel Concealers

Honestly, the method of hiding Ethernet cables by hooking them at the back of furniture works great.

But what if there aren’t any?

That is when the cable channel concealers come to the rescue.
Hide an Ethernet Cable Using the Wall Mounted Cable Channel ConcealersAs the name suggests, the wall-mounted cable concealers are meant to hide Ethernet cables along wall. The fact that you can color these cord covers according to your room decor makes it even more promising.

Using a wall-mounted concealer is a straightforward task. All that you need to do is employ a cutting tool and get the appropriate length of the wall carved out, always depending on the length of your cable. Once done, you’re ready to pass the Ethernet cable through, followed by mounting the base against the wall.

Quick Tip:

Look for the wall-mounted cable concealers that come with an adhesive strip. This way, you can hide the Ethernet cable on wall without incurring any damage.

– Sort Out the Corners of your Room Using Duct Raceways

Does your workstation have cables running along the corner of the room? Do you want to know how to hide Ethernet cables in such a situation?

Well, the answer is simple: get yourself some Corner Duct Raceways.

Corner duct raceways are similar to wall-mounted channel concealers in many ways. Still, the major factor that makes both sit in distinct boxes is that the former is specifically designed to fit the corners.

Whether you’re after storing and hiding Ethernet cables in residential or commercial places, corner duct raceways offer the smartest possible solution. From keeping the cables tidy and together to prevent any form of external damage, the setup ensures you’re less worried about the cables located in the corner of a room.

– Baseboard Cable Concealers to Resolve Lengthy Untidy Connections

Consider a situation when you’re compelled to install the router on the furthest point of your house. In such a scenario, ensuring the most out of your internet usually means that you have to run Ethernet cables until the desired point.

Of course, you do have the option to use the combination of the above three tricks and hide Ethernet cable. However, the productive alternative is employing baseboard cable concealers.

Baseboard cable concealers are cable covers designed to fill in the gaps between floors and the baseboards. Alongside providing the most flexible cord management solution, it can help ensure the long-lasting durability of your network cables.
Baseboard Cable Concealers to Resolve Lengthy Untidy ConnectionsSimilar to the previously discussed concealers, the baseboard ones are also easy to install. They don’t call for any electrical competence and offer a self-adhesive nature that lets you store network cables in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you’ve got the option to color the cable concealer and match the different sections of your room with ease.

– Cover the Ethernet Cables Running Across the Floor Utilizing Dedicated Covers

You don’t want anyone to trip over the loose wires, do you?

For that reason, it is crucial to have the cables on the floor systematically covered as well.

Having talked about hiding an Ethernet cable using wall-mounts, baseboard concealers, and cord clips already, it is time we walk you through a super-efficient way of covering and containing network cables running across the floor. Popular as floor-based cord covers, the concealers are different from the ones we’ve discussed earlier.

Considering that these covers are more prone to contact, the built is secured with sturdy protective material. Also, the design features ramps to offer a smooth transition. Besides construction, the installation also comes with minimal trouble-causing factors. Overall, hiding Ethernet cables is a breeze when you opt for a suitable floor cord cover.

Simple Trick Without Any Equipment

When we talk about the most no-frills way to hide Ethernet or any other cable, the practice of getting the wires blended with the environment sits at the top of the list. Cables are usually available in different builds, and Ethernet cables are no exception. So while installing one, you can choose one that harmonizes as close as possible with the color on the walls of your room.

Apart from getting hold of the right color, it is a good idea to consider the thickness of the cables as well. The reason is that thin cables can be easily hidden from plain sight.

Unique Trick

A unique way to hide Ethernet cables is getting a bit artistic around them. What we’re trying to say is, instead of just using clips and cords to conceal the wires, you can put in your creative mindset and come up with something amazing.

Now, there are several ways of getting the job done. One way is using fancy clips for positioning the cables along the wall in an art-conveying form.

At the same time, you can get a touch more decorative by investing a few hours in drawing sketches around the cables, using them as part of a wall drawing.
Unique TrickHowever, before you start, it is crucial to keep in mind that this route of blending the wires with your interior and walls might take a lot of time and energy. Needless to say that when there’s a will there’s a way, and if you’re a creative individual that likes to live in a non-conventional space, then this trick might be just the thing for you!

Note for All Ethernet-Hiding Techniques Mentioned

Before you proceed with any of the above-mentioned techniques and hide the network cables, it is crucial to test if all the wires are properly working. Also, in case you’re thinking of secreting more than one wire, invest some hours labeling them.

What it will do is help you deal with identifying which one is which in the future. In other words, you’ll know the purpose of each cable even after these are concealed for years.


And with that, we’re done talking about the five best strategies to conceal network wires and prevent them from creating a mess.

Let’s sum up and ensure you know how to hide Ethernet cables:

  • You can hook the cables on the back of any neighboring furniture
  • Employing wall-mounted channel concealers will help hide Ethernet cables along the wall
  • For wires running along the corner, use dedicated duck raceways
  • In case you’ve cables on the floor, choose the best floor-cord cover to help keep your room tidy
  • You can try blending the Ethernet cable with the surrounding walls by selecting the color that closely resembles the background
  • Those who’re confident about their artistic skills can decorate Ethernet cables along the walls with background-blending sketches, using the cables as props for a unique wall drawing!

Hiding Ethernet cable is an art that is not tough to master. Follow the methods mentioned in this write-up and start sorting the cables lying around right away!


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