How to Clean an Xbox 360 Disc Like an Expert: 3 Key Steps

clean a Xbox 360 disc with scratches
clean a Xbox 360 disc with scratches

Knowing how to clean an Xbox 360 disc is very important if you own one. This act ensures that you maintain it in a pristine condition.

Clean an Xbox 360 Disc Like an Expert

This post outlines beginner to advanced methods and procedures for cleaning an Xbox 360 game disc.

How to Clean an Xbox 360 Disc in 3 Steps

You can clean your discs using a mixture of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, water, and a soft microfiber cloth. Dip the microfiber cloth in the mixture and gently wipe the disc from the center outwards.

Here is a detailed procedure of how to clean an Xbox disc:

– Step 1: Prepare Your Solution

For this procedure, you will need isopropyl alcohol and water. Place even parts of the two solutions in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Isopropyl alcohol is a powerful cleaning agent and is very efficient in removing smudges and grime from your disk. If you do not have access to Isopropyl alcohol, you can use a window cleaner solution.

You will use a microfiber cloth because it is tightly woven and soft. As a result, it will pick up dirt and dust without scratching the disc’s surface, unlike cotton, tissue, or towel.

– Step 2: Clean Your Disc

Insert your index finger in the hole on the disc, lift it and hold the edges with your thumb and other fingers. Do not touch the disc’s surface. Dip the soft microfiber cloth in the Isopropyl alcohol-water mixture

Wipe from the center straight out to the disc’s edge. Rotate your disc and repeat the whipping streak – from center to edge. Keep rotating your disc until all parts have been wiped.

Wipe straight from the center, not in circles, because wiping in circles increases the risk of scratching.

– Step 3: Dry the Disc

Air dry your disc for a few minutes but do not place it under direct sunlight. Again, place the disc bottom side up. The Isopropyl alcohol takes a few seconds to evaporate. However, the disc may take longer to dry if you use the window cleaner. Do not dry your disc with a cloth because it might promote scratching.

How to Use Toothpaste to Clean an Xbox 360 Disc?

The best method on how to clean a Xbox 360 disc with scratches is using toothpaste. Place a pea-sized toothpaste drop on the scratched disc, add a little water and rub back and forth using your finger or a microfiber cloth. Ensure that you apply a little pressure to even out the scratches.

Toothpaste to Clean an Xbox 360 Disc

Let’s look at how to clean a Xbox disc that is scratched in detail:

– Step 1: Get Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste is slightly abrasive; thus, you can polish off scratches on the disc’s surface. But you need to buy non-bleaching toothpaste. Avoid bleaching or whitening toothpaste as they contain chemicals that can damage your disc. Also, avoid gel-based toothpaste.

For the best result, buy baking soda toothpaste. 

– Step 2: Start Cleaning

Here is how to clean a Xbox 360 disc with toothpaste:

Place a pea-sized drop of non-abrasive toothpaste on the disc’s surface, and add a small amount of water. Add an amount of water enough to make a paste but not to turn it too runny. 

Use a microfiber cloth or your finger to buff out scratches from the disc’s surface. If you use your finger, clean it first to remove excess oils. 

Apply gentle pressure on the toothpaste on the disc and rub it back and forth over the scratches. This action polishes the disc and removes the scratches. Always rub from the center towards the edges, not in a circular motion. 

– Step 3: Rinse the Disc

After rubbing the entire surface with toothpaste, rinse the disc with warm water. Ensure that you remove all the excess toothpaste from the disc surface for better performance. Allow your disc to dry in the air, but not directly under the sun. 

How to Use an Abrasive Compound to Clean Xbox 360 Disc

To use an abrasive compound, you will need to place a drop of the compound piece of cloth and gently rub it on the disc in radial motion. An abrasive compound, e.g., 3M compounds, is an ideal solution when cleaning a disc with much deeper scratches. Try this technique when you get an “Xbox 360 not reading disc style=”font-weight: 400;”>” error. 

Abrasive Compound to Clean Xbox 360 Disc

Here is how to clean a disc using an abrasive compound. 

– Step 1: Choose an Abrasive Compound

Select a compound of choice since there are several options. Typically, most household products can polish your scratched Xbox 360 discs. Also, you can use fine-grit polishing compounds designed for cars or hard finishes.

Some compounds generate irritating fumes, so ensure you use them in a well-ventilated room. 

– Step 2: Polish Your Disc

Place a small amount of the abrasive compound on a piece of soft clothing. Start rubbing the abrasive compound in radial motion. Begin at the center and rub towards the edges – perform the move about 10 times around the CD. Focus mostly on scratched areas to fix them. 

Place the disc on a non-abrasive flat, firm surface for the best results. Remember, data is stored on the label side of the disc; thus, placing it on a rough surface can de-laminate it and affect the data. 

– Step 3: Clean the Disc

Rinse your disc with warm water thoroughly. Ensure that you remove all the abrasive compounds from the disc surface and let the disc dry completely. 

If you use Brasso to clean the disc surface, wipe off the excess from it and allow it to rest dry. Use a clean cloth to wipe the disc gently. 

– Step 4: Test Your Disc

Place your disc in the Xbox console and try to play it. If the scratches persist, repeat the process until the surface looks shiny; otherwise, you may need an Xbox 360 disc drive replacement

How to Use Car Wax to Clean Xbox 360 Disc

You can apply a tiny dab of car wax to your dirty and scratched disc. Use short strokes along the length of the disc to clean it. Afterwards, rinse your disc with clean water and let it dry in the air. 

Car Wax to Clean Xbox 360 Disc

Waxing evens out the visible defects on your disc while removing dirt/smudges. So, try this option if you are dealing with an unreadable disk. 

Here is how to fix a Xbox 360 disc that is unreadable using wax: 

  • Remove excess dirt and dust from your disk and wipe it with a clean wet piece of cloth
  • Apply a fine layer of car wax on the disc and let it stand for a few minutes. However, read the manufacturer’s instructions for better results. 
  • Wipe out excess wax in inside-to-outside motions using a clean, soft, and dry lint-free cloth. 

Consult a professional disk resurfacing service if you cannot fix the scratches. Although pretty expensive, it will help fix the issue perfectly as they use advanced equipment, including laser lens cleaners. Remember, a disc with scratches will lag on the video or may pause, skip, or refuse to function. 

The problem occurs because the optical disc has a laser light that shines on the disc’s reflective side. The sensors interpret the information that is transmitted during the process. If the polycarbonate layer alters that laser’s reflective properties or path, you won’t get the data processing features you want.


We have explained detailed procedures for cleaning your Xbox discs in this post.

Let’s look at the main points:

  • To remove dust from your disc, use a dry microfiber cloth 
  • When your disk has smudges and other dirt, use Isopropyl alcohol or lens cleaner
  • Use toothpaste or car polish if the disc has dust, smudges, and is scratched. Apart from cleaning, they will remove the scratches. 
  • While cleaning the disc, use inside to outside strokes. Avoid circular motions as they cause scratches. 

With the above steps, you should have clean discs in no time, allowing you to play your Xbox games unhindered. 




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