How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last?

Mechanical Keyboard Lifespan

Whether you are building a rig or you want to purchase one off the market, the mechanical keyboard lifespan is one of the top qualities to consider.

How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last

Top keyboard manufacturers know users want something that will not only deliver outstanding performance but also last for a long time. This is why you need to look at all the most durable models before making a final decision.

In this article, we have done our bit to tell you how and why an ideal mechanical keyboard will last long. Enjoy!

How Long Does a Mechanical Keyboard Last?

Mechanical keyboards, on average, last for about 10 to 15 years under heavy typing or gaming.

Mechanical keyboards often carry price tags that most aficionados see as expensive. While they’re not far from the truth, the fact is mechanical keyboards have a lot of features. They are also great for many applications.

How long they last, irrespective of how much they cost, is important.

By way of short answers, how long they last depends on the type of keyboard you have.

Typically, the key switches in your mechanical keyboard last for about 10 to 15 years. If you’re using a keyboard with a Cherry MX key switch, know they are rated to 50 million keypresses. On average, this is about 10 to 15 years under heavy typing or gaming.

Considering the stated years, that’s a long time! Moreover, other key switch brands offer more. For instance, Kailh and Logitech are rated up to 80 million keystrokes. As such, their fail time can reach 20 years or more.

Even if they fail, you can have the switch replaced, which further extends the lifespan of your keyboard.

In comparison, a rubber dome keyboard is rated up to 5 million key presses. If you are a heavy user, that’s about one to two years. This is one of the reasons mechanical keyboards are expensive. On average, mechanical keyboards are built to last for at least ten years.

Every Part of the Keyboard Plays a Big Role

Switches may be described as the heart of a keyboard, but other parts play big roles as well. For example, the materials used for design and construction are important.

Pros & Cons Mechanical Keyboard

In this regard, metals like aluminum rank above plastics. This is because plastics will weaken over time. Further, mechanical keyboards with removable cables tend to last longer. This way, you can change cables rather than change keyboards.

How you handle your mechanical keyboard also matters. Just because they are stated to last for more than ten years doesn’t mean you can step on them or soak them in water. No matter the cost, using them properly will add to their lifespan.

Advantages of Mechanical Keyboards

Apart from being sturdier than membrane alternatives, getting one is a matter of preference. Whether it’s for your gaming rig, workspace, or office, here are some advantages of mechanical keyboards.

1. Long Lifespan

This is one of the major benefits of a mechanical keyboard. They last longer than many other varieties. You can expect to have them for a good number of years. Their keyboards are often made to last for between 30 and 100 million keypresses. This is in stark contrast to membrane keyboards which can only guarantee 5 million keypresses.

2. Durability

You have to maintain a mechanical keyboard. While this is true, most mechanical keyboards offer parts that won’t wear out as quickly. As a result, they’ll have a new feel for a long time. Also, the keys won’t clatter, get stuck, or pull out.

Sure, they can get old, but it’s far easier to replace keycaps and key switches.

3. Quality Feedback

Quality feedback is necessary for a satisfying experience. This is a positive of mechanical keyboards which offer great tactile feedback. Further, you can tweak your gaming and typing experience. That is because mechanical keyboards have customizable features.

For instance, you can assign particular tasks to certain keys. The switches also offer some flexibility. You can select more acoustic feedback for them. Also, depending on what you need, there are key switches better suited for gaming or typing.

On the whole, what you want is a key switch to match the effort of your keyboard.

4. Stability

The robust form of a mechanical keyboard means you get to have more stability. This will come in handy if you’re more of a key puncher. A stable keyboard won’t slide off your desk at will.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard is not without its disadvantages. While getting one, you also have to consider they can put you off in various ways. Here are some drawbacks to consider:

1. Noise Level

Mechanical keyboards can get loud because of their robust construction.

Depending on your preferences, this can cause problems, especially if you’re constantly typing or gaming. As such, hearing the noises could leave you feeling drained. Again, in an office setting, you’ll tick a lot of people off.

For other users, this is not the case. They love the sound or noise level because it gives the impression of the keys getting registered. Whatever the case, there are silent mechanical keyboards you can settle for. Also, some keyboards give you the option of limiting the sounds.

2. Price Levels

Another downside of mechanical keyboards is their price level. Perhaps this is because of the kind of features and parts they have. Also, with greater lifespan than their rivals, they’re worth paying for.

3. Weighty

Sometimes all you want to do is place your keyboard on your lap and get to work. However, this can be a challenge with a heavy mechanical keyboard. Thanks to its sturdier design and materials for construction, they are weighty.

They’re a bit awkward for certain tasks. However, there are various Ten-keyless mechanical keyboards which don’t pack so much weight.

Pros and Cons of a Mechanical Keyboard

Pros Cons
Longevity and durability Noise level is high
More quality switch types Weighty
Quality feedback and responses

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a mechanical keyboard?

Keyboards that use a mechanical switch under each key are referred to as mechanical keyboards. Out there, you have a wide variety of mechanical switch designs to choose from. All of them offer a distinctive feel or sound when pressed.

Generally, switches are identified by the color of the switch itself.

  1. Why are mechanical keyboards preferred to robber domes?

Mechanical keyboards are preferred over rubber dome keyboards due to things like longer lifespan and customization options. Other than that, they offer increased performances in gaming and typing. Also, the mechanical keyboard wears out after many years of use.

Mechanical keyboards also offer more variation and quicker response times, which will help you react more quickly to in-game stimuli.

  1. Are mechanical keyboards loud?

Mechanical keyboards have a reputation for being loud. However, this doesn’t apply to all of them. Sure, the clicky IBM Model M is loud or noisy upon keypresses. However, some options have quiet and tactile feedback. Such variants include Brown switches.

Further, a mechanical keyboard has factors which contribute to its noises. This includes the tools used to design it. For instance, steel plates and aluminum parts can add to the sound level.

Then there’s the fact that some of these keyboards have heavy keycaps. Pressing them is bound to produce some sounds.

  1. Which mechanical keyboard switch is best?

We have stated how important switches are to keyboards in general. However, no matter the variety, they all offer something useful to users. As such, what you get depends on your needs at a particular time. Whether that’s a firm or soft keypress, there’s a switch for every user.

Thankfully, there are a host of brands to choose from. The top of the pile is the Cherry MX line of switches.

  1. Which mechanical keyboard is best for gaming?

Most brands have now shifted the focus of production to suit gamers. This is why a question like this always pops up. However, you’d be wrong to think that only keyboards with linear switches are the best for gaming.

Most switches have the same actuation time, which is halfway down a keypress. As such, it leads to a better gaming experience. However, you have to bottom out on some mechanical keyboards.

Further, some switch brands like Kailh and Logitech have come up with special Speed switches to increase actuation. The best mechanical keyboard for gaming is one with faster actuation and response time.

Another advantage is the anti-ghosting feature. With this, you can press several keys at the same time without any bother.


Like we mentioned earlier, there’s a keyboard for every user. However, a mechanical keyboard is a great step if you want a computer rig to be proud of.

The benefits of having one outweigh the drawbacks. You’ll get a faster response time and a keyboard to last you a long while.

Deciding between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard is almost straightforward, too. While the latter is lighter, it does lack many features and capabilities than mechanical keyboards.

As a gamer or typist, you’ll find that mechanical keyboards are reliable and sturdy. With the kind of variation in feedback and actuation they offer, you can accomplish any task.


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