How Is a Blocked Number Still Calling Me? Top Reasons

Top Reasons Why Blocked Number Still Calling
Top Reasons Why Blocked Number Still Calling

When you receive calls from a blocked number, you may not hesitate to ask: how is a blocked number still calling me? Remember, blocking a number is one of the best ways to avoid unwanted calls and texts.

So, if such a number appears after blocking, it is very worrying. In this post, we tell you why it occurs and how to solve it.

How Is a Blocked Number Still Calling Me?

A blocked number can still reach you through spoofed numbers, hidden caller IDs, and VOIP services that can disguise their actual number or via a communication app. Also, a blocked call may pass through if there is an issue with your device’s settings or your service provider blocks certain features.

So, exactly, how can a blocked number still text me?

– Spoofed Numbers

A spoofed phone number is a number that is deliberately falsified to hide the caller’s identity or to make it seem like the call is coming from another specific number. This can be achieved using voice-over IP (VoIP) technology and specific software that manipulates caller ID information.

With specialized software, callers can set any number to appear on the recipient’s caller ID. Typically, this technology sends calls over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines.

The purpose of spoofed numbers is often to trick the recipient into answering the call. Scammers, robocaller, and telemarketers frequently use this method, making their calls seem to come from local numbers, trustworthy businesses, or government agencies.

– Hidden Caller IDs

Hidden or blocked caller IDs occur when a caller decides not to display their contact number to the recipient. There are two ways to make hidden calls:

  • Call-by-call basis with specific dialing codes before the number. The dialing codes depend on the country or region of your Google Voice number. For instance, use 67 when in North America.
  • A permanent feature is set up through the phone service provider.

Calls from a hidden caller ID display “Unknown” or “Private number.” This feature is common among scammers, unwanted callers who wish to remain anonymous, or individuals seeking privacy. So, seeing a private number could be a typical case of a blocked number still calling no caller id issue.

When you block a contact on your phone, your device recognizes the unique caller ID associated with that number and prevents it from getting through. However, if a caller uses a hidden caller ID, the caller’s number is concealed, making it difficult for the blocking feature to identify and stop the call.

Because there’s no specific number attached to the call, it essentially bypasses the block list. Spammers or people trying to avoid call-blocking features often use this technique. This will reach your phone as spam calls, primarily as missed calls.

– Service Provider Errors

While service providers respect user settings, potential system errors, software bugs, or glitches can allow restricted numbers to call you.

So, if you are bothered by the question: “Why is a blocked number still calling me on iPhone?” there could be disruptions in the system, such as a temporary system outage. Similarly, a software update could disrupt the implementation of call blocking.

– Using Applications

You can use third-party applications to bypass number-blocking settings on your Android or iPhone device. For instance, if someone has blocked your number on the phone’s regular calling app, you can use Skype or WhatsApp to call them.

These applications can bypass the settings allowing you to reach the person. However, they rely on internet connectivity. So, you and the recipient must have an internet connection for a successful call. These apps have a separate block list unaffected by the phone’s native call-blocking features.

Other apps can generate random numbers. You can download such an app on your smartphone and then call anyone. Such apps randomly generate numbers, which you can use to make phone calls or send text messages. Also, they randomly generate the area code, making it less suspectable.

Then why is a blocked number still calling me Android? The caller might be using an app that generates random numbers not on your block list. Since your phone blocking feature does not recognize the number, it will pass through.

– Check Your Settings

You might have accidentally changed the settings if you blocked a number but still receive texts or calls. This usually occurs after updating the phone software or resetting your phone to factory settings. So, confirm if the number still exists in the block list.

  • Android phone: Launch the Phone app, and go to the Call history. Click on the three-dot line at the top right. Select the “blocked contacts” to check if it is present. If not, add it.
  • iOS: Go to Contacts, tap the contact, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

How Does the Process of Blocking a Number Work?

The process of blacking out a number works by utilizing software in your device to identify and prevent specific numbers from reaching you. So, when you block numbers on your device, you typically instruct it to reject those particular numbers, and callers can only reach you by concealing their identity.

The general process of blocking works as follows:

  1. Caller Identification: Your phone’s operating system checks the incoming calls against a database containing all contacts on your device.
  2. Blocklist Comparison: The phone will then compare the incoming call to the list of blocked contact numbers and act based on the blocking rules or settings in place.
  3. Blocking the Call: If the phone’s operating system finds the number on the blocklist, it automatically rejects the call. Ideally, the phone disconnects the call without notifying you. However, on iOS, it might leave voicemail

You can block calls, texts, or both depending on the settings. The processing of blocking text messages on the phone is similar to calls. When blocked, the messages are either deleted automatically or hidden.

– Can a Rejected Number Still Reach Me if They Switch Devices?

No, if a blocked caller switches to a different device but keeps the same number, they are still blocked. Therefore, blocked calls cannot reach you. However, they can reach you if they switch devices and use a different phone number not on your block list.

Remember, your phone’s blocking feature works based on phone numbers, not individual devices. So, as long as you block a number on your devices, it remains blocked until you change the settings or change your device.

– Can Repeated Blocking and Unblocking Make a Number Bypass Blocking?

No, repeatedly blocking and unblocking a number should not allow it to bypass the block feature because these are two distinct settings. When you block a number, you tell your phone to reject it. When you unblock the number, you permit it to contact you.

So, alternating between the two should not result in an issue. Therefore, any issues with restricted numbers getting through would likely be due to a bug or error in the operating system. However, these occurrences are pretty rare.

How Can I Stop a Rejected Number From Calling Me?

You can stop a blocked contact from reaching you by confirming if the number is correctly listed on the block list. You might have accidentally removed the phone number from the blocklist or only blocked messages from that number, not calls.

Here is how to stop a blocked number from calling.

– Ensure the Number is on the Block List

Follow the procedure below to check if the number is present on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings, select Phone, and tap Blocked Contacts. Alternatively, go to Settings, choose FaceTime, and go to Calls. Tap Blocked Contacts.
  2. Locate the contact’s name that still texts or calls you. Add the number if you cannot see it, as shown in steps 3 to 6.
  3. Access Settings, select Phone, and tap Blocked Contacts. If you have FaceTime, go to Settings, choose FaceTime, and go to Blocked Contacts.
  4. Tap Add New…
  5. This action opens Contacts. Find the contacts you wish to block.
  6. Tap on the contact’s name to add it to a block list.

Now you have blocked it. This problem shouldn’t happen again.

– Update Your Phone Software

Updating your phone ensures that it runs on the latest software. The latest software will fix vulnerabilities in the previous versions of the operating system. Besides, it fixes glitches and bugs, ensuring your device operates at its best.

You can also get new features to block contact numbers on your phone effectively. Here is how to update your Android device:

  1. Check your Android version: Settings app> About phone> Android version.
  2. Go to Settings, tap System, and then go to System Update.
  3. Check your phone’s update status, and then follow the steps on your screen to update the phone.

To update iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings, tap General, then go to Software Update.
  2. You may see multiple software update options – Choose the latest version.
  3. Tap Install Now or Download and Install instead

– Use a Third-Party App

Third-party apps are very effective in blocking unwanted messages and calls. Luckily, there are multiple on the web, so you only need to select the correct one. Here is the procedure for using these apps:

  1. Download the call-blocking app and install it on your phone
  2. Set up the application and configure the settings. During configuration, customize how the app will handle unwanted messages and calls.
  3. Typically, you can set it to block anonymous calls, specific numbers, or phone numbers from a particular region.
  4. Add the numbers to the block list
  5. Give the app the necessary permission to block contacts effectively

While these apps are effective, they aren’t 100 percent foolproof.

– Contact Your Service Provider

If the issue persists, consider calling your service provider. If the mishap is on their side, they will help you fix it. Also, they can offer additional services to help block unwanted texts and calls.


Several reasons can explain how a blocked contact number might still be able to reach you, as shown below:

  • The caller may be using “number spoofing,” allowing them to display a different number than their actual one, thus bypassing the block.
  • If the caller uses different devices or different phone numbers, they can still get through because the blocking feature targets specific numbers.
  • Blocked callers may reach out through other channels, such as VoIP apps or social media platforms.

While no solution is entirely foolproof, staying vigilant and keeping your phone’s software updated can significantly reduce the chances of unwanted texts and calls getting through.




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