Gold Vs Platinum PSU: Which Should You Go For?

Gold vs platinum psu
Gold vs platinum psu

Comparing gold vs platinum PSU in terms of price and performance ratio, many tech-savvy people think that the 80+ Gold PSU is the best option you should go for as it has an efficiency of 87 percent at 20 percent load and operates at 90 percent efficiency when loaded to 50 percent.Gold vs Platinum Power Supply Unit

Moreover, the tech experts in our article are aiming to help you understand the difference between Gold and Platinum PSU, how each one works, and what to consider before selecting what works for you.

Comparison Table

Specs of PSU’s Gold Power Supply Platinum Power Supply
Rated Output Power 500W 500W
Fan Type Mostly dual ball bearing fans: 80mm Mostly dual ball bearing fans: 80mm
Efficiency Greater than 80% Greater than 87%
Noise  Zero noise Zero noise
Input frequency range 47Hz to 63Hz 47Hz to 63Hz

What Is the Difference Between Gold and Platinum Power Supply?

The main difference between the gold and platinum power supply is the efficiency. While they mainly serve the same function, many people claim that platinum power supplies are better than gold power supplies in that sense. For one, platinum means better than gold-coated power supplies, but this also means that they are way more expensive than their gold counterparts.

What Is Gold PSU Best For?

The Gold PSU is best for the fact that it is characterized by an efficiency percentage of at least 80 percent. This means that this supply unit maintains an 87 percent PSU efficiency rating when the load it has to carry is about 20 percent.

Gold vs Platinum PSU ComparisonThen, when it is carrying a load of 90 percent or higher, it tries to maintain an efficient rate of about 90 percent. Lastly, when it carries the maximum amount of load that it can, the efficiency rate falls around 87 percent.

Moreover, of the several types of power supply units, it is the second strongest variant. Another benefit of using gold PSUs rather than normal supply cables is their conservation of energy.

Normal cables don’t have the capabilities of saving power; they expend a lot more energy than they convert, leading to a lot of heat being generated and energy being wasted. In contrast, Gold PSUs have a much better way of converting power that allows for a lot less wastage and better power transfer and conduction

What Is Platinum PSU Best For?

The platinum PSU is best for being an amazing option for people who want to better safeguard their devices. Sadly, a lot of people use normal supply cables which leads to a lot of problems. First off, normal supply cables don’t last as much, and they are not as efficient. A lot of power gets wasted and heat generated.

That said, it’s interesting to know that platinum is arguably the best power supply unit out there. Currently, the platinum power supply unit boasts an 87 percent efficiency generally.

Then, when it is carrying 20 percent load, it is 90 percent efficient. It has a 92 percent efficiency when it is carrying a load of 50 percent, and it has an 87 percent efficiency rate when it is carrying its maximum load capacity.

Similar to the Gold PSU, it is extremely good at conserving power and preventing extreme heat generation. Furthermore, of all the PSU variants, the platinum version towers above all the others in terms of functionality.

The only downside to getting this particular variant is the price. It is several times more expensive than the bronze variant and significantly more expensive than the gold variant.

Gold vs Platinum PSU Difference


Now that you know what these power supply cables are and why you should use them, you would definitely have some questions about various ways you want to use these units. In order to simplify things, below are some of the most frequently asked questions about power supply units.

Some are pretty simple and have pretty straightforward answers, while some others require careful explanation in order for you to get it right.

– Do These Units Have Fuses?

Yes, they have fuses. Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand the importance of fuses in electrical devices.

To put it simply, a fuse is a strip of wire which is encapsulated in a small container that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a current level. In fact, the fuse attached to your device may be melted and be broken without your knowledge. Fuses are the cheapest and best safety option in any electrical circuit, which is why they’re highly important for any electrical appliance or device to have.

In order to protect your device from high currents that could damage it, a lot of companies that manufacture power supply units include it. As you may already know, any device that has a conversation from AC to DC needs to have a fuse inside due to the rawness of the AC’s power.

– What If The AC Current Is Too Low?

When the units detect that the AC’s voltage is lower than required, a special function called the Under Voltage Lock-Out Function would disable the converter. This would be done so as to prevent the intake of too much current.

Moreover, this is another question that a lot of people worry about. This is yet again another area where these power supply units shine. As mentioned earlier, each of these devices has AC/DC converters built-in and it is something you should keep in mind, in general.

– How Do I Clean These Devices?

You can clean these devices safely without any fuss by contacting a professional. However, something you should not do is to try and clean them ultrasonically. This form of cleaning can cause a lot of damage to sensitive electronic components in the power supply unit, causing them to malfunction.

Instead, try to clean them manually in order to avoid major problems.

Fortunately, some parts can be cleaned safely. Furthermore, if you still want to perform ultrasonic cleaning for any reason, make sure you contact a professional.

Interestingly, these power supply units are tightly assembled and packed, which means that not a lot of dust and dirt can come in contact with this device. So again, if you do need to clean it whether that be ultrasonically or otherwise, make sure you contact a professional to avoid any harm coming to you.

– Why Do I Need A PSU?

You need a power supply unit to convert alternating currents(AC) to direct current (DC). Not only do they do this, but they also regulate the amount of DC power that goes into a device.

Imagine all the power from the cable directly gets into your phone or computer. These devices would get overloaded and spoil within minutes. Luckily, most of these PSUs are switched-mode, which means that you can use these devices across multiple countries. If you don’t want your device to spoil and not work, it would be best to get one of these.

So, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering how useful a PSU could be to you. Through our tech experts’ answer, now you know why it is an absolute necessity for you and your device.

– What Is a PSU?

For those who don’t know, PSU is an acronym that stands for power supply unit, and it is a tool that converts alternating current to regulated direct current which is low current more often than not.

Moreover, direct current is used to power devices such as computers and phones. Imagine what would happen if you tried to power your devices using an alternating current directly. It would damage your devices and cause harm to yourself.

That said, there are several types of PSU and the gold and platinum PSUs are some of them.


Power supply units are more useful than you may think. They help your appliance last longer, and they are also very easy to use. So, to summarize, gold and platinum supply units are the types of supply units that experts recommend, considering their PSU efficiency ratings and durability.

However, if you want a moderate power supply unit, and you are on a moderate budget, a safe option would be to go for the gold power supply unit, while if you don’t mind paying a bit more money for a more efficient option, it would be better to go for the platinum power supply unit.

Admittedly, it may be pretty hard trying to choose a power supply unit. There are a lot of things to consider such as the efficiency rate, frequency levels, and so on. Thankfully, this article has helped to clear up some crucial things you need to know so as to make an informed purchase.


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