G Skill vs Corsair: What Is the Best RAM in Our Comparison?

G Skill vs Corsair Ram Memory
G Skill vs Corsair Ram Memory

Comparing G Skill vs Corsair is a challenging task because they are aimed at different people.

G Skill vs Corsair Ram Comparison

The two memory options are great and easy to find anywhere, but they have different target markets. Which one is the better option for your computer build?

G Skill offers a product perfect for people who will be streaming or editing content, while Corsair aims more at strict gamers.

Read on to see a more detailed review of G Skill and Corsair specs and features.

Corsair vs. G Skill: Which One Comes Out on Top?

Product Key Specifications
G Skill Memory
  • Easy to use
  • Offers plenty of options
  • Highest capacities available
Corsair RAM
  • Made for overclocking
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality materials in the build

G Skill and Corsair offer some of the most popular products on the market today. But which one stands out? Here’s our honest review of G Skill Memory and Corsair RAM.

1. G Skill Memory Specs & Review: Essential Details to Consider

G Skill has a ton of product lines that will fit just about any of your memory needs. The most popular are Ripjaws, Trident, Flares, Ares, and Pi, to name a few.

– Pros

It is easy to use and offers plenty of options. In addition, they have the highest capacities available.

– Cons

It features basic software.

G Skill vs Corsair Difference– The Overall Feel

Most of the memory kits from G Skill are beautiful, but you can tell that they don’t really consider aesthetics when they build.

They are still great, but the company doesn’t focus on adding the bells and whistles that some companies like Corsair do. Where you do see some stylistic choices is in their heat spreaders, which gives many G Skill memory products an almost vintage feel.

– Size

G Skill models typically come with either two or four sticks, although they have some singular options as well. In addition, they have some of the highest capacities on the market. They can go from 16 GB to over 128 GB, with extremely fast speeds clocking in at over 4400 MHz.

– Speed

G Skill is recognized worldwide for producing memory kits that reach extreme speeds. Therefore, it follows that the speed of most G Skill memory kits is quite fast.

However, you are going to pay more the faster the speed you get, and sometimes the memory doesn’t come at a significant value. Additionally, the pricing doesn’t follow any pattern, and it can get quite confusing.

– Software

The software that comes with G Skill memory is pretty basic and isn’t going to win any awards. However, it is straightforward to use.

All in all, there is a lot more variety in the products offered by G Skill. For the most part, everything is going to work extremely well, but it may not actually be worth the price that you’ll pay.

2. Corsair RAM Specs & Review: Everything You Need to Know

Corsair is known for offering long-lasting and high-performing products. They stand against consistent overclocking, transportation, and even wiping and refilling.

G Skill vs Corsair Specs and Features

Additionally, Corsair is one of the highest quality companies that produce memory, especially the Corsair DDR4 offerings.

Corsair models typically come with either two or four sticks. They have some of the highest capacities on the market today as well. They can go from 16 GB to over 128 GB, with extremely fast speeds clocking in at over 4400 MHz.

It’s also important to note that Corsair RAM products, particularly RAM kits, are some of the most sought-after on the market these days. This is because they are extremely well respected and well-liked, which helps make their products more desirable for new builders.

Corsair continues to create new products, but they tend to release items from the same line because of how well known they are.

– Pros

They are made for overclocking, especially if you get a newer model. Their products come at reasonable prices, considering the speed and amount of storage you will get. In addition, you can be assured that they always use quality materials in their builds.

– Cons

They don’t often design for low-profile cases. There are also some cooling issues with older RAM options.

– The Overall Feel

Corsair RAM tends to run the gamut in terms of appearances. They are either extremely simplistic and minimalistic (the perfect RAM to use in completely closed cases), or they are beautiful and have a lot of RGB and flashing lights. It still has some of the most beautiful designs that you can find in the market, though.

Corsair also commonly creates memory pieces that are larger in size compared with their counterparts. They aren’t too big to fit into a standard case, but not everything will work for a low-profile case. The overall feeling is clean-cut and subtle in some pieces but highly stylized in others.

– Size

You can find almost any size you want in Corsair DDR4 RAMs. However, a lot of their popular memory options are a bit bigger, so you won’t always have options that fit into lower-profile cases.

– Speed

If you need fast memory, Corsair is going to be one of the brands that people recommend across the board. One thing that users really love about this brand (and so do our experts) is that when you push the memory and try to operate at faster speeds, performance doesn’t start to wane.

So while it won’t reach the extreme speeds that some other memory brands reach, it is one of the fastest options for the price.

– Software

Corsair lines all come with software that helps you understand your equipment more and, if applicable, control your lights. It doesn’t have as many options as some other software (but it has certainly come a long way since the start), but it consistently works, is user-friendly, and is intuitive.

Overall, anything from Corsair is going to be a good option when looking at their price range. It is a good line for almost anyone because of how widely available it is, how consistent it is, and for anyone who overclocks on a regular basis.

Corsair vs G Skill: The Head to Head

The main difference between Corsair and G Skill is, Corsair has some lit and unlit versions and uses Dual-Path DHX Cooling tech, while G Skill has better speed.

Corsair vs G Skill The Head to Head

Let’s compare the two different DDR4 memory options to see which is the best. It’s important to note that both of these are excellent choices for memory, but they do excel in certain areas.


  • Winner: Corsair

Lighting is great, especially if you are going to have an open case. Both options here have some choices with RGB LED lights, but there is one that just does it better. Certain Corsair options have Cappellix RGBs, which are the best on the market.


  • Winner: Corsair

Both G Skill and Corsair have their specific styles; it just depends on which one you like better. Corsair tends to have more options because they do have some lit and unlit versions, so they have something for everyone.


  • Winner: Corsair

Many of Corsair’s memory products use Dual-Path DHX Cooling tech, which is great, especially for gamers. G Skill stays cool, but you may have to add some supporting coolants if you tend to overclock.


  • Winner: Corsair

For gamers who want to overlock, the speed, cooling, and performance need to be done perfectly. Only one does everything well: Corsair.

That’s not to say that you can’t overclock with the other option, but you will need to be extremely careful as there is some room for error.


  • Winner: Virtual Tie

Both of these brands have products that go up to about the same speeds. Of course, you will have to pay more for that speed with G Skill, but it tends to be slightly sturdier in terms of performance.


  • Winner: Tie

Corsair is very well known for having an excellent warranty process, so you won’t have to worry about getting your money back if something goes wrong. G Skill is the same, even though their refund policy isn’t talked about all that much.


If you look into the brands alone, you will see that the Corsair lines are just a little bit better than the G Skills lines overall.

There are minor issues here and there in terms of value and performance for both of them. In the end, you will have to look into the individual products and see which one meets your needs the best.

But if we really have to make a recommendation, we’d say that going with a Corsair is the best choice. However, you have to be willing to pay just a little bit more for the product.

With Corsair, you’re in for a good price-to-performance ratio. Take note that their products are made for overclocking, too.

Be sure to look through our site for some of our reviews on the individual products.


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