This excellent Epomaker SK61 review is everything users need to learn about the keyboard’s most refined specs, features, and technologies.

Epomaker SK61 Review

Although manufacturers offer many mechanical keyboards with nearly identical specifications and functions, the Epomaker SK61 is different thanks to its impressive build quality and performance.

The keyboard’s compact layout and design are similar to the Royal Kludge series, but the Epomaker SK61 includes fewer buttons and is more lightweight.

Therefore, by the time you are done reading our extensive mechanical keyboard review, you will be confident enough to decide whether Epomaker SK61 is a good choice for you or not.

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
This hot swappable keyboard allows customers to replace the switches quickly This keyboard does not have wireless features, unlike the Epomaker AK
Customers can use the Epomaker SK61 gaming keyboard for Windows and Mac OS The uniform profile keycaps do not have a unique typing angle or adjustable kickstands
The second keys’ layer provides one-handed access to the special arrow controls The Gateron optical sockets are not compatible with any mechanical switches
The durable PBT keycaps are ideal for prolonged gaming and typing sessions  

Product Highlights

Although readers understand more about the keyboard’s strengths and weaknesses by reading the previous pros and cons table, they might not seem enough.

Therefore, our team wrote the following bullet list that includes several highlights about the Epomaker SK61 keyboard, so we highly recommend reading it:

  • Compatible devices: Computers, laptops, tablets
  • Connectivity technology: USB Type-C
  • Material: PBT and ABS plastic
  • Keyboard layout: 60% layout
  • Number of keys: 61 pieces
  • Lighting: RGB LED backlighting
  • Keycap type: PBT units
  • Switch type: Gateron optical red switches
  • Unique feature: IPX6 waterproof and dustproof
  • Product dimensions: 11.81 x 4.25 x 1.57 inches
  • Product weight: 1.32 pounds

– Epomaker SK61 Review

Epomaker SK61 Key Criteria
Switch types
RGB backlights
Keystroke sensitivity
This hot swappable keyboard allows customers to replace the switches quickly
Customers can use the Epomaker SK61 gaming keyboard for Windows and Mac OS
The second keys’ layer provides one-handed access to the special arrow controls
The durable PBT keycaps are ideal for prolonged gaming and typing sessions
This keyboard does not have wireless features, unlike the Epomaker AK
The uniform profile keycaps do not have a unique typing angle or adjustable kickstands
The Gateron optical sockets are not compatible with any mechanical switches

Although the Epomaker SK61 mechanical keyboard does not receive the highest rating on any critical criteria, the overall performance, durability, and RGB lighting are excellent.

For instance, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes a 60% layout with 61 switches, so it is the perfect travel buddy because it is lightweight and compact.

However, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard lacks wireless connections, and the flat keycaps are not ideal for fast typing or gaming because it tires your hands and fingers. Therefore, our experts believe the final rating of 8.5 out of 10 is sufficient.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard scores higher for the switch type criterion thanks to the Gateron optical switches with similar qualities to the Cherry MX units.

Optical switches are great for everyday tasks and applications, but professional writers, gamers, and video editors might struggle because they are not as responsive as tactile controls.

However, our experts believe the Gateron optical black buttons will do the job because they have exciting actuation force and travel and adequately register keystrokes. As a result, our team improved the Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s switch type rating to 9 out of 10, confirmed by many Epomaker SK61 Reddit reviews.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes RGB LED lighting with several modes and profiles, but the unit has several drawbacks. For instance, the case surrounds the keycaps from the sides, blocking most of the RGB LEDs from penetrating through the case, which is not ideal in dark computer setups.

However, manufacturers included more room between the keycaps to compensate for the high-profile design, so customers should not experience severe problems during casual or professional use. Henceforth, we are confident the Epomaker SK61 keyboard deserves an 8.5 out of 10 final rating for the RGB LED backlights criterion.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard has excellent keystroke sensitivity thanks to the Gateron optical controls, which are critical for professional use and applications. However, optical and tactile controls have a different feel and register the keystrokes at different rates, so beginners might take longer to get accustomed to the Epomaker SK61 keyboard and its buttons.

Still, this board includes hot-swappable sockets ideal for customers wanting to remove old and broken switches because they can use the dedicated switch puller. So, finishing this in-depth review, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard merits a 9 out of 10 final rating for the keystroke sensitivity criterion.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes several unique specs and features, but our experts believe the overall performance is worth the cost. As a result, this is an ideal unit for travelers and compact gamers, but we think everyone will enjoy the Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s perks. So, why don’t you buy this excellent gaming product?

– How Has This Product Evolved?

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard has improved the switch options, installed better RGB LEDs, and reduced its size by removing several controls. The advanced Gateron optical units are the Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s first and most prominent benefit, similar to the Epomaker SK64.

As a result, customers can choose several colors with different actuation distances and forces, which is vital for customers wanting to customize and personalize the keyboard. In addition, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes hot-swappable sockets with typical 5-pin connectors, which is excellent for a product at this cost.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard has also improved the RGB LED lighting from previous models, although it is not ideal and has several drawbacks.

For example, developers installed more RGB LEDs and updated the keyboard’s software with more lighting effects and modes, but no per-key RGB features exist.

Customers can also change the effects using the software, which is straightforward and is explained in the Epomaker SK61 manual. However, beginners and less experienced users must be careful because they can alter some functions without awareness.

The last prominent upgrade is the size reduction because the Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes a 60% layout, unlike previous larger models. As a result, this board might be your ideal travel buddy, although no wireless connections and Bluetooth technologies exist.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard does not include dedicated arrow keys, but customers can use the secondary functions on the second layer. We are confident future versions will be better and more refined.

Product Features Breakdown

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard is an exciting and compact unit, as explained in this complete guide using criteria ratings.

However, what are the product’s real-life benefits, and how can beginners decide if the Epomaker SK61 keyboard is the best solution for their future gaming setup?

Our experts answer these questions in the following chapters by providing actual benefits and explaining its unique technologies and features, so keep reading for more.

– Complete Package With Essential Components

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard package has everything customers need to use the unit without issues or missing components.

In addition, manufacturers included several accessories to improve the keyboard’s life quality and enable customers to easily replace broken switches or keycaps, which is critical for less experienced users.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard box includes the following parts and accessories:

  • 60% layout keyboard
  • Plastic keycap puller
  • Metal switch puller
  • Mac OS compatible controls
  • Braided USB Type-C cable

As you can see, these components are everything you need for casual and professional use, although we believe a dedicated wrist rest would have been ideal.

The plastic keycap puller allows customers to remove any controls without damaging or scratching the board and other keycaps, which is challenging due to the high-profile case.

Customers can also use the special metal switch puller that works well with the hot-swappable sockets, so replacing the stock switches will be a breeze.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard is one of the few modern gaming units with Mac OS compatible keycaps inside the same package and cost. For instance, customers get three extra keycaps: command, option, and control, sufficient for personalizing the Epomaker SK61 keyboard and its unique functions.

These switches will overhaul the Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s visual experience, so we highly recommend using suitable stabilizers to prevent the controllers from feeling wobbly during everyday use. The braided USB Type-C cable is silver and beautiful and blends perfectly with the keyboard’s style without being too flashy or heavy.

– Durable but Hollow Case

Our experts pushed the Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s durability limits and confirmed the unit is solid and rigid, which is vital during heavy typing sessions. Manufacturers built the plastic of thick plastic and a metal top plate on which the switches are mounted, keeping everything safe and stable.

Although the Epomaker SK61 keyboard does not have a metal case, we believe it is one of the most durable 60% layout keyboards at this cost. However, our team encountered several issues we must talk about, such as the hollow sound.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s height and optical controls provide a lot of empty space inside the case that might feel strange when typing. In addition, the board produces a lot of echo and reverb from the switches’ sounds because optical buttons have a distinct sound during fast keystrokes.

However, customers can fill the gaps using foam, but we do not recommend doing this if you are inexperienced in disassembling keyboards. It might be challenging to put the switches back, so avoid doing this alone.

Our experts consider the lack of adjustable kickstands and natural typing angle severe drawbacks, but getting accustomed to the unit will not be difficult.

For instance, the original typing angle is not terrible and resembles most common commercial keyboards, but we think developers should have done better.

Still, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard is small and does not take up much room, so adding extra support and creating a personal typing angle is not impossible.

– RGB LED Backlighting and Programmable Layers

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard includes many pre-programmed RGB LED effects inside the board, which is excellent for dark computer settings. As explained before, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard has neat software to edit the effects and customize the RGB LED lights, so installing it might be necessary.

In addition, customers must use the function and right bracket keys to change the lighting modes and implement the function and semi-colon keys to change the speed.

Let us cover the following bullet list with the lighting effects:

  • Spectrum cycling
  • Rainbow wave
  • Circular wave
  • Green static lighting with arrows in red
  • Reactive single key
  • Reactive row
  • Reactive wave
  • Reactive spectrum
  • White

Selecting these pre-set effects is easy using the dedicated functions and buttons, but customers can change the appearance. For example, it is possible to change the brightness if you believe the Epomaker SK61 keyboard RGB LEDs are too bright using the function and left bracket keys.

So, the Epomaker SK61 mechanical unit is an excellent choice for RGB LED and compact enthusiasts.

This board includes three programmable layers that customers can use to reprogram the macros and use different vital functions and combinations. Furthermore, customers can access the three layers using the tasks and W/E/R keys inside the Epomaker software, a rare part for products at this cost and size.

As a result, customers can quickly replace unnecessary functions and introduce new ones similar to those of a full-sized unit. As a result, we consider the Epomaker SK61 keyboard the best choice for micro-programmable gaming units.

– Supreme Optical Hot-Swappable Switches

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard has similar switches to the Cherry MX and premium controls for modern computer setups. For instance, the Gateron Pro buttons have a unique keystroke sensitivity and travel, but customers can personalize the overall user experience using the hot-swappable sockets.

In addition, our experts recommend using the black switches because they have an ideal ratio of responsiveness and actuation force, so they will not affect your gaming experience. Also, optical controls are smoother than other types because the spring force is minimal.

Optical units operate using light, so good latency is critical because every keystroke obstructs light and activates the key. As a result, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard has a consistent and reliable latency, which experts believe to be the most critical aspect during extended typing sessions.

In addition, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard is water resistant because the optical controls do not have electrical parts that will become damaged after exposure to moisture. However, optical units are not as standard as mechanical switches, so finding them might be challenging.

The Epomaker SK61 keyboard’s hot-swappable sockets are proper because customers do not have to desolder any connections to remove broken units. As a result, it is impossible to misalign the pins because customers have to only pop the switches back without affecting the other units.

So, customers can choose red, brown, and black gaming controls, but the red and brown units are lighter than the black set. As a result, we recommend testing the switches before purchasing the Epomaker SK61 keyboard.


The Epomaker SK61 keyboard is one of the few units at this cost to offer RGB LED lighting, hot-swappable sockets, attractive switches and keycaps, and reprogrammable layers.

As a result, customers can use the Epomaker SK61 software to change the RGB LED lighting effects, reprogram the macros, alter the dedicated functions, and introduce unique game profiles.

In addition, the Epomaker SK61 keyboard has a durable and stable case, although manufacturers built it of plastic and aluminum top plate so the keyboard can take an extensive beating.

Hence, this is the best gaming and typing unit for people who often travel or want a clean desk with a small keyboard, although no wireless and Bluetooth technologies exist.

So, purchasing the Epomaker SK61 keyboard might be the best choice for your following computer setup, thanks to its specs, features, and properties. 

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