What is the Best Budget Monitor for Graphic Design?

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When choosing a budget monitor for graphic design, one must consider many factors. For example, you have to think about speed, resolution, size, and budget.

Monitor for graphic design comparison

In our efforts to assist you, we have tested various monitors. In this article, we will share the options we selected with you. We’ll also let you know which one will give you the right bang for your buck.

We answer your questions, enabling you to decide on the best choice for the job.

Here are a few that made the final cut.

Products Key Specifications
Sceptre C248W-1920RN
  • 24″
  • VA
  • 75Hz
Samsung C27F398
  • 27″
  • VA
  • 60Hz
  • 23″
  • IPS-Type LCD
  • 60Hz
Philips 272E1CA
  • 27″
  • Curved VA
  • 75Hz
Philips 276E9QDSB
  • 27″
  • Flat IPS
  • 75Hz

Best Cheap Monitor for Graphic Design

1. Sceptre C248W-1920RN


● Advanced ergonomics
● Anti-Flicker technology
● Blue light filter
● Thin frame
● Excellent price


● Fragile screen

The very first monitor on this list is also the most affordable. It’s the ideal monitor for designers, gamers, and professionals in the office space. The Sceptre C248W-1920RN boasts 24 inches of Full High Definition resolution. This makes professional work uncomplicated and more accurate. Its SuperClear IPS panel for ultra-wide viewing angles makes sRGB color space workable.

Sceptre has produced an iconic monitor, which is one of the best values in the market. Monitors for artists are not usually available at such a low price. This model is a 24-inch monitor with an FHD resolution. We recommend it since it is in the $200 price range.

The first benefit is its 1800R curved display that delivers a revolutionary visual experience. The images appear to cover you for an enticing experience. Besides its curved display, the Sceptre C248W-1920RN has built-in Flicker-Free technology. Its Blue Light filter decreases eye strain. This is useful when working on projects for extended periods.

This monitor comes with a range of connectivity ports for a variety of devices. You’ll get the HDMI, VGA, and PC audio in ports for several connection cables. HDMI delivers superior high-definition to the screen.

The second benefit is the advanced ergonomic stand. It comes with tilt, swivel, and pivot options, and you can tilt it fifteen degrees backward and five degrees forward. The added tilt feature will provide many options for finding the best viewing angle. It ensures that you can work, play games, and browse with ease.

The monitor features slim bezels, which makes for easy viewing. Its thin frame ensures the best user experience.

You need to have clarity when viewing photographs or while gaming. The Sceptre C248W-1920RN comes with pre-calibrated color settings. You can fine-tune these settings via hardware and software.

It also has a response time of 5ms. It means there is a little bit of motion blurring during fast-moving movies/games. Its Anti-flicker feature provides a crisper picture. It prevents the backlight from flickering.

Playing fast action games and looking at action-adventure movies is faster. This monitor has a fast and accurate pixel response from an LED. It has quick response times, and it reduces blurring. The user can enjoy the monitor with accuracy and precision. This makes it perfect for an office space or an area where space is of the essence. This stand is essential for graphic designers. It allows them to work in either landscape or portrait mode.

The VESA mounting holes at the back of the monitor makes it possible to mount it on a wall. Use it for multiple monitor setup.

The four-sided frameless design creates a seamless visual experience. It comes without the annoying distraction of a border. Use this setup for stunning graphics while gaming. Or, you can use it in photography and video editing.

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  • Overview:

the Sceptre C248W-1920RN is a spectacular monitor for graphics design. It has an ergonomic design, a wall mount option, and a range of connectivity options. Whether you are a graphic designer, photo editor, or web designer, this is the budget monitor for you.

2. Samsung C27F398


● Ultra-slim bezels
● Less eye fatigue with flicker-free technology
● Brilliant picture quality


● No speakers
● Ghosting can occur while gaming

The Samsung C27F398 is an excellent 27″ curved LED monitor. Yet, it lacks a few vital features, such as VESA mount compatibility and FreeSync. It also costs less than the alternatives. This fact can be a fair trade-off for those on a tight budget who don’t need these features.

This brand is another budget-friendly IPS-type alternative to the other models. It is another good monitor for graphic design, and it’s also perfect for business professionals.

One of this monitor’s benefits is that it uses a 60Hz refresh rate and has features a 27-inch LED wide view panel. Samsung designed this panel for stunning image and color accuracy.

This LED display uses advanced technology. It gives the user an extra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This makes it possible for graphic designers to view the screen from almost every angle.

The display also uses flicker-free technology and LowBlue Mode. These features reduce eye damage caused by short-wavelength blue light rays. The LED displays emit these rays, and they affect vision over time. Samsung developed this feature with the user’s wellbeing in mind.

The Samsung C27F398 is a popular monitor known for its stunning visuals and sleek design. The elegant slim bezels give the monitor a modern look.

There has been an evolutionary process where manufacturers have developed specialized monitors for gaming and video processing. Technology can provide better color and video processing. Despite this development, an excellent multi-purpose monitor is still needed. The Samsung C27F398 is one such monitor.

The images are crisp, with vivid colors. The monitor has a rapid 4ms response time for a clear picture during fast-moving scenes. Its display is ideal for editing photos and videos. It’s also perfect for professional settings that demand accurate colors and consistent brightness.

The Samsung C27F398 also features an ultra-narrow border display for maximum viewing size. This is especially suited for a multi-display setup, such as graphic design. It also works well for professional applications like working on massive spreadsheets.

The Samsung C27F398 monitor measures less than 0.5 inches thick. Make an ultra-modern statement while staying productive with the 27-inch curved screen. The simple circular stand will add a modern look to your space.

The Samsung C27F398 has a resolution of FHD 1080p. It uses high-performance panels. It also supports 10-bits per subpixel color output via 8-bit + FRC dithering in its display. This delivers a rich color depth that supports many colors.

It has 12-bit internal processing for the re-creation of smooth, natural colors. You won’t have to deal with gradations and color banding. The Samsung C27F398 has AMD FreeSync technology. It allows users to enjoy smooth, vivid images.

With its 4ms response time, you’ll see the fastest on-screen motion. It is so clear and smooth with less motion blur and ghosting. The quick response time provides a steady visual. This allows players to experience their games at the highest level.

For connectivity, the Samsung C27F398 has 3 signal inputs: 1 DisplayPort 1.2 and 2 HDMI 2.0. It does not connect to VGA, DVI-D, or USB. This factor is an advantage when working with graphics coming from older devices. It also makes it easier to use in an office setting where file sharing is often necessary. This monitor has an audio out line jack. This feature helps connect with external speakers or headset.

Samsung has reduced the mercury content in the monitors made with the CCFL backlight. They have eradicated it in monitors with the LED backlight.

Like other monitors, the Samsung C27F398 comes with an ergonomic stand. Its base has a smooth curve, which provides stability. It assures reliable performance with a sense of style. The Samsung C27F398 Product Dimensions Without Stand is 24.5-inch x 14.5-inch x 3.2-inch. With the stand, the product dimensions are 24.5-inch x 18.4-inch x 9.6 inches.

The Samsung C27F398 color gamut (NTSC 1976) has an NTSC of 72% with a little extension. This allows the monitor to output all shades within the sRGB color space. It adds an extra bit of saturation.

The 1800R curving of the screen provides the perfect immersive viewing experience. This lets you enjoy big, bold, and incredible panoramic views while you work or play. The natural curve of the human eye is what inspired its design.

The Samsung C27F398 monitor delivers a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience for your home or office.

The Samsung C27F398 does an exceptional job of providing crystal-clear UHD content, and it’s excellent at managing fast-action gaming. It also has an impressive viewing angle performance. This is better than most other monitors.

Samsung gives images a more vivid look. Oversaturation does not happen because the extension beyond sRGB is far from extreme. Images appear quite natural and faithful to the original sRGB source. This is a great monitor for designers.

The Samsung C27F398 monitor is a super sharp and bright display. It features photo or landscape mode and provides a crystal clear view. It’s made a vast difference in getting work done.

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  • Overview:

the Samsung C27F398 is a versatile, minimalistic monitor. It looks impressive with its crescent-shaped stand and ultra-narrow border design. It is very suitable for graphic designers, as well as in professional applications.

3. HP T3M76AA


● Ultra-wide IPS Viewing
● Pivot, and Swivel with Built-in Cable Management
● Thin and Lightweight
● Bezel-less Frame


● No DVI-D IN input.
● Doesn’t auto-detect input devices

The HP T3M76AA is an impressive 23 inch IPS LCD monitor. It has a resolution of FHD 1920x1080p and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. Its wide viewing angles and ergonomic stand make it an excellent fit for the office. Its low input lag makes it a decent gaming choice as well.

The HP T3M76AA has an excellent aspect ratio of 16:9, providing more vertical viewing. This may come in handy for people working on spreadsheets or webpages. One of the most color-accurate models on the market is the HP T3M76AA.

The HP T3M76AA has an anti-glare, matte IPS LED-backlit panel (7ms response time). A frameless ultra-widescreen provides a seamless multi-monitor setup with 3-sided narrow bezels. The monitor dimensions are (w x d x h): 20.90 in x 7.23 in x 15.87 inches. The viewing angles are 178 degrees horizontal and vertical.

It has a 3-axis rotation – tilt, pivot (which clicks into place when rotated 90 degrees), and swivel. It also has a height adjustment of 115 mm. The HP T3M76AA can tilt from -5 degrees to +25 degrees.

The bezel on this streamlined display is ultra-thin. It runs on three sides, giving you a border-free visual experience, giving you no distraction from the beautiful image. It is an excellent accessory to any desktop.

This monitor also comes with a VESA mount. You can remove this mount via the quick-release switch. This eliminates the display from the stand and allows easy attachment to the VESA mount.

This monitor comes with a custom OSD settings. This makes room for more windows and adds screen partitions with HP My Display software.

The HP T3M76AA has VGA and DVI connectors. It comes with an HDMI connector and one DisplayPort, and a Mini DisplayPort to make up for that lack. It also comes with a DisplayPort for outputting to another monitor.

This monitor comes with a 60Hz refresh rate Full High Definition IPS-type panel. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also has (Full HD) native resolution and a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and brightness of 250 nits. Its Response time: 6ms (Grey to Grey) with overdrive.

The backlight in this monitor is not pulse-width modulated at any brightness level. This means that it is easy on your eyes and skin during extended periods. The harmful effects of Blue Light emissions are also reduced. It’s our thinnest LCD, yet it has a sleek design that’s easy on the eyes. And the crisp, vibrant view from almost any angle comes at an ultra-affordable price.

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  • Overview:

HP T3M76AA is one of the most popular business monitors on the market. It is useful for graphic designers and gamers alike. With its ergonomic stand, this monitor is a great fit for office spaces.

4. Philips 272E1CA


● Excellent price
● Superb color and gray-scale performance
● Energy efficient


● Tilt-only stand
● Lacks USB ports
● No DisplayPort input

This monitor is perfect if you want a stylish, affordable 24-inch IPS screen. You won’t get many features, such as DisplayPort inputs and USB ports. Also, the stand is not fully adjustable.

Yet, the Philips 272E1CA offers superb picture quality considering its price. This is a perfect monitor for photographers or graphic designers. It features a VA panel with 1500R curvature, which gives the screen wider viewing angles and a spectacular viewing experience.

The Philips 272E1CA is also an affordable monitor. It is very suitable for graphic design. It offers high color-accuracy, and this makes it efficient for video and photo editing. It does many other jobs in the graphic design world. It is the best cheap monitor for graphic design.

One of the features of this monitor is its IPS paneling. It also has a 1080p resolution, which will leave a lasting impression on you. A wide viewing angle of 178-degrees is also guaranteed. The user can look at the screen from any distance or angle without the image shifting in contrast and color.

One benefit of this monitor is that it has a rapid response time of 4ms. It means that there is no noticeable motion blur. There’s also no ghosting of fast-moving objects in video games, videos, or movies. It means that this versatile monitor is suitable for competitive gamers. It’s also great for graphic designers and video editors.

Overclocking allows the user to adjust the refresh rate. Users can open NVIDIA or AMD driver settings on their computers to create a custom resolution. This is also available for extra fluidity in games and can go up to speeds of 75Hz. Philips monitors come with a 4-year advance replacement in the United States, minimizing downtime.

There are available presets optimized for different screen activities. These presets include ECO, User, Standard, Movie, and a Graphics mode. Selecting these presets is essential. It can elevate the quality of whatever you are looking at.

Philips has coated the screen of the 272E1CA with a non-reflective, matte covering. This helps to get rid of light reflections off the screen. Its bezels are also thin, and it has a magnetic stand. You can use it in a multi-screen setup.

This monitor has built-in speakers. It also has a wall-mountable (VESA compatible) cable slot, making it easy to manage your cables for a better look. It features a LowBlue mode that decreases unhealthy shortwave blue light. Philips created this feature to preserve your eye health.

This monitor has a few downsides. The first is the lack of VESA compatibility. Another feature that it doesn’t have built-in speakers. You will need external speakers to improve your sound levels.

This monitor has serious gaming features for serious gamers. Optimize monitor settings to turn on Black Stabilizer and reveal superior detail in dark scenes. The Dynamic Action Sync feature assures fluid, smooth motion.

It proves tricky to navigate, and we were unable to adjust specific settings. There are no gamma options and colors. But there are other options, such as brightness and contrast, and you can also change the level of blue light protection.

The fourth benefit of this monitor is that Philips introduces Flicker-Free technology. You can say good-bye to the flickers that may come onto the screen.

There is also a special blue light filter installed in the monitor. It can help shield your eyes from blue light, which can cause significant eye damage when looking at the screen for long periods.

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  • Overview:

Philips has packed the 272E1CA with some of the best features on the market. It is the right choice for an entry-level graphic designer or office work. Its overclocking feature makes this monitor one for the books.

5. Philips 276E9QDSB


● Smooth Games
● High Brightness
● Features AMD FreeSync


● No USB ports
● Fussy OSD and controls
● Slightly skewed greens

Looking for one of the best value monitors for gaming, graphic work, and film editing? Well, look no further as the final monitor on our list is the Philips 276E9QDSB. It features viewing angles of 178 degrees and a wide TFT IPS panel screen. It keeps color and contrasts constant, precise, uniform, and consistent.

Philips has outdone itself with the Philips 276E9QDSB. This monitor is suitable for graphic design and casual content creation. It’s also great for gaming and pretty much anything else you can think of. This monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio. This display features enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

If you’re looking for a wider color gamut that produces more natural-looking greens and deeper blues. Then it’s time to go with the Philips 276E9QDSB. It features a slim profile. The stand is ergonomically-designed with swivel, tilt, pivot, and height adjustments. It makes it easy to find that ideal viewing position. It has rich colors and a great feature set.

The pixel density on this monitor is 157 pixels-per-inch (PPI). This monitor produces more than 8 million pixels with a density four times that of regular Full HD displays for detailed visuals. It gives you more onscreen space and beautiful image clarity.

The Philips 276E9QDSB is a brilliant choice for buyers on a budget. Philips designed this monitor with the gaming world in mind. This is because of a low input lag and high-definition graphics, which are hard to beat for the price.

The monitor also has an extraordinary 1ms GTG quick response time. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz for exciting gameplay.

The Philips 276E9QDSB features a wide range of colors and 98 percent NTSC. It has an SRGB of 124 percent. Unlike standard TN panels, IPS displays give you crisp images. This makes it ideal for movies, photos, and web browsing. It is also suitable for professional applications that demand color accuracy.

The Philips 276E9QDSB can display over a million colors. It delivers superb color saturation and reproduction—16:9 Full HD display for crisp detailed images. Picture quality matters, and you expect more. It also has more space. Thus, you can spread out your various work windows. The result is more productive multitasking.

The Philips 276E9QDSB has 10-bit colors, which makes its color gradations smooth. Thus, it looks more natural when it transitions between hues. You get responsive, fluid visuals that are perfect for gaming and graphical design.

The Philips 276E9QDSB uses flicker-free and LowBlue Light technology. These technologies filter out damaging and harmful shortwave blue light rays. Thus, it is easy on the eyes.

This monitor features extensive connectivity options. Users can also look at the content of their mobile devices using MHL with an HDMI connection. You can charge the mobile device while using it to view the content.

The monitor has built-in Picture-by-Picture (PbP) and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) functionality. It lets you see content from two separate sources at the same time. You can also switch video between sources.

This monitor comes with Philips Flicker-Free technology, which reduces screen flicker to improve your viewing experience. Flicker-free technology helps in minimizing instances of eyestrain and other illnesses. It’s perfect for graphic designers who spend many hours at a time in front of a display.

The 16-pound cabinet gets reliable support from the stand. It consists of a square base and a mounting arm. The arm has a slider that offers 5.9 inches of height adjustment. The tilt range of the cabinet is 25 degrees. A Lazy Susan disc on the base provides users with 120 degrees of swivel.

Onscreen Control puts several basic settings into a convenient window. It gives you swift, easy access. You can adjust brightness, volume, and picture mode presets. You can also modify Screen Split 2.0 and Dual Controller with a few mouse clicks.

Users can also pivot the panel 90 degrees for portrait mode viewing. You’ll have to change the image orientation using your graphics card control panel. The Philips 276E9QDSB does not support auto-pivot.

The rear of the cabinet has four VESA-compliant mounting holes. Thus, you can hang the monitor on a wall with the optional mounting kit.

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  • Overview:

Philips 276E9QDSB has everything. Its price tag is more than affordable. For the price, you get good pixel densities and top specifications.


Buying the best budget monitor for digital art can be a daunting experience. These budget monitors are sure to meet your needs and budget.

Still not sure which one to select? We recommend the Philips 272E1CA as a great monitor for digital art. Its response time is excellent, and it has a thin bezel and range of connectivity ports. The Samsung C27F398 is another smart choice for graphic artists. Both are good monitors for artists.


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