Why Is My PS5 Lagging? Probable Reasons and Easy Fixes

PlayStation 5 Lagging Problem
PlayStation 5 Lagging Problem

Why is my PS5 lagging is a question generally asked many times by video game console fans. The reason behind the question is that there can be many things wrong with your PlayStation which is causing it to lag.

Why Is My PS5 Lagging

The most common suggested fix for a lagging PlayStation is to turn it off and then on again, but what if you have already done that and it is not helpful?

In this guide, we go past this simple fix and explain all the reasons why your PlayStation 5 is lagging and what permanent fixes you can do to make the lag go away once and for all.

Why Is My PlayStation 5 Lagging?

Your PS5 is lagging because of a faulty and slouchy internet connection which can also be due to a heavy number of connected devices, faulty cables, and/or just a slow connection, the storage on your PS5, your graphic settings, faulty games and applications, and excessive latency.

A lagging PlayStation can be very annoying and irritating. Imagine coming home from work and all you want to do is turn on the PS5 that you got after a long wait and as you get comfortable on the chair with the remote control in your hand, the screen is still starting.

You wait and finally you click on the game you want to play and it loads like a slow tortoise. All in all, we have all been there once, and whether it’s a PS4 or a PS5, it is one of the worst things about owning a PlayStation console.

The other thing about a PlayStation lagging is that sometimes a game would run very smoothly and then at other times it would be a complete wreck. It is like the console has some personal feelings and controls the lag and its time.

While you might think it is a possibility, it is actually not the case. There is always a reason for the lag and here we discuss them all and explain how to get rid of each one of them so you can play without lag and without getting angry at your PS5.

– Faulty or Slow Internet

The number one reason for a lagging PS5 is the faulty internet. Now an internet connection can be faulty in many ways. It can be slow, it can be mechanically faulty, it may not connect to your console, or simply it may not work at all.

A slow internet connection can be due to various reasons and the reasons may be from the backend, the internet provider company. The companies mostly tell you to wait for some time until they have resolved the issue or would also offer to send someone over to you.

Mechanically, the modem plays a very important role in the provision and working of good and fast internet.

Faulty or Slow Internet

It is actually advised to keep dust off of your modem and to check your routers regularly for an uninterrupted connection and speed, but when was the latest time you gave your modem a thorough check-up?

In some areas of the country, internet speed is generally slow, which might be another reason for the lag. Also, while it is not ill-advised that you use your mobile data as a source for your console as an internet connection, a lot of times it is a huge reason for slow internet.

So make sure you have a perfectly working high-speed internet device that will help your console to work in its maximum capacity while giving no latency and lag issues.

– Less or Filled-Up Storage

The reason behind your lagging PS5 is more technical than mechanical. Each PS5 comes with a whopping storage capacity of 825GB. Of this 825GB, only 667.2GB is free for you to add your desired games and applications, which does not sound bad at all.

But if you get attached to your old games and cannot seem to get rid of them and start hoarding while adding new games, it can be a problem. A filled-up PS5 storage is thus another reason for a lagging PS5.

Per se it is not easy to fill up 667.2GB of storage, but if one game is of 100GB or more, it should not be a problem. A filled-up storage does not allow your PS5 to work as it should.

– Graphic Settings

A high-performance graphic setting is yet another reason behind a lagging PlayStation. If the PS5 comes with a high-performance graphic setting, it should also be able to run it smoothly while causing no lag, but it is not the case.

high-performance graphic setting

These types of settings require additional high-performing input and output devices that will help in running the PlayStation on high performance. Such settings with slow and slouchy internet on a screen that does not offer the required pixel set will only end in a blunder and annoyance.

– Overburdened Local Network

If your PS5 is connected to your local network, then it is a high chance that the lag is because your local network is burdened. An easy way to detect if this is the case is simply by noticing the time of the lag.

Does your PS5 lag more in the daytime and less at the night or does it lag more around five in the evening or around that time? The thing is these are the times when people are mostly on their devices and the usage of the internet is increased.

At night time, people are off their devices so the network can work without being burdened, thus causing no lag and running smoothly.

– Excessive Latency

Latency is the delay that occurs when you give input and wait for the output. It is basically the delay in the response from the device and it is also caused by the internet. By now we know how important a good connection to the internet is for your PlayStation.

Excessive latency can also cause buggy gameplay or cause lag. Such latency will render your characters to appear somewhere they were not supposed to appear or just show an incomplete loading screen.

We have all been there and we all know messy it can get especially while you are playing within a group, as your latency issues can cause the whole squad to face defeat.

– Software or Hardware Issues

It is possible that sometimes the lag is because of hardware or software issues. A buggy new software update can cause your PlayStation to slow down or lag; a faulty or broken drive can also be the problem.

It is normally hard to mess up the operating software of your PlayStation, but it is not impossible that you might have clicked the wrong keys or deleted some files off of it.

All this and more can be the reason behind a lagging PlayStation when it comes to software or hardware. Check for the latest software update and see what people are talking about it. For hardware, unscrew your PlayStation and check for any missing pieces or broken corners. This should confirm your doubt.

– Poorly Built and Optimized Games and Applications

This reason behind a PlayStation lagging is another big problem. Sometimes your PlayStation would run just fine and only when you open a certain game or an application, it starts to act up.

Poorly Built and Optimized Games and Applications

The main reason behind this is that game or that app is poorly built and does not completely work best with your PlayStation. Neither you nor your internet nor the various other fixes can help you with this because it is the fault of the creator and only they can fix it.

– Faulty or Poor Power Connection

It is also a very big possibility that the lag is because of a faulty power connection. If you are running your console on a generator or any source of electricity that is not smooth and continues to fluctuate, there is a high chance that there will be a lag in your gameplay.

It is therefore an important reason why your PlayStation is lagging. A good way to check for this reason is to plug and play your PlayStation at different power outlets. If at one location there is a lag and there is no lag at another, it is probably because the power connection is terrible at the first location.

How To Permanently Fix Lag On PS5?

To permanently fix lag on your PS5, start by getting the best and most high-speed internet there is, but this will only work if the issue behind the lagging is internet related. You can also try to clear the storage, use a wired connection, or set optimized graphic settings.

In all other senses, there are fixes that you can perform that can make your PlayStation lag less or not at all. For these fixes, you do not need to be a PlayStation expert but if something is broken and is beyond your control, we suggest you get in contact with a tech guy or the company itself.

Sometimes the internet connection is not the only reason that your PlayStation is lagging so consider all the possible reasons why there is lag and eliminate them accordingly. Here are some fixes that can help you and your lagging PS5:

– Tighten and Straighten Loose Cables and Connections

The first fix is to tighten all your loose cables and connections that are plugged into your devices like the cables that go into your console and your screen.

Sometimes while setting up or cleaning, the cables can be nudged out of place and while some power may go through, it may be dingy and faulty.

Also, make sure that there are zero knots or bends in your wires that can put extra pressure on them if they are close to breaking. It can also be hazardous if kids are around or you accidentally spill some water on them. Make sure to neatly and completely put the cables behind the TV console table or your desk or wherever your gaming setup currently is placed.

For cable storage, you can find various products online and in specialty shops that will help you organize and hide them with little to no hard work.

– Clear Storage

This is one of the most important fixes and it is clearing the storage. The 667.2GB storage space is for you to store games and applications, but if it is filled to the rim, it can be problematic.

get extra storage for your PS5

Try getting rid of any games or applications that are of no use to you. Another approach can be to delete the game that is taking up the most space so in this way you can keep a lot of options that use less storage and still get free space.

You can always get extra storage for your PS5 in the form of hard drives. This is a great way to go if you want to free up your PS5 console space and still keep all your games. Make sure to buy a good hard drive so there is less chance of it being corrupted for any reason and losing your valuable data.

– Setting Optimized Graphic Settings

Another way to make your PS5 lag-free is by using the optimized settings according to your internet connection and devices. This will ensure that the console is trying to work its best while having a slow connection or faulty devices while also confirming that the console is running in the best possible way.

For changing the graphic settings, open your settings on PS5 and look for the tab that says graphic settings.

– Use a Wired Connection

We have talked a lot about how a faulty internet connection can be causing your PlayStation to lag, so to get rid of the problem, it is best that you get your personal wifi with a modem for your use.

Using a plugged-in and wired connection for your PlayStation will surely get rid of most of the internet issues, if not all.

Make sure you get acquainted with your DNS settings and use what works best for you and your needs. A wired and personal connection will surely make the most difference in your gameplay and high latency issues.

– Use a 5G Wifi

Using 5G wifi is also a great way to go for your PS5 lag issues. Currently, there is not a single source that offers a higher speed of internet than a 5G connection.

Use a 5G Wifi

This will surely help you tremendously and will make your gameplay smooth like butter.

– Reassemble Games and Applications Database

The last method that we have for you is to reassemble your games and applications database. Here it is not necessary that your storage is filled up and that is why you are looking to clean or rebuild the database, but simply because keeping unwanted applications and games is useless.

It is better that you can give your console as much free space as you can, which will only help it run better and without any lags.


– Why Is My PS5 Lagging More Than PS4?

The PS5 is lagging more than a PS4 because a PS5 requires a high speed, smooth working internet, without which it would lag. The PS4, on the other hand, does not require very high-speed internet as it will work just fine on a normal connection and with no lag.

This is why it is advised to get a fully working and high-speed internet connection or a 5G connection for your PS5 to ensure its smooth performance.

– Why Does My PS5 Controller Lag?

Your PS5 controller lags because of a faulty and slow internet connection. Another reason might also be a faulty or broken controller. For a quick fix, find and connect to a better internet connection and make sure your controller is working fine and is not broken.


Here we have covered a large area of problems and their fixes behind the lag issue in your PS5. We advise you to take caution while handling any sort of cables and wires and if you feel like it is hard, please get help from a professional. With that being said, here are the main takeaways from the article:

  • The main reason behind any PS5 lagging is the faulty and slouchy internet connection which can also be due to a heavy number of connected devices, faulty cables, and/or just a slow connection.
  • The best way to solve a lagging PS5 is by getting the best and the most high-speed internet available, but it will only work if the issue behind the lagging is internet related.
  • Make sure that your cables, wires, surfaces, and modems are dust free and that there is no heavy smoking around the console because the smoke can cause the workings of the PS5 to fluctuate.
  • Finally, use any of the fixes above with full caution and attention as you do not want to delete, break, or mess up any part of your console and its software.

Here we have come to the end of the article, and we hope that our reasons and fixes help you in getting your PS5 back to normal!


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