Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down? Essential Causes and Solutions

Decreasing Tiktok Views

If you find yourself wondering “why are my TikTok views going down?” then you should know that there is a wide range of reasons that this might happen. Having consistently high views on TikTok is very important, especially if you are an entrepreneur or an influencer.

Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down

So when you suddenly face a drop in the views, it is understandable to feel confused and frustrated.

This post gives a detailed answer to this question and more, so continue reading to learn all about this topic.

Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down?

There are several reasons why your TikTok views might be going down, including being shadow banned, producing inappropriate content, having a new account, etc. When your content stops engaging viewers, your views will go down, and if your videos are harmful to some viewers, they will bypass the videos.

– You’ve Been Shadow Banned

Let’s discuss in detail some of the reasons why you are losing followers on TikTok. This is the most unnoticeable of them all. It is a clever way for TikTok to regulate its ballooning content without losing users. It is a temporary restriction that limits both content and user visibility and is usually invoked when:

  • The content uploaded is in a grey area, and its suitability is challenging to ascertain.
  • The content has minor infringements on the company’s terms, conditions, and guidelines but is not gross enough to attract a permanent ban.

It takes a hawk’s eye to note that you have been shadow-banned since it is an unofficial process that you are never notified about. Of course, you will notice when your views, likes, and followers go down, but the best way to know is by employing hashtags.

Fix Views on tiktok

If you randomly search a hashtag you have used on your video, and it doesn’t come up, that is a pointer that your account may be under a shadowban.

– Your TikTok Account Is New

A new account usually takes time to gain traction, so this shouldn’t alarm you if you’re new and just starting. However, it is still easy for a veteran creator venturing into a new niche with a new account to expect the same high rate of viewership and followership as those of their older account(s).

This cannot happen immediately because TikTok has a stringent screening process for new accounts. Therefore, it takes about six months to establish an account’s legitimacy and prove that there’s a real human behind it, not a bot. While these measures look draconian, they help protect users from unfair players who may infiltrate the platform with fake accounts.

The good thing is, there is so to speed up this process, which we shall cover in the fixes section.

– Your Content Is Inappropriate

Your account is banned if your content does not comply with TikTok’s terms and conditions. Inappropriate video content features scenes of violence, defamation, intimidation, and explicit sexual content.

If your TikTok content has been flagged as inappropriate, it may take time before the restrictions are removed. Over the time of the restriction, no one will be able to view your account, leading to a drastic drop in views.

TikTok’s algorithm works efficiently, thus it can easily flag inappropriate content. This is why any creator keen on success must put in the work and not only be conversant with the terms and conditions that govern them but align themselves accordingly. Additionally, they must understand TikTok community guidelines.

If you find your likes going down, you either have an issue with the quality of your content, or you’ve not aligned it with your operations with TikTok’s terms, conditions, and algorithms. Also, your views will drop if you post sensitive content. When TokTok posts your video, it attaches a trigger warning, thus users who see the warning may be cautious about the video. In turn, this lowers your views on TikTok.

– You Do Not Follow Trends

Trends are the accelerators of viewership on TikTok. If you do not align with trending stuff, you miss out on a great strategy that can turn your account around. Check the trending videos and learn a few things on how to flow with TikTok trends.

TikTok supremacy is a game of psychology because humans are wired to want to be part of some bandwagon and are vulnerable to peer pressure since they measure legitimacy using social proof.

– Your First Five Videos Underperformed

The For You page is 100 percent algorithmic and determines how well your first five videos perform. This is known as the test stage, where you give an impression of your capability based on how the public receives your content.

These five videos also play a critical role in determining which niche you’ll be categorized in from then onwards.

– Your VPN Does Not Reflect Your Current Location

VPN Location

A VPN that does not reflect your current location portrays you as untrustworthy, damaging your reputation. The TikTok algorithm is sensitive to location because a creator in the wrong location can compromise content synchronization with the target audience according to their analytics.

Overlooking this aspect can cost you your credibility, which is worth more than gold in TikTok.

– Your Videos May Be Too Long or Too Short

Your views will be mediocre if you don’t adhere to the correct length.

TikTok always flags content that is too short and therefore denies its visibility. Similarly, if your videos are too long, most TikTok users will not view them to completion. Any account on TikTok that receives a low completion rate may attract restrictions.

– Stiff Competition from Fellow Creators

No doubt about it; there is cut-throat competition on TikTok. Therefore, surviving on this platform requires you to be strategic. Approximately 1 billion videos are being watched on TikTok daily, so you must remember that your content interacts with millions of competitors with strategies.

To be in control, you must master your craft and work hard and smart to beat your competition.

– Your Content Is Not Engaging Enough

This is the most apparent reason why your views go down. Remember, apart from the algorithm and your competitors, your content interacts with and is judged by your viewers.

Engagement is measured by:

  • Video completion rate: This boosts the recommendation score, which is why the video lengths matter.
  • Re-watches: A re-watched video gains more views depending on the number of times it is watched. This explains why dancing or tutorial videos do well. You have to replay them as you learn.
  • Like rate: The like rate officially announced by TikTok is 3 percent, so if you manage anything near that, TikTok will reward you with more referrals.
  • Interaction rate: This refers to how people interact with your content and includes viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing.

If you post poor content, viewers will not waste their time on it. The like rate, re-watch, and completion rate will be meager. Make sure that the picture is clear while the sound quality must be above par.

– You Keep Uploading at the Wrong Time

Unknown to many creators, there is a proven nexus between the time you post a video and its viewership rate. You’ll remain elusive to your followers and audience if you get the timing wrong. Depending on your time zone, you should survey to determine the best time to upload your videos for maximum visibility.

This should be aligned with the target audience’s behavioral patterns.

– There’s a New Algorithm in Place

Once you align your content and operations with the TikTok algorithm, any change in the algorithm will affect your views if you don’t realign your content to satisfy the new one. Changes in the guidelines usually determine this algorithmic change, so for every change, be ready to realign your content for optimized visibility.

– Your Video Is Still Under Review

After uploading your video, TikTok uses a mechanism of clearance and approval that involves checking and vetting it before releasing it to the public. This is a manual process involving an actual human, so it takes between 6 hours to 3 days to complete.

– Breaking the One Phone, One Account Rule

This has everything to do with authenticity. It is easy for the algorithm to discover accounts that share a device. It is also capable of detecting two separate niches that share an account. This will taint your reputation and attract punitive measures from the company, reducing or stagnating your views.

How To Fix Low Views on TikTok

Avoiding a shadow ban, publishing appropriate content, and uploading during the right time are some methods you can try to increase your TikTok views. If you’re determined enough and prioritize success, then following the remedies below will guide you and boost your chances of success in the TikTok world.

– Avoid a Shadow-ban

Fortunately, the above reasons hindering your views from progressing can easily be corrected now that you’re conscious and aware of them. Sign up for a TikTok pro account to track your posts’ weekly or monthly performance using the Analytics tool.

You must strictly adhere to the terms of service to avoid getting a ban. This way, your account remains active. It may take time before you regain your glory days, but with diligent effort, TikTok suddenly places you in their good books.

– Give Your New User Account Time

Give your new account up to six months before you begin asses its views with much seriousness. However, you must be posting high-quality content during this time frame. This will attract viewers, thus establishing a true viewership potential.

Meanwhile, you can work on more content to achieve consistency as you wait to gain momentum. Post multiple videos, or  you can duet your TikTok videos with famous individuals on the platform. This can dramatically boost the number of people viewing your video.

– Publish Appropriate Content

Read and understand the terms of services to prevent posting inappropriate content. It is recommended that you have a checklist that outlines the boundaries you should not cross based on the terms of service.

This will minimize your chances of being suspended. Besides, if your content is good, your view count will increase.

– Follow Trends

TikTok is about trends. Find trending sounds, videos, chats, etc. Essentially, find the latest appealing trends and create high-quality videos. Just get the trending content — stories or news and create something related! You can get this information on other social media sites.

As simple as it sounds, human psychology is wired to fear being left out. If most people are talking about something, it’s only natural that others who aren’t will also want to know and add their voices to the same topic.

– Impress With Your First Five Videos

Before creating your first video, think through the process critically. Identify a niche, do your research, and churn out a well-thought-out TikTok video. Use the first five videos to stamp out your authority.

Impress First Five Videos

Therefore, avoid trial and error because your entire reign on TikTok will be anchored upon them. Take note that this is when it is easiest to build a reputation whose benefits you’ll reap as you move forward.

– Avoid VPN Suspicion

If you must change your location, ensure your device is using the correct VPN, or if not, use a device with the corresponding area VPN.

– Use the Ideal Video Length

The ideal TikTok video length should range roughly between 21 to 34 seconds. But you can also get decent TikTok video views for 13-17 second long videos. Videos longer than 40 seconds usually are not watched to the end. In contrast, TikTok does not rate shorter videos.

For long videos, include a hook at the beginning, e.g., you can promise to reveal something exciting at the end to keep the viewers on board until the end.

– Manage Competition From Fellow Creators

To neutralize this disadvantage, each TikTok creator should try the following tips.

Studying successful creators in your niche and modeling your content to mirror theirs without copying. It is allowed to pick up some of their strategies and tactics, and it is possible to do so without infringing on their copyrights.

If competition is too stiff and you feel you can’t match up, you can always change your niche and move into another one where you feel you can perform better. Just make sure you are consistent for the algorithm to categorize you faster.

– Make Your Content as Engaging as Possible

You can know whether or not your content is engaging enough through the comments. This is why you should make your content as interactive as possible, to receive feedback that can help you improve. To allow yourself enough latitude to create engaging content, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your videos being watched until the end?
  • Are they being shared?
  • Do they have enough comments?

Some practical tips you can adopt include:

  • Be the first to comment.
  • Comment back in at least four comments your video has.
  • Encourage people within your circles to watch, like, comment, and share the video with others.

Above all, the content quality must be unmatched so that viewers can re-watch and share. Target specific audiences for better results.

– Upload When Your Audience Is Most Active

You should determine the time of day or night when your audience is active. So when you post your TikTok clips, they will be awake to watch them.

To crack the code of proper timing, you can adopt the following practices:

  • Adopt a content calendar to avoid randomness and achieve consistency.
  • Go to the analytics tab and click on your followers to know when they are most active.
  • Upload your videos when most of your target groups are free and can immediately access your content, e.g., if it’s teenager-friendly, you can post in the evening when they’re done with school and there’s traffic on TikTok.

– Be Informed During Algorithmic Changes

TikTok typically updates its terms of service regularly. These changes involve changes in the algorithm’s functioning. You must constantly follow the changes in terms of services to avoid being caught unawares. Also, getting the updated terms of services allows you to perfect your content.

– Don’t Panic: Your Video Is Simply Under Review

The only rational move here would be to remain patient as your video gets approved and released to the public. If anything, once this happens, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you managed to satisfy the required standards.

– Adhere to the One Phone, One Account Policy

This will help you keep things neat and organized, enabling the algorithm to rank your accounts separately without any suspicions.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Why Are My Edits Flopping On TikTok?

Flopping on Tik Tok

Your edits may be flopping because you focus a lot on quantity over quality! If you can take your time and select quality edits, then you can experience a tremendous improvement in your views and likes.

– Why Does My TikTok Stop Getting Views After An Hour?

Your TikTok videos will stop being viewed after an hour because the TikTok algorithm takes time to process your content. If the content has some views, it processes where they’re coming from and whether they are real or not. This helps it in matching your content with the appropriate audience next time.

The other reason could be that you posted at an inappropriate time. Like other social media platforms, TikTok has peak hours. So to get high views, post within the peak hours. Otherwise, your views will drop if you post just when the peak hour is about to end.

– Why Do I Only Get 20 Views on TikTok?

You are getting only 20 views because your content is not attracting viewers. This happens when only a few TikTok followers are interested in your content. This might be due to reasons like having less appealing content, videos that are too short, or even inappropriate content.

You need to find the exact cause of the low viewership and fix it immediately.


Being on TikTok is exciting, but getting views requires hard work and strategic thinking. This article has outlined various reasons and fixes as to why your views are dropping, so let’s recap what we learned:

  • Highly sensitive videos are the leading cause of the drop in viewership on TikTok. Content featuring fake blood or something frightening will be frozen.
  • If you break the terms of services such as posting assuming bot-like behavior, your account will be restricted, leading to few views. Similarly, if you buy TikTok views, the algorithm will catch up with you and in the long run, your account will be suspended or banned.
  • Create stunning content to attract viewers and add hashtags so that viewers can easily find your content.
  • Partner will establish users so that they can help you boost your views.

This is a comprehensive guide that outlined a lot of possible reasons and some solutions for this problem. Hopefully, you now know how to manage your TikTok views appropriately.


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