Newegg vs. Amazon: Which One Reigns Supreme?


When you are building your dream computer and need to source parts it will always come down to the same battle: Newegg vs Amazon. In this battle, the winner isn’t always clear at first because you need to think about the costs, return policies, shipping, buyer protection, and more.

Newegg vs. Amazon Buying Computer

Choosing between Newegg or Amazon isn’t always easy, but our experts truly think that there is a clear winner when you start to look at the differences between Newegg and Amazon, especially within the last few years. Keep reading to see why Amazon has become the biggest Newegg competitor, and why you may want to go there instead.

Key Specifications
  • one of the most trusted names
  • distinctive sales pages
  • good cancellation or order change service
  • great customer service
  • millions of products and services
  • good money-back policy
  • great sales
  • great experiences with customer support

1. Overall Review: Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon, it has completely changed the way most people shop for just about everything. There are millions of products and services that you can purchase on Amazon, either from different sellers or from Amazon directly.

Sometimes sellers will be individuals who only have a few items for sale or they may be smaller companies who sell on Amazon. Amazon computer parts aren’t well known, but some of the manufacturers are.

Overall, Amazon is a really trustworthy place to do business, especially if you are purchasing from Amazon itself or from manufacturers on Amazon. The problem comes when you buy “used” or “refurbished” items from individual sellers.

The best thing you can do is read the reviews of the item and the seller to see if they have a good reputation. If they don’t, you may want to look somewhere else for your part. Usually, there will be multiple vendors who sell the same items.

– History:

Amazon started as a small online company and has officially changed online shopping (and the world) forever. Apart from computer parts, they sell everything from foods and clothing to maid services and television shows. They have their own shipping service, collaborations with shipping companies and the USPS, as well as retail pick-up locations scattered throughout the world.

Amazon Online Shopping– Payment Options:

Amazon accepts almost any payment option you can think about, and they have their own credit cards and gift cards if you want to save up for an item. It has a good amount of support for all cards and they even take prepaid cards. You can connect to Amazon Prime and get good shipping rates as well as points back to make other purchases.

– Discounts:

Amazon was the reason for Cyber Monday becoming so big, and they have some great sales. It is easy to track prices and see when something is at its lowest point, but you can’t always make predictions. It is a little harder to find sales and deals from individual sellers, though some will offer promo codes.

– Money-Back Guarantee:

Amazon does have a good money-back policy if you get something that is broken or defective and you purchased from Amazon. If you purchase from an individual seller through Amazon, it is a bit more complicated. You will be able to get your money back, but it takes some time.

– Order Cancellation:

Amazon does allow you to cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been shipped out yet. If it has been shipped, you can send it back with a prepaid label and it will treat the order as a cancellation if you do so within so many days.

– Customer Support:

Of course, with a company as big as Amazon, there are going to be some horror stories around customer support. However, most of our experts have had great experiences with customer support and find them to be among the most friendly agents.

2. Overall Review: Newegg

Once upon a time, Newegg was one of the most trusted names in parts buying and computer building. Using Newegg computer parts showed you knew what you were doing.

Newegg Computer Building

Those days are, unfortunately, over, but there are still some pretty good deals to be found. If you buy from Newegg directly, you are still going to have a pretty good experience. If you buy from sellers, it is a mixed bag, which makes for some bad Newegg reviews.

– Payment Options:

The most common payment options are available at Newegg , including prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more. They don’t accept bitcoin or anything like that just yet.

– Discounts:

There are quite a few discounts to be had on the Newegg website. They offer daily and weekly specials and sales, have distinctive sales pages dedicated to different items, and there are many coupon codes that you can use to save some money if you are willing to search for promo codes. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get the sales sent right to you.

– Money-Back Guarantee:

Newegg does offer some really great customer support and moneyback guarantees for their products as long as something is wrong with them or something happened during shipping. It is harder to get money back if something goes wrong during the installation process or if you have purchased something from a third-party vendor.

– Order Cancellation:

Newegg has a really good cancellation or order change service as long as your order has not shipped from the warehouse yet. You should be able to return items purchased from Newegg or one of their dealers before it has shipped out. If you did ship it out, you may need to pay for shipping back to the vendor, which isn’t always cheap.

– Customer Service:

Newegg offers good customer service as well, even if you don’t purchase from them, but great customer service if you do purchase from them. They have live support that answers quickly, but sometimes they have trouble getting back to you if you buy from third-party vendors because they need to go through a whole other system.

Amazon vs Newegg

The main difference between Newegg and Amazon is, Amazon is trustworthy, easy to use and has millions of products to choose from while Newegg offer s price matching feature and has a good cancellation policy.

Newegg and Amazon Buying Comparison

Each of these companies has its place, but what happens when you compare them to each other? Here is how they compare according to our experts:

Payments Accepted:

Both of these companies accept almost all payment types, including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, and more. Amazon has more support and special offers with different payment types and of course, they accept Amazon Pay, which Newegg does not.

  • Winner: Amazon

Deals & Sales:

It is hard to judge these two websites because Amazon has some good deals if you don’t want to do research, but Newegg has better deals if you want to research. It may take some time to find codes that work, but they are out there and take a chunk off of your bill. Really, this one depends on the work you need to do. Outright, some things on Amazon are cheaper than Newegg but there isn’t a rhyme or reason to it.

  • Winner: Tie

Price Matching:

Price matching is something that is falling out of favor with most companies, including Amazon. Newegg still matches a product’s price if you buy directly from Newegg, but third-party vendors don’t have to price match anything.

  • Winner: Newegg

Money-Back Guarantee: Both Amazon and Newegg have good money-back guarantees for broken, misplaced, or destroyed items. Newegg asks more questions and the overall process takes just a bit longer with them. Sometimes you can even return it to a retailer instead of ship it back.

  • Winner: Amazon

Order Cancellation:

With Newegg, it is pretty easy to cancel your order before it has shipped if you purchased from Newegg. Amazon will cancel anything as long as it hasn’t shipped without a question.

  • Winner: Amazon

Customer Service:

Between the two options, they have pretty similar customer service options available. Newegg’s real-time option feels a bit smaller and less high-tech. Sometimes Newegg has a longer wait time. Amazon’s ticket system works pretty well, but it doesn’t provide immediate answers.

  • Winner: Tie

Conclusion: Amazon vs Newegg

At the end of the day, Amazon has a lot more resources than Newegg does. They are going to have more options, better customer service, and occasionally, more deals. However, people don’t always like supporting a company like Amazon, so they turn to a company like Newegg, which is a worthy competitor.

The best thing we can suggest is that you read the reviews for the product you are buying in full and check if anyone else has had any issues. Try to buy from verified sellers no matter which platform, and if you need to choose, choose the one that has a better return policy for you.

Still, it is often better to get your parts in person or from trusted retailers, even if it is a few extra dollars to do so. Amazon is our go-to and we think it’s better than Newegg because it is trustworthy and easy to use, but you can’t go wrong with either Amazon or Newegg.


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