Kaihua Speed Silver Switch Review – How is the quality?

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Undoubtedly, there are many switches out there, and the Kaihua Kailh speed silver is one. They have a lot of promise with a vast array of top-quality features and functionalities.
Kaihua Speed Silver SwitchSure, they’re clones, but you wouldn’t notice that while doing some tasks.

They’re excellent choices, and we’ll help you understand what makes them one of the best on the market.

Here’s a quality review to help you figure out this switch.

Kaihua Speed Silver Switch Specification Table

Kaihua Kailh speed  
Switch behavior Linear
Operating force 45g
Travel 1.2 mm
Guarantee 50 – 100 million keystrokes
Resistance Light
Sound Medium

Kailh Speed Silver Review: In-Depth Analysis

Kailh Speed Silver Key Criteria
Switch Types
Keystroke Sensitivity
Fast speed and actuation
Nice build for gamers
Too light

Kaihua switches are well-known products fit for all types of mechanical keyboards. As a clone of the MX speed silver, it’s one of the fastest linear switches around.

There’s a healthy combination of low spring resistance and the already mentioned linear performances. As a result, it’s the prime switch many gaming enthusiasts will love.

This speed silver further boasts a rapid and suitable reaction time. In line with that, it has high switching frequencies that make it at least akin to or a little above the other standard Cherry MX speed switches. Why? Because they have an excellent feeling.

Much like the MX, the Kaihua is comfortable and comes off as easy to use. As such, users will have the ability to go ahead with many functions without getting fatigued. That will suit those who have to type and play games for long stretches.

This switch is also reliable and durable. It’s there for the long haul seeing that it’s custom-built for impressive speeds and precision. The designers of the Kaihua must have had gamers in mind when they constructed this switch.

It is tremendous and accurate for a unique gaming experience. Further, the rapid actuation happens only because of the small travel distance in the line. That is a significant factor if users must stand tall in competitive games.

  • Bottom Line

The kaihua speed silver switches are not your typical switches. They come designed to deliver great performances on different fronts. They also have cool features and last longer than many varieties. That makes them useful to users who want a key switch for all seasons.

Key Features and Specifications of the Kaihua Speed

Linear Switch

The Silver speed from Kaihua is a linear switch. As such, it is quiet, has a smooth feel, and is consistent with every movement. If you love playing games via PC or doing other engaging tasks, you’ll like this switch.

With a nice keystroke, you get to enjoy many functions because of the high-precision linear characteristics promote. As a result of that, hitting the right notes as you type or strive to stay competitive in games is a real possibility.

Having a suitable switch is excellent. However, much better is using a linear switch that sets the tone for your keyboard. That’s why the Kaihua is all the nicer and stage even if you experience a ‘thud’ sound on impact halfway through a keypress.

You won’t have to bottom out like other switches too. All you need is a relatively light touch to get your presses registered. Once you get used to punching the keys with Kaihua underneath, you’ll have fun using them. Perhaps that’s why gamers love them because they ensure you have a competitive edge over opponents.

Travel Distance

With keyboard travel distance, you get to learn how much you have to bottom out when pressing a keycap. For standard keyboards, travel distances will seldom go above the 4mm range. The Kaihua has just 1.2mm, which is low and ideal, especially if you note that keyboards on Macs have the shortest travel.

The silver will only go higher at about 3.4mm, though. That’s fine, and you achieve a lot using your keyboard. You wouldn’t bottom out even if you got close enough. Many people who hit the keys with unusual force won’t like it, though.

At only halfway through, you’re likely to see registration of the command. As such, there’s no need to go all the way down. That’s why they’re called speed silver switches.

Operating Force

We mentioned this switch is a clone of the MX lineup. In line with that, it has a similar operating force. The 45g actuation force and actuation point of 1.2mm make it quite the switch to have. That is the case when you consider that some MX switches have 2mm actuation points.

This switch will, thus, help you make those crucial decisions very quickly. The difference may not seem too much, but on closer inspection, it could make all the difference when you’re in a competitive environment. E-sport gamers will understand this better.

All mechanical keyboards come built to have a reliable system. They work and perform based on the design structure to achieve perfection under the keycaps. This particular Kaihua won’t disappoint in that regard.


The feedback is instant. At least that’s what you get with this switch. Sure, switches vary, but you will hear a click as a keystroke is registered halfway through a keypress.

Take the hint and go on to the next keypress. That is what gamers and frequent users want, especially when they have little time to get going. Besides, it’s fantastic when you know what your next move is.


A smooth feel sure helps—that along with the comfort you’re guaranteed. The Kaihua is much like its MX counterpart here, with functions delivered without so much of a hassle. Then again, it’s a known quality of linear switches to be smooth

The sound won’t be as loud, too, so you don’t get weary on your keyboard. Not that it will stress you out. Feel is a prime necessity to perform a raft of functions.

Durable and Reliable

Switches ought to be durable and offer some long-term performances. Coming in at about 50 million guaranteed keystrokes, the Kaihua is stable enough. It will take many years to max that out, even if you’re the most ardent keyboard gamer. As such, it gives off that assured feel, which is a significant advantage.

Many keyboards are already built and designed to offer max precision and quality feedback. In line with that, the keyboard speed switches from Kaihua will improve their performances. How? It will do that with added reliability for faster speeds while typing and gaming.

No wonder it passes all the intense control tests exemplified by the extreme temperatures it passes through. No matter where you take it to, the sturdy nature will always shine through.

Typing on the Kaihua Speed

Like many keyboards with linear switches, the Kaihua speed will give you a delicate trying experience. The depth of keypresses and subsequent registration makes it very gratifying than others where you have to bottom out.

As such, using them takes some getting used to, particularly if they’re you’re first mechanical keyboards. You might trigger some keys when trying to be too fast because of the low actuation point.

When you get used to them, they’ll offer an excellent option for typing. This product is more sensitive, so it’s best to get familiar with the touch-typing characteristics.

Gaming on the Kaihua Speed

A lot of users will always ask whether a particular switch is excellent for gaming. If that’s your question with the Kaihua speed, the answer is yes.

They’re good for gaming, with all those features adding up to give you a great time. Their responses are quicker since they activate at 1.2mm instead of 2mm.

As a gamer hitting the keys fast, you can achieve a lot with milliseconds worth of time. You can get in the heat of battle or at a spot where you have to make a top call. As such, it’s essential to have that kind of speed and precision provided by the Kaihua speed. You can play games like MMO (World of Warcraft) and others without hitches.

Even though some switches offer a lot of modern quality, they’re not as reliable or adjustable as these Kaihua varieties. What’s more, you get to fit them into a vast number of mechanical keyboards with changing activation points to suit your style. You can lower the activation too.


Overall, speed switches have a reputation for being silent. Yes, they’re linear in behavior and provide no audible click. That means they are not as loud as Blues or similar clones.

You can do a lot of work and play your PC games without the kind of annoying sounds that put people off. As such, they are safe to use just about anywhere.

The distinction these Silvers have is that they are smooth and give off nothing that indicates they’re noisy. That makes them a huge draw among many users unless you appreciate the noises and sounds others give off.

How Does it Compare to Other Switches?

In comparison to other switch products, the Kaihua mechanical switches offer more sensitivity. That much is correct, along with the fact that you don’t have to press them so much. Brown switches will provide a tactile bump that can slow things down for users.

Smooth feels won’t give you such issues. However, it’s our opinion that the Kaihua is much faster without the bumps interrupting it.

Here, the activation force is similar to the Cherry MX Speed even though there’s a slightly heavier actuation force. As such, unintended keypresses and bottom-out take place on the MX. On the flip side, Kaihua is much better to type on.

RED switches are also linear in behavior and often require the same actuation force with the Kaihua. However, Kaihua Speed is still more sensitive than reds, especially those of the MX variety.

Also, both of them don’t bottom out. You only need to press down midway to register or trigger the key switch. The only difference is that Reds have a total travel distance that is less than the Speed Silver.


We know that for any key switch on the market, a host of features outlined suffice. However, they’re much alike in many aspects. It all depends on what you pick and the capabilities the brand laces it with.

As such, the Kaihua Speed is no different in that it has its own unique set of specifications outlined and explained in the review.

Overall, we think that it is an excellent switch for both typing and gaming. When you determine your skills and preferences, it’s easier to choose from any lineup with what works for you. This switch is suitable for all your needs.

It is generally light, smooth, and will boost the performances of your keyboard.

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