How To Stop Xbox Controller From Automatically Turning Off?

stop Xbox series s controller from turning off
stop Xbox series s controller from turning off

How to stop Xbox controller from automatically turning off when you are in the middle of the game? The Xbox controller can be very annoying because it may automatically shut off because of some prior problems.

Stop Xbox Controller From Automatically Turning Off

Fortunately, all of these problems can be gotten rid of with simple steps that will not require much time. In this article, we take you through all the steps, precautionary and iterative, to get rid of the automatic turning off of the Xbox controller

How To Stop Xbox Controller From Automatically Turning Off?

You can stop the Xbox controller to turn off automatically by making sure that the controller is charged properly and fully, by turning off the auto sleep option from the settings of the Xbox, and finally by checking the firmware for any bugs and issues. 

The Xbox controller is a must for anyone who owns an Xbox and these controllers are one of the best ones out there. They have a fantastic grip and offer a wide variety of features and functions that surely make the Xbox experience worth every penny.

The developers at Xbox have made different skins and designs to go with the controllers so that you can customize them to the best of your taste and aesthetics. Like all devices, no matter how high-end they may be, they are bound to run into some sort of problems. 

A very common problem with an Xbox controller is that it shuts off when it deems fit because of some underlying problems. It can be very annoying when you are in the middle of gameplay, and the controller shuts off or even after a full charge.

After careful examination, we have figured out the many reasons why this might be happening. Following is a list of all the possible reasons behind the issue and what steps you can take to stop your Xbox controller from shutting off automatically:

– Step 1: Charge the Controller Completely 

The first step in making sure that your controller does not shit automatically is to charge it in the best way possible.

Now you may ask what is the best possible way to charge the controller so here it is: Charge it with a cable that is not broken when the atmospheric temperature surrounding the controller is 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, the controller will charge in the most optimum way and it is highly recommended by the company. Charging the controller at the exact time when you need to play is a harmful action and one which must be avoided as diligently as you can. 

It is said that you should let the controller charge completely at least once a year so that it does not mess up from the inside and stays well for years to come.

As soon as you can see that the charging is required, try to put the controller on charge and make sure to not push and pull on the charging cable too much. Doing that will put unnecessary strain on the cable, which can result in damage. 

Another important thing to look for while charging your console is that the USB port on the console should be dust free.

The ports are the worst place where dust can get stuck and ruin the working of the controller and the console. Make sure to clean the controller, the cables, and the console after use so that they can work best up to their alleged working times. 

– Step 2: Change Auto Sleep Settings

The next step in making sure that your controller does not turn off automatically while in gameplay or rest, is to turn off the auto sleep setting from the Xbox console settings. The auto sleep setting is a great point that was developed to save battery on the controller and also to stop any unwanted touches that can ruin the gameplay when not in use.

According to this setting, the controller will automatically sleep when not in use for some time. You can tinker with this setting to make the auto sleep turn on after your own set time. 

Change Auto Sleep Settings

In case you do not want to run auto sleep at all, you can manually turn it off from the settings. This will ensure that your controller does not turn off or go to sleep on its own and you can use it without any breaks.

To change the auto sleep settings, go to the console settings and look for the AAuto Sleep tab and disable it. After disabling it, the controller will now work seamlessly until it is manually unpaired from the console or manually shut off. 

– Step 3: Keep the Controller In Range 

Generally, when the controller is out of the range of its pairing radius with the console, it shuts itself off. This is an innate behavior of the console which helps it to save battery power and its functionality.

To make sure that your console does not shut off randomly and automatically, make sure that the controller does not go out of range. As soon as the controller will go out of range, the pairing with the console will also be turned off and so will the controller. 

The normal range for a controller to be fully functional with the console is somewhere in the same room as the console or out in the hallway. Anything far from this may be problematic and may render your console shut off automatically, ruining your gameplay. 


– Step 4: Update the Firmware

The next step you can do is to look at the Xbox controller’s firmware. You may not understand anything from it but you can check if it is updated properly and houses all the necessary settings.

Sometimes the problem might also be about the hardware inside or outside the controller. Broken and damaged hardware may also cause your controller firmware to shut off automatically when the controller is jolted in a certain way that ticks off an internal circuit or wire. 

In such cases, it is best to replace your controller or get it checked by a professional. There is nothing that you can do about any of the two problems listed.

It also helps to connect and check your controller on any other console to make sure that the problem lies in your controller and, not the console or vice versa. Cross-connection for devices always helps in diagnosing problems. 

– Step 5: Connect It With a Wire

The other way you can make sure that the controller does not shut off automatically is by plugging it in with a wire in the console.

This will make the controller believe that it is still in use and does not need to shut off because of any problem or underlying setting. This can be tedious if your cable is shorter in length but you can always purchase a new and long cable for this purpose. 

– Step 6: Reset the Xbox Console 

The last step in making sure that the Xbox controller does not die on you automatically is by resetting your Xbox controller.

Reset the Xbox Console 

This will work when all else fails and you have also ruled out the faulty hardware situation. Make sure that you perform a reset after you have backed up all your settings and progress. It is an extreme fix but will surely get your work done in no time. 


– Where Can I Sell My Old Xbox Controller?

You can sell your old Xbox controller on reseller websites like eBay and Olx. These websites will let you sell anything. You can also put ads on your socials or use Facebook marketplace for selling your controller or the console itself. 

Make sure that you are selling exactly what you have and that you are not trying to scam anyone because of your product. The Xbox controllers are not that cheap so people are always looking for a cheaper but working option to get their hands on.

Another important thing to look at here is that you can sell your unused controllers and make money in the process. Obviously, it will not sell at the original price but any money is good money, right?

– What Is the Difference Between an Xbox Controller and a PS Controller?

The main difference between an Xbox controller and a PS controller is that the Xbox controller is bulky and bigger to hold while the play station controller is less bulky and sleek in its make. There are other differential features between them as well. 

They differ in their overall design, the grip of their handles, and also in their buttons and their features.

Overall you can pretty much differentiate the two controllers at a glance because of their different aesthetics. Both the controllers and Nintendo Switch are very famous among their consoles and fanatics, so both of them go head-to-head with each other. 


We have covered six major steps that will help you in making sure that your controller does not turn off automatically during rest or gameplay but in case some of them were missed, here is a short conclusion to revise all the main points on how to stop Xbox series ‘s controller from turning off:

  • The Xbox controller can shut off automatically when it has a low battery, is out of range, has the auto sleep setting turned on, and also when there is some faulty firmware or hardware. 
  • Most of these points are solvable with a little tinkering and do not require professional help but only in the case of faulty firmware and hardware. 
  • The Xbox thus can be directed to stay awake when connected via a wire to the console during use. 

Here we come to the end of the article. Use the steps in a mindful way and pay attention to any reports on the screen. We hope this article was informative for you. 


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